one mans treasure


(little spoilers from the manga!)

people that don’t summarize their speak to sensei

don’t having all the ingredients to make diner to sensei

the results of the hero test that put sensei in a low level

when people waste sensei’s time

when other people wants to make food for sensei

people who think that Seinsei is weak

insulting Sensei

Sensei’s “rival”

people who send hatemail to Sensei 

based on / continuation from: things that make Genos smile

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Oh! Y-You’re awake– d-don’t get up too fast, okay? ”

She’s stammering just a bit–embarassed–withdrawing her hands from him as soon as she noticed he’d opened his eyes. 

Oh goodness. 

What would he think, waking up with this head nestled in a stranger’s lap? Well, practically a stranger… though returning a good gesture was always her practice, the little star had not imagined repaying his earlier kindness quite like this; in fact she hadn’t expected to have the chance, (they’d met so long ago, so briefly; she doubted he’d remember her at all).

Uhm, I’m n-not sure exactly what happened, but… s-someone– or some people, ” More likely a few, she reckoned, if rumors of his abilities were to be believed, “ I suppose– must’ve really had it out for you. You were– uhm– in p-pretty bad shape, when I found you… S-so, u-uhm… take it easy for another minute, if you can. ”

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personally, i firmly believe that steve is 100% capable of picking up mjolnir. in that particular scene, i'm convinced he noticed it started to move and he just pretended that was the best he could do, not only to save face regarding thor, but because he didn't want to be "special" because he was "worthy" (because after everything, he certainly doesn't feel like he *deserves* to be "worthy" so he lets it go.) N-E-way you're fab and i'm gonna roll over and die now

CAPTAIN.  i also believe it’s just him being humble?????? like, he’s totally fine living on earth and not ruling asgard. and when he felt mjolnir shift and deem him worthy he might have decided not to lift it entirely and “”pretend”” to struggle w it for a little before letting it go (  you can see on thor’s face that even he noticed it begin to shift  ). show he’s still human along side his friends, despite being a living fossil, a super soldier and a leader of the avengers. like you said, he didn’t want to seem “”Special””, evn tho he already kinda is

Mommy's Laugh (Part 2)
  • A continuation of my previous chat comic about Genos’ laugh.
  • -Saitama still mulls over on how he could get Genos to genuinely laugh as he and Genos take the kids to the park.-
  • Saitama: Hmm...(I wonder what I should do. Though it's not like I haven't tried, but it just seems so difficult getting him to laugh out loud when he's usually so serious. And even though he's sensitive to touch lately, I don't know if tickling actually would work...)
  • -Genos returns with ice cream for Saitama and the kids.-
  • Genos: Here you are Sensei.
  • Saitama: Ah, thanks Genos. [-grabs the packet from him.-]
  • -The rest of the Minis line up to get there's, and San (as usual) climbs on top of Saitama's shoulders to eat his.-
  • Saitama: Hm, guess it might not be possible...[-opens packet at the same time as San-]
  • Saitama: [-breaks the ice cream top off-] Ah...!
  • San: [-breaks the ice cream top off-]Ah...!
  • -Genos blinks as he sees them practically do this in sync, realizing that San had inherited that habit from his Daddy, he can't help but think how cute and funny it is as he thinks back to the many times Saitama does it.-
  • Genos: ...Pfft...!...Ah ha...Ahahahahaha!! [-laughs out loud, clutching his stomach as the image of it is too perfectly adorable, tearing up oil at the corner of each eye.-]
  • Saitama: ...Eh...? ////// [-Can't help but watch him, accidentally dropping the top of his ice cream for Rover to catch.-]

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