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Ben & Sophie high five each other & hold hands at Wimbledon final, July 10 2016

Me and the fam 😎✌🏻️

These people are some of the nicest most sweetest people I have ever had the opportunity to meet. They all got a kick out of my prosthetics!

I got an odo bucket drawing from Rene
Terry was so sweet and kind
Nana LOVED my cosplay
Michael Dorn and Cirroc got a kick out of my cosplay too
And Armin was literally the nicest and coolest person like ever and asked about all the details on how I made my prosthetics

I love all of these amazing actors and I just feel so honored to have been able to meet them all 😊💖

inktober 9: broken 

hey remember that time the jedi council broke the implicit pledge to always stand with their own ~ ☆.。.:*・°☆.* 。.: ・°☆

That time I pronounced jung food as Jungkook, I realized that I’m a real trash for him and bts


Isak og Even  💚


im kinda hoping that playing as spectre knight is just him trying to be edgy and mysterious while everyone calls him out on actually being a huge lame-o who makes stuff up on the spot

Reverse Harem

So, while perusing the “Dance with Devils” tag last night, I saw a lot of: “This a breath of refreshing air! FINALLY a reverse harem where the main protagonist is smart! Oh, look, actual story and plot!”
I just want to facepalm because there are WAY better reverse harems with MUCH smarter female leads and far better plot. And the most important part: males actually considering heroine a real human being and not a prize to be won.
So, let me instill that breath of fresh air for a moment.

The one everyone knows:

Ouran Highschool Host Club: Literally everyone knows this anime and the protagonist is ridiculously intelligent and puts up with no shit ever. Even when she finally starts to fall for Tamaki in the manga, she still maintains her sense of strength and wisdom, though still oblivious as always of course. And the main cast all think of her as a person and respect her, though Hikaru and Kaoru had their problems in the beginning.

Akatsuki no Yona: While Hak does struggle with an extreme desire to possess Yona, we see him overcome that and instead change it to “I want to show you off to the world, show everyone who you are, what you’ve become and how strong you are” obviously those aren’t exact words but the point is clear. While everyone is consistently concerned for her life (she does make a lot of rash decisions), they all respect her and adore her. Plus the plot is AMAZING.

Hanasakeru Seishounen: While this plot IS more romance based AND the father literally sets the daughter up with all of these men almost as if she were a possession, he makes it clear later that he did it for her choice and not to actually force her into something she wouldn’t want, he just wanted a back up plan. Even the main character who does want to possess her never forces her into anything EVER. He makes efforts to protect her while also understanding her free spirit. Plus, this is also highly politically based and has an amazing plot.

Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge: While the art style may not appeal to everyone, this show is HILARIOUS. The romance is barely touched on in the anime (the manga concentrates on it) and for once not everyone wants the main character, who is one of the most eccentric heroine in reverse harem anime ever.

There, four anime that don’t have bland heroines and actually have a purpose. I could name a couple of others (like the first season of Uta no Prince-sama, though the main character there is a bit bland in comparison to these four or Kamigami no Asobi) but I’d say these four reign supreme over the others.

This isn’t meant to attack Dance with Devils fans, since I obviously like it too, just to say it isn’t necessarily a breath of fresh air, LOL.


It’s Myers roof dust, all the hotels use it now. It diverts the sun’s rays. Keeps the utility bills down in the summer.

I’m so proud of them. 6 years ago, Tyler wasn’t sure if Twenty One Pilots was going to work out. He wasn’t sure if he was meant to make or play music. Everything seemed like it was crashing down on him and he felt like there was no light at the end of the tunnel. He was ready to give up, but he didn’t. He pushed through his droughts. And now, 6 years later, him and his best friend are playing sold out shows all over the world, 2 of which include Madison Square Gardens. They did it. 

They aren’t the only ones who did it. You did it, too. You used their music to help you through rough times. You helped this band get to where they are today by supporting them and their music. When you make it out to a show, you decided it was worth it to keep going. Their shows are rooms full of people who all decided it was worth it to keep going. Tyler decided it was worth it to keep going. And look where he is today. 

We did it. 

rick, you’re still bleedin there buddy