one more day with out you

secret photos

you can’t tell me shawn wouldn’t have an album on his phone dedicated to you. from candids, to selfies, every picture of you, he had saved into his camera roll. geoff and brian would tease him but he would always shrug it off because they didn’t understand how lucky and proud he was to get to call you his. but you were completely unaware until one day shawn asked brian to take a picture of you two and geoff laughed and asked teasingly if it was going into the y/n shrine and shawn told him to shut up. his rosy cheeks became more red than usual but brian and geoff kept laughing. later on when shawn and you were alone, you would ask him what that was all about. he would tense up and you could see his face turning a crimson red. he would take a breath before pulling out his phone, “i-i-i swear i just don’t-” he stuttered not even finishing but just turning his phone towards you. at first you didn’t realize what you’re looking at but you would realize they were pictures of you. pictures from your first date, off guard pictures, pictures of you sleeping. “whenever i’m with you i can’t help but to feel like the luckiest man in the world. i’m with the most beautiful person i have ever laid my eyes on and i love taking pictures of you to just have them there when you aren’t around.” shawn explain avoiding eye contact still a little red. cupping his chin with your hand, you lift his face to meet your gaze. “you’re the most sweetest boy and i love you so much.” you smiled before giving him a soft kiss. “shawn, i would be lying if i said i didn’t have a album of pictures of you in my phone.” his eyes would light up like stars in the sky and you would kiss your boyfriend again and again because he is truly the sweetest boy in the entire world.

Imagine going to a wedding with Niall though. It’s getting late; the vows have been promised, the food has been eaten and the drinks are definitely flowing. You giggle as Niall lets out a loud cackle as he talks with the person next to him. You don’t know many people here, they’re all Nialls friends but he has kept you tucked next to him all day, never making you feel out of place.

You can see the pink tinge on his cheeks, the slight puffiness of his eyes telling you the champagne is affecting him more than he cares to let on. Turning to you he flashes a smile, a big, goofy grin that has you giggling and leaning into him, pressing your lips against his flushed cheek. He smiles, one arm going round your shoulders, pulling you closer as he drops a kiss to your head. You glance up at the other bodies sitting at the round, decorated table with yous, none of them paying the slightest bit of attention to yous.

The DJ announces the first dance and everyone stands, crowding round the large dance floor. Niall stands behind you, one hand placed on your hip as the other clutches at his beer. You watch as the happy couple dance together, smiles etched on their faces. You feel Nialls chin rest of your shoulder and you lean your head in so it rests against his cheek, letting out a contented sigh as you bring up one hand and let it stroke the side of his head.

“Be us, one day” he whispers, his lips brushing against your shoulder. You falter, heart skipping a beat at his - albeit drunken - words. He senses your hesitance as he places a kiss to your cheek, “I hope so anyway” he smiles, the hand on your hip pulling you closer against him. The feel of his body against yours brings you out your trance, the shock of his admission wearing off and allowing your heart to soar as you turn your head awkwardly to look up at him,

“I hope so too Niall” you smile, letting out a small giggle as his eyes sparkle, that goofy grin back across his face again as he presses his lips against yours in a sweet kiss.

imagine this scenario for a second

You’re a necromancer. 

You’re a necromancer, and you are very good at what you do. You’re careful, and you’ve outrun death more times than you could possibly count. You’ve lived for centuries, and countless bounty hunters have come for your soul. You know some of them by name. You’ve bribed some of them.

But one day, you slip up. 

And a bounty hunter is headed towards your exact location. You know the signs. The ravens that sit outside your window. The chill breeze that sweeps through and blows out all your candles. The signature tearing sound that comes from the contact between interplanar space and a reaper’s scythe.

And through the portal steps…a bounty hunter? No, it can’t be.

It’s a dude in jeans.

As you stand there baffled, he takes your soul in a practiced motion, not even giving you the time to think. He looks bored as he does this. And as your soul starts to drift to the Eternal Stockade, you see the reaper move towards your research notes, and he mutters something into a stone of Farspeech.

“Hey, no, I’m serious–please, I found a really good necromancy spell in this guy’s office, can’t the Raven Queen let me try it just once?”

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Hi Britta I was wondering if maybe you could answer one question it would mean so much. Is it possible we are gonna get more Bughead scenes now that the schools seem to be merging. We hardly had scenes with them together in 2A and I miss them so much. I just love them together whether it's investigating or romantic scenes. It would make my day if you could answer my question. Riverdale is my favorite show and Bughead really helped bring me out of a pretty bad depression. Thanks so much.

