one night in nyc


Rachel Bloom (Irene Roth) and Jerry O’Connell (Lank Hawkins) rehearse their song “Naughty Baby” for Manhattan Concert Productions’ 25th anniversary concert production of Crazy For You, to be performed on Feb 19th at the Lincoln Center in NYC for one night only.(x)

…I hadn’t known Jeff extremely well, but we kept bumping into each other here and there.

One night we met for a drink at a pub in NYC, and started writing messages to each other on a paper placemat that was there, instead of talking, because the music in the bar was really loud or something. An interesting effect of that was that we found ourselves writing things that we would never would dare to say to each other out loud. I remember thinking that he seemed to be sort of lost and sad although he outwardly was very funny and lively and confident, and wrote something about that, among another things.

I didn’t talk to him for a long time after that — I went to England to live for a while and we talked once or twice and then nothing for over a year.

Then one night I got a voice mail message from him that said, “I just realized what you were trying to tell me that night”. I tried to call him back but the number I had for him was old, and then I got his new number but I was out of town again and it was difficult to call, and then I heard that he was missing, and presumed dead…

—  Aimee Mann

once again its late and i cant sleep and i feel like expanding on the first part of my comment on this post

  • jake learns quickly from the moment him and amy become partners at the 99 that he cant leave any of his hoodies unattended (it was one late night…all he did was get up to get a cup of coffee only to come back to amy wearing his hoodie - a few weeks later when he first goes to her apartment he notices it draped over her desk chair, she later buys him a new one)
  • ever since that moment he always keeps a spare hoodie in his locker for amy when she gets cold
  • the closer they get the more comfortable amy gets just taking the hoodies from jakes closet (she always promises to return them)
  • when they start living together jake has to start hiding his hoodies around their apartment if he ever wants to stay warm - but amy is a really good detective and finds them within minutes of coming home from work (to retaliate she hides them herself and theres still (at least) one jake cant find)
  • between the heat and humidity jake has no use for his hoodies while in florida so he leaves them in nyc - amy sleeps in one every night and starts keeping one on the back of her chair at work