one more of my shitty gifs

an outfit for the bitter wind


@lucasfilm give him back a lightsaber you bitches


when you’re basically on your death bed but still making the hot nurse smile like an absolute champ B))


The bond we forged in a barren world…
… Gave me strength and Perseverance.


Okay, um…so here’s the speech. The zombie thing is a bitch. Your world shrivels down to a dot, you know this, and…All you think about is how to get your next meal, and keeping your secret. And…No one can really…know you. Now. Kissing, touching, sex, love, yelling at someone for stealing the blankets. Um, out of the question. Forever. But then one day I see this…Beautiful woman. She’s the only thing in color. Odd ‘cause she’s so pale. And then suddenly there’s hope again. That’s all I’m saying. Who knows if we’ll even like each other. But I like everything I’ve seen so far, and, um…What have we got to lose?


mcargent / 6b gag reel


SATZU x RILAYA AU | With Sana as the bubbly, outgoing, cheerful, optimistic, and clumsy one, who isn’t afraid to tell people what she thinks, and will stand up for her friends and family. Tzuyu as the witty “bad girl”, a bit of a trouble maker, but is actually not as tough as she acts, is in fact vulnerable and extremely sweet on the inside. The two were best friends since young, with a bond so strong that they are never ever apart. Tzuyu is very loyal to Sana, as Sana is to her, both girls get very protective when it comes to the other, and will defend the other to death if needed.

“I watch the light move during the day. You know what happens at 5:30? You turn gold.


I’m a  f a i l u r e  as a human and a vampire