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I ended up slipping during my final semester of college and have basically started back at square one. I gained a bit of weight, but not much, but everything that was tight became droopy. However, I fixed my diet and started my exercises back up, and now I’m back to where I want to be. 300 pounds to 220 pounds. 20 more pounds to lose to reach goal weight.

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How did you know you were ready to start your weightloss "journey"? What clicked for you? I feel like I'm sitting around waiting for something to click because I just can't seem to stick to anything for more than one meal.

Losing weight is hard. And being overweight was hard.

I had to choose my hard. The choice to finally get serious and dedicate myself to my goals came AFTER I had “failed” the second time. I had gained all the weight (about 20+ pounds) that I had worked so hard to lose and I felt so defeated. My parents NEVER pressured me to lose weight, but were so supportive of my goals and desires for me to lose weight. I felt so disappointed in myself and that I had let those around me down.

I knew I never wanted to feel that way again. 

That was my turning point. 

Planning and creating goals is what can help you succeed. If you just leave things to chance, it wont work.

here is the link to my getting started guide, this might be just what you need! <3

  • Don't wait for your goal weight to enjoy life.
  • When I hit goal I'm going to run a 5k, I'm going to zip line, I'm going to wear a swimsuit without a t-shirt at the beach...
  • STOP WAITING! There is no weight limit on a swimsuit or a 5k. Yeah zip lines have one, but as soon as you hit that number DO IT!
  • Enjoy life. Every damn day. You're you at 400 pounds and you at 150, you won't be someone else at your goal weight. Why wait for that confidence to come when you're done. DO IT NOW. Mental changes are so important, honestly more important then physical ones. The more things you do that you are kinda scared of the more your confidence grows, the better you feel about yourself, and the higher your odds that you'll be mentally able enough to stick with the process.
  • Be happy. Get healthy mentally and physically. ENJOY YOUR LIFE. Rock that swimsuit, run that 5k, and stop putting the fun stuff off for "one day when I'm at goal."

So, here are my first round of progress shots. I took them this morning, and today was Day 6 of Crush 60.
The photos on the left were taken BEFORE my first attempt at crush. I got five days in, had a family emergency, and slacked off for about a month. In the pictures on the left, I’m 153.
When I started again last week, I was 150. When I weighed myself this morning, I was 151. I’m really hoping that’s water weight (not because I’m all that worried about gaining one pound), because I was so dehydrated when I weighed myself last week.

My goals for this week are:
1) Drink more water
2) Eat less than 300 calories of pie a day
3) Up my carbs- with healthy carbs (I tend to eat a lot of fat)

So week 1 was great, and I can’t wait to keep going!

So with this haircut and loss of 20 pounds I kinda don’t look like myself, lol. 
I wonder how it’s gonna be when I get to my goal weight :O 
Once that happens i’m gonna change my whole wardrobe! 
Gonna buy a few watches (Daniel wellington for sure) 
A few chinos 
ACTUALLY WEAR BELTS? (I hated belts all my life tbh) 
Buy some more shoes. I need some tan double monk straps.. though the ones I always blindly pick tend to be stupid expensive. 
Also buy a few more messenger bags (I LOVE MESSENGER BAGS) 

Idk, I was always a fan of “dressing up” but I guess my figure never really “permitted” it? 

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Hi!!!! How can I gain muscle &amp; lose fat? I'm not a lifter but I'd like a body like you. If that's what you do, I'll try It. The only thing is I have really really bad knees so what kind of workouts could I do? Thank you

It makes me feel really uneasy when people say that. You’re never going to have a body like me because well it’s my body and you have your own body. I solely only lift and I don’t do cardio. (Even tho I probably should but anyway) what I do may not work for you because I don’t know what your body looks like/your goals. If you’re looking to lose weight then eating in a calorie deficit as well as cardio/lifting will help you shed the pounds. After that you can focus on gaining more muscle by eating just above maintenance/surplus! I recommend choosing one, and working on that! Make a plan, be consistent and you’ll see results.

Wednesday weigh-in

Wed July 8th: 165.4 pounds

Wed July 15th: 163.9 pounds

gain/loss: loss 1.5 pounds

This was a good week.

Here is my takeaway from this week: I had individual “bad” days this week - I had one day where I not only didn’t eat at a deficit but I ate more than I burned for the day, I had two days were I didn’t hit my 15,000 steps goal for the day, I had THREE days where I was below my 2,500 cal burn goal for the day. But, overall, this was a good week.

