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Modern, College AU

Fresher’s flu is a thing. It’s an actual thing. It’s not a myth to scare upcoming students out of college; it’s a real, live illness that smashed into Lance like a giant ocean wave that’s been building over him for days.

One day he was fine, the next he’s laid up in his tiny dorm bed, shivering through a fever that’s leeching warmth from his body and hacking up a lung every few seconds. He’s convinced that one of these times, he’s actually going to cough up one of these damn organs necessary for survival.

There’s a faint, chilling feeling lingering around his room; it feels almost as if the Grim Reaper is creeping in a shadowed corner and waiting for Lance to breathe out his last, dying breath.

At least, that’s what Lance told Shiro, but his very reasonable boyfriend assured him that his nasty fever was playing mind tricks, and then he left to get medicine, leaving Lance alone in the grips of his darting thoughts.

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Happy Anniversary Barney & Robin!

16 Steps in the ever growing relationship of Barney and Robin.

I worked on this all day so sorry about posting this so late I was busy today so I’m posting this now. This is a super long post so sorry if it’s a bit much for tumblr but I wanted to do a long post of all the ranting I’ve done on this site so this is the post.

Friends, Bros, Best Friends, Lovers, Boyfriend and Girlfriend, Exes, Chemistry, Adventurous, Frienemies, Soulmates, Fiances, Roommates, Destiny, Husband and Wife, Family.

1. Friends

It’s a great thing that they started their relationship out on the friendship note because it made their over all relationship strong, they got to know each other through their friendship with each other and I think their friendship made them understand each other better. They, never judged or put each other down in any way they built the foundation of their relationship on their blossoming friendship in the beginning. Eventually, they became best friends, friends who can rely on each other (despite whatever you think they relied heavily on each other’s friendship because they truly are the only ones who truly understand one another on a more deeper level and it was good that their friendship was so strong that they went to each other for support and a good conversation whenever they needed to be pulled back to reality). They, found this amazing connection with each other from the minute they met and had their first interactions, they built up a respect and understanding of each other. I believe that they were the ones in the small group of friends who opened up to only each other without judgment, they truly got each other because they are the same in that way. Their pasts taught them that they can’t really rely on anyone so they rely on themselves to get by in life. They, are independent, that independence is the thing that they old against themselves very protectively that when they met they were both very closed off people and their friendship made them open up and trust each other in a way they never trusted in anyone before. This friendship cemented their over all friendship and relationship through out the series and made their whole relationship stronger and that made their feelings for each other that more true and real later on.

2. Bros

The, amount of fun they had with each other which I will write more about down this thread was such a joy to watch. It was light hearted fun, they never had the kind of relationship where they seemed to just let loose and be free whenever they felt like it. Their, friendship was built on the amount of fun they had together and made their broship that more believable because this showed how much they trusted each other and in each other to be a team. When, they played laser tag they were a team who helped each other win the game and they never failed or lost at the game of life because together they CAN and do anything and everything. I love their friendship because they always seemed so happy being carefree and having fun and that never went away it was always there and it was kind of something they also seemed to rely on in their life and relationship with each other. They, never had this with anyone else and I think it’s great that they were once so closed off to everything and anyone but once they are together having the fun they did together, like played laser tag, running around the museum, or making the bets they used to make challenging each other, that made their relationship stronger because they trusted each other so much that they are happiest when they are themselves, they are only themselves when playing around and having the fun they did and I don’t doubt that’s what they will do for the rest of their lives TOGETHER.

3. Best Friends

I know I talked about this already but I want to dive into their best friend status which seemed to happen quite fast. Not, only is their friendship and broship something they tend to rely on the most but that turned their relationship from just friends to best friends in only a few months of knowing each other. By the end of season 1 they were best friends, and they did refer to each other as that through out the show until maybe later on in the series when they were in love and wanting to spend their lives together. But, their friendship showed me and them how truly they care about someone when you don’t even need to think to be there for your friend, like when she took care of him when he was sick. Barney, was there for all of his friends, I don’t care what people say about him and I will always defend him to the point of protecting him. He cares so deeply and truly about Robin, while Marshall and Lily have each other and Ted does whatever he does. Barney and Robin have each other and their friendship showed me how much they support and are there for each other, that is what their best friend status turned their relationship into. I think the way they support and care about each other made them both grow individually and as a couple later on. Their, friendship is something they depended on in the earlier seasons of the show and you can see that more clearly in season 3. Barney and Robin went to each other for anything, for a conversation, for honesty, for a bit of fun, for a laugh, she was there for him with the whole stalking thing in season 3 and actually wanted to be the person he hits on to find the person who was stalking him. Then, obviously we don’t have to analyze the Sandcastles episode to know just how much they care. Barney, stopped everything he was doing to comfort her when she was just dumped and felt devastated over that. He, was always there for her when it counted and he never ever wanted anything from her in return he did it because he cared and wanted to, not to get anything out of it, to hit on her or to date her. He did it only because he cared and knew she needed the support, kindness and caring he provided for her in that scene. And, their chemistry was empowering, not only as a viewer and a shipper but for them obviously it led to a kiss and them sleeping together which is another issue I’m going to talk about.

4. Lovers

Okay, so they slept together there isn’t anything wrong with that and Barney DID NOT break the bro code despite what he, Ted or anyone might think. He, was there for Robin when she needed some comfort and support and SHE was the one who kissed him. She, invited him over to watch the video, she moved over on the couch while he didn’t move at all, she was looking at him through out that scene, she was laughing and commenting on the video with him and she KISSED him. He never did or would take advantage of her, Robin is his friend first who he cares about the most, more than anyone and he would never invade her like that in any kind of way. She, was the one who made all the moves no matter the amount of alcohol she had. But, that one night led to them falling in love and that has everything to do with their friendship, their very legendary friendship turned into a lifetime of love for them.

