one night at the oasis

I’m never going on a pump vacation ever again

The above statement might be a little extreme but I now know what to do, and most importantly, what NOT to do the next time I decide to take a break from my pump. I’ve learned multiple lessons on this day and a half reprieve. This one’s a long one so buckle up boys and girls, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

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Hiiii, a anon requested for another playlist of 30 songs off shuffle , here goooess 

1. Deja Vu - Sleeping with Sirens 

2.Elastic Heart - Sia

3. Chin Up - Moose Blood 

4. Flawless - The Neighbourhood 

5. House of Gold - Twenty One Pilots

6. English Love Affair - 5 seconds of summer 

7. Imaginary Enemy - The Used

8. M.O.N.E.Y - The 1975

9. Wonderwall- Oasis 

10. Sunrise - Our Last Night

11. Freak me out - Simple Plan (ft Alex Gaskarth )

12. Time Bomb- All Time Low 

13. The Only Reason - 5 seconds of Summer

14.Bliss - The Maine 

15.The Great Escape - Boys Like Girls 

16.Check Yes Juliet - We the Kings

17.Intro - The xx 

18. Jersey - Mayday Parade 

19. Elevated - State Champs 

20.Robbers - The 1975

21.My Happy Ending - Avril Lavigne

22. Trouble (stripped) - Hasley 

23. Emergency - Paramore 

24. To Die For (acoustic) - Tonight Alive 

25.Ain’t No Friend - Lower the Atlantis

26. Brain - Banks 

27. I miss you - Blink-182

28. Have faith in me - A day to remember 

29.Fear of the Dark - Iron Maiden 

30 New Divide - Linkin Park 

that’s my spotify on shuffle for you peeps !! 

tell me what you think :-)

