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Part: Prologue/16

Pairing: Hamliza

Inspiration: this drawing

Summary: After Alexander died, he realized the existence of reincarnation. While most didn’t believe in the possibility, Alexander was one of those special few who remembered everything in their past lives. Because of this, he spent almost all of his lives searching for his dear Eliza. As his lives went on, things began to seem hopeless, all until he runs into her one day in the most unexpected place.

Warning: death

Word Count: 1,375

Dedication: @bunny-yams for inspiring me!

Tags: @bunny-yams , @ufo-pearl , @sullkid700 , @aswimmerlife , @nefarism , @bad-l-ands, @firejearthm

A/N: This will probably be long and will definitely not be updated as frequently as CYMFH. Also, please note that anyone who reincarnates does not reincarnate in the same body. So, Alexander and Eliza look like their historical counterparts in the prologue. In the rest of the story, however, they will look like their broadway counterparts. I wanted to clear that up to avoid confusion. Anyway, enjoy!!

A single candle was the only source of light, illuminating the bedside of the room Alexander Hamilton’s paralyzed body resided in. Beside him, his wife remained, desperately clinging to his side, only hoping for him to persevere. In Alexander’s words, however, it was a mortal shot.

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Handwritten Heartbreak-Newt Scamander x Reader

Handwritten Heartbreak
A/n- This was not requested, just popped into my mind. Hope you enjoy

Warnings- Holy frick the fluff and angst are strong with this one

Newt’s arms wrapped themselves around your waist as you stood  the counter of your flat. He leaned his head down to press sweet kisses to your cheeks as you laughed at his actions. The scent of baked goods drifted through the flat as you began to start your final batch of cookies for the night.

“Newt, what are you doing?”

“Showing my beautiful dear some love, is there something wrong with that?” He hummed out, tightening his hold on you once more.

You let out a few giggles as you looked up at your husband. “Of course not, but I have to finish this batch of cookies, and it’s a bit hard when you’re standing so close.”

“Is that so?”

You turned around and meet eyes with Newt as he smirks down at you. You stuck you tongue out at him, which was then followed by him scooping you up and setting you on the counter. He leaned in for a tender kiss as you tangled your hands through his soft hair.

“Darling, do you remember when we first met?” he asked as he still held you, not wanting you to slip off of the counter at all.

“Hmm, you mean the time when we were both assigned to work together on a charms assignment?”

“Yes, and that was the time when I thanked Merlin for finally setting me up as your partner,” he kissed your nose, followed by each of your cheeks, “because I never thought that I would get to work with someone as intelligent and caring and gorgeous as you.”

“I love you, Newt.”

“I love you too, Y/n.”

Newt slowly opened his eyes and looked around the bedroom. He had a wonderful dream, one filled with memories of the two of you together, simply enjoying the comfort of each other’s company. He reached over to your side of the bed, and he once again became disappointed when he did not find your sleeping form there. Your hair was not there covering your eyes, and your mouth wasn’t slightly open from the soft snores that often escaped your lips. Your legs weren’t tangled in the bed sheets and your arms weren’t around him. He wanted it to be real.

He had been asked by the ministry to do a special observation, which he excitedly accepted, but that didn’t mean that he missed you any less. It was lonely here. He was in an unknown city in a country he had never been to. He missed getting up in the morning and seeing you making tea and breakfast. He missed climbing up to the roof at night to look at the stars. He missed everything about you, and he wanted nothing more than to be with you right now.

Newt hadn’t even noticed that he was crying. All of the memories must has released some emotion that could not be kept hidden for too long. He shuffled over and slipped on one of his white shirts before heading over to his temporary desk area. His case was closed shut papers lined the surface of the wooden desk. He reached for a stack of letters that had all been scripted with your handwriting, each one talking about your day and how much you missed him. He picked up one of them, the crinkled paper flapping in his hand as a swift breeze slipped through.