I get a lot of people asking for spoilers and I don’t answer because I’m not in the business of that. But I have thought long and hard about this and decided it is not a spoiler to tell you that Betty and Jughead will have scenes together in the second half of the season.

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(1/2)One day you meet a monster--or more like he chases you down the street, screaming, scaring the shit out of you. Eventually he corners you and you think this is the end...but all he does is grab your work bag, rifle through it, take out a few tools and put them in your hands. Confused, you watch as he sits down, opens his maw and points at one of his massive fangs. Oh, you think. He has a toothache, and he knows I'm a dentist. Smiling, you tell him that this should be done in your suite...

(2/2) …He agrees and you head back. Once there you get all the proper equipment set up, take x-rays (does he seriously have 97 freaking fangs in that maw???) and locate the problem. It doesn’t take long to get him numbed up and calmed down, and just a few minutes of drilling is all it takes to cure the ache, then a few more to fill the hole. He gives you literal gold coins from the 1400s as payment and leaves. Next week, a different monster shows up. You’re now the official Monster Dentist.

We teamed successfully! During the last hour of splatfest- just in time!

Thank you to the squiddos who made up the team: @gigi-colours and @obiboing and friend for making up the other half~

I’ve done teams before but never during a splatfest, so this was great! Loved teaming with you guys, thanks for responding to the post. Here’s to hoping #TeamSweater is a winner!

Dec 16th | Baby it’s Cold Outside 🎄

Synopsis: You really should head home, but the snow’s falling hard and truth be told, neither of you wants the night to end.

A/N: I heard this song on the radio and I knew I couldn’t pass up this one-shot! 

Words: 1539 

Warnings: a little smut?

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Phone calls can be terrifying. Having to rely only on verbal communication, especially when it will be with someone who you’ve never spoken to before and someone who doesn’t know you struggle with it, is far from ideal.

But it’s something that maybe not all but definitely many people can get better at. Like with all things, practice makes perfect. The more calls you make, the less scary they seem. The more scripts you try out, the easier it will become to figure out which ones work best. The more new people you speak to, the more new kinds of conversations you have, the less frightening it will be.

Spend a whole day prepping for that call if you need to. Sweat like a waterfall while you make it. Take a nap full of shaking nerves afterwards. All of that is okay, if that is what it takes for you to be able to make that call.

All Talk // Richie Tozier Imagine


Hiixxx do you mind doing an imagine with Richie, where the reader having nightmare and he comforts her and stuff xxxx


idk if requests are open ? But if they are, can you do a Richie x reader where Richie is always flirting with her but she blows it off bc she figured he doesn’t actually like her cause he flirts w/ everyone and then one day she gets fed up and says something like, “you know tozier you talk a lot but nothing ever happens” or something and all the losers are like whoA and he just blushes and then grabs her and kisses her without a care in the world ?? Love you and your writing so much 💕

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Originally posted by svnteen-idiots

requested by: @lynnalai who wanted an enemies to lovers type of scenario

genre: fluffy

warnings: none

If there was something Jun despised, it wouldn’t be the way his desk creaks every so often, or how one of the legs of his chair is shorter than the others. It would be you. He concluded that he despised you most of all, out of everyone in the entire school, even more than the one guy who ‘claimed’ he was better looking than Jun.

You were everything he wanted in a girlfriend, possibly even more. But at the same time, you were everything he had come to despise. You were beautiful, smart, athletic, and musically talented. But the thing was, and the thing always will be, you were too much.

You were too beautiful. So beautiful in fact, that he remembers the day you transferred into his school. Everyone whispered here and there of the supposed goddess that stepped into the school, and when Jun’s interest had been peaked, you had walked by, entering the class to introduce yourself. And he couldn’t stop his breath from being taken away because you were so angelic. Everyone and everything had become attracted to you. The attractions drew all the attention away from Jun, onto you. The once-popular boy was left in the dust as they all were drawn to get to know you.

You were too smart. Jun could handle your beauty; in fact, he loved watching your side profile in class whenever he got bored with the teacher’s lectures. But upon test grades being posted, it came to his demise to see his name had fallen second on the list and your name triumphantly sitting above his. At first, Jun didn’t mind, he loves an intelligent woman; it was attractive in the sense to see your knowledge. But at the same time, it ticked him as to how every test, every grade posted, you would always be above him.

