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Imperial!Jyn and undercover rebel!Cassian au

1) Jyn goes into security. She grew up not quite spoiled, but privileged; her father was high enough in the science command that she was respected but not so high that she was envied. As a child, she never noticed that her father never looked happy, going to work; that her mother held onto her necklace and whispered stories about the times before the Empire, of the Jedi and dissent. As she grows older, she notices, and it means she can’t help but see–see that there are people, outside of Corsucant, who don’t like the Empire. But that’s not a good thing to think, a safe thing, so she pushes it away, and signs up for security track at least partly as a rebellion. It’s good, though, she finds. She likes having something to fight. 

2) She notices him because he smiles at her. No one smiles at security; no one looks at them, really. She’s fine with that. She has her parents at home, and she’s always been a little apart from her peers, aware of the Empire in a way they aren’t. She doesn’t need anything more. But one day, one of the workers–some pencil pusher–smiles at her, and she, well. She notices. 

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You Know Her Name In One Night 

Tangled: Before Ever After premieres on Disney Channel in March, and Rapunzel’s hair will consistently drag through grass all over the kingdom in Tangled: The Series shortly thereafter.

1 year ago today Avi picked me for Misbehavin and I’m still crying about it. I don’t know what my favorite part of this video is. Me screaming in Avi’s face, the fact that he doesn’t seem to mind that I’m screaming in his face or how he says “Oh this is going to be tough” and then literally walks right up to me without looking at anybody else

Friends without Benefits

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Characters: Kenny Omega x OC

Warnings: Sexual Content, NSFW.

Summary: I cant write anything too smutty related to Kenny, He seems to adorable to be rough or daddy so I always go with something a little more smutty sweet. OC and him are best friends, both have feelings for each other that they have never acted on. He catches her moaning his name in her sleep and he has to investigate.

Let me know if you want to be tagged in any of my other stories (:

Tags: @actualamyautopsy @oraclegazes @livingthestrongstyle @phenominalstyles​ @hephenomenonalkingofthebrogues @reigns420 @devittslegos​ @mistressbalor

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Pukwudgie headcannons

- they are over the top drama queens about everything but mostly their home remedies
- everything might as well be a drug transaction
- “hey, pshh, hey you, you want some drugs?” “are you talking about those pills that get rid of my cat’s allergy” “man you really know how to kill the mood”
- “i got the stuff” “just give me my damn ibuprofen”
- feeling ill??? drink tea, lots of tea, with honey,
- “do you want a jar of honey?” “why???” “fucking flu season, it’ll kill you if you don’t get your shit together”
- they have an endless supply of everything
- pocketfulls of homemade cough drops
- current theory is that the real pukwudgies act as suppliers for anything the pukwudgie students need
- “why don’t you just buy the stuff instead?” “not everyone has there ass full of money kevin, plus i profit off of this”
- they are sharks, if you borrow money or owe them anything they will hunt you down
- a thunderbird went missing
- they were found and still in one piece but still
- the older pukwudgies will fucking murder anyone who makes their younger housemates cry
- they know alot about poison, stuff that’s not even allowed at ilvermorny
- the wampus house has a betting pool and if there’s trouble getting money they call a pukwudgie
- they are all about ‘good vibes’
- “you’re really killing my vibes”
- except the ones who aren’t who respond with “are you fucking high or something, what are you gonna do next??? start throwing peace signs around”
- they do, ironically of course (it’s not ironic, at least not any more)
- contests on who can drink the most coffee, no one ever really sleeps after that
- late night conversations that are so random
- “once a penguin bit my finger” “ what the hell???”
- “who thought chocolate and peanut butter was a good idea??? bc man were they right"
- “how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?” “378” “what the fuck?”
- “im really gay” “that’s nice, me too except im really bi”
- they always end up laughing so hard that their sides hurt
- pukwudgies who tell you to get your shit together and don’t sugarcoat anything
- “my boyfriend wants to go out but im not feeling it” “then dont”
- “there’s just so much going on” “then take a break”
- putting their foot down and telling you to take care of yourself first, that it’s okay not to hang out with friends and it’s okay wanting to be alone
- they give the best advice but that’s only bc the real pukwudgies have a soft spot for daytime tv and the student pukwudgies end up hearing about all the morals of the story
- some pukwudgies are not really into the whole home remedy thing and instead get hella cool archery lessons from real pukwudgies and watch over their younger housemates
- profits from selling home remedies are split evenly throughout the house (there’s a lot of money to go around), or used to buy things for the common room like a tv so when real pukwudgies visit they can can watch all the tv they want
- the pukwudgies are really fond of the other pukwudgies, both sides deny this but it’s the truth

Share the Crown (It’s Lighter That Way)


The term princess did not begin as a form of endearment towards Clarke. In fact, Bellamy first used it as an insult, a way to mock her back when the greatest thrill he got was fighting her. But she grew – they both did – and the name died almost as quickly as it started. Bellamy hadn’t used it in months on end, hadn’t even thought it in nearly as long.

