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When solo!you costs as much as you+bae. Guess it’s all good when Oikawa is on his own, but Iwa-chan either goes with Oikawa or not at all.


Mary ± wardrobe appreciation (1x12-1x22) | part 1


BUFFYVERSE + Aesthetic / SHIPS + AestheticIllyria & Spike (for nikii-the-slayerette)

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watch you on the red horizon | @little-cather

“Just us,” he murmurs. “If - we’re talking about, like. Always.”

Harry nods. “Just us,” he repeats, voice a cracked whisper.

It’s 2018, a year after One Direction has ended. Niall and Harry may or may not accidentally become soul mates.

Fic Appreciation 13/?

- Hana attends college part time to continue her education. She’s considering to either major in mechanics or robotics.
- She’s still in the process of trying to get Genji and Lucio into her classes. She hasn’t succeeded yet.

- Most of the music from the movie is Lucio’s own work. He’s composed for other movies too, but he says this one was his favourite.

- Dva’s somehow both a casual gamer and a professional. Yet, she somehow manages to get enough sleep every day.

- Do not prank Hana. The only ones who’ve managed to get away were Genji and Fareeha. Genji’s her other best friend and Fareeha’s her partner in crime.

- Hana met Genji in a MMO and the two im​​mediately hit it off. They knew each other by voice only so when they met after being cast for their roles, they stared in shock at each other for a few seconds before ​yelling happily​.
​ - They may have startled Jesse “a little”.​

- Lucio could have been an olympic skater but he chose to go into the entertainment industry instead. He does still go a few competitions when he’s not busy with composing or acting.
- He’s super modest about it, but Lucio’s already won 13 gold medals, 8 silver and a bronze.

- Both Hana and Lucio are rich, but neither of them are the type to flaunt it. Genji and Fareeha only know because they’re good friends with them.