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Things I would rather speculate about instead of that storyline that hasn’t even been confirmed yet:

  • The details of the second, legal Robron wedding. 
  • The liklihood of fluffy Aaron curls in the foreseeable future
  • Beard length:angst ratio theories
  • Will Robert ever return to long hair?
  • Where did Robert’s money go?
  • Has the shower gel lasted the whole time Aaron’s been inside? Did he use it sparingly to make it last or was he so desperate in the first week that he used too much and now is rapidly running out?
  • As above but with the cheap tat Robert’s now using.
  • Has Aaron worn Robert’s boxers every day?
  • Has Robert worn Aaron’s boxers every day?
  • Does Aaron’s hoodie still smell like Aaron? Or has it started to smell more like Robert now?
  • Has Liv still got Aaron’s phone? Has she seen the pictures of Robert he’s got stored on there in that private folder?
  • When exactly will they get a dog? What breed will it be? And who gets to name it? 
  • When will we be blessed with more Bartsy scenes?
  • When will we see Carriet start boning?

Happy to discuss any of the above at length for the foreseeable future. Not happy to waste breath on the other thing. At all.

i know thats it probably not canon but can we just imagine if keith and lance end up having the same birthday cause it would turn into the most ridiculous competition ever


((Since I’m indecisive on what I wanted to do today, have some old Buggy art I did a few years ago :’D 

Truth be told, aside from Big Mom and her family getting me back into One Piece it was actually Buggy that got me into One Piece to begin with back in 2012. His quirky designs and awkwardness really got me into OP and I’m glad it did. He was my first favorite character from OP and will always be a fave of mine! <3 

I will resume back to replies after I post one more OP-related thing!))


Born on this day: March 22, 1943 - Jazz guitar legend and vocalist George Benson (born in Pittsburgh, PA). Happy 74th Birthday, George!!

people who characterise Antonio as brainless and stupid and Lovino to be only a mean-spirited tsundere with no depth make me cry

ok wait important question

so everyone has those types of monsters that they like, design and appearance-wise, but what’s your favorite kind of personality for a monster? do you prefer for them to be mostly human-like with only some monstrous traits, do you prefer for them to be friendly, or do you prefer for them to be fully capable and willing to completely tear you apart? and we’re talking like, hypothetically in a situation where you wouldn’t literally die from that

Remember this time last week when we were basking in the gloriousness of Robert parenting Liv and everyone was really happy and excited?

Can we just pretend everything after that was a collective fever dream and go back to talking about hot Robert is when he’s protecting Liv and Gabby from creepy teenage boys?

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Could you do another Gaston imagine and I really like your writing ❤️

Aw thanks dear for the compliment.

And absolutely! He’s surprisingly easy and fun to write for, so I plan to do more for him :D

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