one must be patient!!!!!

Life experience is different for each person you comes across. It is through these events in our lives that we learn how to handle certain things. We develop our values and beliefs. We grow, and ultimately gain a deeper sense of appreciation for life itself. Each of us develops these aspects at a different pace, and thus we must be patient with one another as we follow our own journey through this wonderful thing called life.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin

Korotan D: English Translation of Chapter 4 

Here’s chapter 4 of Korotan D, aka the return of the ship-teasing! There’s even an actual boat! This chapter will make Karumana fans very happy. Nagikae fans, too, but you may find Nagisa’s denseness a little bit agonizing (you’ll see what I mean) ^^;

That being said, Nagisa and Karma are simply doing what they do best (being ‘positive’ and being a ‘prankster’, respectively) and being great friends in general, so if you’re not a fan of the ships but are a fan of the characters, I’m sure you’ll find this chapter enjoyable as well!

Maehara and Okano get a lot of time together as well. We also see some Yada, Kanzaki, Hara, and more Okajima!

Chapter 4 - Temptation Time

When shooting a film, only a little bit of time is spent with the camera actually rolling, as most of the time is spent on preparations. One must patiently wait for the actors and setting to be arranged, and sometimes it’s imperative that one concentrate on one’s acting in order to make a shot last for only a few seconds.

Preparing for the possibility that filming will resume shortly, Kayano was outside her trailer and rereading the script.

“Haruna, you wanna go take a break in my trailer?”

Jerome said from behind. Kayano responded with a smile,

“No, I’m alright. If I return to a cool trailer, my senses will go all out of order, so I’m staying outside.”

“You’re so serious. You need to relax more.”

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Abortion is one of the most commonly performed medical procedures in the United States, and it is tragic that many women who have abortions are all too often mischaracterized and stigmatized, their exercise of moral agency sullied. Their judgment is publicly and forcefully second-guessed by those in politics and religion who have no business entering the deliberation. The reality is that women demonstrate forethought and care; talk to them the way clergy do and witness their sense of responsibility. Women take abortion as seriously as any of us takes any health-care procedure. They understand the life-altering obligations of parenthood and family life. They worry over their ability to provide for a child, the impact on work, school, the children they already have, or caring for other dependents. Perhaps the woman is unable to be a single parent or is having problems with a husband or partner or other kids. Maybe her contraception failed her. Maybe when it came to having sex she didn’t have much choice. Maybe this pregnancy will threaten her health, making adoption an untenable option. Or perhaps a wanted pregnancy takes a bad turn and she decides on abortion. It’s pretty complicated. It’s her business to decide on the outcome of her pregnancy—not ours to intervene, to blame, or to punish… Whatever a woman decides, she needs to be able to get good quality medical care and emotional and spiritual support as she works toward the outcome she seeks; she figures it out. That’s all part of “moral agency.” No one is denying that her fetus has a moral standing. We are affirming that her moral standing is higher; she comes first. Her deliberations, her considerations have priority. The patient must be the one to arrive at a conclusion and act upon it.
—  Rabbi Dennis S. Ross
Woozi; ideal type and kinks

Request: Woozi ideal type and kinks please love your blog 💗💗

can you do a woozi ideal type and kinks? ^~^

Remember that everything is based on my opinion!

  • he totally wrecked me up in the new mv
  • ok so
  • i think he’ll take a rly long time to fall in love
  • and he has to be around his soulmate 24/7 in order for that to happen faster
  • i think he wouldn’t like a partner who fights a lot over little things or over his job; he’ll take it so deeply and seriously
  • and a little fight or even a yell will make him drift away from his s/o
  • he doesn’t that to happen at all but he’ll be so heartbroken
  • he can’t handle fighting people, especially his partner
  • soo back to his ideal type
  • i don’t think he has many preferences
  • someone who is understandable towards him and his job and respects it
  • he would rly like someone bright and friendly who is positive
  • but like i said, it will take a lot of time for him to fall in love and let things lead to something more
  • it will even take long for the first kiss
  • like probably 2 or 3 months
  • he is not a skinship person, so he’ll be rly shy when it comes to it
  • i think he won’t be the one to get into it first
  • so his partner must be really patient with him
  • soo
  • his kinks
  • omg
  • he’ll take so long for a kiss, what’s left for sex xD
  • it will probably after a year or two into the relationship
  • he must trust the person so much to let this happen
  • i don’t think he actually has that much kinks
  • but i think he’s really naughty though
  • his biggest kink is 
  • blowjobs in his studio
  • that’s right, and i’m sure all of you have thought about this at least once
  • he’s always up for quickie to relieve stress and take a break from working
  • it’s his favourite thing to do from all of this
  • i don’t think he has any other kinks
  • but i think he lowkeys likes his partner riding him and doing all the job
  • first because he thinks it’s really hot
  • and second because he’s tired
  • so he would like to let his partner to everything
  • i honesltly think this is all of it, he doesn’t have many kinks or preferences
  • just be understandable towards this boi’s job cause he loves it so much music is his passion and love him lots oK :’))

Ibn Taymiyyah said :

When commanding good and forbidding evil one must:

• have knowledge
• be kind
• be patient.