Having, that first go around with a relationship made that relationship and love grow ten folds and they never stopped loving each other. Their, summer together, I wish we were shown more of that summer but they looked so happy and carefree at the time and clearly having the time of their lives together, just being together, enjoying their time in secret together, they did what they wanted and I think that’s how their relationship should go. They, do what they want, what they feel they want to do and they don’t care, being together for them makes them happy and I’ve never seen them as happy as they are when they’re together, and that is mainly to do with their strong friendship it just turned into something more: a lifetime of love, support, caring and it’s better if they’re together than apart because they are themselves, they make each other happy by just being themselves and they only could do that with each other without being judged or put down because they understand the other one and know when to let the other one be who they are. They, never had that with anyone and when they became lovers/boyfriend and girlfriend they started to change the way they were when they’re just single individuals and become a supporting team, teammates, soulmates, mates that are in love and make each other strong and happy.

5. Boyfriend and Girlfriend

Despite how brief their season 5 was, they were already boyfriend and girlfriend in their secret summer together they just weren’t defining it and they didn’t need to because they got by without labeling their relationship, they clearly did have a great fun time together then and were clearly in love to the point of a brief engagement. More, on that down thread… But, this first go around at a relationship made them both grow, before this or with anyone else they never grew or changed who they are or what they want in life for anyone else. They are lone wolfs who like their freedom but they are lone wolfs who can’t live without each other, I don’t call living for them being apart, they need to be together and this first relationship showed just how much they love each other and want a life together. After, their summer they defined the relationship however forgetting the breakup for a moment. They were pretty committed to each other, she had her things at his place, went to his place most of the time, they seemed to be attached to each other’s hips that whole time so much so that they got engaged despite being on the cusp of breaking up. They, got engaged and I think that was key to the reason they had to get engaged when they got back together because they were/are in love and that’s why they were trying to hold on to their relationship. They, didn’t want to break up but they had some growing to do and learning before getting back together and knowing what they want. But, their first relationship showed just how strong this love really is.

6. Exes

I think it wasn’t necessary to break them up but that is just my opinion however I also think the break up actually was a good thing for their relationship. It saved their relationship from becoming unrepairable. They were miserably unhappy after their breakup and it was clear that they weren’t over each other, how it ended, they regretted the break up as I said in another post. Barney and Robin were complete messes after they broke up and it took years, not just months to get over that, the pain was real and it was heartbreaking to watch. They were dragging their feet getting back together when they still loved each other, both were in pain and went through a lot to get to being engaged again and came out of all that mess in the wake of their breakup better and their relationship was so much stronger because of that heartbreak. The, other relationships they had with other people never did or will compare to each other, they never stopped thinking or loving each other and through their friendship they repaired their relationship through season 6 and it showed just how much they need each other in a lot of many ways. They broke up and were messes but they overcame that and their friendship and relationship was more stronger because of their breakup.

7. Chemistry

Through the show, they built up a relationship with each other but their chemistry was a whole other thing. It’s important that their friendship was built around their chemistry and that never went away or will go away because their chemistry is something that was naturally there from the beginning. Lily, has said they have chemistry that never goes away I believe that is true, it never did or will go away it remains apart of their relationship forever, they never had that type of chemistry with anyone. I think it’s great that Neil and Cobie made something out of nothing just from their chemistry alone both on and off screen and that cemented Barney and Robin’s entire relationship and makes me believe that this chemistry will forever pull them back together IF they ever broke up again. I will not mention the failnale but it’s true their chemistry has always pulled them towards each other and always will that never goes away. They are physically and emotionally connected to each other through their chemistry and it was something that was always there and strong in their relationship from the beginning.

8. Adventurous

As, mentioned above they like to have fun and challenge each other both in life and for fun. They, love the thrills of what life can bring, they like to have fun, play games, they act like children sometimes because they didn’t have a childhood that normal kids have, so they use their lost childhood as adults, they explore life together. Don’t tell me that Barney doesn’t love adventure or traveling because that is so laughable. Just, because you grow doesn’t mean you’re going to lose who you naturally are and always was. He, has lived his life on the edge, likes to have fun, he even has a whole book on the thrill of picking up women. He loves the play in life, the women not so much. But, the thrill he loves and the only woman he likes the thrill of adventure with is Robin. She is the only person in his life who is equally adventurous and likes to have fun and they found that in their relationship. When, he asked her to do crazy stuff on the news when they first met she did it, not because she was afraid of losing her job or would be embarrassed, she did it because she wanted to and maybe a little because Barney wanted her to. But, mostly she does stuff with Barney because she loves to hang out with him and be around his out going personality which she also has and has lost or was taken from her when she was a child. They, never had the kind of childhood that young kids have or the parents who loved and supported them so as adults they found that they can be fun, silly, act like children and be what they weren’t or couldn’t be as children. They, enjoy life and they don’t like being in one place, they don’t like boring and they aren’t going to ever be that apple picking, white picket fence, suburbs, sitting on the front porch type couple. And, I believe they won’t be sitting around bored in hotel rooms or hating traveling because that is not who they are and they will never be the Marshall and Lily kind of couple. They, are who they are and they love who they are, they don’t want to change that or who they are to actually be happy together.

