one million smiles


— Your smile can brighten even the darkest night. ☆ 

Happy birthday to my precious source of happiness, inspiration and motivation.
Thank you Sehun for everything. ♡
Never stop smiling. ~ ☆ 

I know all I can do right now is talk about the Renora scene on the airship but can we please talk about the renora scene on the airship? But most importantly..REN’S EXPRESSIONS. 

When he first looks at her, he looks a little unsure but then his face gradually turns into a soft expression. 

It’s like Ren made the realization that he loves Nora (although, he probably realized that earlier when Nora pushed him under the building…or earlier than that but it’s now more apparent that the Grimm that killed his parents is dead and that’s A LOT off his shoulders and mind). 


NORA’S INITIAL REACTION IS SO PURE AND CUTE AND EVERYTHING I EVER NEEDED. (And Ren’s face is just…wow…have you ever seen him more serene with the world because I haven’t)

And then Ren puts his hand on-top of Nora’s and Nora holds up his hand and I can just see her examining it like “he really put his hand on my hand”. The way they readjust their hands just kills me in the best way. 

NORA’S EXPR/ESSION HERE IS EVEN PURER THAN THAT LAST ONE AND IT JUST SCREAMS “REALLY?”. Like, she’s looking at him to make sure what’s happening is really happening…that he might have the same feelings for her that she’s felt for him for so many years. 



I thought this entire scene did an amazing job of developing their relationship and taking it beyond being close friends/crushes with just the smallest details in the animation. A kiss would have amazing and gladly accepted, but I thought their expressions and body language did soooo much more than what a kiss could have done here (besides, there’s plenty more time for kisses in the next volume ;)). 


Well he must’ve done something right. You turned out pretty good.

Calgary man rallying for one million smiles opens free store in Rundle!

“Akeam Francis’ goal is simple: make someone’s day better. And now, every Saturday in Rundle, he does that 100 times over by handing over clothing, books, household items and even beds in exchange for nothing more than a smile.”

You guys, Akeam Francis has opened up a shop where he gives to the needy for nothing more than a smile. I’m all for this, if you’re in Calgary, Canada or nearby - show him some love by donating what you don’t need and funding his business more. If you’re not from Calgary, send him some love online for the remarkable love he’s showing our community.



Took You Under Our Wing

A Mercy/Pharah + Mercy/D.VA commission, for an anonymous patron. Not explicit, not too suggestive. Just good old fashioned fluff.

The world spun when she stood. So Hana laid down on her bed, staring at the rivets in the ceiling. Occasionally she glanced to the digital clock on her bedside table, the broken red lines blurring into numbers that didn’t make any sense.

She always had trouble sleeping. When she was younger her parents blamed it on video games. It was true that staring at bright screens all night didn’t help… but she could never explain it away without sounding like she was making excuses. Fast forward a few years and some misdiagnoses later: her new friend Angela set her up with another doctor who might be able to help. Lo and behold, she had insomnia. But like, she really had it. It was official now. A doctor said it.

Like, she’d been saying as much for years now, and if someone had listened to her sooner they would have known that, but it was honestly whatever.

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I looked at her and smiled. Her hair flowed in the wind and the sunrays casted a golden glow on her silhouette. She looked like an angel sent from Heaven, my angel. “I love you.” I whispered. 

She looked up and blushed. “I just don’t understand…” Her eyes were searching for an answer. “I don’t understand that you love me. I mean, look at me” She laughed. “I am not even that beautiful and you…”

“You look like you are a fashion model.” She grabbed my hands. “They say inner beauty matters, but from all the people who have met me, you are the one who knows that I am not even beautiful deep down. I can be so immature sometimes and you know that I am so awkward and I can appear so weak. So what I want to tell you is…” Her smile dropped. 

“I can understand it. I mean, I am okay with being by myself, I am okay with the fact that I am not beautiful and it’s okay, if you ever want to leave me.” She bit her lip and was struggling choosing the right words. “You can leave if you are thinking of someone else. I will never, ever hold you back from doing so. It’s just, I love you too. I love you so much. You look so beautiful in my eyes, and it’s not because of your looks. I mean, your looks are perfect.” I laughed and my heart skipped a beat looking at her one million dollar smile. She looked at me.

“But I am talking about the way you love me. I know you love me, so much. I know that you care about me and that you see me as someone so beautiful, but..”

“It’s just, I want to tell you, if you want to leave, don’t hold yourself back from your new happiness. Ok? But if you do, just know that I will never find someone again. You are my only one, and I love you so much. You are my world and even is that something that you might not understand, just know I don’t want anyone else in this world.“ 

I laughed and gave her a hug. She was so tiny, so fragile but I know that she fought battles greater than I can imagine. She is mine and I would never ever trade her for someone else in this world. I can imagine her being my wife, the mother of my children. She will never know how precious she is to me.

I know that she wants to be her own rolemodel, she want to be her own hero and I can understand how big her world is. She is not like any other person I know and I know that during this lifetime, she will always be full of surprises and I know, I will never grow tired of her. 

I vowed to myself, that after learning about her, she can be so stubborn that it drives me crazy. But damn, it makes me want to love her even more. She is so passionate to be strong by herself. She is so strong and yet so fragile. She is my world and my universe. It’s silly to think but I know this woman is my fate and she may never see how beautiful she is to me, that doesn’t stop me from admiring her every day. 

“Stupid.” I laughed. It’s all I can bring out.

