one mortal instrument


She’s so in love ❤️

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Parents: what do you want for your birthday?

Me: books

Parents: anything else?

Me: books

Parents: something other than books

Me: novels.

How to make friends

Step 1: Actually step outside your house
Step 2: Wear a fandom/band shirt
Step 3: Wait.

  • Alec: So, what's it like dating Clary?
  • Jace: Once, I asked her for a glass of water while she was pissed at me, and she brought me a glass full of ice and said "Wait."
I've come to that stage in my life, where I'd rather spend time with books rather than with people

His mouth came down on hers. And that was it. All the self-control he’d exerted over the past weeks went, like water crashing through a broken dam. Her arms came up around his neck and he pulled her against him, and she was soft and pliant but surprisingly strong like no one else he’d ever held. His hands flattened against her back, pressing her against him, and she was up on the tips of her toes, kissing him as fiercely as he was kissing her. He flicked his tongue along her lips, opening her mouth under his, and she tasted salty and sweet like faerie water. He clung to her more tightly, knotting his hands in her hair, trying to tell her, with the press of his mouth on hers, all the things he could never say out loud, I love you, I love you and I don’t care that you’re my sister, don’t be with him, don’t want him, don’t go with him. Be with me. Want me. Stay with me. I don’t know how to be without you.


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  • Alec [about Camille]: Does she still love you?
  • Magnus: I don't think so. She wasn't very pleasant the last time I saw her. Of course, that could be because I've got an eighteen-year-old boyfriend with a stamina rune and she doesn't.
  • Alec: *sputters*
  • Alec: As the person being objectified, I ... object to that description of me.
group chat
  • Alec: babe, i got the glitter body spray & a feather boa so prepare for a show later 😘
  • Simon: ooh, where can i buy tickets?
  • Izzy: come on!! we want to see the showww. dance for us 💃
  • Jace: as your parabatai, i feel like the clave would frown upon me being there
  • Jace: but who are we kidding?
  • Jace: i'm already on my way
  • Clary: i'm in the car with him. ETA for the rest of you?
  • Simon: iz & i are down the street from magnus's. raph was wondering if he could come too. ace or not, EVERYONE wants to see alec do a strip tease. it's not about the sex appeal. it's about the glitter ✨
  • Clary: and the feather boa
  • Simon: well i'm sure the feather boa has glitter too
  • Jace: the more, the merrier!!! even if it is raphael.
  • Magnus: Alexander just called me to say that he's changing his phone number and moving to Idris.
  • Magnus: ...But yeah, you're all invited. Bring Raphael too.