9. Friends/Enemies

Okay, I wanted to find a word that goes along with this relationship but couldn’t think of anything. However, the word enemies was used in Barney and Robin’s wedding invitation on the HIMYM wedsite back at the end of season 8 so I thought this is the right word to use in this post. Frienemies, first of all they are not enemies they are friends who had gone through hard times together who love each other, they had times where they weren’t talking to each other like season 7 and times when they were mad at each other but they are not enemies who hate each other so that word is so odd to me even now, like 5 years after that post on the website was posted. Anyway, they are friends first and foremost but I wanted to talk mostly about what they had gone through to get to the point of getting engaged and actually wanting a life together.

They, went through so much before they met, after they met, before they got together both times and in between but they came out of all of that unscathed and more aware of who they are and what they want. They, found an amazing connection since they met and formed a great union together as a team who are always there for each other and love to be around each other, they care and support one another and have their unforgiving and forgiving moments but over all they aren’t programmed to hate each other and they never will. Not counting any failnale stuff, they aren’t those people at all however they aren’t perfect and they have their moments but as a couple they’ll get through it as long as they don’t hate each other, that won’t happen but we as shippers we do love some angst and boy did these two have their share of it. It was both fun and sad but they made it and were better because of it it shows how strong this love is.

10. Soulmates

Barney & Robin are the very rare definition of the word soulmate, or words soul mates. They are friends, they are partners, they are in love and they are apart of each other. “They, are your best friend, and your soulmate, you can’t wait to spend your life with them.” And, it was true for them, they couldn’t wait to spend the rest of their lives together however they took their sweet time realizing that they want to be together because both were terrified that it wouldn’t work out again and it will end like the last time. Robin, never had doubts about her love for him or his love for her but she did have doubts about if they could really make it, if they can go the distance that was her main issue. I also think she thought he would never really be ready to make that commitment to her that she wanted from him, and that’s why she took so long to realize that she actually wants to be with him but is scared that she could lose him and for her she doesn’t want that to ever happen, they are both so lost and don’t know what to do with themselves when they’re apart or aren’t around each other. They are anchors, book ends, they can’t live without the other one there by their side in whatever situation and I think that’s a really real life thing, living without that other half of you gets you nowhere in life and makes life less fun, it stalls life, it makes them miserable. They are happiest when together, they aren’t happy being apart and the amount of time they spent debating, thinking, being confused, unsure and unaware made them both miserable for along time. They, are true soulmates who always find their way back to each other and that chemistry will always forever pull/push them together in every situation no matter the situation. They, are in love and always will be and that kind of love should never be tested, discarded, forgotten, destroyed or not taken seriously, because even if life moves fast, your life can stall and for a while they stalled on getting back together because of the fear of losing each other, they almost did a few times but in the end they got it right getting back together when they did or they would have still been fighting their feelings and pretending they aren’t in love at that time so The Robin made sense for a push to get them to come to their senses. The, real sad thing isn’t that tragic failnale it’s the fact that these two found each other and lost each other in that horrible universe and were miserable. The, point of being soulmates is you can’t actually have a life with anyone else or be truly single because you will always be connected to that person who is your soulmate, for them it’s each other and always will be.

11. Fiances

I said above that they were engaged before, and it counts as a brief detour back to each other by getting engaged by getting back together. I don’t know if getting engaged first was a good idea however I loved their engagement and the meaning of The Robin because it showed just how very keen Barney is about the real Robin and I think that is the real meaning of naming this play The Robin. He, knows the real Robin, every move, everything she says and does he knows who she really is and the fact that he knew that she was fighting her feelings for him shows how he really knows her. He, planned this play for only two months however, I think as a head canon he was planning it since he met her and I never doubted that Barney is very aware of how she works. Who needs Robin 101 when you have The Robin as proof that he knows her better than anyone. He knew that she was in love with him but was scared to make a move and tell him how she felt so he had to push her to make her realize just how much she was killing herself by not being with him when she wanted to for at least two years. It truly amazes me as a shipper to watch Robin come undone through The Robin play but end up being really completely happy, and happiest when Barney was down on one knee proposing to her. He was committing in the biggest way possible in a relationship, it’s something she always wanted and doubted that he would actually want from her. The fact that he was trying and committed to her in season 5, the first time they were together can be kind of a test for the relationship however he was very committed and in love with her so he committed and once he proposed all worries stopped and she said yes because she couldn’t waste anymore time being apart from him and fighting her feelings because it really was destroying her, and made her run and be in denial for along time not in just two months but since they met.

They, fell in love through their friendship and it opened their eyes and hearts to only each other and I think it’s the whole point of that scene in “Ring Up” at the end when she realizes that Barney is all she really needs to be happy. He, gets her drinks, he opens the doors and holds them for her, he is there always for her, is aware of who this woman truly is and that’s all Robin needs to be fulfilled and completed in life.

12. Roommates

Even when they were dating Robin was practically living with him as I mentioned above she had her stuff at his place and he never minded or cared that she had her things in the Fortress. It shows the commitment he was making even then and it also showed that she was making a commitment to him by just being with him, being his girlfriend and not just sleeping with him and having her fun. They, made this commitment to each other very surprisingly quickly without even defining the relationship and it worked for them. They, never complained or changed each other to suit whatever the other wanted and don’t want and it’s really important to their character development which I believed started with Barney falling in love with Robin after they slept together and her feelings just became so powerless and emotional for her, she truly was scared of losing him and that says a lot about how much she needs him in her life and as her partner, they care so much that even something as simple as bringing personal belongings to the other ones place says how committed they are. I’m considering this the first of many character developments of their relationship and as individuals since they had already been growing individually for sometime but neither had a relationship that they really committed to. I mean, they just seemed to come together way before they actually got engaged (this S5 engagement not counting) but the real one and the one that matters to both of them. They, grew up so much after they dated and it helped them settle into their engagement very easily and know what works and doesn’t work for them. They, did things differently than season 5 and that was good for their lifetime commitment to each other later on.