—  a day with the love of my life
I Bet You It’s Love

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I Bet You It’s Love [Jungkook X Reader]

THEME: Angst, fluff, romance

(WARNING): Some mature language

WORDS: 8 450

AUTHOR: TheLillzMonster


It was a regular Tuesday morning and you were just walking through the gray high school hallway, filled with teenagers talking about whatever. Everyone had there own group that they belonged to. It was like an unwritten system. You always belonged to a group. Except for a few people, who were very lonely. Those few people were usually the quiet, shy and introverted type. And of course, you were one of them. You took quiet but fast steps, passing by all of the cheerful, happy, young souls who seemed to have endless things to talk about. Nobody noticed you. Nobody looked at you. Nobody greeted you. Not that you cared that much though. It was normal to you and you were used to it. It didn’t really bother you to be able to be alone and do whatever you wanted to without someone else stopping you. Loneliness wasn’t necessarily a negative thing to you anymore. You’d always been a socially shy person and if you had a friend, it was pretty much only one good friend, not a group. Groups just weren’t your thing.

You finally reached your locker and unlocked it. Girls from your class quickly appeared around you, as they were also getting stuff out of their lockers. You bent your head down by instinct, always trying to keep as much attention away from you as possible. It wasn’t like it was hard, no one really noticed you, ever.

“Ey, Jungkook!” A deep voice called out behind you and you glanced over to see Taehyung and Jungkook greeting each other per usual. They were part of one of the school’s most popular groups: BTS. The three youngest members, Park Jimin, Kim Taehyung and Jeon Jungkook, were unfortunately in your class. Unfortunately, because their presence always sucked people in and you found yourself having to sometimes squeeze through crowds of people just to get out of your classroom. It was ridiculous how popular they were just for being handsome. Yes, you admitted that they were handsome, but you never just judged someone on looks. It wasn’t like they were always going around school, flirting with girls, but rumors about them dating new girls spread around school all of the time and you couldn’t help but partially believe in them. You weren’t necessarily uninterested in them, but you didn’t really want to get involved either. You felt like there would be too much trouble.

You quickly reached for your maths book and were in the process of closing the locker when you accidentally overheard the girls beside you whispering.

“Hey, you know that senior that Jungkook was rumored to be dating last week?”


“Well, I just heard someone say that they broke up. I don’t know why though, but that means he’s back on the market. I can’t believe he left an older girl that was so pretty.”

You rolled your eyes, partially at the girls for gossiping and partially at Jungkook. A lot of rumours like that spread about him, way too often. You didn’t want to believe in all of them though, since he was so young and you’d never personally spoken to him, so you didn’t want to judge him too quickly.

You entered the classroom and sat at a desk in the very back, making you even more invisible than what you already were. Not too long after, the three members of BTS came in and sat near the front, where they usually took their seats. You discreetly glanced up at them and you caught Jungkook glancing back at you before you hastily averted your eyes, feeling a little embarassed at the eye contact. Why was he looking at you? You felt heat rise to your cheeks and mentally scolded yourself for it.

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anonymous asked:

how did jungkook look like in real life? does he look like he does in photos :o also what was the best part of the concert?

the best part of the concert? hmmm. that’s hard. the entire concert is worthy of being The Best Part. i loved their performances of lost, i need u etc. in the red outfits. every member made me gasp bc they looked even more vibrant and stunning. ummmmm… cypher. cypher was a highlight for me. hobi threw water at me. it was a holy moment. ANOTHER BEST PART: during lost, jungkook crouched right in front of me and was looking into the crowd towards my right. right before he got up, he made eye contact with me (in my direction??? lol) and when he turned away he smiled SHJDDSSDHJSDHJJSHSHJ. i have photographic and video proof too so now i can relive this moment for the rest of my life.

ok get ready for an essay abt jungkook sdhdhfjsj

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There’s Something in Your Eyes

I’m going to kind of combine prompts for this one, and that may be cheating a bit, but I like this enough to submit it for both. First and foremost, this is a Harry Potter AU (Day 13), and I have combined it a bit with Day 17, Prom Night. Of course, the closest thing to a “prom” in the Harry Potter universe would be the Yule Ball! So this will be a two-shot, with part one being posted today, and part two posted on the 17th. I hope you enjoy!

This year, the Triwizard Tournament is being held at Beauxbatons Academy of Magic, where Marinette Dupain-Cheng has been selected as Champion. She is not afraid of most of the challenges that await her. Except one. Fantastic beasts? No problem. Tests of wit? She’s got them in the bag. Asking her crush to the Yule Ball? That’s a different story entirely…

Named for Ajab Si from Om Shanti Om.

Also on AO3

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He meets your son / J.C

Originally posted by poetrylaurens

Requested: Yes

Summary: You have a two year old son, which you crush, Jc, doesn’t know about. He likes you back as well but you’re not to sure if he’ll continue to like you once he finds out about your son. 

Warnings: None.

Word Count: 3,086

Jc Caylen x Reader

A/N: I love kid imagines to death, thank you for requesting this, anon!


“Mommy, where you going?” You looked down at your son, the most handsomest boy in the whole world.

“Mommy is going on a date.” You replied, gliding the red lipstick onto your lips.

“With daddy?” 

You sighed, shaking your head no, your eyes brimming with water. You son’s father abandoned you when y/s/n was born, leaving you there with all the responsibilities but you wouldn’t trade him for anything in the world. 

“Who is it then?” He questioned, making car noises while pushing his little toy car around on the floor. 

“It’s a friend.” You finished off your makeup with a quick stroke of mascara, smacking your lips together. 

You squatted down, leaving a long kiss on his head, quickly licking down the cow lick forming on the back. You stripped out of your pajamas, sliding on a little black dress that you’ve had since you were seventeen, surprisingly still able to fit in it. You rummaged through your closet, picking your black stilettos with red bottoms. 

“Come on, let’s get you in your pj’s.” You grabbed his little hand, smiling.

You pushed open the door, y/s/n automatically finding new toys to play with. 

“Hey, do you wanna wear robots or dinos?” 

“Dino!” He screamed, his little blonde locks falling into his eye. 

You laughed, folding the robot pjs back up, “When I turn around you better be naked for mommy.” 

You smiled at the shuffling from behind you, the only thing that was really holding you back from this date was wondering if Jc could actually take care of a child, let alone a hyper two year old. 