You were too athletic. Jun loved dancing; it helped him release the stress of school and social situations. His weekly dance class brought him comfort and thrill of being away from you and everyone else in the school that just couldn’t stop talking about how ‘great’ and ‘wonderful’ you are. But when he stepped into the dance room, seeing someone show up earlier than him, besides Soonyoung, had made him curious. And his blood boiled when Soonyoung called for him to introduce you to him. It didn’t help that you were acclaimed for by the dance teacher on your wonderful dance skills.

And, You were too musically talented. So talented in fact that you were automatically cast as the lead in the school’s play production. The one he worked his butt off for and yet you were given the part almost immediately. He watched you try out with your very shy demeanor, and when you belted out a perfect tune, he could sense the entire room fall for you instantly.

You were too perfect. That’s what he decided. From the minute you walked into his school, you had managed to snag everything he desired and it utterly made him feel like a fool.


Even your voice made his blood heat up. Jun smiles brightly, “Hi, can I help you?”

“Yeah, the play director said that we should get together to work on lines since we’re the leads.” An awkward laugh leaves your mouth, “Do you want to get together sometime soon?”

Jun ponders the thought, his mind is plagued with thoughts of actually being alone with you, you who he despises so much that even thinking about you frustrated him, “I’m kind of busy, maybe another week we can.”

“Oh, okay?”

Jun leaves you behind with a puzzled expression. He has no hard feelings over his decision and lightly walks away with a hum on his lips.

He doesn’t know why you persist. Every week, like clockwork, after the play rehearsals, you would approach him, asking if he would read lines with you outside of rehearsals. And like every other week, he’d say he was busy.

“This isn’t right!”

Jun jumps at the director’s words. The tension was building in the theatre room as the director became more frustrated with the scene. Jun held the script in his hand, his palms getting sweaty with the pressure pressed to his shoulder. He took a glance at your expression; you were looking just as anxious and small as he was on the stage.

“Why don’t we take the rest of the night off, let’s pick up this scene tomorrow.” The director walks off in a hurry, hands pressed to their forehead as a way to minimize the headache forming.

Jun stands defeated, he watches the others leave with heavy shoulders and after minutes of standing speechless on stage, he too decides to exit.

“Wait.” He feels your hand gripping onto his arm, “Maybe we should practice the scene together. You know, work on it a little for tomorrow.”

Jun politely lowers his head, “Sorry, I’m–”

“Busy.” You finish his sentence for him, “Do you hate me?”

Jun freezes, “What?”

Your lips become pressed into a firm line, your eyes staring right into his, “I was really excited to work with you in this play, I saw you practice a few of your scenes before auditions and I was just blown away by your acting. I thought, since we don’t talk a lot together in class, this would be a nice way to be friends. But if you have a problem with me then just say it.”

He was really speechless. Words flew by in Jun’s mind but none of them could form a comprehensible sentence.

You grit your teeth, feeling very annoyed at him, “Fine. Whatever.”

Two words. That’s all you had to say to make him feel like an impeccable ass.

“Alright actors and actresses! Let’s start from the top!” The director sits comfortably in their chair.

“Wait.” Jun calls out, seeing the understudy instead of you, “Where’s y/n?”

“Oh, I got an email last night of her withdrawing from the play. So we’ll continue with her understudy. No worries, let’s go.”

That night wasn’t as good as the night before. Everyone left with heavy shoulders and Jun could finally feel that the problem was indeed he. Not only was he feeling incompetent as an actor, but he was also feeling the shittiness of shrugging you off.

It was barely six in the evening by the time you left the library. The feeling of not being at rehearsals was odd to you but it was also a nice load off your shoulders. When you reached the entrance doors of the school, you’re greeted with an uneasy Jun. You planned to walk by, to act like he was not there at all.

“I’m sorry.” He squeaks out, “I didn’t mean to act like such a jerk.”

“Well, you did.” You state harshly.

“I think I need help.”

Never, in a million years, would Jun have thought that you would be in his apartment, sitting on his bed. You held a script in your hand, holding it just barely below your face, your eyes that concentrated on the words of the script arose to match Jun’s eyes.

“See, I think this is where you’re getting it wrong. You’re supposed to have this sense of falling in love. You seem so frigid when you speak. Where’s the spark?” You question him as you drop the script onto your lap, “Haven’t you been in love before.”

“In love?” Jun tilts his head as if the words were one foreign to him, “I don’t know.”