           Then he said it. He asked Clarke – now his partner, his best friend – what was coming next, and he called her princess, without even realizing it. She gave him a look when he did, and he caught the slightest smirk when she replied, but otherwise she didn’t comment on it, then or after. Like it wasn’t a big deal.

           Which it wasn’t. Of course it wasn’t, it was just a word, just a nickname. Just a memory, of a burning bridge and Clarke’s wide eyes meeting his; just the realization of how much they had grown, and how different those two syllables felt on his tongue now than they had then. She was no longer the privileged princess who took charge over a world she didn’t know. She had become a queen in waiting, determined to protect her kingdom with every ounce of energy left in her body.

           And he loved her.

How they managed to lose Jaha within five minutes of stopping the rover, Bellamy couldn’t say. He also couldn’t say, however, that he minded. Even with the increased proximity he and Clarke had been granted as of late, Bellamy had missed her; missed just being with her.

           They deigned to wait a little while before looking before Jaha, since the rover was the safest guard they had until they reached home and searching for the old man would require going on foot. Together they sat on the hood of the rover (Bellamy still with his gun, just in case), looking at the trees in the dying light and the almost purplish glow they created. It was quiet—oddly so.

           “You hear that?” Bellamy said, sitting up straighter and pretending not to notice when his fingers brushed over Clarke’s. “No insects.”

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a modern day tangled plot where muse a is the local bad boy — who has quite possibly one of the worst reputations to ever exist, and is known for his thievery, and also for his incredible ability to spend almost every single night of his life at the local police station for one wrongdoing or another — and muse b is the sheltered daughter of an extremely overprotective mother, who literally allows her to do nothing, or go anywhere by herself. muse b constantly dreams of getting to do all the things that other teenagers are doing, such as drinking and going to parties and falling in love, but she’s far too scared of her mother to ever do anything even slightly rebellious. however one night, after a house burglary that goes wrong, muse a is on the run and stumbles upon muse b’s house, which appears empty at a first glance. it isn’t though, and muse b is actually home alone, while her mother is out somewhere. muse b is instantly in awe of muse a, especially after he’s forced to explain just why he’s ended up in her house (( because of the failed burglary )) and she attempts to befriend him, though muse a wants nothing to do with her, and is planning to make a quick escape — right up until muse b turns out to not be as fragile and innocent as she originally appeared, and threatens to hand muse a into the police unless he takes her away from her usual life of order and rules, and shows her a wild night she won’t forget.

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Can I request a scenario where Seven is dared to treat Mc exactly how he treats Elizabeth the 3rd? (Mc and him are platonic in this btw, just to make it more funny)

Thank you for your request~ 
I’m not the best at humour but I tried my best, sorry if it wasn’t funny ;-;;;

Who knew that one stupid bet with Yoosung would lead him into doing something so… embarrassing. He was never ashamed to treat Elizabeth the way he did, absolutely adoring her and taking the little kitten as his next goddess but when it came to you… he couldn’t bring himself to do it shamelessly any longer.

By some strange turn of events, Seven had challenged Yoosung to a game of UNO and to everybody’s surprise, Yoosung had won. Punishment was in order and although the redhead presumed he would be made to eat something rancid or perform a humiliating act however he was told to do something he could have never imagined he was going to be asked to do.

“Treat Noona like Elizabeth The 3rd!” The college student exclaimed with his beaming smile.
You and Seven only froze in reply as you registered what he had just said.
“Yoosung??????” Seven questioned, moving his hands around the place,“What do you mean??”
“I mean,” the blonde started,“You know how you treat Elizabeth like your new goddess? Do exactly the same to her! Treat her like a princess!”

Seven was expected to do this for the rest of the night, for the next four hours he had to treat you like the kitten he adored. He didn’t know how he would get it started but somehow along the line, Seven decided to throw away his dignity.
His first course of action was to add a ‘ly’ to the end of your name. Next he just began to talk to you as if you were the most adorable thing in the world.

