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Bellamy & Octavia Blake’s growth from childhood on the ark to now.

I feel this on a daily basis

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I find that tweet rather unnecessary and not sensitive tbh we know he's home based on the Nando's tweet anyway..I assume when something hits you hard or your partner is grieving you've no desire to be online on Twitter and pretend everything is okay tbh

I think that’s how you have decided to interpret those tweets, personally I think Louis wanted to publicly show he is still in the UK - where Harry, Anne, and the rest of the family is - so that people with enough brain can understand that he changed his plans in order to stay with them and support them at this tragic time, and it’s not like he could explicitly say so. 

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Mergucket prompt: The story of Sally and Merle getting together?

I had an idea yesterday about the scene where Sally tells Stan and Ford that she used to be human.  So I decided to go with that.  It was fun to write.  Sally’s got a bit of firecracker in her.  

Ford scratched at the side of his neck.

“Itches like hell, don’t it?” Stan said idly as he looked over a piece of paper.  He grimaced.  “Yeesh.  Seems like a hassle to fake my death.  Maybe I should just disappear mysteriously.”  The two brothers were sitting on the pier at dawn, enjoying the solitude.  For Ford, it meant that he could take off the clothes covering his slowly growing number of scales.  For Stan, it meant he could go over human paperwork above water, but still in his merman form.  

“Yes, growing gills does itch.  And growing scales.  And growing fins and webbing.  All of it, really,” Ford said.  He looked over at Stan, whose maroon tail was only about halfway underwater.  “Are you sure you’re not going to suffocate?”

“Lute and Angie said that they bask on rocks all the time.  So long as some of this annoying thing is in the ocean, I’ll be fine,” Stan replied.  He splashed the water with his tail, frustrated.  “Damn inconvenience.”

“You want to talk about inconveniences?” Ford asked, now scratching his calves.  “Try being itchy constantly, on about 90% of your body.”  

“It can be difficult, the transition, that’s fer sure,” a soft voice said.  Stan and Ford froze.  Caught up in their conversation, they hadn’t heard footsteps.  Stan and Ford exchanged a nervous look.  The person sighed and took a seat between Stan and Ford.  Ford stared at her.

“Mrs. MerGucket?” he asked numbly.   

“Wait, you’re wearing clothes,” Stan said, frowning.  

“She’s got legs, and the thing you notice is clothes?” Ford said.

“Hey, you’ve seen how those merfolk are with clothes.  They don’t give a damn,” Stan said defensively.  “Lute and Angie would walk down Main Street buck naked if Fiddlesticks didn’t stop them.”  He turned his attention to Ma MerGucket.  “And what would you know about the transition?  Have you turned other people into merfolk?”  Ma MerGucket sighed and changed her position to be cross-legged.  

“I went through it myself, some thirty-odd years ago.”

“What?” Stan and Ford asked together.  She smiled.

“Yessir.  I was born human, grew up on land, the whole thing.  You’ll notice I’m one of the few merfolk ‘round these parts with a belly button.”

“So?” Stan asked.  

“Hon, merfolk hatch from eggs.  They don’t need umbilical cords.”

“…Hatch from eggs?” Stan said.  He made a disgusted expression.  “Sweet Moses.”

“You made the transition?” Ford asked.  Ma MerGucket nodded.  “But why?  Unless… were you tricked like us?”

“I weren’t tricked, darlin’.  No, I fell in love with a man from the sea.”  Ma MerGucket smiled fondly.  “It’s a story my guppies have heard ‘bout a million times.”

“We haven’t heard it,” Ford said.  Ma MerGucket raised an eyebrow.

“Ya want to?”

“Sure,” Stan said with a shrug.  “Not like we got anything better to do.”  He looked at Ford, who was absentmindedly scratching his arms.  “Except scratch all day long.”  Ford rolled his eyes.

“All right, then,” Ma MerGucket said.  She looked over at the horizon, where the sun was just beginning to peek over.  “I grew up in a small shoreside town.  Every mornin’, I would sneak out of my house to go swim in the ocean.  Nothin’ like swimmin’ while the sun’s still wakin’ up.”  She paused.  “But one day, the undertow caught me.  Pulled me right under.  I-I knew I weren’t goin’ to get back to the surface.  As I was tryin’ to make my peace with it, and relish the last moments before goin’ to them pearly gates, I felt someone grab a hold of me and pull me up.  The stranger took me to the shore and waited in the water, to make sure I was all right.  I asked him to come onto the beach, so’s I could thank him properly.  He said he couldn’t, so I walked back into the ocean.  That’s when I saw his tail.

“Now, I’d heard the stories from them old folk what lived in town.  The ones that said merfolk lived in a colony nearby.  On the ocean floor right next to the seaside cliffs.  I didn’t believe those stories.  But this stranger, this man who had just saved my life, why, there wasn’t any denyin’ what kind of folk he was.  He was a merman.  And the most handsome person I had ever seen.”

“Mr. MerGucket saved your life?” Ford asked.  Ma MerGucket nodded.  