13. Destiny

Neither believed in destiny, they laughed at things that are couply they hated being attached in a relationship, they didn’t like exposing themselves to others mostly those they didn’t trust but with each other they found each other without trying. They, found each other through their friendship and the moment they met was the moment their destiny to each other started and just meeting each other changed each other in a way they never changed for other relationships. They are true soulmates, they’re destiny, they met, become friends and just seem to find this ease with each other that they never had or will have with anyone else. They fell in love, I mean they could have remained best friends without the romance but with the chemistry they have, how deep they care and the love they have for each other it was bound to happen no matter what and at many times during the series including season 1, yes season 1 when they just met. But, the moment they brod out together was the moment their destiny started and it was even part of their soulmate montage, it’s so beautiful that they bonded early on however they could have had a relationship that was more than friendship at that point and “Zip, Zip, Zip” proofed that they have a very strong connection and that chemistry was just out standing and fun to watch.

14. Husband and Wife

They, are truly married. Truthfully, I’ve never seen them happier than they were when they were up at that alter getting married, it was like nobody was there around them, it was just them gazing lovingly at each other and knowing they want to spend their lives together. They went through hell and came out of it better and happier than ever I believe that the couple up on that alter was destined for happiness together, they were even a little giddy with her jumping up and down beaming happily as they were pronounced man and wife, his smile was very real and not faked for public show, he was truly happy and was beaming as well, they laughed and smiled the entire ceremony and never took their eyes off each other. That, is a showing of a truly happy, settled, committed, legendary couple getting married and those smiles never left their faces after the ceremony and I truly think these two will have fun, crazy,  adventurous times together and that will never end it will get only better as a married couple. They, are just getting started when they got married, sure life has downs but it also has ups but together, as long as they have each other they can make a lifetime of happiness and new memories. No matter what happens in their lives, they have each other and I will never believe these two people who can’t live without the other one there by their side would want to lose that and lose it all by losing each other. Barney IS not the guy in that failnale and that was NOT Robin Scherbatsky, maybe lesbian Robin or some other weird chick but that was not Robin Scherbatsky, the cool, fun scotch drinking, laser tag playing, gun using, independent, awesome, caring, supportive, loving Robin who was always there for Barney and cared about his happiness ahead of her own. This love shall never stop, fade or end not forever anyway, they will go on in life happy and committed to only each other without losing themselves because losing themselves means losing who they truly are and those two people in the failnale, those were not the awesome, fun, loving couple we’ve seen in the show it wasn’t them. They’re in love and that’s never going away, it only grows and finds new ways of how much they love and need each other.

15. Family

As, this post ends finally lol I wanted to talk about them as a family and not just friends or a couple. While, Marshall and Lily have each other and Ted has Tracy eventually, they are the only ones left if they never got married so they would somehow end up together in any situation. But, the moment they got engaged is the moment they aren’t just a couple they are a family who support and love each other. Barney is Robin’s family because he’s not only her husband but her best friend and she already thought of him as her family being part of the group, the gang’s friendship was the thing that kept her in NY and it was Barney who she wanted as her husband so he’s automatically her family. Her friends are her extended family and the family who were always there for her unlike her own family her friends are her family and she will never leave that no matter what and she would never leave Barney and he would never leave her, he wanted to marry her for a reason and that reason was to be with her for the rest of his life and Robin wanted to spend her life with him and never really wavered on wanting a life with him and would never want to be apart from him, if she had to travel for work he wouldn’t always go with her but it would never be a problem for them, they both love adventure, they love to explore new things because new is always better and they hate being apart, that’s the point of wanting to spend forever together. They, married so they could no longer be without each other and it’s clear that’s what they wanted for along time, they wanted to be together forever and the love they have would never just let them give up and he would never complain about her job. He, fell in love with the independent Robin Scherbatsky, he fell for the whole package not just an image so in a way he would follow her anywhere and every where as long as he’s with her he’s happy. In, any other relationship Robin would easily give up her marriage but not with Barney the only person she actually cares about on a more deeper and real level and can’t live without. They, literally seem to really be lost with themselves without each other there by their side in life and that’s the reason they wanted to get married and wanted a life together. Their, happiness is important and not something that should be tested or given up on they should live their lives the way they want to, with love, support and as a team which they have been since they met.

16. Forever

In, the end however they are happy and in love they came so far why would they ever want to go back to that. Barney, has said he was miserable and unhappy with the single lifestyle he was living for along time and Robin was always so focused on her career to care about a relationship but Barney was the exception, she created a life with him that she seemed to not want to end and she was so sad and lost for along time, after they broke up she was in so much pain that she couldn’t even date anyone and usually that isn’t her, but with Barney. She, truly fell in love with him so much so that nobody else made her commit, she had other relationships and she seemed to commit but she was never really in love with those other men. It was always Barney and will always be Barney, she would never give that up for misery and loneliness. Barney doesn’t either, losing each other isn’t an option, if they get to a bad time in their marriage/relationship they should never give up, they would go to counseling and try more harder and realistically to keep their relationship and marriage from collapsing. Giving up is what they did in season 5 but season 8 and 9 they were totally different people who weren’t going to just up and give up on their relationship, this love will always be in tact despite all the problems they might face along the line, they never would give that up for the life they used to live, the life they both felt lost and unfulfilled with. They, made this commitment and that’s something both never wanted at one time but they just couldn’t live without each other. It says a lot about two very independent people who will always be independent especially Robin. This relationship can always be repaired and this love will never end or be forgotten it’s forever remembered as their box of feels from their relationship had said. She used to not care about photos or things from other relationship, she even said she never kept anything minus her dogs from past relationships but I don’t doubt she kept pictures and items from their first relationship and that’s the reason she brought that up to him, it shows that she’s not only still in love with him, she can’t give up things from the relationship and never will this includes the man himself. Losing, him or discarding him would never happen because that is just not who Robin is at least not with Barney.

