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a little late this week since i just got back from spring break, but here is my music “monday” for this week: last night by motion city soundtrack. if you don’t already know, MCS is one of my all time favorite bands and i love playing there songs! see you next week!


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Thace and Coran meeting for the first time (Coran is kinda weary about him) and Thace goes up to Coran, kisses hand and says something gentlemanly (like charmed I'm sure or something like that) Coran is smitten and everyone else is watching like wtf

damn Thace u smooth af


As it dances, Primarina releases balloons of water into the area around itself, moving them using the sound waves from its voice. The sight of moonlight reflecting off its glittering balloons creates a magical scene. Since Primarina controls its balloons using its voice, any injury to its throat can become a grave problem. Its greatest enemies are arid environments and the overuse of its voice during back-to-back battles.

Among the balloons that Primarina releases, some explode when touched, while others do not. Primarina jump on the non-exploding balloons while they make sport of their opponents, and they use the exploding variety to trigger chained explosions!

Primarina’s songs have many variations, and each one changes the motions of the balloons. It has been observed that songs are shared among Primarina living together, so different colonies end up knowing different songs.


Star Wars: Rogue One - Chirrut Îmwe vs Stormtroopers 

Celebrating the sucess of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story around the world, Hot Toys presents a stop-motion animated short featuring Chirrut Îmwe, the new Rebel hero played by international martial arts superstar Donnie Yen, in an exhilarating fight scene inspired by the movie trailer and made entirely with 1/6th scale collectible figures by Hot Toys.

The astonishing animation and explosive action choreography is made possible by the remarkable articulation featured in the 1/6th scale Chirrut Îmwe collectible figure, and the impeccable likeness to Donnie Yen surely makes the short look exceptionally realistic.

Although it runs less than two minutes, the short took over a month to create and incorporated more than 2,600 still pictures in addition to some slick CG enhancements. We hope you all enjoy watching it and appreciate our tribute to the new Star Wars experience! May the Force be with you!


She bared herself in one smooth, unhurried motion, as if she were back in her own chambers disrobing for her bath with no one but her bedmaids looking on. When the cold wind touched her skin, she shivered violently. It took all her strength of will not to try and hide herself with her hands, as her grandfather’s whore had done. Her fingers tightened into fists, her nails digging into her palms. They were looking at her, all the hungry eyes. But what were they seeing? I am beautiful, she reminded herself. How many times had Jaime told her that? Even Robert had given her that much, when he came to her bed in his cups to pay her drunken homage with his cock.

They looked at Ned Stark the same way, though.

Anonymous: Cersei or Tywin


“Stand very still.” The strange british guy in front of you says, slowly moving his hands up in the air, “Don’t move.”  

His attention wasn’t really focused on you but rather on your bag. With one swift motion he gets a hold of it and fishes something out of it. A weird black creature, holding some of your money.  

You probably should have been mad, getting your stuff stolen right in front of you but you were more fascinated by what was going on.  

“What is that?” You ask in awe, looking at the cute little thing.  

“A Niffler.” He nods at you before turning his attention to his little friend, “Who shouldn’t even be out here.”  

He shakes him a few times, money and coins pouring back into your bag. You take one of the coins, handing it to the Niffler with a smile before you look back to the man.  

“I’m Y/N, who are you?”

“Newt. Newt Scamander.”  

“Nice to meet you…both.”