one mile above

colorado gothic
  • in your dreams you are riding a blue horse with eyes that flash a brilliant red.  when you wake, you can hear hooves behind you, hot breath on the back of your neck.  you are in the middle of the city. 
  • it is spring. it is summer. it is fall. it is winter. it has been one week. you leave the state and you have aged ten years.  
  • you are visiting a friend’s home, and he goes into an attic closet to find something.  there is a fluttering sound when the door opens, and then silence.  precisely an hour later, you go to find him.  he is standing alone, still and silent in the middle of the room, under the bare bulb.  he turns to look at you, and thousands of tiny brown moths pour from his mouth. 
  • the tumbleweeds are piled over your doors, your windows. you have not seen the sun in days.  you know they will not let you leave.
  • which way should you go? towards the mountains. always to the mountains.  you are lost, but the mountains still draw you forwards.
  • may comes. you cannot tell if what is falling from the sky is ash, or snow.  you cannot breathe either way. 
  • Casa Bonita is a maze, a labyrinth.  you will never get out.  every turn takes you back to the gift shop. “more sopapillas?” says the waitress. as you watch, her eyeballs fall out of her skull and into the water below. the crowd cheers lazily. 
  • you are certain your neighbor is a bear. he has eaten two of your cats already.  when you complain to the police, they fault you for leaving your garbage bins open.  the bear waves from the porch. 
  • you tear the plastic from a yogurt cup.  a thick liquid covers your eyes, your face.  your walls are dripping.  you are not sure what the liquid is, just that it is bitter and there is far more of it than could possibly be in that tiny cup. 
  • you are too scared to admit that you can’t tell the difference between one kind of craft beer and the other.  they are always listening.  
  • one mile.  one mile. one mile. one mile. one mile. one mile. one mile. one mile. one mile. one mile. one mile. one mile. one mile above sea level. one mile. 
  • one day on your way to work, roadwork cones directed you down a detour.  there were no construction workers to be seen, no signs.  you drove and drove and drove until the road turned to dirt.  the construction will be over soon.  the potholes have teeth. 
  • alfred packer understood some things about the mountains. you try to climb a fourteener with some friends and you understand some things, too. 
  • like icarus you are too near the sun.  your skin blackens and hisses.  your mother shakes her head.  "should have brought more sunscreen.“ 
  • you day-trip to Boulder. everyone wears the same hemp macrame necklace and pendant like they belong to some kind of secret society.  you try to buy a bag of organic granola, and everyone on the street opens their mouth and screeches static.  are you one of them now? or should you run and never look back? 
  • you have never skied in your life.  every time you open your closet, there are another pair of skis.
μ's as drivers
  • Honoka: Stuffs her face with french fries and half a cheeseburger while rewriting the goddamn constitution and playing candy crush on her phone, all while going 50 miles above the limit in a school zone. Probably has had her license revoked like twelve times. She always manages to get it back, somehow.
  • Kotori: Doesn't even know how to put keys in the ignition. Usually just catches a ride from Umi or Honoka.
  • Umi: FOLLOWS EVERY RULE TO. A. TEE. She won't go one mile above or below the limit, refuses to even start the car before everyone has their seat belt on, and puts her phone into the trunk or something so it won't so much as catch her gaze for .2 milliseconds.
  • Rin: Would probably stop in the middle of a four way intersection to go take a picture of a random cat on the side of the road. Stops for a family of ducks and refuses to move the car until they're completely, 100% out of sight.
  • Hanayo: Like Kotori, she doesn't drive much. If she needs to, she's very cautious and probably gets tickets for going under the speed limit. She usually just rides with Rin and probably encourages her reckless, animal-loving behaviour.
  • Maki: Actually gets really mad at other drivers but doesn't show it. Wants to act like she's in control of the situation BUT WHEN NOBODY USES THEIR SIGNALS IT'S HARD TO NOT GET MAD.
  • Eli: She likes to brag about how good of a driver she is, but she's actually a nervous wreck (only Nozomi knows about how bad she can get). Cried once because she forgot to use her turn signal in an empty parking lot.
  • Nozomi: Calm, cool, and collected. Probably the best driver out of everyone in μ's but doesn't do it much simply because she gets a kick out of watching everyone else drive like assholes (and she knows it strokes Eli's ego when she insists that she drive).
can't sleep

