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Now listen here you little piece of shit.
This fanfic was so frigging amazing and adorable and worthy of thirty-hundred-millions of kudos! One teeny tiny kudos doesn’t express how wonderful(in many occasions how heart broken) I was after reading the fanfic! So let me give the awesome author another fidgity fudge kudos

  • me: erasing the fact that a character is gay is blatantly homophobic

Some men are born to plow fields, some live to be great physicians, others to be great kings. Me? I was born to serve you, Arthur, and I’m proud of that, and I wouldn’t change a thing.


“How does one mourn for six million people who died? How many candles does one light? How many prayers does one recite? Do we know how to remember the victims, their solitude, their helplessness? They left us without a trace, and we are their trace.” -Elie Wiesel.

The Holocaust is a scar in our history. 6 Million Jews were murdered by the evil Nazis. Women, men and children as one. Between the victims there were also war prisoners, Homosexuals, Disabled people etc. – Those who didn’t match the Nazis’ rotten ideology. Those who were considered too inferior to live.

All of us are different. We shall accept the differences between us and treat each other with respect. We shall avoid hate, judgment and stereotypes. Fill your heart with love to the people around you, live in peace and celebrate everyone’s uniqueness. We shall all remember the terrors of the Holocaust, and take it with us in our hearts as each day goes, and never let anything like this happen again. Never again.

International Holocaust Remembers Day 2017.

I write when I am silenced.
I write when my voice is shoved back into my throat, choking my emotion and seizing my mind.
I write when no one wants to listen. I write when everyone is so caught up in the strings of their own lives that they are tangled within themselves.
I write when I feel that no one can truly understand how my mind works, a million miles a minute, so much to say but no one has the time to listen to my words so a page catches them instead of another soul and that’s okay with me.
Pages don’t interrupt or intervene. Pages don’t tell you that you’re overreacting and your emotion has taken grasp of your whole being, making you feel insane due to merely existing in yourself more than anywhere else, pages won’t leave you feeling like there’s still more to say, but the conversation was cut short by lack of interest, pages never leave you feeling unsatisfied. Pages accept your words, and there’s simply no room for judgement.
—  v.m

Interesting how ‘3 million’ is the same amount of votes Trump lost to Hillary.

Interesting how fake votes all went 100% to one person.

Interesting how these millions of fake votes have no evidence.

I was browsing through BTS tags and came across posts that said they think Namjoon and Jin are not friend and their relationship/friendship is fake because Namjoon did not post any public congratulation on Jin birthday. And I thought: “Are you fucking serious?”

Just because he doesn’t post anything on Jin’s birthday on Twitter or fancafe doesn’t necessarily mean he doesn’t remember. There are millions reason. May be this year he decided to not do it publicly and instead opt for direct messaging? I mean some people like me think posting on social media is not intimate enough. Case in point: I organized birthday celebrations and sending long ass direct messages to my then-boyfriend and bestfriends on their birthday, but you won’t find a single post of mine on SNS (unlesd they whined at me until I do). May be he was busy with a schedule that was not listed. Etc etc.

And even more important: If Namjoon and Jin are not friends, would they have spent the majority of time on and off screen next to each other? Would they have banded together to take care of Bangtan? Would it be so natural for them to find comfort in each other during nerve-wrecking moments? Would Namjoon pull Jin to stand next to him in every award? Would Namjoon talk about Jin’s solo and growth as an artist so proudly? Would they have tried to understand each other so hard? Would they have supported each other so wholeheartedly?

This is not even about a ship anymore. This is you doubting and insulting Bangtan’s friendship. You basically based on something so superficial like whether one post something on SNS or not to judge a whole friendship, while ignoring all other clues on and off screen. It makes me so angry for someone to call themselves ARMY and then in the same breath calling Bangtan’s friendship - something Bangtan themselves and ARMY are so proud of - fake.


Honestly one of my favorite moments in life ever has to be when John O'Callaghan signed my book. I told him how I wish I had purchased one of first numbered batch that we’re signed already, but I had to wait for a paycheck to order mine. He then proceeded to tell me he completely understands and thanked me for purchasing his work. He then signed my book and numbered it 1/1 and said “now this one is officially one in a million.” I felt so special and it reminded me how cool of an artist and down to earth he is. Thank you John for making this book a constant reminder of that moment and to smile whenever I’m feeling down.

the *moon* signs basically + aesthetic
  • aries moon: enthusiastic, challenging, impulsive and intelligent. a natural leader. at worst, aggressive, uncaring and rude. // police sirens and worn paint on cars. torn clothing, fingerprints on windows and oil paintings. power. violet. emperor's new clothes - panic! at the disco.
  • taurus moon: disciplined, practical, romantic and gentle. a natural protector. at worst, cold, materialistic and selfish. // dress sketches, fallen trees on forest trails. dollhouses, disco balls and hi-tops. affection. blue. play date - melanie martinez.
  • gemini moon: complex, kind, intuitive and thoughtful. a natural speaker. at worst, detached, snappy and indecisive. // late night texts, lips, shadows. bathtubs, eyeshadow and traffic-filled streets. communication. crimson. let it burn - jazmine sullivan.
  • cancer moon: devoted, insightful, funny, tender. a natural nurturer. at worst, insecure, dishonest and possessive. // pastel-dyed hair, knives, sunglasses. flowers, sunsets and teeth. thinking. fuchsia. sober - p!nk.
  • leo moon: ambitious, confident, especially talented with a natural dramatic flair. a natural entertainer. at worst, arrogant, stubborn and power-hungry. // the golden light focused on the stage. silver lipstick and glittering gemstones of dawn and dusk alike. glamour. tangerine. castle - halsey.
  • virgo moon: intricate, shy, caring, compassionate. a natural organiser. at worst, overly self-critical, skeptical and secretive. // rusted car keys, chalk on sidewalks, steamy showers. whipped cream, plants and fences. weather. white. green day - holiday.
  • libra moon: charming, sociable, family-oriented, strong. a natural friend. at worst, manipulative, ignorant and impractical. // crop tops, hands, cigarettes. pop art, cellphones and books. green. nirvana - sam smith.
  • scorpio moon: intense, interesting, attractive, bright. a natural comforter. at worst, gossipy, jealous and spiteful. // the ocean, candles, stuffed animals. carnivals, dimly lit rooms and smiles. fun. gold. marvin's room - drake.
  • sagittarius moon: free-spirited, adventurous, competitive, optimistic. a natural wanderer. at worst, impatient, prone to bragging and irresponsible. // gold chains, quotes written on public restroom doors, milk chocolate. ouija boards, dandelions and clouds. haunting. brown. fall out boy - centuries.
  • capricorn moon: productive, patient, responsible, mischievous. a natural learner. at worst, resentful, bottling up their feelings and having unhealthy habits. // veins, ice, dogs. ribbons, headphones and jackets. control. noir. crooked smile - j. cole.
  • aquarius moon: observant, idealistic, independent and motivated. a natural analyzer. at worst, stubborn, short-tempered and prideful. // baggy jeans, anime, heart monitors. bath bombs, silver guns and bubbles. individuality. grey. bohemian rhapsody - queen.
  • pisces moon: humorous, loving, empathetic, smart. a natural dreamer. at worst, easily hurt/discouraged, reckless and icy. // eyes, stargazing, potions. earrings, lovebites and tombstones. ignition. indigo. happy little pill - troye sivan.