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Welp because of the costuming in this Broadway photoset I now kinda want a Frozen AU for Girl Genius. Tarvek singing let it go! as he climbs a mountain. Gil rushing off to make sure he’s okay! Gil falling into a river and meeting Agatha at the supply shop. Agatha being appalled that Gil is climbing this whole mountain to save (his friend? his foster brother?) Tarvek without even a proper death ray. Zola sweetly tilting Gil’s chin up and saying “if only there was someone who loved you.”

Agatha was raised by rock trolls jaegermonsters and sings that clankdeer are better than people.

  • what he said: I saved you because you are strawhat-ya's friend
  • what he meant: It is my obligation as his HUSBAND to go and save you because you two just suddenly decided to become fking BESTFRIENDS if he didn't like you I will just leave you there ok I only saved you because it will make him SAD to see you die BUT do NOT get the wrong idea that he likes you A LOT because he only has eyes for ME he love me the MOST don't you think otherwise HE IS MINE

it’s gettin’ there..
slowly, but it’s gettin’ there…

anonymous asked:

Why are you team Logan?

A lot of reasons! But I think Logan is the best fit for Rory, and I also think he has the best development. But a few things that stand out to me

  • He was open and honest about who he was and what he wanted–he didn’t trick Rory into a casual relationship or try to force her into it. I really like that all the girls he’s with know where they stand, he’s pretty communicative about how he does relationships.
  • He challenged her and got her out of her comfort zone. I think this is something Rory desperately needed. 
  • He respects the relationships in her life–her grandparents, Lorelai, Paris–Logan understand how important those people are to her and particularly with her family he tries hard to make a good impression. 
  • He keeps up–he gets all the references, he loves to read all the books–Logan is very smart. 
  • He apologizes. None of the romantic interests ever apologize on this show! But Logan does, every time he makes a mistake. Obviously each character has flaws and messes up at some point (or a few points), but Logan takes the time to say “I’m sorry” to Rory and I really appreciate that.
  • He fights for his relationship with Rory. Sometimes this manifests itself is really annoying ways (see: endless flowers and chocolate) and other times it’s obvious how serious he is (see: going to Lorelai), but it’s clear that Logan has made Rory and his relationship with her a priority in his life.
  • If she went with him he wouldn’t have gotten on the plane.