You sighed, turning around, laughing at your naked boy. You grabbed a pull up, getting down on your knees, telling him to hold onto your shoulders.

“Now, you better be good for your sitter.”

“Okay mommy.”

“If you are, I’ll take you to get ice cream tomorrow with my date.”

You looked up, his little toothy grin shining, “Really?” 

“Yes really!” 

He kept babbling to you about random things, making you smile even more. You quickly cleaned up his toys, grabbing his favorite blanket from his little bed picked him up, balancing him on your hip.

“You’re getting heavy on mommy.” You grunted, trying to balance him once more.

“Sorry.” He mumbled, gnawing on his blanket.

You sat him down on the couch, rummaging around the kitchen making sure you had everything. Your head jerked up, the doorbell ringing throughout the house.

“Coming!” You yelled, shoving twenty dollars into your purse.

You swerved throughout the toys, opening the front door.

“Hey!” You smiled, opening the door wider for your babysitter.

“Hey, Miss. y/l/n!” 

“So, he’s already ready for bed, if he wants a snack give him something small, and just try to watch as much tv as possible so he’ll be easy to put to sleep when I get home tonight.” She nodded her head, waving at your son who simply grinned and turned his focus back onto Spongebob.

She nodded her head again, sitting down beside y/s/n, making small talk with him. You went to the kitchen, quickly sending a text to Jc.

I’m ready!

You sat your phone down, continuing to pack stuff into your purse before getting a text.

About to pull in ;)

You smiled, shoving your phone into your purse, quickly checking yourself in the mirror before walking over to your son, leaving a kiss on his blonde curly locks. 

“Mommy loves you, you better behave!” You pointed a finger at him, making him giggle. 

“I will mommy.” 

You smiled, “Um, I should be back around twelve tonight if that’s okay?” 

“That’ll be fine! You have fun!” 

“Thank you so much, Amy!” 

You opened the front door right as Jc pulled in, making your heart beat faster. You slowly walked to his car, Jc greeting you.

“You look beautiful.” He whispered, opening the car door for you, making you blush.

“Thank you.” You slid into the car, tugging your dress down.

Jc slid in, buckling himself up before exiting out your driveway.

“Where’re we going?” You quizzed, giving him a smile.

“Don’t worry.”

You and Jc chattered about everything on the way to the unknown destination. He talked to you about his fans and about how him and Kian had a new project coming up. This was your second date with Jc and you already feel like you know so much about him, but he doesn’t know much about you. You were still kind of nervous about telling him about your son, and how he would react since he’s in his twenties and living a carefree lifestyle. What if he didn’t accept it? 

“We’re here.” He whispered, pulling into a parking lot, surrounding a beautifully lit restaurant. 

“It’s beautiful.” You whispered.

Jc parked the car, walking over to your door, opening it for you, taking your hand and helping you out.

“Thank you.” You blushed once again, tugging the dress down. 

You were almost as tall as Jc in your heels, but you were super glad that he was taller than you but you could care less either way, he’s everything you’ve wanted in so many years. Jc laced his fingers with yours, leading you into the restaurant, pushing the door open for you.

“Names please?” The young girl smiled.


“Right this way.” She grabbed two menus, leading you both outside to their balcony sitting. 

“This is beautiful.” You awed, sitting down.

Jc smiled at you, running his fingers through his curly hair.

“I’m glad you like it.” He mumbled, giving you a bright smile.

“Of course I would.” 

You two talked and talked about whatever you two could talk about. From youtube, to your job, to both of your favorite things to do, but one thing was still stuck on your mind; your son.

“Um,” You patted your lips with a napkin, clearing your throat, “I need to ask you about something.”

He raised his eyebrow, “What’s up?” 

You swallowed the lump that for some reason grew in your throat. 

“Um, I have a two year old son, his name is y/s/n, and I was afraid to tell you because I thought that you wouldn’t want to be with me anymore because I’m a mom and you’re still living your life, doing crazy, rebellious things, and I’m just afraid that it’ll hold you back if you ever decided to date.” You looked down, completely embarrassed but felt like a burden was being lifted off your shoulders.

“Why would that hold me back?” You looked up, a smile spreading across your face. “I don’t know if i’ll be good at taking care of him but I really like you, y/n.”

“I like you too, Jc.” You whispered looking down at your food. 

“When I can I meet the little man?” You laughed.

“I’m taking him for ice cream tomorrow if you’d like to tag along.” 

“Count me there.” He smiled that one million dollar smile, making your heart melt.

Jc paid for the food, even though you insisted on paying or at least leave the tip but he insisted. The car ride back was full of talk, and this time about your son. You told him about his favorite movie, tv show, his favorite dinosaur, and his favorite superhero. You were blessed with your little man and now that Jc knew, you were gladly going to talk him to death about it. 

“He sounds super cool.” Jc laughed, pulling into your driveway, putting the car in park. 

You sighed, pushing hair behind your ear, “I had fun.” You smiled.

“Me too.” You unbuckled, gathering your leftovers and purse from the floorboard, Jc already having the door open for you. 

You smiled, walking with Jc up to your front door. 

“Again, thank you for tonight.” 

“Thank you.” Jc whispered, gently putting his hand on your cheek.

Your breath hitched in your throat. Jc’s lip pressed against yours, syncing with yours. He pulled back, kissing your cheek.

“What time do I need to pick you guys up?”

“You can just meet us there so I don’t have to hassle with the car seat.” 

You told Jc his favorite ice cream shop before he left. He gave you another quick kiss before walking off, making sure you were in your house before you left. 

“Hey.” You whispered, smiling down at Amy and your sleeping son. 

“He was very good.” She smiled, slowly placing his little head onto the couch, slipping on her jacket. 

