one more disney day. main street


Disney’s Main Street Eletrical Parade by Kevin-Davis-Photography
Via Flickr:
Crazy to think we’re only a couple days away from MSEP being one forever. Hoping I’ll get at least one or two more visits in before it’s farewell step-off!


So, I made a special order for Rice Krispy Treat Mickey heads today. The guest ordered three of the one on the right to take home as gifts but we also wanted to create an additional one specially for him for free as a Magical Moment because he was upset due to other cast members treating his wheelchair-bound wife poorly. So, after I made his original orders, I designed the one on the left and had a little help from a couple of other lovely cast members in creating it. I hope this brightened up their day a little more. I just wish I could have been there to give them to him personally.