one more day until i'm 18!

anonymous asked:

My mum refuses to believe that I'm trans. She says that I "don't show the signs" and that she doesn't understand why I feel the need to label myself like that, and no one realizes that she's just playing the victim. She offered to let me get therapy but only under the condition that she come to every session with me even though I'm not comfortable with that and have told her as much. I don't want to wait until I'm 18 for T because I get more depressed and anxious every day. What do I do?

Lee says:

I think you should take her up on her offer of therapy, because maybe the therapist will side with you once you explain that you’re really trans and you need to start hormones. I’m sorry she’s being this way, my mom was like that at first and it sucked highkey. I ended up having to wait until 18 to start T, and it wasn’t easy, but I survived and you can too.

Mental health:

What if someone is not supportive after I come out?


Whah marathoned this over two days after suddenly getting the idea for it yesterday. Persona-esque drawings for seven of my DN OCs: Serrak, Veika, Kaigas, Kolkan, Arreta, Neivae, and Aletscha. 

I guess I could’ve drawn a couple more but I only felt like drawing these ones. |D;; I drew all the eyes separately, trying to make them symmetrical enough to look natural. Also did this to categorise the designs of their eyes and eyebrows and ears to a point. 

Been doing three consecutive cell-shading pics… 

All characters belong to me. Also happy 17th birthday Serrak.