[Al-‘Amr bil-Ma’rūf.. (p. 30)]


One autumn evening, while putting on my overcoat after finishing my meal, I clumsily upset something, perhaps a salt-cellar, on Monsieur Sebastian’s table. He said nothing, but my mother scolded me and told me to apologize, which I did, distressed by my clumsiness. But Monsieur Sebastian turned to my mother and said: “Be patient with your little boy, one must always be patient with them. If, one day, you should find yourself separated from him…” I did not give him time to finish his sentence, but asked him: “Have you got a little boy?” “I’ve got two,” he said. “Why don’t you bring them here with you?” My mother interrupted, saying: “You mustn’t ask questions, Lucien!“ “It doesn’t matter: it doesn’t matter at all,” he said, with a sad smile. “They don’t come here with me because they are too far away … “Then he took my hand, drew me to him and kissed me on both cheeks. I bade him farewell, and then I saw that he was crying. And we left.

 'While kissing me, he had said a few words which I did not understand. But on the following day we arrived before him and a Bank employee who used to sit at the table on the other side of us asked us: “Did you understand what Monsieur Sebastian said last evening?” “No,” we replied. “He said, in English: “Oh, my poor dear boys!"’

Vyvyan Holland, “Time Remembered After Père Lachaise”

Every Muslim must have good thoughts about his Lord and must wait patiently for His favour, for the One Who has the power to say “Be” to something and it is, is worthy to be trusted in regards to His promise. No one can bring good except for Him, and no one can ward off evil except for Him. For every action He has wisdom and after every hour He brings ease. He made the morning to follow the night & rain to follow dryness. He gives to be thanked & He puts trial to know - & He has knowledge of all things - those who are patient. Therefore it is in the best interest of the Muslim to strengthen his relationship with his Lord & to ask Him more frequently.
“…and ask Allah of His bounty.” Quran 4:32

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archive moodboards !!

hi !! summer is being reeeeaally boring and i wanna do something to spend my time so i decided to some some archive mbs!! if u want one:
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-be patient :(

anonymous asked:

Caretaker, I just want to thank you for everything you do. You work so hard and are so helpful. Answer us at your pace and at your leisure, we are the ones seeking assistance. We must be patient. Know that I love your existence and appreciate every word you share, even if those words are not for me. I offer you vivid dreams of wonderment, a chance meeting with a kind and otherworldly stranger, and the melancholy content that comes with rain.



tayswiftnation  asked:

This "drama" never occurred during 1989, sure people were jealous but it never turned into this us vs them mentality. Please leave Kelsea and other SSers alone, when they are not LEGALLy allowed to say anything that happened. Taylor is trying her very best to meet every single one of you and I know it must be hard but be patient and Taylor will reveal what she said after the album is released. xx (also love you Kels <3 )

Nat thank you for this message. it was a relief to see in my inbox at a time like this, when every notification literally makes me break into a sweat

anonymous asked:

So sad that your theory Lucy vs Zeref didn't predict or appear it ((But at least Lucy awakened Natsu rewriting the END book

I defend a lot Mashima … but there ….
Let Acnologia get beat by an AIRPLANE ….. OMG PLEASE….
Zeref immortal and with the power of fairy heart get beat by a Natsu one shot ……. GOD GOD GOD…..

I have no more words … Idk what to say….


Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

I’m stunned….

I still have 5 theories to publish, I dont even knw if I ve to go on…

In spite of everything, there were two good news ye!! :

- First

THEORY CONFIRMED  (3 years ago!!! ) : Lucy will save and bring back to life Natsu during his fight against Zeref

So i’m really happy for that :D

2nd :  there are 10 chapters, Mashima will probably do a double chapter so we will get the date 7/7/2017

So my theory could be confirmed

For the rest … I hope that my next theory that I will publish will show that fairy tail is not really ending …I cannot say more…

And for Lucy vs Zeref, one must be patient, Zeref’s goal is to die from the hands of END, for now Zeref is still alive,
Moreover Mashima had revealed that the number 12 (spriggans) was important,

So let’s be patient, and cross the fingers …

This chapter killed me ……. Mashima killed me ….


Paul had no doubt that God who began a good work in his fellow believers would bring it to completion. We can have this same confidence. The moment we placed our faith in Christ, God began the good work of the Gospel in our hearts and in our lives. He is still carrying out this good work, and though we cannot always see the work that He is doing inside of us, we know that it will be completed. It takes time for us to grow and become more like Christ, but we must be patient. God always finishes what He starts. One day, our love will be complete and we will stand pure and blameless before Christ, filled and overflowing with the fruit of His righteousness.