This, love is forever and just gets more and more interesting and real as they spend a lifetime together never giving up on the relationship again because that worked out so well the first time they broke up. Their, marriage will last and I believe with character/personal growth it will only get better and they would be there when they need each other and go through life together that’s part of the reason I love this relationship it’s a very real, interesting relationship one that isn’t normal in TV but should be used as an example to other relationships on TV as a couple who grew and overcame so much in their lives to end up with a happy ending in a very real, realistic way and neither wanted to give up on each other it’s why they always remembered their first go in a relationship.

how they got here - part ii: 2012 - now available!

part i: 2011 | prequel to revenge & redemption

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I'd say the reason Chris wasn't aware of Victor's depression is because Victor, well, closed himself off to him. They live in different countries, only see each other during competitions and Victor is a confirmed workaholic who barely even saw his dog, so I can see him not talking with Chris all that often off-season, apart from maybe a vacation or two here and there. They're good friends, yeah, and Chris is probably Victor's bestie, but their relationship IS complicated and Victor probably (1)

(2) either didn’t want Chris to know about his mental health issues or wanted to ignore them in the hopes that they’d go away (or hell, maybe he was even in denial of anything being wrong). I mean, not even YUURI knows about Victor feeling like the ice had ‘become a shackle around his neck’ and they’re getting MARRIED after Yuuri gets a gold medal. So yeah, I can see Victor hiding the fact he’s depressed from the people in his life, cue the reactions we got in the show from basically everyone

Victor is closed off to everybody, I agree. I think Victor knows/knew something is/was wrong, but he doesn’t/didn’t want to confront it. I didn’t mean to imply Chris is the only one who doesn’t know. Even Yakov isn’t fully aware, and we see him in the series as the closest thing to a dad Victor has. 

I think everyone–in canon, that is, not us–interpreted Victor’s low moods as just a lack of inspiration, and nothing more. No one dug deeper than that. It’s pointed out multiple times through the series that Victor has hit the proverbial wall, and not just by himself or other skaters. Minako says it too, in ep2, implying even the public knows of Victor’s slump:

So like…people at least know about that. 

I would love to see more of Victor’s depression and life before Yuuri explored. We have a lot of Yuuri’s background, but pretty much none of Victor’s. 


House Rules: After dropping out of community college and spending two months interning for a beat-making friend in Atlanta, Francis struck a deal with his parents: “I’m gonna be a music producer, I swear to God. Let me stay in the back house for a year, and if this doesn’t go anywhere, I’ll return to school.” He hunkered down with Ableton Live, clocking ten hours a day, and when his manager sent “Masta Blasta” to Diplo 18 months later, the whirlwind of festivals, features, shows, and after-parties began. “I love what I do, but it’s really made me realize that 24 hours is not enough time in the day,” he says. “Not even close.”


I was worry to play over to DMM new game bungou to alchemist, but is very similar to the game i love touken ranbu. I love how the theme of the game take place I believe to be in the victorian age. The background, characters, music, and enemies are all beautiful and amazing done. That I had fallen into authors boys hell just like sword boy hell. Now I will suffer 2 time more. The gamesplay is pretty simple and easy. That as you guess your way though the game, you would soon easily understand the mechanism of games. It has some similarity and difference between the games between Touken Ranbu and Bungou to Alchemist. 


Just as touken ranbu, you would have to bring a team you made to fight the enemies on the map you gave choose. The difference is that instead of a team of 6, it is a team of 4. You won’t have to choose the specific formation in order to have a higher chance of defeating the enemy. It is how you form your team between four different weapon your authorboys uses. That is with a blade, bow, gun, or whip. We won’t have to worry about have to add and rely on any troops. Then finally it is simply same as Touken Ranbu where we would have to rely on luck to be able to reach to the boss node.

Caring for your members

They are both similar about the need to care of our team. In Touken Ranbu, we would have to sent the swords to repair to heal their wounds and fatigue. While in bungou to alchemist, we also have to worry for their health and hunger. If authors boy are too hungry, their attacks would be weaken and misses against enemy. 

Recruiting and Creating more boys

We will continue to suffer with RNG. Hoping the timer to be a 4:00 and 5:00. It seem that that in bungou to alchemist. we would have to choose a character to help us into creating our new authorboy. We now don’t have to worry over the necessary recipe to get a certain character. We now only rely on ink and bookmarks if you have them. We either input 50 , 100, or 400 ink. The more ink you use would increase your chances and hope the timer bring us a larger number. Or we could now slowly suffer the continuous 30 minute timers.

Though there won’t be a person coming to smile your suffering of 1:30 and 0:30 timer. 

Dealing with Replicas 

The nice thing about bungou to alchemist is that you won’t have to worry about dealing with getting replicas. You won’t have to worry about the pain of destroying your replicas for more room in your storage and materials. It seem that bungou to alchemist does not have a limit to how many different authors boys you can get. The games help to automatically converts any replicas into materials needed to strengthen your authors. 

Strengthen your Teammates

While in touken ranbu we would use replicated swords to help strengthen our characters, bungou to alchemist requires certain materials to strengthen our character. There is also some level requirement, but that isn’t much to worry about. Material requires are mostly find in maps or converted replicas. 

I highly recommend other to also try out the game and soon you would also come to love it too and fall deep into author boys. 