avatar au! waterbender jimin

  • sarah is back at it again! i would like to point out that this series is from Avatar Aang era, so there will be no airbenders! 
  • so i obviously chose water for jimin. he is so pure and he has such fluid motions when he dances !!! he is super soft and caring for others, just like the water tribes. 
  • jimin would be from the northern water tribe, and I can really see him as yue’s younger brother. 
  • Since the parting of his older sister, who was supposed to rule the northern water tribe, jimin had to take up her role after she became one with the moon lol 
  • you, are a water bender as well, but you grew up in the fire nation. 
  • your parents were killed in the siege of the southern water tribe, and you were taken as a young child to be adopted by a fire nation family. 
  • you were raised by a good-hearted family, (not all of the firenation people are bad) and grew up to be a beautiful and intelligent young lady. 
  • However you didn’t have the resources to teach yourself waterbending so you always yearned to go back to your routes and visit one of the water tribes. 
  • you met jungkook, a firenation general’s son, and you managed to befriend him. (for the sake of this route, you didn’t end up with jungkook) 
  • jungkook, having ties to the general fleets, he helped you out so that you could go to the northern water tribe for learning water bending! (it wasn’t easy, mind you, because you know, firenation ships are a big no-no when it comes to entering the northern water tribe.) 
  • you had to make a stop and row the rest of the way on canoe and and jungkook had to dress in apparel that didn’t give away his firenation ties. 
  • when you approached the water tribe, you could feel this giddyness in your stomach, you were so excited!! 
  • and the one who greeted you were these guards, they were super skeptical on whether or not to let you in because !! you were strangers and that is really weird for them 
  • and since they gave you so much hell you were about to loose your temper. (you had a waterbender heart, but the temper of a firebender) 
  • “look i didn’t freeze my ass off and suffer sea sickness for you lousy good-for-nothing guards to turn me away from learning a skill that was passed down to me through my heritage! are u really going against your own people here??” 
  • even jungkook was getting uncomfy with the situation 
  • “calm down,,,you might never get in if you give them attitude,,,” 
  • “you’re the one to talk!” (jungkook always tended to give you attitude on a daily basis //sigh) 
  • that is when a voice sounded behind the guards, “what is going on here?” 
  • the guards turned around rested on one knee in a bow. 
  • “your highness, these,,,wanderers, were demanding entrance to seek training in the art of waterbending,” 
  • and jimin is like?? isn’t that why we exist? why are you turning them away lol 
  • so basically he let both of you in with open arms. (precious bby)
  • jimin took you by the hand and sent away jungkook (poor boy was left by a water fountain in the cold with small kiddies running around and didn’t know how to act) 
  • you followed jimin to a room where he sat you down and prepared some calming jasmine tea (he learned how to make some from a friend ;)) 
  • he asked you about your past and why you are seeking help from them. 
  • you explained to him about your past and how you were taken from the southern water tribe as a young girl. 
  • he listened to you without interruption and when you were finished he mentioned how another girl from the southern water tribe came to them when yue was still with them to learn of waterbending as well. 
  • you were shocked, to say the least because you thought that all the water benders had been taken, or killed. 
  • you wanted to make it a priority of yours to find this girl, this girl who’s name was Katara. 
  • a lot of his advisers offered to help you learn, but jimin insisted that he would teach you himself. 
  • you probably stayed at the northern water tribe for 2 months. 
  • Every morning and night you would meet with jimin, and he would teach you new water bending steps and waterbending principles 
  •  At night he would teach you how to observe the moon and how it manipulates the tides 
  • “Water is the element of change, and the moon is the source of power when water bending,” 
  • He would show you push and pull movements and the way he let the water flow around him was as if he was dancing with it. 
  • you couldn’t help to notice how beautiful he was in the moonlight, and how focused he was on his movements. 
  • “When you waterbend, your movements must be fluid and graceful,” he would explain, “waterbenders deal with the flow of energy; they let their defense become their offense, turning their opponents’ own forces against them,” 
  • he would take your hands and guide them in a similar motion as he just displayed, until you could do it on your own. 
  • whenever you messed up, he’d help you and tell you exactly how to fix it 
  • he would come behind you and take your arms and show make them flow up and down and side to side, and his hot breath made the hairs on your neck stick up
  • (cue jealous jungkook staring at ya’ll hiding behind a snow heap)   
  • after endless nights of practicing, you became super diverse in waterbending! jimin taught you so much, and even so much as the basics of healing! 
  • One night, a few nights before your departure, jimin took you to the spirit oasis which held the two koi fish, Tui and La. He told you how they endlessly circle around each other, and how his sister sacrificed her life to them, on the day of the lunar eclipse; the day the firenation attacked them and almost killed the Moon Spirit, Tui. 
  • he told you that when his sister left him, it felt like everything was off balance, like how it would be if the two spirits of push and pull weren’t together. 
  • but he feels like since you came, he felt whole again
  • you felt guilty, because you had to leave him, you couldn’t stay in in the northern water tribe forever, since your family and jungkook both belong to the firenation 
  • it really hurt you, because you really grew attached to jimin, the way his hands felt against yours, and his sweet smile and the crescents his eyes make when he’s laughing 
  • you felt at home with him; it was like you belonged there. 
  • you could even say you loved him. 
  • Jimin took you to the spirit waters again the day you had to leave him, and took your hands in his. 
  • he squeezed them tight this time, different from the more gentler times when he was guiding your hands in fluid motions 
  • “i think i’m in love with you,” he would say softly, “and I don’t know what I’m going to do without you here,” 
  • your heart would begin to pound furiously, but the only sound that could be heard was the soft swishing of water made by the koi fish
  • “jimin, i feel the same about you, but what else can I do? I thank you for everything you’ve done for me, and it truly has been a blessing,,, but i have to go,” 
  • He nodded, he understood you very well, and he knew he couldn’t force you to stay. 
  • He held out a necklace. It was a choker necklace, that had a charm on it that had the water element symbol on it. He placed it around your neck. “These are usually given out to the woman you will marry, but I wanted to give this to you, as something to remember me by when you’re gone.” 
  • You eyes gleamed with tears as you threw your arms around his neck and he hugged you in a tight embrace. 
  • When he pulls away he would kiss you softly on your lips, and whisper that he will never forget you.  
  • you promised him that you would return. 
  • and three years later, you did. 