Dear Newt,
It’s been so long since I last saw you, I hope you’re doing alright and I hope that you are remembering to eat often. You know how you can get sometimes. Today the weather was beautiful, almost as beautiful as that time we had that one picnic in the park. We should do that again when you get back haha. Anyways, your day was probably much more eventful than mine. I only went to a few shops for some food and make a quick purchase at the book store that sits past the bank. You’re probably too occupied to even read this at this moment.
It’s rather lonely here without you though. I know you’re coming back soon, it’s just that the loneliness of it all makes it seem longer than it really is. I really miss you, and I hope you’re doing well with whatever shenanigans you’re up to.
I love you so much Newt. I love you I love you I love you I love you. I can’t wait until you’re in my arms again so that you can tell me all about your wonderful adventures. I love you dear.

That letter had been towards the first few weeks of his travels. He had exchanged and written you letters back, but recently, they had not been as frequent. His work had blinded him and created late nights of writing notes. He picked up another letter that had come in, but this one was more recent.

Dear Newt,
I know you’re busy. I don’t expect you to reply back to this letter either, and I don’t want you to beat yourself up about it either. I miss you though. I wish you were back here now, but I know it’s selfish to think that when you’re enjoying your travels and discoveries. Sometimes it feels like my heart is breaking, but I know you’re doing what you love.
I am sorry if these letters have been interrupting your studies. I can stop writing them if you wish. I love you very much, and I’m also sorry. I hope all is well.

By now, Newt was sobbing. He loved doing what he does for his work, but he needed you with him. He hadn’t been able to write often, so now you had the illusion that he was too busy and that you were interrupting him. He was disappointed in himself. He was likely the cause of the tear stains you left on the letter. He was the one that had left you to sleep alone at night. He should have taken you with him, surely the ministry could have made an exception. His heart ached and he wanted to curl into a ball and snuggle into your arms, but you were nowhere to be found. He doesn’t regret coming, he only regrets coming without you.

The hole in his heart only grew bigger, like a beast was sinking its sharpened claws and dragging them down, tearing the tissue even more. He felt like he was being swallowed up in despair. He needed you. He needed you now. He needed you to hold him and to tell him that you were okay. He hurt you. He left you. He hated himself. Why didn’t he just bring you with him? He was such an idiotic fool. What kind of husband was he?

He knew not to beat himself up but he couldn’t help it. He wanted to yell and cry and scream, but none of that would bring him back to you or vice versus. He could leave and pack up, but you would be disappointed in him for quitting and giving up. Perhaps he already disappointed you.

He pulled on his hair as he sunk to the dusty wooden floor. His appearance was now far from formal, for his shirt was now wrinkled and his hair was swept in different directions. His crying became more audible, not necessarily caring if the rooms surrounding his own heard. He felt pathetic for crying, worthless even, but he couldn’t stop. He was the worst husband to ever exist on the face of the earth. His tears and heart twisted in agony as he clutched his chest. Everything hurt, everything was his fault. He made the mistake of not taking you with him and now he was paying the price.

His emotional spiral was interrupted by a knock on the door of where he was staying.

“The post!” he whisper-shouted. There could be one of your letters, it could indicate that you were okay, or worse, it could indicate that you wanted nothing to do with him. He shoved his anxiety aside. He rushed to the door in order to bring in the possible letter from you and unlocked the door and threw it open. There was no post though, far from it.

You stood there as he opened the door.

You had a smile on your face, for you had called the ministry many times (mainly because they refused to tell you where Newt was arranged to stay, which bothered you a lot) and had come to surprise him.

“Y-Y/n you’re here, you’re so- oh Merlin!” He yelled as he trapped you in a bone-crushing hug. You rubbed his back soothingly as his tears began to soak your coat. His audible tears once again erupted and you closed the door shut before sinking to the floor with him.

“Newt, dear what’s wrong? Has something happened?”

“Y-You’re here, how did you get here!?”

“I wanted to surprise you, so I asked the ministry where you were. They were quite hesitant actually.”

“Y/n I’m so sorry, I’m sorry for being a horrible husband. I was so selfish I didn’t take you with me a-and it’s all my fault and you hate me and I’m so sorry, love I’m so sorry!” he wailed.