“Yep.  ‘Fore he left, I got his name, and a promise that we would meet again.  The next mornin’, when I went to go swim, he was there at the beach, waitin’.  Our clandestine meetin’s became more regular, and ‘fore I knew it, we were in love.  Mearl, he told me ‘bout this plant I could eat.  It would let me join him.  I’d become a mermaid, and I could live with him at the bottom of the sea.”  She let out a deep sigh.  “I wanted that more ‘n anything in the world.  But when I told my parents that I was goin’ to leave the land and become a mermaid so’s I could be with a merman, they laughed in my face.”  Ma MerGucket smiled sadly.  “My parents, they didn’t believe me.  And anyways, they had plans fer me.  And those plans were marryin’ a socialite of my standin’, a man they would hand-pick.”

“You were a socialite?” Stan asked.  

“You bet.  The Turner name was big in my hometown.  Folks knew us.  Respected us.  Treated us like royalty, sometimes.  I didn’t like it.  And I didn’t like the life my parents wanted me to lead.  I ignored my folks and ate the plant, but I didn’t turn mer immediately.  I grew the scales, fins, gills, everything, bit by bit.  Like you, Stanford.  My parents realized their daughter was gradually becomin’ a mermaid, like she said she would.  They went to witch doctor after witch doctor, beggin’ fer someone to keep me human.  They found one what claimed she could reverse the change.  I heard my parents talkin’ ‘bout how they were goin’ to take me to see her against my will.  That was when it really hit me.  I couldn’t stay any longer.

“I gathered up some things I couldn’t bear to leave behind.  You’ve prob’ly seen ‘em in the house.  Gifts from fam’ly members that I actually liked.  And I wrote a note, sayin’ I was jumpin’ off the seaside cliffs, so I could go be with the man I loved.”

“Did you really jump?” Stan asked, now invested in the story.  Ma MerGucket grinned.

“Nah.  I walked down to the beach.  Mearl was there waitin’ fer me, like always.  I put my new gills to the test, and joined him in the merfolk colony he grew up in.  We eventually decided to find a new place and settled down where we live now.  And we had four clutches, but only six guppies.  Mearl was a bit disappointed there were so few guppies what hatched.  But after Lute and Angie’s clutch, we couldn’t do it no more.  The waitin’, the watchin’, the obsessiveness ya get when ya don’t know how things’ll work out.  It wears ya down.  It’s too exhaustin’.”  She looked at the twins and tilted her head in the same manner her youngest two children did.  “But I s’pose that’s somethin’ you’ll find out on yer own.”

“W-what?” Stan stammered.  Ma MerGucket smiled.  She patted his tail in a genial manner and stood.

“I got to get goin’.  Bein’ human ain’t as easy as it used to be.  And I’ve still got to find an apothecary to sell me what I need fer that lotion.”

“Lotion?” Ford asked.  Ma MerGucket nodded.

“I ‘member how gosh dang awful it was.  I’m workin’ on gettin’ ya somethin’ fer that itch of yours.”


“Yessir.  It’s the fault of me ‘n my fam’ly that yer itchin’ so much, anyways.”  She took a few steps down the pier.

“Mrs. MerGucket,” Stan called suddenly.  

“Yes, hon?” she said.

“Your family.  Did you ever talk to them after you left?” Stan asked.  Ma MerGucket paused.  After a moment, she spoke.

“No.  Haven’t seen ‘em since.”        


next in the psych gem au, gus! (here’s shawn + context)

he came out of the ground shortly before homeworld’s discovery of earth, and then quickly rose to stature from his success in the courtroom. as an era 1 zircon he had much more innate ability than later zircons, and was able to keep evidence and records in his gem without the use of added technology. 

during the beginnings of the gem rebellion especially, he served as both prosecution and defense for a great number of cases, some of which took place in front of the diamonds themselves. 

for a couple thousand years he worked toward aristocratic treatment and actually got relatively close to being granted his own pearl - but he wouldn’t have wanted it, and thanks to a certain rebellious sapphire he was meant to defend, he realized that he wanted NONE of it.

that sapphire (shawn) convinced him to fuse and escape to earth, at which he was thrust head-first into the revolution and embraced it. only after spending time on earth did he discover his thermokinesis, as he’d had no use for it before.

even thousands of years later, he prefers a neat, symmetrical aesthetic. but he of course still indulges in more human-like pleasures with shawn. especially eating.


I call these “raiding my other fandoms for clothing ideas” - McCree’s poncho stolen from Red Dead Redemption and Hanzo’s Nagajuban-under-a-suit look nicked from Inception’s Saito.

ok so, it turns out that i love drawing altean lance,, a lot


“we don’t keep things hidden, but talk openly with each other” -jungkook

I completely blame all the people I follow online for reblogging all these bendies(bends?bendys?bendies?bendieys?????) for making me draw this

This was actually based off of @ceeblathers dumb shenanigans but then it spawned the thought of “what if there was one of those obligatory eps where the mc clones themself a billion times?” which then brought around “what if there was an original soundtrack record collection?”

EDIT: Forgot to add in some extra ink spots


A Court of Thorns and Roses | Morrigan

“I once lived in a place where the opinion of others mattered. It suffocated me, nearly broke me. So you’ll understand me, Feyre, when I say that I know what you feel, and I know what they tried to do to you, and that with enough courage, you can say to hell with a reputation. You do what you love, what you need”


You have to be honest about how bad it feels so you can move on


Moriartys suits requested by @ambientcrystals