thought I’d make some house details

Gryffindor: staring at the ceiling in the middle of the night when you can’t sleep. Going one mile above the speed limit. Just barely breaking the law. Cold showers. Damp hair. waking up 3 minutes before your alarm goes off. torn up sneakers. cracked sidewalks. driving up the hill at 11 pm at night, all the windows down, blasting music. scratch marks.

Ravenclaw: Ink-stained hands. Sitting in bed wearing nothing but an oversized t-shirt and underwear. Mint toothpaste. Drinking orange juice after brushing your teeth. Stubbed toes. Ballet flats that just barely pinch your feet. the feeling that you need to sneeze but can’t. Lemon juice. paper cuts. chapstick. chipped nail polish.

Hufflepuff: Dressing like a badass so no one thinks they can walk all over you. Doc Martens, Dark hair, Dark makeup. Flannels. Fuzzy socks. Only wearing one sock. Hot coffee with cold milk. Records that are covered in dust. Earbuds with one side broken. Airplanes. Cussing to look tough. Skinned knees. Rug burns. 

Slytherin: Warm showers. Conditioner running between your fingers. the smell of curling irons and hair spray. Deflated playground balls. giggles. winged eyeliner. light lipsticks. arm wrestling matches. the cold floors of public schools. Morning breathe. Apple cider. ambers slowly dying in the ashes of a fire. lake water. freshly painted toes. 



