one million tomorrows


Imagine a stand off with God!stiel...

“Cas, come on, snap out of it, you’re killing people!” You said shaking your head in disbelief. He was definitely far from the sweet angel that you knew now… He was a monster. The kind you usually put down.

“So?” He said with a smile that made your stomach churn.

“Damn it Cas. It’s taking every ounce of me to not… not…” You stuttered.

“Not what? You really are wasting my time.”

“Not slap you round the face you arrogant little shit.” You felt your eyes go wide at your small outburst. With Cas in this state, who knew what he could do?

“What a brave little ant you are, but you know what more evolved species do to ants?” He rotated his foot a little in emphasis.

“I’m not an ant.” You half snarled as you carefully reached into your pocket for any form of weapon.

“Hm. Maybe not… However, I’m God and you, Y/N, are a nuisance.”

calum knows you hate going to the dentist, so he always offers to come with you and hold your hand. he’s supportive on the entire drive there, holding the steering wheel with one hand and your hand with the other, telling you it’ll be okay and offering you small smiles. he makes small talk with your dentist as you make your way back towards the chair, and then points out all the odd tools and devices, cracking jokes to ease your nerves. but the second the dentist comes up with the anesthesia needle to numb your mouth, his entire face flushes and he starts sweating, stuttering out, “looks like you’ve got it from here babe, I’ll be in the waiting room.” and dipping while you glare at his weak retreating back.