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Sheith Positivity Week ♡

  • Monday, July 24: Sky / Sea 
  • Tuesday, July 25: Sun / Stars

A favourite SWR character (Kallus!!) in 1B!!

I can’t imagine him ever pulling such a broad, expressive face unless he was really emotionally provoked in some way - someone really just pushing his buttons. I tried to come up with various scenarios that would force him to go away from his calm, composed personality for a bit, so here’s an injured, disheveled, exhausted Kallus pulling a beast-like grin of victory after a rather intense fight/duel with someone.

(Idk if the pose makes sense cropped like this but he’s kneeling down on his knees.)


pls watch this video


Lull Before the Storm (1944) - the English Lion and the American eagle crouch side by side on the cliffs of Dover, preparing for D-Day.


David Tennant, Don Juan in Soho stage door, 7th, 8th and 9th June 

.. can I just point out that (it seems like) he wore the same trousers (at least) three days in a row :D I love this man! 


“I’m getting out of here!”

Mass Effect: Andromeda Appreciation
Day 3: Moment that made you laugh


The horses are coming
   So you better run~

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its 5 in the morning have a really low quality jpeg of some 20yo giogio

What know what’s fucked up?  How forgotten Rouge is!  

She is the only confirmed woman to have the famed ‘D’ initial. (Logically Lami, Law’s sister, also probably carried this initial and possibly their mother as well as we don’t know which parent they inherited it from but it was never mentioned, lame.)

She was in, what we assumed to be a loving, relationship with one of the most infamous pirates known the the seas.

She fucking held out like a damn champion when women and infants were being dragged away when suspected of being in any way associated with Roger. AKA suspected of being her!

Held out her pregnancy way beyond the point of survival. Dealt with the no doubt immense pain she suffered just so her baby could have a chance at life.

Portgas D. Rouge was a hardcore mother fucking steel mama and I am deeply in love with her.

Listen I’m gonna draw her rn cause I am in desperate need but if y’all got any headcanons I would 157% love to hear them.

Luffy’s impact on Law

Luffy has already decided to beat the crap out of Doflamingo, because he is a trash jerk for what he had done to Dressrosa, and most importantly his friend, Rebecca.(and most most imptly my precious Roci)

I mean it’s Luffy, so he is willing to beat up anyone that hurts his friend. However, Law didn’t want him to do it.

He doesn’t want Luffy to finish Doflamingo, because the whole plan was only to ruin his SMILEs business, so that Kaidou will be enraged and come fight/kill Doflamingo himself, while he can stay in the background and watch the events roll out, without having to confront either one of them.

If Luffy fights Doflamingo and win, they are risking a future head-on fight with Kaidou and that is not what he wants at all. In other words, he was scared to fight him, because he know that they have little chances to win against a yonkou. 

But ofc he wasn’t able to stop Luffy (like who can)

Luffy had a point and Law knew that he can’t change his mind, so he had to keep quiet and unwillingly let Luffy get on with his plan.

(Look at his reluctant face lmao)

However, after a few chapters of being a potato sack, he’s changed. Not only did he learn to place his trust in others (Luffy in this case), and refused to leave his side while he was fighting,

he even wanted to die along with him if he failed! (THEY ARE CANON)

This is coming from the guy that just wanted to do background damage, in order to prevent actual fighting with strong characters head-on! 

(Look at his determined face! He wants to stay with bae so much I can’t take this)

However, what really showed me the impact of Luffy on him, is when Cabbage Cavendish said this.

He is obviously concerned about Law and Luffy’s safety if Doflamingo is defeated, because that will bring about an enormous impact around the world and make them more prone to attacks by higher powers, which Law of course, would have already predicted that that will happen. And yet, instead of being annoyed or complaining abt the results like what he usually does that lil shit, he answered back with this,

“Yeah, That’s what we are after.” 

What a confident answer! It really showed his resolve to confront this battle, instead of running away and letting someone else finish it for him(kaidou). He is coming out from the shadows right into the spotlight, not afraid to get noticed by enemies and the world. All of this change, is thanks to Luffy. He had such a positive influence on him, and even helped bring out that daredevil trait all members of the “D” family seems to have.

Also no matter how much he denies it, Law has already formed a very strong bond with Luffy at this point. He trusts Luffy so much so that he is willing to face whatever consequences, Kaidou or maybe even possible death, that comes their way after the defeat of Doflamingo! I know this because only with a firm trust, will you develop a sense of security so strong that it can give you courage and push you to take a risk, which, in this case, Luffy became the person that provided Law with that sense of security.

Luffy will definitely change him even more, and he is without a doubt gg to be an important nakama ally to Luffy! (Omg get married pls)  I can’t wait to see what this alliance has in stored!!

※ omg i finally got this off my chest, been wanting to write this down for ages. Please like what I wrote everyone I spent like FOUR days writing this…and will probably add on to this in the future

dgraymanweek  || Day 3: Blood Crusade

↳ Option B: Favorite Happy/Sad Moment

“I will still continue to pray
Please bestow upon this child your love”