“Are you serious?” Your eyes almost pop out at his statement. “Okay.” You move closer to the sitting boy, your knees tapping against his before you grasp onto both of his hands, “Say I’m the person you like, what would you do.”

Jun feels his hand becoming hot with your touch. His pulse quickens as he stares into your eyes. He’s a loss for words, your doe eyes showcase a purity in you, such innocence that he wants to protect all of a sudden.


He coughs profusely, his cheeks tinting a crimson hue.

Jun tries to deny it for weeks. After your return to the play, he realizes just how much he begins to burn up just standing next to you. Every touch, every look, every single thing makes him almost madly insane.

“Why don’t we work on the scene leading up to the kiss?” The director excitedly calls out as you and Jun step onto the stage platform.

“What? Why? Now?” Jun sputters out quickly that causes spit to emit from his mouth.

The director takes a glance at the time, raising a hand and Jun feels as though time has saved him, “You’re right, we’re a little short on time today so why don’t we just skip to the kiss for practice.”

Jun is visibly shaken. His anxiety rises as he peeks at you from the corner of his eyes. You seem prepared, ready, and all set for action but Jun remains squeamish.

“Ooh, you’re doing great Jun. The male lead is supposed to look uncertain.”

Well, he was indeed uncertain, because for weeks on end he’s been dealing with all sorts of emotions, and if he kisses you, he could sense just how much he’d end up always wanting to kiss you.

‘It’s only a kiss’ he repeats to himself. His hands land onto your arms, readying himself for the awaited and climactic part of the play. The distance closes in and Jun wonders if you could see just how red his entire face is. He’s just barely a centimeter away and his heart is jumping out of his chest, he desperately wants to kiss you, to hold you, to do everything with you and he realizes, he’s so in love with you.


Jun jumped back with a startle. The director calls for the rehearsal’s end. Jun feels woozy; a headache develops along with a defeated sigh in his heart. He packs his things slowly, trying to give himself time to slow his heart rate and recollect his thoughts.


He’s blushing at the sound of your voice, “Yes.” He continues to stare down at his bag as a way to hide his tomato looking face.

“Do you want to grab some dinner? Maybe we can work on a few things for the play.” You become concerned as he remains awfully quiet. Your hand touches his shoulder, “Jun? Are you okay?”

“Yeah totally.” His voice cracks as he looks up to you.

“Oh my god.” Your hands reach up to his crimson face, “You’re heating up. Are you sick?”

“No!” Jun shouts defensively.

“What’s wrong?”

Jun holds his hands to his own cheek, trying to mask all the blushes, against his own hands he begins to muffle a very quiet sentence.

Your eyes squint at him, “what did you say?”

An embarrassed grin plasters on his lips, he tries to hide his expression under his own fingers, “I like you.”

I like you. It rings in your ears and it feels as though it echoes throughout the theatre room.

“You like me?” Your eyebrow raises in confusion, “but, before, you always ignored me and….what?”

Jun continues to cover his expression, “You were so perfect that it drove me so crazy. I thought I didn’t like you, but, yeah.”

It was awkwardly cute. The view of the blushing boy brought your lips into a firm grin. You’ve stepped forward, grasping upon the mid of his shirt, standing lightly on the front of your foot. He feels the sweetness, the sugar of your lips on his, the glossy taste of your cherry lipstick staining him. It was more than everything he had ever wanted.

When you pull away, he’s almost reluctant, following your lips that you’ve pulled away.

“Looks like we’ll need to practice more.”

Yes, you were definitely too perfect for him.

BTS - Cock warming

Pairing - Bts x Reader
Genre- Smut
A/N - So I just got of for winter break. So i’m hoping to write more. Request are open if you have anything you want me to write about.

Jin - 

He never knew he needed this until he slid into you. You had asked him if he wanted to try it the other day. He didn’t know what to say then. Now he feeling you gave him was better than anything he had ever felt.

“Y/N you … you feel so damn good,” he barley got that one sentence out.

This felt so good, but he needed something more. He needed to move and if didn’t move he felt like he would explode. Moving his hips he let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding in. 

Originally posted by bwiseoks

Yoongi -
Yoongi didn’t really know why you wanted to try this. He told you that he didn’t really see the point and you should drop it. After practice he came home with sweat dripping down his face and shirt. You took him into the bedroom and pushed him down onto the bed.

“ Y/N what are you doing?” he ask while smirking at you.