You sensed the impending doom but it was too late, you were already trapped in Seven’s arms. At first he was a bit timid but in order to stay true to his loss, he once again threw away his dignity. He began to rub his cheek against yours and despite the obvious disgruntled natures on your faces, he marched on. He squeezed you with his arms around your shoulders tightly as he nuzzled your hair. Everybody else in the room couldn’t bear to see the punishment taking place, they were either crying out in discomfort, cringing or just covering their eyes and refusing to accept what was happening.

But the two of you continued on.

You don’t even now why you agreed to this but now that you were half way in, you couldn’t look back.
Seven continued to call you pet names and continued to state just how much he loved you and how much he wanted to take you away from Jumin.
There were also several times in the evening where he got down on his knees and bowed down to you, as if you were his leader and he was but the humble servant.

The amount of strange things that had happened that night were all things that no one would ever forget, but no one would ever want to remember. After that night, no one could look at Seven the same as he had honestly thrown away all the shame he had built up over the years.
Now even Elizabeth would not be able to look at him for some reason as every time he somehow came in sight of her, she would dash away. She must have been able to sense what he had done.

If there was one thing Seven had learnt from this experience  it would be to never mix the way he treated animals with the way he treated humans because it would only lead to an extremely awkward end.

Mark Tuan//Morning After

Prompt: After a one night stand, you’re surprised to find that the two of you actually get along pretty well, and realise that maybe you don’t want to go just yet…
Scenario: fluff, implied sex, comedy
Word Count: 1,095

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Vampire Rick (NSFW)

    With a searing sweetness to it, the feeling of Rick’s sharp fangs scraping your neck made you shiver. His hand was clasped on your neck, the thumb reaching over to trace your parted lips. But as Rick always did, his fangs would only brush the skin, leaving a faint, irritated, red line - but never actually breaking skin. And then, his hot breath trailing up from your collarbone to jaw - he would finally ravage your lips, leaving them raw, swollen, and red.

    You were once just an assistant at his laboratory - always smart, always sharp, always willing to call Rick out on his shit. You two could have some of the most competitive battles of wit - each exchanging a comment snarkier, and smarter, than the last - but these battles ended being some of the most exhilarating things Rick had ever enjoyed - well, before you two ended up having your fling. But before that point, the two of you were quite open about the fact that you loathed each other. Anytime your name was brought up in a sentence, he made sure to say it with absolute distaste. And when you saw each other, you would never say pleasant greetings, like normal folk, but instead say things like “Morning, dipwad” or “Hey, asshat”. You had even punched him once, so hard that his fang went crooked, after he had lowered your salary - as a cruel joke. When he was down his knees, covering his swollen lip, he was also hiding his devious smile, which formed after he realized just how potently beautiful you were when absolutely pissed.

    When Rick found himself needing a “blood donor”, due to his previous one contracting HIV after a night in Atlantica, the last person he ever thought of to ask was you. You had made it very clear, in the past, that the only piece of your skin Rick’s tooth would ever touch was that of your fist - while it imploded into his mouth. But when you had found him, belly down and shivering with cold sweats on the office floor, you immediately held out your wrist. Begging him, with tears in your eyes, to stop trying being a hero and just take a sip, he finally suck his teeth in - wincing at your inhale due to the pain. Your taste was the absolute sweetest, and it lingered for days.

    That was how your role as Rick’s blood donor began. In the beginning, he would only require you to hold out your wrist once every week, he would sip, and it would be over. But, as time went on, Rick, one day, toar his teeth away from your hand and, with a disgusted tone, complained about how he could taste your excessive drinking of Saturday. After that, Rick began to control your diet - ensuring that you ate lots of iron-rich foods and making sure you didn’t drink too much. And, after he started complaining that he the perfume you would place on your wrist was far too bitter, he took to chomping into your neck.

    You knew, early on, that most of this was a ruse - as your placed perfume on your neck as well. But, when Rick would bite into that area, you could feel him sharply inhale the smell of your hair, and the warmth of his body, standing behind you, was just an intoxicating comfort. When he would drink too much, causing you to become faint, his arms, strong and sturdy, would wrap around your waist - keeping you from hitting the floor. Sometimes, you would arch your head back, letting it rest on his shoulder as his hands ran down your hips. You could hear his sharp inhale, clearly down out of arousal, when you let out a small moan from your parted lips. And then, as if none of that had even occurred, you walked away, slipping on your coat, and leaving the laboratory.