NASA’S CURIOSITY ROVER TEAM CONFIRMS ANCIENT LAKES ON MARS A new study from the team behind NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory/Curiosity has confirmed that Mars was once, billions of years ago, capable of storing water in lakes over an extended period of time. Using data from the Curiosity rover, the team has determined that, long ago, water helped deposit sediment into Gale Crater, where the rover landed more than three years ago. The sediment deposited as layers that formed the foundation for Mount Sharp, the mountain found in the middle of the crater today. “Observations from the rover suggest that a series of long-lived streams and lakes existed at some point between about 3.8 to 3.3 billion years ago, delivering sediment that slowly built up the lower layers of Mount Sharp,” said Ashwin Vasavada, Mars Science Laboratory project scientist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, and co-author of the new Science article to be published Friday, Oct. 9. The findings build upon previous work that suggested there were ancient lakes on Mars, and add to the unfolding story of a wet Mars, both past and present. Last month, NASA scientists confirmed current water flows on Mars. “What we thought we knew about water on Mars is constantly being put to the test,” said Michael Meyer, lead scientist for NASA’s Mars Exploration Program at NASA Headquarters in Washington. “It’s clear that the Mars of billions of years ago more closely resembled Earth than it does today. Our challenge is to figure out how this more clement Mars was even possible, and what happened to that wetter Mars.” Before Curiosity landed on Mars in 2012, scientists proposed that Gale Crater had filled with layers of sediments. Some hypotheses were “dry,” suggesting that sediment accumulated from wind-blown dust and sand. Others focused on the possibility that sediment layers were deposited in ancient lakes. The latest results from Curiosity indicate that these wetter scenarios were correct for the lower portions of Mount Sharp. Based on the new analysis, the filling of at least the bottom layers of the mountain occurred mostly by ancient rivers and lakes over a period of less than 500 million years. “During the traverse of Gale, we have noticed patterns in the geology where we saw evidence of ancient fast-moving streams with coarser gravel, as well as places where streams appear to have emptied out into bodies of standing water,” Vasavada said. “The prediction was that we should start seeing water-deposited, fine-grained rocks closer to Mount Sharp. Now that we’ve arrived, we’re seeing finely laminated mudstones in abundance that look like lake deposits.” The mudstone indicates the presence of bodies of standing water in the form of lakes that remained for long periods of time, possibly repeatedly expanding and contracting during hundreds to millions of years. These lakes deposited the sediment that eventually formed the lower portion of the mountain. “Paradoxically, where there is a mountain today there was once a basin, and it was sometimes filled with water,” said John Grotzinger, the former project scientist for Mars Science Laboratory at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, and lead author of the new report. “We see evidence of about 250 feet (75 meters) of sedimentary fill, and based on mapping data from NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter and images from Curiosity’s camera, it appears that the water-transported sedimentary deposition could have extended at least 500 to 650 feet (150 to 200) meters above the crater floor.” Furthermore, the total thickness of sedimentary deposits in Gale Crater that indicate interaction with water could extend higher still, perhaps up to one-half mile (800 meters) above the crater floor. Above 800 meters, Mount Sharp shows no evidence of hydrated strata, and that is the bulk of what forms Mount Sharp. Grotzinger suggests that perhaps this later segment of the crater’s history may have been dominated by dry, wind-driven deposits, as was once imagined for the lower part explored by Curiosity. A lingering question surrounds the original source of the water that carried sediment into the crater. For flowing water to have existed on the surface, Mars must have had a thicker atmosphere and warmer climate than has been theorized for the ancient era when Gale Crater experienced the intense geological activity. However, current models of this paleoclimate have, literally, come up dry. At least some of the water may have been supplied to the lakes by snowfall and rain in the highlands of the Gale Crater rim. Some have made the argument that there was an ocean in the plains north of the crater, but that does not explain how the water managed to exist as a liquid for extended periods of time on the surface. “We have tended to think of Mars as being simple,” Grotzinger mused. “We once thought of the Earth as being simple too. But the more you look into it, questions come up because you’re beginning to fathom the real complexity of what we see on Mars. This is a good time to go back to reevaluate all our assumptions. Something is missing somewhere.” TOP IMAGE….Strata at Base of Mount Sharp A view from the “Kimberley” formation on Mars taken by NASA’s Curiosity rover. The strata in the foreground dip towards the base of Mount Sharp, indicating flow of water toward a basin that existed before the larger bulk of the mountain formed. The colors are adjusted so that rocks look approximately as they would if they were on Earth, to help geologists interpret the rocks. This “white balancing” to adjust for the lighting on Mars overly compensates for the absence of blue on Mars, making the sky appear light blue and sometimes giving dark, black rocks a blue cast. This image was taken by the Mast Camera (Mastcam) on Curiosity on the 580th Martian day, or sol, of the mission. LOWER IMAGE….Secrets of ‘Hidden Valley’ on Mars An image taken at the “Hidden Valley” site, en-route to Mount Sharp, by NASA’s Curiosity rover. A variety of mudstone strata in the area indicate a lakebed deposit, with river- and stream-related deposits nearby. Decoding the history of how these sedimentary rocks were formed, and during what period of time, was a key component in the confirming of the role of water and sedimentation in the formation of the floor of Gale Crater and Mount Sharp. This image was taken by the Mast Camera (Mastcam) on Curiosity on the 703rd Martian day, or sol, of the mission. Malin Space Science Systems, San Diego, built and operates Curiosity’s Mastcam. NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, a division of the California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, built the rover and manages the project for NASA’s Science Mission Directorate, Washington.

The Fisherman - A Tayvin Oneshot

Taylor was never one for the idea of soul mates. The whole idea of there being only one person you’re meant to be with – one, single, solitary person out of the seven billion living and breathing souls on the planet, spread out across every corner of the globe, how only one of those millions of millions of variations of personalities and hearts were meant for you – she just didn’t buy it. It sounded farfetched, even for someone like her, the world’s biggest hopeless romantic. It was impossible. The sheer statistical improbability of a soul mate was impossible. The odds were just not in your favor, nor were they ever going to be. It was a game everyone liked to play, but no one could ever win.