“Yoongi please just this once. I promise you’ll like it, and if you don’t then you can punish me,” you said while straddling his lap.

After you both are undressed you take in his length. He throws his head back. As soon as he is fully in you, you stop moving and look down on him. You can tell he’s holding back his moans. You tighten yourself around him.

“Y/N…after this I’m going to thrust into you so hard that you won’t be able to walk tomorrow.” He says with a little smirk on his face. 

Originally posted by seokjins-wings

J-hope - 

Damn. That was all that was going though J-hopes head at the moment. You were tight around him. He needed to thrust into you. The way you felt around him made almost lose everything. He flipped you over and thrusted into you. 

He moaned at the friction. He knew that tonight he was going to fuck you hard. Everything was telling him to make you not able to walk tomorrow. 

“I’m… I’m sorry… I know you wanted to do this, but I couldn’t help myself,” He said as he thrusted into you hard. 

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Namjoon -
This was not how he thought his night would go. He thought he would come home and cuddle you, take a shower, and then go to sleep. He didn’t think that he would be doing this. He slides into you with ease. He looks down on you loving the way you look under him. He pushes his full length into you. He loved the way you felt. He loved the way you tighten around him every time you moaned and the way you were so warm.

“Namjoon… namjoon please…please move,” you said practically moaning.

He thrust into you hard and you knew that tomorrow would be a hard day for you. That for the hundredth time you would have to ask him to help you get ready for work. 

Originally posted by ksjknj

Taehyung -
He gave you a gummy smile as soon as he walked though the door. You looked over to him not knowing why he was so happy.

“Y/N want to try something with me?” asked as he pushed you down onto the couch.

He took off all you clothes before you had time take off his shirt. Reaching out to take off his pants he got up and was already on it.

“ The boys told me about this thing called cock warming. I was hoping to try it. What do you think?” He asked as he got back on top of you.

You nodded your head and that was all he needed. He pushes himself into you. After two minutes of him being inside of you while he kissing your neck and lips. You had started to beg for him to move.

“I’m going moving because my kitten begged for me to,” he said as he thrusted into you fast and hard. 

Originally posted by taelatte

Jimin -
Jimin wanted to make you happy so as soon as you told him about it he stripped for you. H walked over to the bed and sat down telling you that he wanted to try it. You were move than excited. You walked over to him and placed yourself onto him. Sinking down he moaned. You rested u head onto his shoulder. Making sure to give him small little kisses on his shoulder.

“Y/N can I please move?” He asked almost breathless.

You nodded your head against his shoulder. He pushed into at a slow pace, but you had a feeling that it wouldn’t last like that. 

Originally posted by jikookdetails

Jungkook -
When you told Jungkook about it he had to ask you what that was. When you told him he didn’t know what to think. He had never tired it and he was scared. He slid into from behind and he pushed him self all the way into you. You let out a moan. You tightened around his length and he let out a groan. Needing more he thrusted in and out of you. He felt bad about not controlling him self more. After you both came he whispered a sorry to you.

“I’m sorry Y/N I know you wanted to try that, but I needed to move,” he says still whispering in your ear sending chills down your back.

“Jungkook want to go another round?” you asked. You could feel him smile on to your neck.

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blackwolf13987  asked:

Hi! I love your blog, it's helped me find soooo many great fics. I'm hoping you can help me find a few steter fics where Peter is more calm and rational around stiles with fluff, but maybe with some sexy times too? Thank you soo much for being amazing humans! 😍😄❤👌👍


Anonymous said:Hey just finished 7 days of 12 hour shifts and am in serious need of some steter fluff, especially ones where Peter looks after stiles but seriously all the fluff and love

Here’s some fluffy!Steter. - Anastasia

Originally posted by sethsgeck0

All I’ve Lost by GenimHale 

(2/2 I 1,890 I Not Rated)

Stiles and Peter are left alone when the pack go out to defeat something and Stiles receives some bad news and needs comfort…


The one where Stiles has a panic attack and only Peter is there to help him

We’re Lost and Found by idratherwrite

(1/1 I 2,250 I Mature)

Peter had a plan for Stiles. It would’ve been the perfect plan if not for Stiles.

Expecto Patronum by ChuckleVoodoos

(1/1 I 2,765 I General)

Peter’s been having some trouble during the full moons since his extended dirt nap. Luckily he’s got a friend now to help him through it.

