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A nesspaula comic I made a bit late for valentines day

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do you know why yuuri wears his face mask everywhere he goes?? i know japanese people wear them a lot when they're sick and they go out but yuuri seems to wear it an awful lot. do you think he has like the worlds longest perpetual cold or something

It is definitely a cultural thing. Japanese people (and if what I’ve seen in pop culture is any indication, quite a few other Asian countries as well) LOVE face masks and wear them ALL THE FREAKIN TIME. I didn’t even notice Yuuri was wearing one bc it seemed so natural to me ^ ^;

Nesse momento há 6 bilhões, 470 milhões, 818 mil, 671 pessoas no mundo. Algumas estão fugindo assustadas. Algumas estão voltando pra casa. Algumas dizem mentiras para suportar o dia. Outras estão somente agora enfrentando a verdade. Alguns são maus indo contra o bem e alguns são bons lutando contra o mal. Seis bilhões de pessoas no mundo, seis bilhões de almas… E, às vezes, tudo que nós precisamos é de apenas uma!
My nicknames!! ~ nessa

Hi tumblr people! Vanessa here! (Lol wut) I don’t post a lot on here but I decided that I would add to the conversation of nicknames!!! I too have also been called different nicknames. The obviously famous nickname I have is Nessa. So I’ve been called:
• Ness (I don’t like this one too much idk why)
• Van (fun fact ‘van’ was the first word I learned how to spell other than my name 😂)
• Nessie (I really like this one)
• Loch Ness Monster (only one person has called me this nick name my entire life)

And that’s pretty much it lol. Also to add to roni’s list of nicknames, one of my favs other than roni is Ronald haha!

Another fun fact, my name means butterfly 🐛