You digged through your purse, pulling out forty dollars, handing her the money, thanking her again before she exited your house. You picked up your son, cradling him in your arms. You pushed open your door, gently laying him on your bed. 

“Mommy loves you.” You whispered, kissing his forehead. 

You sighed, unstrapping your heels, kicking them off into the closet, stripping out of your dress, hanging it up. You quickly took off your bra, letting out a relieved sigh, tossing the bra into a hamper, sliding on your pj’s. You threw your hair into a bun, wiping off your makeup.

“Mommy.” You looked over, your son rubbing his eyes, letting out a big yawn.

“Mommy will be there in a minute.” You said, cleaning off the mascara from underneath your eyes. 

“Come brush your teeth right quick.” You exclaimed, turning the faucet on, wetting his little toothbrush, putting a pea sized amount of toothpaste. 

He grabbed the brush, slowly brushing his teeth, almost knocking back out. You laughed, spitting into the sink, picking him up so he could do the same. 

“Get back in bed now.” You gently nudged him towards your room, rinsing off his toothbrush.

You gave yourself a quick look in the mirror, smiling at the thought of Jc giving you a kiss.  

“Mommy.” He cried out, shaking you from your thoughts. 

You turned off the bathroom lights, shutting the door behind you. You went and closed your closet door as well, he was deathly afraid of closets. You threw the covers back, putting your phone on the charger, sliding under the covers with your son. 

“Good night baby boy.” You whispered, pulling his little body into yours.

“Good night mommy.” 

Your phone dinged, making you groan. You leaned over, a smile growing on your face.

Good night y/n. I had such a fun time. Can’t wait to see you and y/s/n tomorrow. Sleep good. xx

You decided not to text back, not wanting to wake your son. You slowly drifted off to sleep, your mind being filled with Jc.

“Mommy!” You groaned, rubbing your eyes.

“What?” You mumbled, finally opening your eyes, your son’s face right in yours.

“I’m hungry.” He babbled, picking his nose.

“Stop.” You pulled his finger out, checking the time; 9:54 a.m

“Go brush your teeth.”

He jumped off the bed, making you groan once more. You scooted up in the bed, watching as he scooted his step stool to the sink. You smiled, grabbing your phone from the charger, taking a quick picture of him. You smiled down at your phone, another message from Jc.

Good morning. What time are we meeting?

12 sound good?

You sat your phone down, walking to the bathroom, getting ready yourself. You quickly brushed your teeth, putting back his stool and followed him downstairs. You turned on spongebob for him so he would be preoccupied while you made him pancakes, chocolate chip was his favorite. You quickly texted back Jc, another smile forming on your face. 

“Baby boy, come eat.” You yelled out, sitting his pancakes on the table, grabbing syrup from the fridge. 

“Thanks mommy.” He mumbled, watching tv as you poured syrup on his pancakes. 

You poured yourself cereal and sat down beside him, groaning as he kept spilling syrup on the table. Once he finally finished his pancakes, he went back to the living room, his laugh echoing through the house. 

You grabbed your plates, setting them in the sink, wetting a washcloth to clean the table. You wiped down the table, walking over to y/s/n, wiping his face from chocolate and sticky syrup. 

Thankfully, your son never really bothered you when you had to clean, he was too busy into the tv, which isn’t good but it kept him out of your way. You cleaned up his toys, did a load of laundry, cleaned up the kitchen, and quickly vacuumed during commercials. 

“Hey baby, let’s go get you ready.” You yelled, putting the vacuum in the closet.

“For what?”

“We’re getting ice cream!” You yelled.

“Ice cream!” He screamed, jumping off the couch, running up to his room. 

You laughed, following behind him, watching him stumble up the stairs. He pushed open his door, plopping down onto the floor. You grabbed light washed jeans, a blue and red plaid button up short sleeved shorts, his red vans, and a gray beanie. 

“Come here baby.” You sat down on the floor, undoing the buttons on the backside of his pj’s, stripping him out of them.

You quickly changed his diaper,  sliding on his jeans, rolling the bottoms, sliding on his little vans afterwards. You unbuttoned the shirt, sliding the fabric across his little body, buttoning the shirt back up. You slid on his beanie, fixing his little curls. 

“You look handsome.” You whispered, your eyes scanning over the little boy. 

“Thanks momma.” He raced past you, leaving you there. 

You walked into your room, stripping out of your pajamas. You grabbed black ripped skinnies, a burgundy top, and your black and white high top vans. You quickly got dressed, rolling the bottom of your jeans up, checking yourself out in the mirror. You walked into your bathroom, quickly putting on makeup. 

You made sure everything was turned off before jogging downstairs to see your son playing with his toys.

“Baby boy, put your toys up, we’re fixing to leave.” You called, grabbing your purse from the counter, quickly fixing his diaper bag soon after. 

You grabbed your car keys, locking the door behind you. You opened the back door, strapping him into the seat, shutting the door afterwards. You walked over to the driver’s seat, putting both bags in the front seat, cranking the car, turning the ac on. You went on your phone and turned on the Disney playlist for y/s/n’s, making him squeal. You laughed, quickly texting Jc telling him you two were on your way.

You both jammed out, singing every song, and him trying. You would always laugh when he would stumble over a word but it was too funny not to laugh. You parked your car, walking around to the other side, getting y/s/n out. 

“Stay near me baby.” You opened the passenger door, grabbing your purse and diaper bag, shutting the door and locking the car, lacing your fingers with your son.

You opened the door for him, smiling as a smile grew on his face.

“Hi, welcome to Dairy Queen!” A young boy called out, smiling at you two.

“Hi.” You squatted down, fixing his beanie. “What do you want sweetie?”

“Chocolate.” He mumbled, butchering the word. 

“Okay baby. Yes, I need a small bowl of chocolate ice cream and a two scoop cone of cookie dough.” You smiled, putting your purse onto the counter.