Fire! Fire!

Eric Coulter & Aadya one shot!

Rated/ G

Word Count/ 495


This is my first one shot ever!  FYI whenever Aadya uses one of her abilities her hair and eyes change colors! Also  I would love feedback!!!


Message me please if you would like to be tagged in my one shots! and be specific about what things you want to be tagged in! I don’t always see the comments in the notes!  SPANKS!

I had been waiting for a whole hour to use the bathroom and brush my teeth before training.  I had never been a patient person to begin with but this was really testing my limits.

“Eric what the fuck are you doing in there?” I said through the door for what seemed to be the millionth time.

“I’m almost done!” he called back.

I was half inclined to go to work without my long hair brushed and looking like a raccoon with last night’s makeup. I didn’t have time to waste.  I opted to have breakfast in the apartment instead.  After my breakfast I tossed my hair into an unruly bun and whipped my face as best as I could and stomped out of the apartment annoyed and cranky. When I got downstairs the initiates could tell I was in an unruly mood, I quickly barked for them to run laps around the compound while I stood in the middle and watched.

I had three meetings today after the morning half of training; Eric would takeover class for the remainder of the day.  Tris and peter walked up beside me when the initiates started their third lap.

“Morning.” Tris said in a semi cheerful tone and it looked like she was about to go on rambling until she caught sight of my face.

“Did you have a long night?” She politely asked.

“What on earth do you mean by such a question!” I snapped.

“You look like shit Aadya.” Peter said hardly looking up from watching the initiates.

“Oh confound it all! Eric was taking forever getting ready in the bathroom this morning and you know I hate being late!” I threw my hands in the air and then settled them on my hips.

They both laughed which made me even grouchier….

                THE NEXT MORNING


I had gotten up again only to find Eric had once again beaten me to the bathroom. I waited in the bed for twenty minutes before my temper got the best of me.  I went completely still, clearing my brain so that I was only thinking of one thing.  Two minutes went by of complete silence followed by a screaming sound coming from the bathroom.

“FIRE FIRE! EVERYTHING THING IS ON FUCKING FIRE!”  Eric shouting was followed by a loud crash and then he burst through the door with a crazed look in his eyes.

I sat up in bed, grabbed my towel and walked to the bathroom door, upon closing the door I turned and looked down at a disheveled Eric.  

“One must always be patient when waiting their turn and courteous to others when occupying the restroom.” I smiled wickedly and closed the bathroom door behind me. The fire hadn’t actually happened; it was all in Eric’s mind an illusion placed there by me. One of the many perks of being inhuman.  Laughing I turned on the faucet and enjoyed the first of many long and hot showers.

knightcrafin  asked:

Sebaciel, panties: Ciel found a gift sitting on his bed. It was marked: to Ciel. so what else is to do but open it. the box contained a pare of blue lace panties.

He smirked, “As if I’d wear such a frivolous pair of-”

A small note within the box caught his attention:

‘Wear them, lest you receive no dessert for a week.’

“That bastard…” Ciel slipped the delicate pair of panties on along with what he believed to be the longest night shirt he owned. He sat back atop his bed when a soft knock had him looking towards the door.

“I see you’ve received your gift-”

“I see you’re trying to be out of a job.”

“We are contacted, my lord.”

“That does not mean I cannot demote you to being my dog.”

Sebastian frowned, grabbing Ciel by the ankle and pulling him to the edge of the bed. Ciel fell onto his back from the force, his nightgown hitching up high to now reveal exactly what Sebastian had suspected.

“You may be a wondrous liar, young master, but I am a devil. And you are far too aroused to fool me.”

“Curse you!” Ciel attempted to wiggle out of Sebastian’s grip before the demon bent down, parting supple thighs and giving Ciel’s throbbing cock a languid lick through the panties.


“Ah, so you can be honest, afterall.”


“Be patient, little one. I must inspect every stich of this beautiful garment that adorns you so perfectly.”

Ciel arched his back when he felt Sebastian’s hands slip around his bottom, squeezing him there as his tongue lapped at the thin, blue fabric.


Sebastian smirked against Ciel’s erection, dragging his lips from the base to the tip and reveling in the feel of his young master’s heat beneath the lace.


Patience is the master key to every situation. One must have sympathy for everything, surrender to everything, but at the same time remain patient and forbearing… There is no such thing as bending or breaking. It’s a question only of overcoming, which begins with overcoming oneself. That cannot be avoided. To abandon that path is always to break in pieces. One must patiently accept everything and let it grow within oneself. The barriers of the fear-ridden I can only be broken by love. One must, in the dead leaves that rustle around one, already see the young fresh green of spring, compose oneself in patience, and wait. Patience is the only true foundation on which to make one’s dreams come true.
—  kafka