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Sophies meme | 7 of 9 scenes
7.08 - Introducing Lorelai Planetarium

  • what he said: I saved you because you are strawhat-ya's friend
  • what he meant: It is my obligation as his HUSBAND to go and save you because you two just suddenly decided to become fking BESTFRIENDS if he didn't like you I will just leave you there ok I only saved you because it will make him SAD to see you die BUT do NOT get the wrong idea that he likes you A LOT because he only has eyes for ME he love me the MOST don't you think otherwise HE IS MINE
Top 5 March comebacks/debuts

Oh wow okay. Thanks @lefantasy for tagging me!

This is gonna be good alright hold on I need to check again what happened last month but it was a good one.

1. Beautiful - Monsta X

2. Without U - Romeo

3. Rollin’ - Brave Girls (THE DANCE THOUGH. PLEASE WATCH IT)

4. EYEZ EYEZ - Victon

5. Echo - Seven O’clock

This was waaaaaay harder thank I expected! There were so many other amazing comebacks and debuts that I wanted to put in (especially CNB and Pristin), but I feel like if we look at it objectively, that’s it. This is way too hard I hate it ;; 

Though, if you want to see my full list of favorite releases from March you can watch my video, I do one every month :)
(Yes I did just plug in my videos oops but it makes sense okay??)

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And anyone who wants to do it, please tag me so I can see because that’s honestly the most interesting tag game for me because I’m so deep in the scene now and I actually know all the songs lol

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Why are you team Logan?

A lot of reasons! But I think Logan is the best fit for Rory, and I also think he has the best development. But a few things that stand out to me

  • He was open and honest about who he was and what he wanted–he didn’t trick Rory into a casual relationship or try to force her into it. I really like that all the girls he’s with know where they stand, he’s pretty communicative about how he does relationships.
  • He challenged her and got her out of her comfort zone. I think this is something Rory desperately needed. 
  • He respects the relationships in her life–her grandparents, Lorelai, Paris–Logan understand how important those people are to her and particularly with her family he tries hard to make a good impression. 
  • He keeps up–he gets all the references, he loves to read all the books–Logan is very smart. 
  • He apologizes. None of the romantic interests ever apologize on this show! But Logan does, every time he makes a mistake. Obviously each character has flaws and messes up at some point (or a few points), but Logan takes the time to say “I’m sorry” to Rory and I really appreciate that.
  • He fights for his relationship with Rory. Sometimes this manifests itself is really annoying ways (see: endless flowers and chocolate) and other times it’s obvious how serious he is (see: going to Lorelai), but it’s clear that Logan has made Rory and his relationship with her a priority in his life.
  • If she went with him he wouldn’t have gotten on the plane. 

it’s gettin’ there..
slowly, but it’s gettin’ there…

I just want her to be happy