“Will that be it?” He asked, typing on the register. You nodded your head and pulled out your card. “Alright, $6.25.” You nodded your head and paid, grabbing the numbered card and nudged your son towards the door that leads outside.

You placed your purse and diaper bag in the chair, sitting the number down at the edge of the table. You smiled as your son played with his toy car that he brought along, your gaze making contact with the familiar black jeep. You smiled, reaching across the table, fixing the few curls that stuck out at the top.

“Baby, you’re going to meet someone today.” You mumbled, placing your purse in your lap and the diaper bag under the table.


“He’ll be here in minute.”  

you watched as Jc jogged across the parking lot, opening the gate. 

“Hey y/n.” He smiled, leaning down giving you a quick hug.

“Hey Jc. Y/s/n, this is Jc. Can you say hi?” you quizzed.

“Hey,” He smiled his toothy grin, making Jc laugh.

“What’s up?” He asked, fixing his curls that had fallen onto his face.

He shrugged his shoulders making Jc laugh.

A girl brought out your ice cream, you thanking her then handing y/s/n some napkins. 

“Thank you for coming.” You whispered, licking your ice cream. 

“Don’t thank me.” He smiled. 

All three of you talked. Jc and your son hit it off amazing, making your heart melt. Your son talked about how they both had the same hair and ran his little fingers over Jc’s tattoos. You were thinking about getting a tattoo dedicated to your little boy but, that would have to be another day. 

“Wanna take a picture?” Jc asked. 

You nodded your head, “Baby, we’re gonna take a picture.” 

He turned his attention towards Jc’s phone, showing off his toothy grin along with the chocolate all over his mouth. 

“Awesome.” Jc laughed. 

You wiped your son’s mouth, Jc offering to throw your trash away, which you gladly accepted. 

“Do you like him?” You asked, fiddling with your fingers.

“Yes.” He whispered.

“Good.” you smiled, watching as he started playing with his toy car again. 

Jc came back and leaned against the seat. You smiled, standing up, grabbing his diaper bag but Jc soon took it out of your hand, dropping it onto his shoulder. 

“Come on baby.” You stretched your arm out, his little hand lacing with yours.

Jc followed you to your car, you showing him how to buckle your son in. You shut the car door, giving Jc a smile.

“Thank you again.” You said, walking around to the drivers side, leaning in and turning the car on. 

“Why do you keep thanking me?” He laughed, leaning against the car. 

“Because, it’s very manly of you to step up and learn how to do stuff for my son. I know we just started talking but it makes me like you even more.”

“He’s a pretty cool little dude, and he has a wonderful mom.” Jc smiled.

You smiled back, taking the diaper bag from him, placing it in the passenger seat, turning your attention back to Jc. 

“Thank you.” You blushed. 

He smirked, leaning in, placing his plump lips on yours, making you smile. He pulled back, pushing your hair behind your ear. 

“Come over tonight.” You blurted out, a familiar heat creeping on your face. 

“Sure.” He walked away, leaving you there smiling. 

You sat down, a smile still on your face. You looked back, laughing, your son was knocked out, chocolate still covering his face. 

“He’s going to be a good man to us baby boy.” you whispered, pulling out the parking lot, listening to disney tunes by yourself on the way home. 

No Matter What

                I walked down the sidewalk while tapping my finger against my lips. Zen and I had been living together for a few months now and I could tell that something was bothering him. When I had asked him he brushed it off with one of his million-dollar smiles that he knew always made my heart melt. My steps paused as I closed my eyes and thought about his smile again.

                “That girl is so weird she’s just smiling to herself.”

                “I know. How strange.”

                I shook my head and urged my body into a brisk walk when whispers of those around me pulled me out of my daydreaming state. I looked down at my feet, a blush coming to my cheeks as people around me watched me walk by them. Well that wasn’t embarrassing at all.

                I breathed a sigh of relief as I entered the grocery store. Grabbing a cart I started to walk down the aisles gathering things for dinner. That first night we saw each other in person we cooked together. He seemed really happy that we did something couple-y. “Maybe doing it again will make him feel better.” I sighed as I filled the cart and pushed it to the check-out lines. “I wish he would just tell me what’s wrong.”

                I struggled to hold the bags of groceries in one hand as I slid the key into keyhole to unlock our apartment. “Babe, what are you doing?”

                I looked up before I turned the key and saw the ruby-colored eyes of the man that stole my heart. He rushed up to me and took the groceries bags with one hand while reaching up with his other to lovingly tuck some of my hair behind my ear.

                I looked up at him and my heart fluttered like it always did when he was around. “I just went and got some groceries for us to make dinner together. Like that first night we had dinner.”

                He stared blankly at me for a few seconds before his lips curled up in a smile. Putting his free hand on the back of my head he leaned forward and kissed my forehead. He pulled back and tilted his head to the side as he winked at me. Clearing my throat to distract from the blush rising to my cheeks I fumbled with the key in the lock before opening the door.

                He let me walk in first and shut the door him before he walked towards the kitchen. Putting my bag on side table by the couch, I watched his back as he disappeared around the corner. I really wonder what’s bothering him. I heard the rustle of the plastic bags as he started to unload the items I had bought. Walking towards the kitchen I put my hand on the wall as I looked into the kitchen. I noticed his coat had been thrown over a chair at the kitchen table, and that wasn’t like him at all.


                “Yes, _____ babe?” He glanced over his shoulder and smiled at me but I could see a hint of uncertainty in it.

                “How did rehearsal go?” Not the question I want to ask but… I straightened up when he suddenly dropped a vegetable in the sink as if he was shocked at my question.

                “It… Was nothing new.” He quickly grabbed what he had dropped and placed it on the counter.

                I walked up to him and hugged him from behind, pressing my cheek to his back. “Zen, you don’t have to pretend around me. Did something happen?”

