one more thing


for shits & giggles i put a clip of myself playing piano on instagram. just thought i’d share?? i’m not very good and i hate recording myself but whatever, my mom told me to do it,

Just a thing about that post this morning

I personally, by no means EXPECT tips on commissions; I understand it’s an act out of the kindness of a client’s heart but I will not think any less of anyone if they don’t tip! I mean if I wanted that extra tip money it would be in the actual price (or I’d try to ask for extra money if many many changes/additions were made along the way, stuff like that) but I do not expect it from anyone!

It’s the fact that the person was being asked to lower their prices that really struck a chord with me in that post; THAT’S the bad thing…!


That was strange. I was awake but dreaming. I was here but- but not here…