I would be happy to try to help, though I can’t help to translate any of the text at all. I been only playing by guessing and learning though out the game.


Genre: Fluff; Gamer!AU

Pairing: Reader X I.M | Changkyun

Word Count: Roughly 700?

Warnings: Minhyuk being a dumb hoe

Drabble Game Prompt: “Stop talking about love for a minute and help me with this bullet wound.” + “She never misses, she never quits, and never loses. If you’re alive, it’s because she wants you alive.”

Originally posted by kihyons

Alright, bro, we got this.” Changkyun rolled his eyes over his comm at Minhyuk’s assertion, “This is going to be a piece of cake.”

“Stop overreacting.” He answered, taking a large bite from his sandwich (no mayonnaise!) as he navigated through the swamp, “It’s just Overwatch.”

Just Overwatch?” That’s Hongbin’s voice that filtered through incredulously, the judgmental tone making Changkyun wince, “We better win this, or I’m not looking at your asses for another year.”

Okay kids, calm down.” Hyuk sounded amused, more than anything else, “Let’s just do this.”

Oh fuck.” He heard Minhyuk swear immediately after the teams were broadcasted, “Fucking fuck, fuck.”

“What’s the matter?” Changkyun’s heart nearly stopped in his chest, “We didn’t even start gameplay!”

Fuck, it’s ScarletMoon,” Hongbin added in, and Changkyun could hear the discontent coloring his tone, “Dude, she’s like the ultimate player.”

“What do you mean?” He asked, playing dumb. He totally didn’t know that was you, after all.

“She’s one of those players,” Minhyuk sounded serious, “She never misses, she never quits, and never loses. If you’re alive, it’s because she wants you alive.”

That sounded a lot more serious than it should have, Changkyun decided. Besides, he was supposed to be God-level too, based on what you’d told him, so how bad could it be?

“Let’s just focus.” He said, instead of gracing them with an answer.


As it turned out, coincidentally, Changkyun realized you had totally played him. He remembered you, quite vividly, saying that the two of you were on the same level, so a match between you would be fucking awesome. And, that wasn’t a lie, but it wasn’t awesome in the good way.

Guys,” Hyuk announced, as he tried healing Hongbin’s shoulder wound, “We’re totally screwed.”

Well, that was true.

“Ugh, how could she lie to me like this?” Changkyun groaned mistakenly into the headpiece, because he was immediately attacked by a furious Minhyuk.

You KNEW she was playing?” He demanded, “No, scratch that, you KNOW HER IN REAL LIFE?”

“Yeah, man, calm down,” He winced at the burst in volume, “She’s my girlfriend, of course I know her?”

Then why did you pretend not to?!” Minhyuk mock sniffed as Hyuk started ‘ooooh’ing in the background, and Changkyun barely managed to dive for cover in time to escape a stray bullet, “I’m hurt! My baby’s in love and he never told me!

“It’s not love!” Changkyun protested uselessly, cheeks burning hot just as Hongbin yelled, “Stop talking about love for a minute and help me with this bullet wound!

“WE’RE NOT TALKING ABOUT LOVE, DAMN IT!” He bellowed in exasperation, “Just leave me alone, why?”

Not. Helping.” He could hear Hyuk grit out.

Shut up, he’s a love-struck young child.” Minhyuk was saying, and that was all it took for Changkyun to take off his headpiece and slam it down on the counter, switching his computer off. Fuck them and their dumb conversations. He didn’t care how much they’d yell at him about it the next day anyway.

“Something wrong?” He glanced up tiredly once he saw you enter, “Something about love?”

“Ugh, not you too.” He groaned as he saw the teasing smirk on your face, “Leave me alone, please.”

“Aish, you’re so cute.” You poked his cheek lightly, giggling, “You’re such a sore loser too, quitting on your team like that.”

“I’m not!” He protested, eyes wide, “Their conversations were annoying me!”

“Sure, sure.” You rolled your eyes, before setting yourself down in his lap nonchalantly, making his eyes bug out with his hyperventilation, “You’re so cute~”

You leaned down, pecking his nose affectionately, before placing one more—deeper, gentler—against his soft lips, giggling when he chased you desperately for more.

“You can take my mind off it?” He offered, and despite knowing how cheesy it was, you nodded, with a cheery grin.

“Anything for my sourpuss.” You teased, shrieking loudly as you clambered off his lap to escape his tickling fingers, “CAN’T CATCH ME, HAHA!”

“Get back here!” Changkyun yelled as he chased you, “Aish, Y/N!”

Despite everything, the house was filled with your giggles for the rest of the day. He could deal with Minhyuk later, after all, because spending time with you was always worth the annoyance.

Written By: Admin Midnight

The son of an entrepreneurial herbalist and Yugoslavian immigrant, Francis attributes his Puritan work ethic to a strict childhood. “I had to watch two hours of Sesame Street and study Hooked on Phonics every day,” he says. “I didn’t even know any curse words until I was 15." 

What makes you “you”?

I was thinking of Nier: Automata`s story again a few days back, and it displays and asks some interesting and terrifying questions of what constructs you, you´r identity and you as a person. What makes things makes you “you”  

One of the first instances were this pondering is displayed is right after the prologue. Because 9S decided to upload 2B`s data first, she remembers what happened during their mission. 9S does not however retain those memories, as 2B finds out when she talks to him. The little bond that she was able to create with him after she lowered the emotional barrier which she had created around herself(because 2B knows that she will have to kill 9S at some point) has vanished. 9S does not remember the discussions he had with 2B.

