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Guess what I’ve been re-reading~

Ok so I’ve seen tons of fantastic super epic detailed PJO fanart, but I always thought that PJO would make an amazing goofy cartoon with self-conscious humor and crazy monsters of the week (and serious moments ofc) akin to Gravity Falls, Danny Phantom, etc. So character design doodles for that, I guess?

s/o for the crappy generic “ancient looking” font for existing

Everyone wants an official passionate canon Victuuri kiss but do you know what would get a deeper impact?

A fast peck on the lips as if it were most normal thing in the world to them.
That’s Victuuri’s strength. Being comfortable with each other, being domestic with each other.
Imagine Victor is on his way out of the rink to get something to drink but he automatically gravitates to Yuuri first. And Yuuri knows what’s coming next so he naturally holds out his arms to embrace his partner before he receives a quick kiss, just a slight brush against his lips.
THAT’S the ideal canon Victuuri kiss I wish for, y'all.

It’s kinda fucked up that Connie and Lars, two characters of colour, entire character is to serve pale boy Steven with one being “trained” that her paler friend matters more than her and the other being stripped of his culture identity as soon as it was revealed all so he can be a plot device.