other avatar aus: jungkook

Swalha Msabaha

Swalha Msabaha is one of Tanzanias best stylists and the only stylist to break the international platform. At the age of her early 20s she has managed to work with various national and international clients. I am one of the very few lucky ones (that what I believe) to ever work with her. I worked with her on two of her style, beauty and pop-up shop, one was held at Oasis Garden Bar and Bistro and Elements Night Club Dar Es Salaam. All of this was just before moved to Lappeenranta, Finland for my bachelor’s degree in International Business at Saimaa University of Applied Sciences.

I have managed to send the fabulous, boujee Miss Swalha a few questions so that my readers and the world could get to know her a bit more.

The questions and her answer are:

1. at what age did you start becoming fascinated with Fashion?
- Swalha answered me with “I’ve always been fascinated with fashion since I was a little girl but I started to take it serious when I was 18”

I mean can’t we get I already and accept the fact that fashionista are actually born this way

2. how did you prepare for a career in styling?
- Well her answer says it all, Beauty with brains. Her answer to this question is “By learning, doing my own research and ask people who were already doing the job”

3. how do you stay updated on the current trends?
- “These days you find everything on the internet, but I also try not to follow trends all the time rather creat my own”….. Don’t you just like it when someone thinks out of the box and creates something different? 💡

4. how important is fashion week for you? (in Tanzania, Europe and The United States)
- “It’s very important because it’s kind of  a way to communicate with designers and see what’s on their mind through the designs and also to know what’s trending and to get to network as well” … I think people should understand from this answer that NETWORKING IS THE KEY even if you have nothing there is something called oral marketing.

5. what is your dream job?
- “To work as a fashion editor with a big international magazine” … I think I found myself a co-editor in chief?

6. what are your plans for the future? Where do you see yourself taking your styling career in the next five (5) years?
- “working with big brands/artist/fashion magazines and having my own company” … I believe this sister is gonna work some #BlackGirlMagic

7. Name and explain top three in your styling kit that are must-haves?
- you know I always wonder what is in stylists bags because in mine all you find is chocolate wrappers my tablet and my scrap book/inspiration book (serious tho), but Swalha’ s answer has educated me on a few things, she said that in her styling kit you’d find “needles and threads-incase you need to sew a cloth,
Clamps- incase a cloth doesn’t fit/ too big,
Rack- to hang cloth so they don’t get messed up and it’s much easier to select”

8. What Advice do you for the up and coming fashion stylists out there?
- “Learn, consistency, and be creative” think out of the box y'all. Nothing comes from being inside the box.

I hope you guys enjoyed this interview/Q&A query. There is plenty of more with models, designers, diplomats, musicians etc. If you have any tips or advice. Please feel free to email me on

Thank you.

MMFD Fanfic Round-Up October 2016 Edition

H’lo! Sorry to be a little late with this, but the last week has been bananas and I’m behind on so many things. We have a bounty of fics from October to feast on, so if you haven’t already read these, dig in! Those of us in the US probably need a distraction from the tire fire happening around us, anyway. (Allusion to politics, sorry!)

I’d like to give a shout out to all the new followers of this blog! It’s really cool that people are still discovering MMFD, and the wonders and therapeutic powers of fanfic to heal the wounds inflicted by this (mostly) amazing show. And another shout out to everyone who has stuck around all these months and years! HI YOU GUYS!

As ever, if I’ve missed something, or if someone is posting fic somewhere else, let me know, so I can update the post! Have a great weekend, everyone, and please hold your breath and make a wish that the apocalypse doesn’t happen Tuesday night! xoxo

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