You could almost hear his heart breaking as he sunk deeper into your arms.

“Newt, you’re far from a horrible husband. You needed to come here for work, you did nothing wrong. Shhh…love your heart beat is very rapid right now breathe love, I’ll help calm me down.”

You continued to let him hold you as he sobbed, his hyperventilation eventually subsided into small hiccups.

“I’m sorry darling.”

“No more apologies Newt,” you said as you ran a hand through his hair. “You have nothing to be ashamed of. I love you and I always will, nothing will ever change that. My heart will always be yours.”

“Y/n I love you. I can’t imagine you leaving me, I swear I’ll never go somewhere without you again, I love you so much.”

He pulled you in for a passionate kiss and he gently tugged on your lips. His warmth could be felt on your own cheeks and he reached his hand to your to caress over the ring he had given you when you vowed your love to one another. You kissed his forehead once more.

“Dear, tell me about your travels.”



Birthday Special! Gerry from 1999-2015.                                                        This is Part 1, 1999-2006 (One more kiss, Dracula 2000, Reign of fire, Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life, Timeline, Dear Frankie, Phantom of the Opera, The Game of their lives, Beowulf & Grendel & 300)

Happy Birhtday Gerry, stay as you are, I wish you all the best ♥


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anonymous asked:

Hey sweet ! I LOVE your blog ! Could you write a Dean imagine, based on the episode where Sam marries with Becky, but when Dean calls Bobby for a new hunter, he sending Y/N ? And Dean immediately falls in love with her ? Thank you pretty !

^I can give it a go…enjoy^

Dean was freaking out, and not knowing what else to do,he phoned the only other person close enough to him that he knew would be able to help. Bobby.

Bobby, being Bobby, obviously told Dean just to chill out, that everything was going to be fine. He was sending someone over that would help, another hunter that Bobby trusted immensely. Turns out, that hunter just so happened to be you.

“Hey, Y/N, it’s Bobby.” You smiled at the familiar voice on the other end of the phone and you muttered a hello. “Look, I need a favour, a hunters got himself into a bit of a mess, the idjit insists that he needs an extra pair of hands. You’re not on a job or nothin’ are ya’?” He asked hopefully and you sighed.

“Actually, just finished one. What d’ya need?” You gave in, knowing that you owed Bobby so many favours anyway, and if you didn’t do this you’d only be looking for another lead anyway.

Bobby explained everything and gave you coordinates and the address where you would find the hunter in need, you nodded and and told him you’d get there as soon as you could. So, you made your way out of the motel room and to your truck, on the road once more.


You looked at the piece of paper you had written the address on, it was the right motel, right dead end town. You sighed and got out of your car and made your way inside, looking at doors as you made your way down the hallway looking for the right number.

You knocked on the door slightly and there was shuffling inside for a moment, you reached behind you to where your gun was tucked into the back of your jeans and you ran your thumb along the grip. Then someone opened the door.

You were slightly taken aback since you were not expecting someone so damn good-looking to be on the other side of the door. You swallowed.

“Dean Winchester?” You questioned to which he nodded, looking over you for a moment, there was a moment where he furrowed his eyebrows, then his face softened the slightest bit when his eyes had run down your body, you could see his eyes were lingering on the exposed skin of your hip bone and you groaned. So, he’s that type of guy, good to know.

“And, you are?” He asked with a smirk when his eyes finally reached back up to your face. You rolled your eyes.

“Y/N. Bobby sent me. I’m your spare pair of hands.” You stated simply and you smirked slightly at the look of slight surprise on his features. “Alright, now we’ve got the introductions out the way, are we going to get on with this or not? I was told you needed help.” Dean snorted.

“I do not need help…I’m just a little…stuck.” He rubbed the back of his neck looking away from you for a moment and then back again. You sighed and ushered him aside so you could get into the motel room. He moved out of the way, watching the way you sauntered in with a small smile on his face. You knew he was doing it but you just ignored him.

You dropped your duffle in onto one of the beds and bent the slightest bit, you sensed Deans eyes a little lower than you would’ve wanted them to be so you straightened up and turned to look at him. His eyes were on yours looking as innocent as possible. You rolled your eyes slightly.