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P+ 10 days 7 hours (July 24) - Backlit Pluto reveals atmosphere!

Taken a day after its closest approach on July 14, New Horizons captured this stunning image of Pluto’s night side. Backlit by the Sun, the dwarf planet’s atmospheric haze is clearly visible.

Combined with data from other instruments on the spacecraft, scientists on the New Horizons team were able to discern two distinct layers of haze, one at 31 miles above the surface and the other at 52 miles. This shatters the prevailing notion that Pluto’s atmosphere was held close to its surface due to its weak gravity.

For these two layers of haze to form, New Horizons scientists have theorized - but not confirmed - that it is caused by the breakdown of methane gas by ultraviolet rays from the sun. This causes more complex hydrocarbons to form, which fall towards the surface, condense to ice particles, and form hazes.

New Horizons’ LORRI camera captured this image around midnight on July 15, when Pluto was roughly 1.2 million miles behind the spacecraft.

NASA completes LADEE mission with planned impact on Moon’s surface

Ground controllers at NASA’s Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, Calif., have confirmed that NASA’s Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer (LADEE) spacecraft impacted the surface of the moon, as planned, between 9:30 and 10:22 p.m. PDT Thursday, April 17.

LADEE lacked fuel to maintain a long-term lunar orbit or continue science operations and was intentionally sent into the lunar surface. The spacecraft’s orbit naturally decayed following the mission’s final low-altitude science phase.

During impact, engineers believe the LADEE spacecraft, the size of a vending machine, broke apart, with most of the spacecraft’s material heating up several hundred degrees – or even vaporizing – at the surface. Any material that remained is likely buried in shallow craters.

“At the time of impact, LADEE was traveling at a speed of 3,600 miles per hour – about three times the speed of a high-powered rifle bullet,” said Rick Elphic, LADEE project scientist at Ames. “There’s nothing gentle about impact at these speeds – it’s just a question of whether LADEE made a localized craterlet on a hillside or scattered debris across a flat area. It will be interesting to see what kind of feature LADEE has created.”

In early April, the spacecraft was commanded to carry out maneuvers that would lower its closest approach to the lunar surface. The new orbit brought LADEE to altitudes below one mile (two kilometers) above the lunar surface. This is lower than most commercial airliners fly above Earth, enabling scientists to gather unprecedented science measurements.

On April 11, LADEE performed a final maneuver to ensure a trajectory that caused the spacecraft to impact the far side of the moon, which is not in view of Earth or near any previous lunar mission landings. LADEE also survived the total lunar eclipse on April 14 to 15. This demonstrated the spacecraft’s ability to endure low temperatures and a drain on batteries as it, and the moon, passed through Earth’s deep shadow.

In the coming months, mission controllers will determine the exact time and location of LADEE’s impact and work with the agency’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) team to possibly capture an image of the impact site. Launched in June 2009, LRO provides data and detailed images of the lunar surface.

Image credit: NASA

anonymous asked:

Hi! I don't know if you've already done this one but could you write a Karmy fic about how they first met in kindergarten?

this is just a little bit of baby fluff haha I hope you like it!!! I felt so pressured to make this cute because Karmy meeting for the first time is so important!!!!!!!!! :O 

Karma took painting very seriously. She was meticulous in her choice of colours and even more so in where she put them on her paper. In fact sometimes the other kids would get annoyed at her for taking so long, she didn’t understand why it bothered them though it was her painting not theirs. Sometimes she worried that they just didn’t like her as she frequently found herself alone at the table with an array of abandoned paintings. She was too small to discern why they didn’t seem to like her, she never did anything wrong in fact in comparison to some of the other children she thought she was actually one of the good ones. Although they didn’t seem to think so, there was a group of girls who always followed each other around and built forts from all the blankets and pillows and then didn’t allow anyone in except them. Once they had let Karma in but that had only been once. 

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