This week’s (Wed - Tue) numbers: 19,356 calories burned, 13,300 calories consumed. Average of 1,900 cals consumed daily, deficit of 6,056 total for the week. 

I am back in the 163s, where I haven’t been since May 27! Now to get out of the 160s!

Monday Check In

Start weight - 11 stone 3 pounds. // 72kg // 157lbs
Current weight - 9 stone 12 pounds. // 61.7 kg // 138lbs
Total Weight lost - 1 stone 5 pounds. // 10.03kg // 19lbs
- when I see my weight loss like this it makes me so so so proud at how far I have come. It has taken me a long while but I have still managed to do it.

GOALS THIS Week - 27th July to 3rd August
- Lose 1lbs // Weight = 137lbs
- Hand out more CVs 
- Have finished reading ‘One Day
- Ran 3 times using 5K app

I haven’t been true in my weight loss in the last month and I was eating rubbish but I am back on it and ready to lose more weight ☺️

Weekly Weigh-In

Sorry I haven’t done one of these in awhile. Usually that’s a sign that things haven’t been awesome, and you’d be correct. 

My weight hasn’t been bad really, just not moving. Only moving up a pound here and a pound there after doing really well all week, then eating and drinking everything in sight on the weekends. 

But today I am happy to report I am down 4.4 pounds from the weight I’ve kind of been stuck at for the past few weeks. Also I’m the lowest I’ve been on a report day since I started Weight Watchers. Which also means I am only 7 pounds from my goal weight that I wanted to be when our students came back for fall classes. 

The last few weeks were a good reminder that sometimes life does happen, but really moderation and movement are key. Summer is always hard for me which is no excuse, but every outing is a chance to learn and get better at making those tough choices of one more drink or not. 

Hope everyone out there in weight loss land is doing awesome. And keep with it. Don’t give up. You’ll get back on track but don’t let setbacks stop you altogether. 

Seaweed that tastes like bacon and is more nutritious than kale

“Dulse (Palmaria sp.) grows in the wild along the Pacific and Atlantic coastlines. It is harvested and usually sold for up to $90 a pound in dried form as a cooking ingredient or nutritional supplement.” 

“Researcher Chris Langdon and colleagues at OSU’s Hatfield Marine Science Center have created and patented a new strain of dulse – one he has been growing for the past 15 years.”

“This strain, which looks like translucent red lettuce, is an excellent source of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants – and it contains up to 16 percent protein in dry weight, Langdon said.”

“The original goal was to create a super-food for abalone, because high-quality abalone is treasured, especially in Asia.” 

“We were able to grow dulse-fed abalone at rates that exceeded those previously reported in the literature. There always has been an interest in growing dulse for human consumption, but we originally focused on using dulse as a food for abalone.”

“The technology of growing abalone and dulse has been successfully implemented on a commercial scale by the Big Island Abalone Corporation in Hawaii.”

“Langdon’s change in perspective about dulse was triggered by a visit by Chuck Toombs, a faculty member in OSU’s College of Business, who stopped by Langdon’s office because he was looking for potential projects for his business students. He saw the dulse growing in bubbling containers outside of Langdon’s office and the proverbial light went on.”

“Dulse is a super-food, with twice the nutritional value of kale.” 

“And OSU had developed this variety that can be farmed, with the potential for a new industry for Oregon.”

“Toombs began working with OSU’s Food Innovation Center in Portland, where a product development team created a smorgasbord of new foods with dulse as the main ingredient. Among the most promising were a dulse-based rice cracker and salad dressing.”

“The research team received a grant from the Oregon Department of Agriculture to explore dulse as a “specialty crop” – the first time a seaweed had made the list, according to Food Innovation Center director Michael Morrissey.”

“That allowed the team to bring Jason Ball onto the project. The research chef previously had worked with the University of Copenhagen’s Nordic Food Lab, helping chefs there better use local ingredients.”

“The Food Innovation Center team was working on creating products from dulse, whereas Jason brings a ‘culinary research’ chef’s perspective,” said Gil Sylvia, director of the Coastal Oregon Marine Experiment Station at OSU’s Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport. “The point that he and other chefs make is that fresh, high-quality seaweed is hard to get. ‘You bring us the seaweed,’ they say, ‘and we’ll do the creative stuff.’”

“Several Portland-area chefs are now testing dulse as a fresh product and many believe it has significant potential in both its raw form and as a food ingredient.”

“Sylvia, who is a seafood economist, said that although dulse has great potential, no one has yet done a full analysis on whether a commercial operation would be economically feasible.” 

“That fact that it grows rapidly, has high nutritional value, and can be used dried or fresh certainly makes it a strong candidate.”