Professing His Intention by x_Lazart_x

(1/1 I 3,454 I Teen)

When their new DADA professor turns out to be a werewolf, Stiles is intrigued. Then he meets Peter Hale and falls head over heels and is determined to have him. Now if only Peter would co-operate with his plan.

Moonlight Dahlia by Triangulum

(1/1 I 8,688 I General)

There, at the base of the trunk, nestled between two large roots, is a car seat and in it, a baby. Stiles and Peter both freeze, staring down in shock. The baby is asleep, bundled up tightly, a soft orange wool hat on its head and an envelope pinned to its blanket. Stiles stares at Peter incredulously, but he doesn’t know what to say either.


So it turns out Peter has a daughter.

This Could Be So Dirty That it Just Ain’t Right by taylorpotato

(1/1 I 10,380 I Explicit)

Ever since Stiles presented as an Omega, he hasn’t been feeling the same urges as his peers. When he’s around an Alpha that’s not Scott (who is pretty much his brother at this point), his first reaction is to shrink away, not try to press closer. Until he meets Peter Hale. Who acts like the most annoying, entitled kind of Alpha on the planet. Except he’s not one. He’s an Omega. Of course, Stiles would turn out to be every type of gay possible. 

neighbor!yoongi and kittens

► #1 in neighbor series

summary: drunk!y/n stumbles into new neighbor yoongi’s apartment.

“listen, i don’t really like you, but you have kittens, so i’m going to be over a lot.”

Originally posted by meanyoongis

yoongi had just recently moved over to the apartment complex right next to you, and coincidentally, it was the exact room that faced yours.

he often kept the blinds shut while you left yours open 24/7. he would never step out to his porch while you sat out on yours for hours, trying to get more tan. he would stay in to try to compose songs and you would prance around your room blasting top 40. he liked to lightly tease his two baby kittens while you would make your dog dance with you. you two were different, but oddly enough, the same.

it was a dim and dark day in the wee mornings of late september. the rainy season was in full swing and one could no longer tell night from day. the morning sky turned to be grey and depressing, the sun hidden behind large clouds of water vapor. the days turned long and often seemed to drag on for forever while the nights were short and brief. a strange time the rainy season was, indeed.

you stumbled home (or what seemed to be home) from a hot and raunchy saturday night out. you were a drunk mess, hair messied and makeup was all over your face. “friends” refused to accompany you home, so instead, you called an uber while tipsy.

you stepped into the complex, not minding your surroundings and the people that gave you disgusted looks. who cares. you had fun grinding on people you didn’t know and faces you would never see again. but most of all, it was a good distraction from your ex.

you dragged yourself towards the elevators and got into the moving metal box. leaning against the wall, you let out a sigh and tried to wipe your heavy makeup off your face with the palm of your hand. that didn’t work so well.

your fingers pressed floor 5 and you waited silently until the elevator gave a ding signal again. the 5-inch heels you wore seemed to grow taller and taller with each step and dug into your heels more and more. you look around floor 5 and suddenly, you recognize a familiar face.

“hey stranger. i’ve seen you before, yeah?” you say, slurring your words and slapping a sloppy smile on your face.

yoongi turns his head around to look at the mess presented in front of him. knitting his eyebrows together, he says,”sorry, do i know you?”

“nope,” you respond,”but i know you. i’m your next door- no wait, apartment… apartment complex neighbor. yeah. i see you through your blinds, sometimes.”

“ah,” is the only response he gives before standing there awkwardly and rubbing the back of his neck.

“so what’re you doing in this complex, my good friend?” you interrogate him with a friendly tone.

“i live here?”

“nah, bro, i live here. If i live here, you can’t be here.”

“i don’t think you’re at the correct place.”

this time, you’re the one to knit your eyebrows together in confusion. his eyes are dancing with amusement and laughter, something you’ve never seen. he had always had a serious expression plastered on that handsome face of his.

you don’t respond and he replies for you.

“have you been out?”

“what do you mean by ‘out’?”

“you know. partying, drinking, dancing, clubs, stuff like that.”

“ah, man, is it that obvious? c’mon. that’s not very nice to say, is it?” you speak slowly, taking your index finger and lightly jabbing it to the middle of his chest.

he looks at you with a bewildered look and says,”good night, neighbor.”

you follow him down the hall. his steps speed up and so does yours, and he even breaks out sprinting at one point.

laughing, your thoughts tell you that this is a fun game of tag. yoongi thinks otherwise.

he unlocks his door quickly and you slip pass him.