                He took a deep breath and sighed as he covered my hands with his. “Nothing necessarily happened with rehearsal. Just…” He took a deep breath again. I hugged him tighter, silently telling him that he could take his time. His body shook slightly as he let out a small chuckle. “When I first started my acting career I did a play similar to this one. It…didn’t go well. I suppose I’m just nervous that this is going to be a repeat. Pretty pathetic, huh?”

                “Not at all.” I loosened my hold and he turned to face me. I smiled up at him as I brushed my fingers through his hair. “It’s natural to be nervous. But you should look at it as a way to set the record straight. What happened when you first started is in the past, and you shouldn’t let it define who you are now. You’ll blow this play out of the water and I’ll be in the front row cheering for you through the whole thing!” I curled my hand in a fist and gave a small little fist pump into the air, showing him my full support.

                He blinked at me a few times before placing a hand over his mouth. His shoulders shook as he tried to laugh silently. I started to drop my hand to my side as I felt heat rising to my cheeks, realizing how ridiculous I must’ve looked. I started to look down when he took my face in his hands and tilted my face up.

                “You are amazing, babe. I love you. I will do this part justice. Not only for me, but for you as well.” He ducked his head and kissed the tip of my nose before gently pressing his lips to mine.

                He quickly turned around like he normally did when he didn’t want to continue things further. I always found it rather adorable when he tried to keep the beast caged. Moving to stand next to him I rolled up my sleeves and smiled. “I love you, Zen.”

                He looked at me with a pinkish tinge to his cheeks and smiled back. “I love you too, ____.” He said back before he started to chop the vegetables. I watched him silently for a few moments before grabbing another knife to help him. Things will be all right. I’ll always be beside him. No matter what.

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I love these tickle fight one shots so much but I'm not ticklish! Can there be one, any character, where the reader isn't ticklish???

Make You Laugh

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Lúcio  X Reader

Author’s Note: I’m a little on the fence about this piece but I hope you don’t mind I chose Lucio for it. I felt he fit it best. poor bby tryin his best Also, I should have a Reaper story out by tomorrow night along with a Zen one after! Keep sending your request here! ^^

You laughed at the oddest things, Lúcio noted.

He understood everyone was different. It perplexed him enough to be curious but he would never judge you on your eccentric sense of humor. “Too each their own,” as Ana had put it after you laughed yourself into tears at one of Soldier’s dry jokes. Hell, you even understood Torbjörn’s nonsensical ramblings and phrases enough to chuckle whenever he shouted them in the heat of a fight.

He just couldn’t figure it out.

It was now that the DJ skated down the halls, gliding across the floor in thought about you. He always liked how kind and charming you were, even if your quirks were a bit odd. In all honesty, it was something that drew him to you.

It had taken him a some time, as well as D.Va’s relentless teasing, when he realized he had any feelings for you. You were a generally easy going person to hang out with. Always helped him out in battle, came to him first for healing, and when you confessed you were a fan of his music. Oh boy, his heart soared higher than any music note he could produce.

He frowned, though. Your interactions together had been short and sweet. You complemented him for having your back and he’d try his best to get a smile or a chuckle from you with banter. The smile had been easy, very short lived, but easy.

Now, getting you to laugh. That was a different story.

He had tried a multitude of things. From jokes to puns to witty retorts. Even going as far as asking as McCree and Genji for advice on the matter. Both men, however, smiled apologetically at the DJ stating they too have yet to figure out your sense of humor.

He thought long and hard about what he could do. If he couldn’t tickle your funny bone with his comedic charm he’d have to take a different approach. When he came to inevitable conclusion, it hit him like it wasn’t as obvious as it was. Rubbing his hands, he laughed to himself.

Oh, this is going to be great!

This was his last idea at getting you to even snort. It had to work.

It was a technique he learned from babysitting over his younger cousins back home. It was something that always made their pouts fade and threw them into uncontrollable fits of laughter. He was hopeful it had the same effect on you.

Stealthy, Lúcio roamed the halls. Opting to leave his skates behind, choosing light running shoes for this careful endeavor. It takes him close to an hour before he finally finds you obliviously humming a tune on your way to the gym. Carefully, he makes his way towards you. When he’s close enough to touch you, he springs his attack while yelling his battle cry.

“Tickle Fight!” Lúcio announces as he began to wiggle his fingers about your sides and neck. The sudden contact catching you off guard as you freeze in place. You give him a while hoping he’ll noticed as he tries, and you note he is trying, to tickle you.

“Lúcio,” You call out to him as he continues awkwardly poking and prodding at your sides and under arms for any reaction. Although, in any other case, you’d be a delighted to have him give you such attention the prolonged action is getting weird. After a good minute or so you’re a bit uncomfortable.

His laughing dies down when he noticed you’re not ‘fighting’ back. Looking at you questioningly. Why aren’t you a laughing mess? Your face is pulled into a remorseful expression as you place a hand on his shoulder.

“Lúcio, I’m not ticklish.” The immediate frown on his face practically breaks your heart.

“Oh.” An embarrassed blush dusts his face. “I…ah.” You watched as he took his hands off you. One going to run through his dreadlocks awkwardly, the other placed at his hip. “I, um, I’m sorry.”

“No, no its fine.” You assure him, gently squeezing his shoulder. “Now, what’s all this about. All this…” You make a vague gesture with your free hand. “Joking around, I guess?”

He sighs, thinking over his reply for a while before looking up at your expression. It hurts his heart to see you distressed for his sake. He just wanted to have a good time with you but now he’s gone and done the exact opposite.


“I was kinda hoping to make you laugh.” He confesses. “You always laugh at Soldier and Torbjörn’s jokes and I thought maybe I’d take a crack at it.” Suddenly, he feels nervous under the spotlight that is your attention. “I mean, I really like you and I thought ‘hey it be great to make them smile’, ya know?”

His words take a moment to sink in. “You did this all for me?” You sound more surprised than you meant to. You never thought he’d like you like you did him.