So now let`s think about this. The person in the Bunker talking with 2B at that moment is an android called 9S. He has all of the physical and facial appearances that the 9S had who was with 2B in the prologue mission. So in a sense this person is 9S. But he is not “the 9S” that 2B knew/knows. The discussion 2B had with 9S seemed to mold his personality, so if the memories of that discussion are missing, can we say that this person is “the 9S”  that 2B knew, or is this someone else, are these memories so crucial? It`s scary to think how easily the androids can be changed in Automata`s setting. You can just erase memories, or re-write stuff, and the scary part that the person might not even know! You would go with you`r daily business, not knowing that crucial parts of you`r personality have been re-written. How scary is that? And this seem to happen to 9S many times. 

There is also a bit of a similar example with the Wandering couple side quest. At the end of it`s revealed that the other has erased/formatted/overwritten the other androids memories, to mold him more to her liking to be better(or along those lines). It`s scary how easily some stuff can be changed. Is this formatted and molded android the same person he was before the change, or a totally different person now?    

One other case is with the merchant on the rebel base. He is an android too of course, and he has replaced quite many broken parts of his body trough out the years, and done so numerous times that he can`t even keep track of it anymore. Now the only original part is his leg. He ponders about how if he changes this only part that was left of his original self, what will happen? Is he a totally different person, is he still the same even thou no original parts of his body left?

If I change my body, trough plastic surgery or by some other means drastically, is that person still me or someone else? Do I have to regain my original appearance to be me, or can I still have it even if I change myself? I still have my memories and experiences, things that are crucial when to forming one`s personality.      

So it`s not only personality or memories the androids worry about, their bodies also are a potential cause of worry. 

I think one could even go more deeper if you researched the numerous philosophers or thinkers referenced in the game, but since I haven`t delved much into their work yet, I am not going to. This post is also a small scratch on the surface. 

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Fic Request: oh goodness someone should do a fic when it’s the soul mates au where your soul mates name comes in like a tattoo on your wrist. and lydia obvs gets stile’s name doesn’t know it’s stile’s bc it’s his real name. so she like goes up to stile’s about it and he has a minor freak out.

Rating: T

Genre: Romance, Fluff, Soulmate!AU

Author: dylanhun

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I think that recent pic drawn by Ishida is a real person. Maybe from a band?

Well it sounds kinda like one of his more deeper poems? I’m not sure, but it does look more like a real person.

The Upper Hand: Jefferson x Reader {Part 8}

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7

Hamilton – Modern Au (Law School)

Jefferson x Reader

1,676 words

We have finally made it, everyone! The final chapter of The Upper Hand. It’s been a long road for the reader and Thomas, filled with animosity, bad blood, rivalries, miscommunication, and misunderstandings. But this is the good part. I can’t wait to hear what you think of it!!

Originally posted by wegotitmadeintheshade

When you stumble through your door in the wee hours of the morning, you did not expect to find not one, but two men sleeping at your apartment. It had been a long, painful weekend, filled with avoiding your troubles with alcohol and going over the scene in the restaurant over and over. You had skipped a day of classes, needing some more time to process your life, which you couldn’t do if you saw Alexander and Thomas. Now, after all that emotional upheaval, you just want to go to sleep in the comfort of your own bed and not think about this until morning.

But Alex is asleep on your couch, lying on his stomach with one arm hanging over the floor. He snorts lightly and readjusts his position when you close the door loudly behind you. His presence makes you suddenly realize the consequences of cutting off contact with all your friends. They must have been so worried about you. At the least you should’ve let Laurens or Herc know that you were okay.

You set down your overnight bag next to your shoes and cross the floor to Alex. Your hand on his shoulder jerks him out of his sleep, and he looks around, confused and scared, for a moment.

“Hey, Alex, it’s okay,” you say softly, comforting him.

Recognition smooths the wrinkles in his forehead. “Y/N, you’re back!”

You nod, unable to speak because of the tightness in your throat.

“I’m so sorry,” he says. He sits up on the couch and runs a hand through his messy, loose hair. “I totally overreacted about Jefferson. And I let my bad feelings toward him get in the way of your happiness. Apparently.”

At the questioning look in your eyes, he clarifies. “Laurens may have had a talk with me.”

“I accept your apology, Alex. And I should apologize to you, too. I overreacted, especially by not answering your calls or telling you that I was okay. I just needed a few days to think about what I wanted, and I couldn’t do that if I talked to you or Thomas.”

“Y/N, we were so worried,” Alexander says, touching your shoulder gently. “We thought you’d been kidnapped or gotten into an accident or something.”

“I didn’t realize…” You felt sick. How could you not have let your own friends know that you were okay? How selfish were you? “I’m so sorry.”

He wraps an arm around your shoulders. “Everyone went out looking for you, even Jefferson.”

“Thomas?” your heart lifts. You were afraid that he had moved on. His last message sounded like he had given up on you.

“Y/N, he really likes you.” Alex tries to keep his emotions under control. “We stayed here just in case you came back.”


“Oh. Jefferson’s in your bedroom. He passed out by the time I came back.” He tries to stay upset with Jefferson, but the light in your eyes makes it hard for him not to smile. “He made a mess in your kitchen.”

Your heart skips a beat. He’s here. You’d been over this scene countless times in your head—explaining your need for some time to yourself, apologizing if you confused or hurt him, hoping and praying that he would be willing to start over. The longer you went without talking to him, the more you missed him. You’d played his voicemails over and over again, relishing his sexy, constantly sleepy-sounding voice. Your heart hurt being away from him.

Alex senses your longing and gets up off the couch, pulling his phone from his pocket.

“Y/N, I’m gonna go call everyone and let them know you’re okay.” After a moment of contemplation he adds, “And I’ll go home too.”

