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One Word: Affair

I did it! it only took like an extra half hour of needling and making it probs worse cause i’m bad at many things but here it is and i hope it’s not a disappointment to your person but its here and it’s it.

“I’m having an affair.” You announce to Derek, plucking a yoghurt from the fridge and peeling back the lid.

“Who with? Steven?” Your boyfriend falters after a moment, words breathless as you stick your tongue directly into the creamy goodness.

“Yeah, he always wants to come.” You frown, scooping some more of the sweetness out with your tongue before giving in and digging for a spoon in the drawer.

“What is wrong with you?” Derek growls, horror on his face and you frown. Your eyes trace his bunched muscles in confusion. Something’s wrong here.

“We’ve discussed my faults before, how does this have anything to do with our current topic?” You protest, eyebrows bunched and your mouth open enough to be awkward. Derek glares at you with a broken expression and you search the room in confusion.

“That’s all you have to say.” He gasps suddenly and you hum, unprepared for an argument. You glance at your yoghurt and back at your boyfriend, your mind racing for a reason behind this behaviour.

“I was hoping we could discuss when it would be happening?” You offer meekly and a furious scoff fills the air.

“So it hasn’t happened yet? This is like some FYI or something then?” He snarls, eyes wet and you move around the counter to comfort him when he takes a few steps back, warding you off.

“I need you to leave.”

What is happening?

“Where should I go? Do you need something?”

“Why not to Stevens?” He snaps and you consider the idea for a moment, but you distinctly remember him saying he had plans to go trawl the yoga classes with his dirtbag friends today, like a dirtbag.

“That’s dumb, he’s busy right now. And I want to stay here- but I can go out and get you something if you need me to?” You offer gently, fingers reaching for him again when he jerks away, turning his back.

“I need you to get the f*ck out of my house. I need you f*cking gone. What were you thinking would happen? That I’d just be okay with that?” He shouts suddenly and you flinch, backing up a step. Your eyes dart again, looking for something, anything.

“What?” You gasp, hoping for a different answer, one that explained how this had all spiralled so far.

“You slept with another guy. Or you plan to.” Derek sneers and you jolt heavily.

“I did no such thing!” You declare furiously, fire in your belly. The implication, the thought, what kind of disrespect.

“You said you had an affair!” Derek snaps back and you laugh a painful sound, eyes flinty.

“I’m going to throw a party and wanted your input, don’t be so cruel!” You blather, tears streaking down your cheeks despite your cooling confusion.

“Speak this era, Y/N!” Derek groans, a hint of betrayal still lancing the words and you laugh wetly against his shirt. “I love you but I’m ready to throw you in the bin right now.”

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And nothing could prepare Saitama for what Genos says next.

“I want to suck your cock.”

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when i first came into the fandom i was in love with chanyeol and baekhyun anD SHIP. i also liked the concept of prince sO WHY NOT plus they are my princes hella

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H. i actually don’t tell people or the school and just leave an initial LOL

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blue, green, black

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lots of real friends!!

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