He smiles sheepishly with a chuckle. “Yeah, but I guess it wasn’t very good at it.”

You heart races and cheeks flush red. “Oh, I’m such an idiot.” Excited laughter bubble past your lips and you place a hand over your mouth. “Lúcio I like you, too.”

“You do?” He asks, moving his hand to rest on yours over his shoulder. A giddy smile building itself on his face. “But you never-”

“I didn’t want to get my hopes up.” You suck in a deep breath to steady yourself although it’s getting kind of difficult. “Plus, I thought I had a weird laugh. You always looked at me seemed to look at me funny.”

He shakes his head. “It was you laugh that was weird, it was how you found Torbjörn’s jokes funny.”

“They are funny though!” You assure him while giggling. He laughs giving you one of those million-watts smiles while pulling you into a hug.

“If you say so.” Lúcio’s voice is muffled as he goes to snuggle his face against your neck. You hook your arms over his waist to holding him close while the warmth of his skin feels practically melts you. “I’m so happy right now, like you don’t even know it.”

You pull away, moving to give him kiss on the tip of his nose. “Guess I should call you my tickle monster now, huh?” He laughs, soaking up the affection. Slowly, you run your fingers down his back towards the sides of his abdomen. It amuses you how he watches you so closely. Eyes trained on you like the world doesn’t exist. He commits the smile you’ve bless him with to memory along with the sounds of laughter you’d from earlier.

“Lúcio…” You whisper leaning in closer, the tip of your nose touching his.


He closes his eyes, waiting in anticipation for the kiss to come. He looks so excited for it but your aiming for something else. You’re just a small fraction of a centimeter away before pulling back. “Tickle Fight!”

He’s caught off guard as you throw your hands on him, replicating his early actions. It takes no less than a second before he realizes what is happening. His body contorts dramatically as he tries to inch away from your teasing hands.

“Stop! Stop! It’s not,” He gasps as you’ve found his weak spot. “It’s not fair! I’m super ticklish!” He yelps through his harmonious chuckles. “Hey! Push off!” His eyes are closed shut while he laughs uncontrollably. Lúcio wiggles and squirms and you’re sure he’s about ready to throw himself on the floor for the sake of making it stop. Though, he doesn’t. Rather, he chooses to lean into you as you laugh with him. Both laughter’s combining to make a melody he hopes to hear more often.

BTS react to a short GF

hi:) how would bts react when your gf is too short?

Jimin: Oh God, I think he would be over the moon if his girlfriend was short. Being short himself he already gets teased a lot in the group, and I think he is a little self-conscious about this, but around you he would feel like a giant, and he would love every second of it. He would love the feeling he got every time you asked him to get you something you couldn’t reach, and he would feel a little better about himself.

*Smiles proudly after you asked him for help*

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Rap Monster: I think Namjoon would also tease you a little about your height, but only because he himself is actually really tall. He would look at you fondly, and would love cuddling with you, but whenever you got mad at him and started walking around getting frustrated, instead of taking you too seriously he would have to control his laughter, because you looked far too cute to be intimidating. He would be the type to pick you up in his arms, or over his shoulders, even letting you sit on his shoulders if you were in a large crowd and couldn’t see above the heads of people.

*cuteness overload while you are somewhere in the room flailing your arms angrily*

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Jin: I think he would panic slightly whenever he sees you standing on a chair or on the counter trying to reach up to things, thinking it is too risky and dangerous, and you could get seriously hurt if you fell, so he would immediately rush to your side and bring you down to the floor, placing you securely beside him before he can reach up to get you whatever it is you wanted. You’d thank him with one of your million dollar smiles, and would kiss his cheek, while he would make a mental note of leaving the packet of biscuits on a lower shelf for the next time you want it.

*kisses you back after you have kissed him*

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Jungkook: I think our young Kookie here would find you really cute, and even if you were older than him he would still treat you like you are younger, if you get what I mean. He wouldn’t even wait for you to struggle to get something, he would get it for you before you could even reach up for it, for his body and mind would be in complete synchronization with yours. He would get frustrated sometimes if you refused to let him help you, because in the end you might end up getting hurt, but he would always be there to comfort you and kiss you better.

*sees you reach for something without asking him for help* “GAH this girl”

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V: I think V would purposefully place your favorite snacks on the highest shelves just so you’d have to ask him for help to find them. He would love feeling needed and powerful, and would think you looked absolutely adorable every time you shyly approached him to ask for help. The other boys soon picked up on this habit of his, but he begged them not to tell you, so he could keep on feeling useful forever.

*waving to get noticed by you so you can ask him for help* “Need help jagi? I’m here!”

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J-Hope: I think J-Hope would probably be the biggest tease about it, he would most likely make jokes at your expense, but always with good humor. If he noticed you were hurt by his words, he would immediately apologize. He would probably refuse to bend down to kiss you, making you struggle on your tiptoes to reach his face. He would probably buy a little stool for you to carry around the house so you could reach things whenever he wasn’t there to help.

*teasing you but being so cute about it you just can’t get mad*

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Suga: I think Suga would think you are adorable, he would watch you from a distance as you struggled to reach something on a high shelf, and wouldn’t move for a while, enjoying how cute you looked. He might chuckle to himself, maybe even taking a secret picture to add to his secret folder of fanboy pictures of you doing cute or stupid things. Eventually he would get up and help you, smiling down at your blushing face.

*wacthing you struggle while he smiles and dies of too much cuteness*

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A/N: None of these gifs are mine, credit goes to their rightful owners.

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In honor of Daughter Smith’s teaser trailer being dropped Monday, I figured I’d share some love with the co-star whose been by my side. 