“There are no commercial operations that grow dulse for human consumption in the United States, according to Langdon, who said it has been used as a food in northern Europe for centuries. The dulse sold in U.S. health food and nutrition stores is harvested, and is a different strain from the OSU-patented variety.”

“In Europe, they add the powder to smoothies, or add flakes onto food.” 

“There hasn’t been a lot of interest in using it in a fresh form. But this stuff is pretty amazing. When you fry it, which I have done, it tastes like bacon, not seaweed. And it’s a pretty strong bacon flavor.”

“Langdon, a professor in the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife at OSU and long-time leader of the Molluscan Broodstock Program, has two large tanks in which he can grow about 20-30 pounds of dulse a week. He has plans to up the production to 100 pounds a week. For now, they are using the dulse for research at the Food Innovation Center on dulse recipes and products.”

“The dulse grows using a water recirculation system,” Langdon said. “Theoretically, you could create an industry in eastern Oregon almost as easily as you could along the coast with a bit of supplementation. You just need a modest amount of seawater and some sunshine.”

OSU researchers discover the unicorn – seaweed that tastes like bacon! (OSU News & Research)

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Heylooo :) nice to officially greet you! My name is Aerial & I run a weight loss blog -- My goal is to lose 200+ pounds, gah! But so far, so good I've lost 35 pounds since 5/11. Most of my exercise is walking, but I add in Zumba/Swimming/Gym often. I would love more than anything in the world to do Yoga and plan on trying to learn one pose this month! (And YES, I love pugs -- all dogs are my friends&they just don't know it yet) Please feel free to send me pictures of pugs at any time!

Aerial, your name is gorgeous! You have some big goals, but WOW, it’s only been 2 months and you are doing AWESOME!! Be proud of all the accomplishments you’ve made already. Wonderful to meet you!

(I’ll keep that pug offer on the table… some day you may wake up and just have a huge smattering of pugs in your inbox…)

One Week and Ten Pounds Down!

Greetings all!

After one week of being accountable and aware of my food and movement, I was happy to see a 10 lb difference on the scale this morning. No more 395. The scale happily let me know I’m 385 today. 

They say, “easy on, easy off”, so I’m hoping that the next 30 release just as easily, since prior to this ginormous gain, my weight was holding pretty steady at 355. For the moment, 355 is my goal weight…then at least I’ll feel “back to normal” (not that it’s a good weight…not at all. Just familiar.) 

Once I hit that, I’m thinking I will set small goal weights of, maybe, 10 lbs at a time or something. That will feel more manageable to me and easier to achieve. I’m hoping that it will also take some of the fear out of it for me.

The truth is, this whole weight loss thing is scary for me. I’ve been overweight all my life. Obviously, I haven’t been THIS overweight, but that’s just a matter of degrees. There are lots of reasons why I built this “fat suit” and releasing it is a very emotional thing. I remember the experience of it when I released 60 lbs at one point - and there were times that it was quite emotional for me. 

But the good news is - I know what to expect so hopefully it won’t get to me too badly as I go through it again. I’m really ready to feel better physically. I’m tired of carrying around this mountain of fat.

Yay! Ten pounds released! Motivation increased!

Bright Blessings!

The Observer

Mass Building Program (MBP) W1.

Week one of MuscleandStrength’s program completed 🙌 Only 9 more weeks to go! Managed to increase my PRs across my workouts and improve my form, generally.

As far as weight goes, I’ve gained 4 pounds over two weeks with just two days not meeting my calorie goals and macros 😐
It’s getting increasingly more frustrating to prepare meals since I don’t have as many free hours in my day as of late.

Congrats if you read all this aha 😅

Hey guys! Here’s another photo of me. The last one was quite a while ago…I’ll try and post more soon. I’m losing weight (not a lot yet) but as soon as I reach my 10 pound goal I’ll post another selfie. X*x

Since I always gave up on weight loa before I have been rewarding myself for every ten pounds lost since I got down to 190.
This has really worked for me because it’s a way to treat myself with something other than food and makes my goals seem more achievable by having small ones that add up instead of one big goal!
Only five more pounds to lose until I get one of those stress therapy colouring books :)

Our Tip of the Week says “Set Smaller Achievable Goals!” Remember that it’s not possible to lose 100 pounds in just a month. Achieving this in one go will just make you feel pressured and depressed!

Instead, set a smaller, achievable, and more realistic goals. You can break down your total weight goal into 20 pounds to lose per month, or 5 pounds per week. It’s not that hard to achieve now, isn’t it?