one month till i see them again ♥

Gee whiz I hope I am a good parent. Or at least good enough. I hope that my kids will alway know they are loved. I hope I’ll one day be stable enough to have kids
Side note I think I like someone again. I met them like a year ago and I noticed them right away. I didn’t talk or see them for several months except seeing them at school where I noticed them then I started seeing them a few times when he was smoking with ppl I knew and idk my heart started warming. They are different and kind. So kind. And it makes my heart feel fuzzy and I was waiting all week till Friday to see them and I did and it was so nice and they r just so nice and always listens to everything I say and will even wait till someone is done talking and ask me what I was saying cause I was interrupted. and as I was leaving school today they said hi and I was filled with fuzz and after I hung out with them I came home and just felt so fuzzy it was weird I don’t know if I’m manic or happy or what and idk know what I want out of it or if there’s anything out of it. I can’t tell if they like me back or are just rly nice. Idk!!!!!