“So, what seems to be the problem?” You asked, getting straight to the point. He cleared his throat and started to explain about his brother and Becky.


You and Dean worked closely to try and figure out what had gone wrong with his bother in the last few weeks. you had concluded that upon closer inspection of his character, Dean wasn’t actually a bad guy after all. In fact, he was kind, considerate, caring, funny, and to add to the mix a damn fine hunter.

You had caught him checking you out more than once and, instead of telling his to get back to work, you either flirted a little with him, or you let him check you out. It was kind of strange having the attention of another guy that wasn’t purely ‘I’m drunk, you’re drunk, lets fuck’, it was actually kind of nice.

“I’ve got it.” You exclaimed happily looking in one of the books that was laid out on the table, surrounded by empty beer bottles, pie cases and empty burger wrappers. Deans head snapped up to look over at you, eyebrows raised in curiousness.

“What’s your theory?” Dean asked moving his chair a little closer to be able to look over your shoulder at the book that was laid in your hands.

“Well,” You started, taking note of how close the two of you now were and you tried to hide the small smile on your face, “What if, Becky, decided that she was going to make a little deal?” You heard Dean hum a little and you held up the book. “Theres this stuff that is commonly sold by crossroads Demons that allows the ‘client’, if you will, to almost drug someone into falling in love with them. Makes sense right?” You asked pointing to the page.

Dean looked at it intently, thinking over what you had said and he nodded in understanding. To him it was the only explanation that either of you had come up with that fit with the situation at hand.

“Yeah, makes sense.” He agreed and you turned your head to look at him, intending to give him a smug smile but it got caught somewhere when you realised that because of the position the two of you were in, his face was only inches from yours.

Dean seemed to realise it too and your eyes connected for a moment, there was something in his eyes that you couldn’t quite put your finger on and you swallowed a little. The two of you just looked at each other for a few minutes, not saying anything. A small smile graced your face and it caused Dean’s eyes to flick down to your mouth for a moment.

Your breath hitched in your throat once more as he smiled back and his eyes flicked back to yours. Then, ever so slightly, almost to small for anyone noticed it, Dean leaned forward in attempt to touch his lips to yours, but his phone rang and he snapped his head round to find where he had left it.

You sighed as he cursed and moved to pick it up. you blushed a little and looked way trying to busy yourself with something, and trying your hardest not to think about Deans lips.

“Sammy…Sam woah…Ok, Sammy just-…Sam calm down…Alright…Sammy, I’ll be right there.” You heard Dean reassure his brother and then hang up the phone. “Alright, ready to go?” He asked you, making eye contact once more. Your head snapped up and you nodded, trying your hardest not to convey any embarrassment.


It wasn’t hard for you and Dean to save his little bother, and after a small introduction and some ‘thank you’s here and there, the three of you got back to the motel and Sam declared he needed a good nights rest. You laughed slightly as he collapsed onto one of the beds and was almost immediately knocked out.

“So, it was great working with you.” You said smiling, duffle flung over your shoulder. “Im glad your brother is ok.” Dean nodded and rubbed the back o this neck, not really knowing what else to say you smiled and turned slightly in order to make your way out of the door.

“Wait.” You heard Dean’s voice and his hand was in the crook of your elbow turning you to face him. He pulled you close in one swift movement and then his lips were on yours. It took a moment for you to register but when you did your bag dropped to your feet and your arms were encircling his neck.

Your lips worked against his sweetly, nothing like you would have imagined coming from Dean, but there was an underlying passion that only promised something more. When the two of you needed to breathe, you pulled back, his forehead rested gently on yours.

The two of your eyes met and he chuckled, it reverberated through his chest and you felt it and smiled widely.

“So, fancy sicking around?” Dean asked, taking his forehead from yours but keeping his arms around your waist, your hands dropped to his forearms and you smirked.

“Thought you’d never ask.” He grinned, leaning in to kiss you one more time.

^Thank you for the request my dear…hope you like it, it was fun to write xo^