one night in nyc

I don’t need protecting

Summary: Tony takes Bucky to a high end dancing club to which you just happen to work at

A/N: Its been done before but protective Bucky is all I want in life tbh also not edited at all its another late night session again!

Bucky wasn’t sure how he had gotten himself in this situation, the sun was setting and he wanted to be on his balcony with a beer, just enjoying the view. However he was standing in Natasha’s room letting her straighten his tie, “I don’t know why I’m in this damn suit Nat we’re going to a strip club.” She gives him a disapproving look at thumps his hard chest slightly before returning to the task at hand.

“Your going to one of the most elite night clubs in NYC be grateful tincan.” He rolls his eyes and leaves the room after begrudgingly thanking her for the help, he casually strolls to the awaiting limo and greets Tony with a tight handshake and a pat on Bucky’s back. “You respect these women ok?” Bucky gives a cocky grin and says “I know a thing or two alright,” Tony puffs out air from his nose and straightens his jacket.

They pull up and the line Bucky sees blurs back two blocks or more, giving his accomplice a dirty look “I’m not standing in that, we’ll get in around tomorrow morning!” Tony slips on his shades and slides out the car to which Bucky follows, as they grow closer to the burly bouncer Tony shouts over the busy street noise “I’m Tony Stark I don’t wait in line man.” He whispers in his the bouncer ear and the bouncer eyes Buck up and down for a while, responding in Bucky to puff his beefy chest out a little bit. His waved forward and patted down to which he swears about before storming into the club and swishing a black curtain out of his face.

After batting it out the way his ears are enveloped in soft Jazz music? Sleek leather sofa’s and chairs all filled with men in tight suit and women in tight dresses perch on their knees, silent, and hold their drinks like cup holders. He shakes his head as one man standing at the bar opposite his view gropes a women with Y/H/C hair, she has on a black dress ending to her mid thigh that sparkles every time she shunts away from the man. The lights are low but you can see the twinkle in his eye, looking at her like a feast, it makes Bucky physically uncomfortable and he pulls at his collar to let the anger vent out. Before Tony or him can step in the bartender, a guy with sleek black hair pulled into a pony at the base of his neck, signals for the bouncers who happily grab him by the scruff of the neck and guide him outside. The girl gives the bartender a tight smile and picks up a tray full of champagne before heading straight for the guys, her eyes immediately light up as she sees Tony. He opens his arms whilst moving towards her planting a kiss on her heavily highlighted cheek.

They both move to the bar and she shuffles her way onto a stool, Bucky takes a seat next to Tony and smiles at the bartender who seems to know the pair before him. He looks at the girl closer and notes her young appearance, Y/E/C eyes, dazzling white teeth and glitter displayed on her eyelids…”Bucky!” Tony waves a hand in his face and the girl giggle, he gives a bashful smile and shakes the bartenders hand “Roy nice to meet you, known Tony since his wild boy days. How about you?” Bucky bites his lip and sees Tony’s shoulders tense slightly, “umm we’re work colleges actually but I don’t get out much.” Pairing it along with a nervous chuckle. “oi darling, champagne by any chance?” The glittery girl cranes her neck back and sees a fat, bald headed guy surrounded by her fellow workers who look just as annoyed, giving everyone a smile her voice purrs out “excuse me I have to work.” She slithers off the chair and regains her posture with the long heels winding up her legs, she sways after to the man and Bucky can’t lie his absolutely captivated by her.

“Who is that?” Bucky prods at Tony to get an answer, Tony’s eyes glim with suspicious but he tells him anyway. “That’s Y/N, worked since she was eighteen she’s a great girl but God is she mouthy sometimes.” Roy behind the bar nods in agreement whilst wiping a glass with a white cloth. “Since she was eighteen! Tony do you never think to help girls like her?” Bucky is actually disgusted at him and it makes him want to leave immediately but with Y/N bundled in his chest because no one with that much of a baby face should work in a place like this. Tony looks hurt, “I’ve tried tincan she’s as stubborn as a mule ok? I’ve offered to let her live in the compound, pay for an apartment and she won’t ever take any of it some independence type bullshit she’s got going on.”

Throughout the night Bucky keeps a close eye on her, he doesn’t really know why his pulling this primal type shit but he feels really possessive of her. Every time a drunk man with too much money glides a hand up her thigh Bucky’s glass is fearful of getting smashed. She soon disappears down a part that says staff only and he gets antsy not knowing where she is. He leans against the bar and asks Roy, he laughs and points back towards the door “she’s off work now its 2AM but you can go talk to her if you want.” His eyes light up and he tries not to rush towards it. He sees a door with her name written on a whiteboard, he knocks and she calls for the knocker to come in. He swings open the door and rest with straining muscles, leaning against the doorframe. She is wiping off the excess of make-up from her face, looking at him through the mirror she shakes her head asking him what he wants. He knocks his feet together not actually sure what he wants, “should you be working here?” Her angered expression makes Bucky want to face plant before he can recover she bites at him “I’m 25 dickhead should YOU be here winter solider?” His taken aback but then he recalls her being friends with Tony so of course she knows.

He steps into the dressing room while she slides her feet out of heels, “look I didn’t mean to be rude but I just think you look a little vulnerable I thought maybe I could walk you home?” She swings her hand around and Bucky see the freshly painted nails “look buddy! You seem like a sweet guy and I’m sure that metal arm could do damage in more ways than one but I’ve walked home for the past seven years and only gotten catcalled like twice ok?” Bucky’s ear are tinted pink as she shoves him backwards towards the hallway “goodbye metal man.” As he makes his way back down the hall all Bucky can think was that was hot, the anger behind her voice made Bucky have thoughts he had not had since the war and honestly he had to see her again…

Part two? A series even? Tell me what I should do here


Rachel Bloom (Irene Roth) and Jerry O’Connell (Lank Hawkins) rehearse their song “Naughty Baby” for Manhattan Concert Productions’ 25th anniversary concert production of Crazy For You, to be performed on Feb 19th at the Lincoln Center in NYC for one night only.(x)