“wha-” he starts and before he can finish, you shush him with your index finger.

his cats are lying on the floor, fast asleep. you crouch down and you can feel your dress riding up your thighs, but you don’t bother to pull them up again. if this guy has seen the disgusting state your face is in, then why does it matter if he sees your ass? he’s probably not even interested.

“you really can’t walk into someone’s apartment and expect them not to be angry, you know?” he says, irritation laced in his words.

you turn your head and smile at him lazily.

“listen, honestly, i don’t really like you, but you have kittens, so i’m going to be over a lot.”

“i just met you. you’re drunk. go home.”

“oh come on. this can be considered a bonding activity. i pet your kittens, and we get to know each other. two birds with one stone? right? right?” you say, your voice getting more and more desperate. all you want to do is pet the damn kittens!

yoongi doesn’t reply to your comment. he has officially given up on kicking his next door neighbor out of his apartment. he leaves for his kitchen and takes out a large glass cup and pours a cup of cold water to help with your mind.

meanwhile, you lay down on the hard, wooden floor with a kitten clutched closely to your chest. your vision becomes blurry and your eyelids seem to weigh 100 pounds. your conscience tells you that it’s bad manners to fall asleep on someone’s floor, but so is coming into someone’s house uninvited and petting their kittens.

you let sleep take over your drunken state and yoongi shortly returns to you see, spiraled on the floor, with his kitten close to your chest. he scoffs.

“you can’t just fall asleep,” he retorts to himself quietly.

he takes a good look at you. your dress is short enough to pass for a shirt, heels so tall they could compare with the empire state building, and makeup so ruined it could be believed for a 3rd grader’s best attempt.

he places the cold water down on the coffee table and slowly removes the kitten from your hand. yoongi tucks the loose strands of messy hair behind your ears, with such care that even he himself his surprised with.

he scoffs yet again, impressed at your actions and his responses. he steps over your limp body and quietly walks over to his bathroom, grabbing a box of makeup wipes that his ex left a couple years ago. he knew this would always come in handy.

he slowly tiptoes back to you, sits down criss-cross to face you, and folds the wipe into fourths. he gently wipes the makeup off your face to the best of his abilities. afterward, takes a spare hair tie that taehyung often uses and brushes your hair up into a ponytail.

“what a drag,” he says to himself while looking at your (somewhat less) disheveled self.

he quickly grabs a throw pillow from the couch and places it under your head. he walks back into his room and before grabbing a spare blanket, he spots a pair of sweatpants lying on his floor. he sighs, but he knows it’s the right thing to do.

he walks out after grabbing the blanket, and stands towering over your sleeping self. he pities you. you, a drunk girl in heels too high for her and a skirt too short to allow comfort.

he grabs the sweatpants and slips them onto your legs while looking away. he doesn’t want a flash of what might (or might not be) underneath. yoongi flings the blanket over your lifeless body and walks to the door to switch the lights off.

heading towards his room, he looks back and laughs softly at you. he doesn’t know a lot about you, but he does know one thing: after you leave in shame and regret tomorrow, you’ll come back for his kittens.

Wrackspurts Make the Best Audience

Luna: Ginny? 

*Ginny pulls Luna to stand next to her*

Ginny: Shh, just pretend with me~

*Luna looks even more perplexed*

Ginny: For when you really want something to happen and you’re too excited to wait.

Ginny: Erm…yes.

Luna: Hm. Here I thought the Wrackspurts may have taken it. Turns out it was just you. But why did you take it?

Ginny: As a stand in for the trophy I will one day get!

Ginny:…I know that Luna.

Luna: So then why were you telling the mirror that you did?


Breath (Will Byers x Reader)

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Request: Will Byers x reader where she knows how to calm him down. But like one day she has a hallucination that’s terrifying and she has anxiety attacks about it but during one of her attacks she comforts Will bc she knows he needs it more? Thank you love!

Authors note: I kind of changed up the request a bit, I hope you don’t mind! I hope you like this!! Feedback is appreciated!!!

“Will you need to breath, okay. In and out.” You take a big breath of air in, exhaling slowly, over exaggerating.

Will couldn’t breath, his eyes were wide and full of tears, breath coming in short, wheezing gasps. His throat was on fire, mind full of panic. His head was consumed with the thoughts of the upside down and everything the mind flayer made him do. His mind was full of guilt and sorrow, no matter how many times you told him it wasn’t his fault, he couldn’t think any different.

