one night at the oasis


Hiiii, a anon requested for another playlist of 30 songs off shuffle , here goooess 

1. Deja Vu - Sleeping with Sirens 

2.Elastic Heart - Sia

3. Chin Up - Moose Blood 

4. Flawless - The Neighbourhood 

5. House of Gold - Twenty One Pilots

6. English Love Affair - 5 seconds of summer 

7. Imaginary Enemy - The Used

8. M.O.N.E.Y - The 1975

9. Wonderwall- Oasis 

10. Sunrise - Our Last Night

11. Freak me out - Simple Plan (ft Alex Gaskarth )

12. Time Bomb- All Time Low 

13. The Only Reason - 5 seconds of Summer

14.Bliss - The Maine 

15.The Great Escape - Boys Like Girls 

16.Check Yes Juliet - We the Kings

17.Intro - The xx 

18. Jersey - Mayday Parade 

19. Elevated - State Champs 

20.Robbers - The 1975

21.My Happy Ending - Avril Lavigne

22. Trouble (stripped) - Hasley 

23. Emergency - Paramore 

24. To Die For (acoustic) - Tonight Alive 

25.Ain’t No Friend - Lower the Atlantis

26. Brain - Banks 

27. I miss you - Blink-182

28. Have faith in me - A day to remember 

29.Fear of the Dark - Iron Maiden 

30 New Divide - Linkin Park 

that’s my spotify on shuffle for you peeps !! 

tell me what you think :-)

MMFD Fanfic Round-Up October 2016 Edition

H’lo! Sorry to be a little late with this, but the last week has been bananas and I’m behind on so many things. We have a bounty of fics from October to feast on, so if you haven’t already read these, dig in! Those of us in the US probably need a distraction from the tire fire happening around us, anyway. (Allusion to politics, sorry!)

I’d like to give a shout out to all the new followers of this blog! It’s really cool that people are still discovering MMFD, and the wonders and therapeutic powers of fanfic to heal the wounds inflicted by this (mostly) amazing show. And another shout out to everyone who has stuck around all these months and years! HI YOU GUYS!

As ever, if I’ve missed something, or if someone is posting fic somewhere else, let me know, so I can update the post! Have a great weekend, everyone, and please hold your breath and make a wish that the apocalypse doesn’t happen Tuesday night! xoxo

* * * * * 


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