From the halls and vase theater stages of Julliard, to my first big break, and now in my first starring role in a big movie. You’ve had a front-row seat to it all, Ev. Every new chapter I start, you’re somehow always there. And I’m not sure what that means exactly but I think it’s happened too many times now to be just a coincidence. Whatever the case, we got to take this journey together and these last couple months filming with you have definitely been something for the books. So here’s to our last couple weeks together until press starts in spring. May our career’s blow up and last as long as our predecessors Angie and Brad. 

Credit for this throw back photo goes to @phoebefairmont.


Fort Day

Bucky Barnes x reader 

Summary: Forts and cuddles

Warnings: too much fluff?

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He walks through the door, tense. Exhaustion is evident in the way he moves. After two weeks of back to back missions, even he feels sore in the depths of his bones. The soldier moves to set down his go-back when he hears footsteps fast approaching. He doesn’t even have to look when he turns around and sweeps her off her feet, burying his face in the crook of her neck. Inhaling deeply, he mutters “I missed you so much” to her shaking frame. “I bet I missed you more” she whispers, trying not to disturb the moment. They stay wrapped around each other until their anxiousness has settled. He’s the first to pull away, needing to see her beautiful face. “Always needing to one up me” he smiles. He can feel more than hear her giggles, “I thought that was one of the reasons you loved me Bucky?”. His response is instantaneous “One of millions, doll”.

She smiles, shifts out of his grip and takes his hand, leading them to the living room. “I think you deserve a break” she says as he fully sees the living room. The small space has been transformed. Blankets are held up to look like cave and littered with blankets and pillows. A tray to the side holds all of their favorite snacks and drinks. The TV has been set lower so they can see it from the padded floor and the only lights are the fairy lights that line the entrance to the cave. “What’s all this?” Bucky questions as he takes it all in. “It’s a fort Buck, they had these back in the day right old man?” she teases as if it’s obvious. “Yes, we had forts. I’m old but not that old. I mean why did you make one in our living room?” he counters the banter. “You’ve been gone so long and you’re exhausted, always trying to save the world. I thought I’d kidnap you and make you relax. We’re not leaving this fort until you’ve seen all of Star Wars.” His eyes soften more if possible and a loving smile crosses his face, “another reason added to the list. I love you (Y/n)”. “I love you too” she smiles as she leads him down to the blanketed fort. She watches as Bucky positions himself comfortably and then snuggles into his side and the pillows. “Just so you know, if you don’t like these movies, we’re gonna have to break up” she says as she presses play. “So much pressure, I thought the whole point of fort day was to take relax (Y/N)” he jokes. “Fort day, I like it.” “Then that’s what we’ll call it, doll” he mutters, pressing a kiss to her temple.

Since that day, the fort has been sacred to them. He built one for her when her childhood dog passed away. She built him one when he hadn’t slept in a week because the nightmares were particularly bad. When she had gotten sick, and when he had almost lost Steve on a mission. It was a thing of comfort, but also joy. They built one together to celebrate her promotion, to cuddle with each other when work kept them separated, and when he had gotten most of his memories back.

“Bucky, this better be important.” she shouts as she gets home from the big dinner party at her firm. She had gotten all dressed up and was so excited to go. Work had been brutal lately and she was stressed all the time, this would be a way to relieve that stress and see Bucky all dressed up. She hid her disappointment well when he told her last minute that he was needed on a mission, kissed him and left alone. Panic arose in her chest when he texted her in the middle, telling her to come home now. She’s still a little frantic as she enters the living room and her breath is taken away. The living room had been transformed into the fort again, only this time there were more string lights and candles lit the room. Dozens of her favorite flowers lined the walls in crystal vases. In the center stood Bucky, handsome in her favorite suit, hair pulled back low in a bun, and scruff just the way she preferred. Tears instantly sprang to her eyes as she watched Bucky walk closer and take her hands.

“You look beautiful tonight. You look beautiful every night, even when you’re just in my shirt and we’re laying around and not doing anything.”

“Bucky” she whispers, her voice caught in her throat.

“You know there are literally millions of reasons why I love you. You are sweet and compassionate. You’re a little spitfire who will stop at nothing to bring light and goodness into the world. You are funny and sarcastic and make the best cookies. And, I’ll never understand why someone like you has chosen to love someone like me. I love how you see the good man in me and remind me of it, even on the worst days. There hasn’t been a day that passes where I don’t thank the universe for bringing you into my life and for loving me irregardlessly. And I would be a fool for not keeping you here, with me, for as long as you’ll have me.” He fidgets in his pocket for a moment and then gets down on one knee. “(Y/N), please doll, will you marry me?”.

She lets out a sob before she falls onto her knees as well and throws her arms around his broad shoulders and kisses him over and over again. “I’ll take that as a yes then?” he chuckles. “Yes” she repeats in between kisses.

The fort was back up and under the blankets, snuggled tightly next to one another, the Barnes’ watched the movie half asleep. “I totally do not get it, how is he now on their side?” (Y/n) questions. “Doll, they realized that he was only working for the bad side because he was being blackmailed and helped him get his family back. It took them literally 15 minutes of the movie, you fell asleep” he chuckles as he looks down at her with amusement in his eyes. “Yeah, well… I’ve got nothing. I’m exhausted, my brain won’t function and it’s all because of you Barnes.”.

“Me? How is it my fault Barnes?” he teases, eyes lighting up every time he calls her that.    

“Because I will not take full responsibility for this. I don’t think I can.” she whispers the last part as she gestures to Bucky’s chest.

“Yeah, she’s pretty perfect. I’ll take some ownership” he whispers in awe as he strokes down the curled up, sleeping infant’s back.

“She’s more than perfect. We made the best human being on this plant Bucky”

“Another thing to add to the ever growing list of reasons doll”.

Author notes: Just dipping my toes into the writing pond. I’ve had this idea in my head for a while and thought maybe I could post it. Sorry for any spelling or grammatical errors. I’m also new to posting so I’m not sure how good the format is. Thank you so much for reading! ~J