Will’s panic started to cause you to panic, your breaths starting to come in short and shallow. You didn’t care about the burning in your chest or the pounding of your heart, your thoughts were only on Will. Once he could breath, you would be fine.

You wave your hand in the air, signaling an inhale of breath. You watch as Will’s chest expands and fills with air. His eyes closing for a moment, opening when he lets the air out. You repeat your motions, trying to match his deep, uneven breaths.

After what seemed like an eternity, your breathing was calming. Air was filling your lungs, the burning in your chest subsiding. Will’s panic seemed to fade as well, his throat opening up and his dark thoughts evaporating.

Tears still poured out of your eyes as you pull him into a hug. His arms wrapped around your shoulders, face in the crook of your neck. The two of you cried together, sniffles and sobbs escaping your mouths.

“Will you stay the night?” Will’s sad voice whispered. You nodded against his shoulder, holding him closer to you.

That night you and Will talked about everything and anything that wasn’t about the past, you talked about the future and school. You talked about your friends and your family. You talked about how much you cared for each other, how you wished happiness for him. Will didn’t talk about what evil thoughts were on his mind, but maybe he will someday.

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Day 16: Special Eggnog

Warnings: Underage drinking?
Characters: Sam & Dean Winchester, Sister Winchester Reader
Summary: You got to the mall and get some “special eggnog”
Reader’s Age: Not old enough to drink
Word Count: 1328

Y/N: Your Name
Y/N/N: Your Nickname

A/N: This is one of my personal favorites! Enjoy!

25 Days of Christmas Master List

“I’m bored!” You leaned over and laid your head on Sam’s shoulder.

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Hello superbutterbuns I recently (like 3 days ago or something) discovered your YouTube channel and binged watched a lot of your videos and enjoyed a lot of them. I always wonder how many of those super Final Fantasy freaking nerds there are out there since I only really know one irl. Also I followed your tumblr and just thought that maybe it’s a gaming aesthetics blog and pretty humorous which is exactly what my blog (kind of) is. Anywho can’t wait to see more from ya! Toodles!

AhhhhhhH thank you for the support and love BLESS! 

Five Minutes

Rules are: write a title, set a timer for five minutes, and write like mad! Post whatever you come up with, whether it’s turned into a story or not. Feel free to join! (And to tweak a few sentences once the timer runs out. No judgement! It’s just for fun.) (I changed this to five minutes to allow a little more time to explore the ideas. Let me know what you think!)


I dye my hands before we go to the tombs. The crimson dye looks like blood in the candlelight, and the smell of the paint on my face makes me sick to my stomach. One day I’ll burn the black clothes that I wear and stop pretending to mourn for a man I cared nothing about, but for now appearance is everything. The world has to know its queen is weeping over her king.
The servants take me down to the tombs. The priests are already there, lighting candles and torches for my visit. I’m here to pray to the dead, after all. What better time to do that than under the full moon.
The youngest of the priests, Azel, bows his head when I enter, and I catch a fleeting glimpse of his sardonic smile. “Come to mourn, your highness?”
I smile back at him, and curtsy a little. Just enough for royalty to show respect for the gods. “I do.”
We both know I’m not here to mourn, or to pray to a corpse. The king is praised as a saint, a son of heaven in every corner of the city, but he was neither. They don’t remember his cruelty, his drunken parties, the bruises on his wife’s face. They remember his fine words. People praise the dead because they no longer have to bear their words and deeds.
I remember what he really was. So does Azel. But we’ll mourn a little longer. For appearances.

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The only time the other egos let Gear near young you is when they're within eyeshot. One day, Gear more or less accidentally grabs you too roughly. That's the day the egos find out that you bruise like a peach (I personally do) and become even more protective if that's possible.

Gear is thrown across the room because you yelp in pain from the grip. Later that day the egos see the bruise and all hell breaks loose.


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Request: Hey! Could you write an imagine where Tyler tries to tell the reader that he likes her a lot and the only way by doing that is kissing her?

Genre: fluff

There were many reasons why Tyler found himself falling in love with you. Every laugh he managed to get out of you, the stupid jokes you made, and the way your butt looked in jeans all added to the plethora of reasons. You were funny, kind, smart, and you were the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Tyler always wondered if you would record with Mark and him, or if he’d see you at least once throughout his day. Disappointment consumed Tyler when he went a day without you, and whenever you were around he was the last to leave. There was just one problem: you were completely incognizant.

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