“Alex, are you okay to drive? You still stay on the couch. I don’t want you to feel like I’m kicking you out.”

“Nah, I’m fine. Good luck, Y/N.”

After he gives you a quick hug, he gathers his belongings. You leave him in the living room, making your way to your bedroom. The door’s partially ajar, and you can see the comforter has been displaced by a large mass.

Thomas is lying in the middle of the bed on his back, one arm draped across his forehead, the other perpendicular to his body. The blankets cover his legs and waist, exposing his six-pack abs and toned chest. He’s a very attractive man, enough to get your heart racing and weaken your legs.

All confidence leaves you, and you consider letting him sleep until a normal time of morning. It’ll give you more time to think about what you’re going to say to him. You sneak another look at him, feeling like you’re gazing on something you’re not supposed to be looking at. His expression is so relaxed, you’d hate to disturb him. You’ll just speak with him in the morning.

You turn to leave and accidentally stub your toe on your dresser. An involuntary yelp leaves your lips, loud enough to wake up Thomas.

He jerks up in bed, clutching the covers to his chest. “You better have a good reason for waking me up at the ass-crack of dawn,” he growls.

You take a step back, affronted. That was really rude.

He blinks away the sleep from his eyes and peers into the darkness. You realize he can only see your silhouette, not your face. He doesn’t realize it’s you.

“Thomas,” you say quietly. “It’s me.”

His expression fades from irritation to surprise. He slowly gets out of the bed and turns on the lamp on the side table, bathing the whole room in weak yellow light. He’s only wearing boxers, you realize, blushing.

“Y/N, where have you been?” he asks, standing with his hands by his sides. His eyes search your face and body intensely, looking for any signs of harm or injury.

“Angelica’s,” you whisper, guilt creeping into your gut.

“Laurens called her. She said she didn’t know where you were.”

“Apparently she has something against both you and Alex, so she was okay with lying to you guys.”

“Why didn’t you call? Even just a text would have helped me stop worrying.”

“I’m sorry. I just—I wanted some time to think everything through.”

“I was so scared, Y/N.” The pain in his eyes brings tears to your eyes. “I thought you’d been kidnapped or murdered or had gotten into an accident.”

“I didn’t realize.” Your voice cracks as your throat tightens. “I’m so sorry.”

A tear slips down your cheek, and in an instant, Thomas closes the distance between you. He wipes the tear away with the pad of his thumb, conveying some deep emotion in his gaze. He loves me. His strong arms wrap around your shoulders, pressing you into his chest. You melt into his embrace, squeezing him as tightly as he holds you.

You stay that way for a long time, listening to his rapid heartbeat . And then, he pulls away, his hands cupping your face gently.

“Please don’t ever do that to me again,” he whispers.

You promise with a nod.

Slowly, softly, he dips his head toward yours, your lips brushing each other. You sigh and your arms find his shoulders, pulling his lips close for another kiss. This one is deeper, more urgent, more needy. One of his arms wraps around your waist and pulls you into his body, the other cradling the back of your head. You feel like you can fly as you kiss him.

You and Thomas break apart, breathing heavily. He rests his forehead on yours and smiles.

“I’ve wanted to do that since the moment you threatened me in Washington’s class,” he admits, his thumb stroking your cheek.

“You didn’t take me seriously?”

He laughs. “Oh, no, I did. I was scared shitless. But it also kinda turned me on.”

You blush and swat his arm. “Thomas!”

“Come on, baby. You know you like it.” He winks, and you roll your eyes at his cocky attitude.

“Dating you is going to try my patience.”

“So you want to go out with me?” he asks pseudo-innocently.

“I do, Thomas. You owe me a French meal. And a new dress!”

“Oh, baby, you’re gonna get so much more than just that.” He picks you up and twirls you in a circle.

You shriek and laugh. “Thomas, put me down!”

“Only if you say the magic word!”


“No…but it rhymes with please.”

You narrow your eyes as you think. A grin spreads across your face as you get an idea. “Mac ‘n’ cheese?”

“Correct!” He puts you down but keeps an arm around your waist. “Are you hungry?”

“Just the idea of mac ‘n’ cheese makes you hungry?”

“Definitely! But I’ll settle for some waffles and ice cream.”

“As you wish.” You take his hand and lead him to the kitchen.

As you cook with Thomas, you realize you’ve never been more content and satisfied in your whole life. He constantly touches your waist, wrist, elbow, jawline, anywhere he can reach. And he kisses you any place he can find. Everything he does and says is to make you laugh, and you do laugh. Mostly at him because he’s ridiculous and has the same punny sense of humor as your father, the kind that makes you groan and hate yourself for laughing at because it’s so bad.

Most of all, he looks at you like you’re the most beautiful girl in the world, like he can’t believe he has you. Like he desires to know you in every way, your attention, your humor, your goals and dreams, your weaknesses and strengths, your preferences in the bedroom, your embarrassing moments and your triumphs.

As he tries to paint a face on you with whipped cream, you realize that you can be satisfied with this man for the rest of your life. And with that realization, you pull him close and kiss him with as much passion and desire and love as you can possibly have inside your soul.

A/N: Hey! I hope you enjoyed The Upper Hand. I know I definitely enjoyed writing it and hearing feedback from you guys, my amazing readers :) I planned on writing a cute fluff epilogue for The Upper Hand, but I won’t do it unless you guys ask for it. If you want another short scene of Thomas and the reader being freakin’ adorable and #relationshipgoals let me know and I’ll write it up!

Also, stay tuned for more oneshots and a future Jefferson x Reader x Lafayette three part! I also really want to write any requests you guys have, so don’t be shy!

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