    As you were placing your keys into your car, the cold night nipping away at your now blood drained face, you felt a hand violently at your shoulder, flip you around, and press you into your car. For a brief moment, the gut knotting fear that some creep was going to violate filled your throat. But when the stranger’s lips hungrily crashed into yours, you were instantly comforted by the sharp feeling of fangs scraping your bottom lip. Rick’s hands, ones that once smoothly ran down your hips, now pinned your wrists - still scarred with bite marks - against the car door. He pressed his chest into yours, as if trying to mold your two bodies together, and left searing kisses down your throat - making sure to tease the tender area that he had just bitten into.

    Your hands, somehow managing to escape their capture, began to rub at the slight bulge beneath his dark pants. It didn’t matter that you were standing in a dimly lit parking lot - in winter, no less - you needed him now. The thought of having to sit idly in a car and walk up a flight of stairs before completely ravaging the other was so tortuous that you didn’t even consider it. Due to your urging, Rick briefly parted from your now throbbing, tender lips, not breaking his stare through half-lidded, lusting eyes, as he toar of his belt and unzipped his pants. While one hand pulled out his pulsating member, the other wrapped around your ass, lifting you up against the car. Gladly, you wrapped your legs around his waist - grateful that you had worn a dress to work today - and was now wedged between him and your car.

    Rick, with his chest so tightly pressed against yours, could feel your heart racing against his rib cage - only proving that you wanted him as much as he wanted you. He felt a barrier between your searing core, and, impatiently, ripped off your panties - not wanting to waste another second. He mercilessly punished you with long, hard thrusts, that jolted you more and more into a state of euphoria until you found yourself squealing out a slew of cuss words. His hands wildly roamed your figure, so agitated that they couldn’t even rest on a single spot. He was far too desperate to touch all of you to even consider not going over every inch of your flesh. Such frantic touching didn’t cease until Rick, as well, was letting out hot, breathy, rough moans in your ear. Both of your hearts were racing now, and the pleasure of it all was blindingly hot - to the point that you couldn’t even really open your eyes.

    That’s when everything slowed. Rick backed away slightly, so as to allow your feet to touch the ground again, but pressed right back into you as soon as you were steady. This time, the kisses were far more tender, sweet, even romantic - rather than feverish and torrid. He peppered you with long, soft kisses across the bridge of your nose - treating you as if you were a delicate flower. With hunched shoulders, his hands cupped your face, giving you a few steady, languid kisses - and his need for you just radiated off of him. And to think this was the same man who had ravaged you so violently!

    For Rick, his heart was a sopping, wet rag right now. His throat was clenching, barely able to even form words when he huskily murmured “You’re so-so beautiful. God, thank you. Thank you. You’re so beautiful. W-why are you so perfect?”. The night, with all it’s licentious, and even tender, escapades ended with your foreheads pressed together, staring into each other’s loving eyes - not sure what was going to happen, and, frankly, not caring. As long as you were together, that’s all that mattered.

Title: A Run in the Park
Fandom: X-Men
Word Count: 1,287
Characters: Peter Maximoff x Reader
Reader Gender: Not specified
Warnings: None
Notes: Request from anon for “I have been super stressed because this huge grade is about to go in and I really need to pass.. could you write a Peter (you know the one!) x reader one shot fanfic thing. Where he finds out his friend (reader) is also a mutant. They have the ability to use others mutant abilities against them (or you can change it.) and they beat him in a race. But it ends in fluff? Because they both like each other. Ahh you don’t have to.. thanks..” // I hope you like it & I hope you passed! ♥

Peter Maximoff was a bit of a scatterbrain, but he was consistent with some things. For example, he would pass through the same park every day, at the same time. In truth, however, it was only because there was another who went there every day, at that time, and they had captivated him in an entirely indescribable way.

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It’s not something that develops over time. It is something that happens instantaneously. It courses through you like the water of a river after a storm, filling you and emptying you all at once. You feel it throughout your body, in your hands, in your heart, in your stomach, in your skin… Have you ever felt this way about someone?

The level of denial/dissociation I have regarding impending deadlines is unreal; I’m too far gone to even panic at this point. All I can do is embrace whatever happens tomorrow

Peter Pan- Darkness

Author: peachyxpan

Warning(s): None

Requested: No

Summary: Peter has a phobia of the dark, and Y/N helps him overcome it.

Words: 1163


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