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Overwatch - Vintage Travel Posters

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I had a dream the other night
You were in a bar in the corner on a chair
Wearing a long white leather coat
Purple glasses and glitter in your hair
And you said “Hey this is where I’m gonna sit
And buy you a drink someday”
Well you were going to the dog shows
But you kinda lost your way
You say “Now I got all this room
And no money to decorate it”
So you found some local customer put you in touch with the man upstairs
But he said “Little man you got no business gettin’ all frustrated”

You gotta rest
You gotta rest
You gotta reach down
And pick the crowd up
Carry back in your hands
To the promised land

Now I had some angel shine my wings, she said
Nothin’ but the best for the golden boy
She made me promise not to tell I had her under a spell
Singing golden words in a broken voice
And I caught some blessing on the wind
I’m feeling lighter than a breath from a dove
I’ve got no hands to tie behind my back
And I’m sparking like a heart attack
Now I’ve got room to spread my wings
And my messages of love, yeah
Love was my drug, but that’s not what I died of
So don’t think of me crying louder than some billion dollar baby

Cause I gotta rest
I gotta rest
I gotta reach down and pick the
Crowd up, carry back in my
Hand to the promised land


R.I.P. Chris Cornell -  July 20, 1964 – May 18, 2017

(also R.I.P. Andrew Wood - who this song was written for - January 8, 1966 – March 19, 1990)


La Cantina by Trevor Aydelotte

Your Body Is My Temple

Inspired by this!

The door swings open and Genos is there.

He always looks a little different each time he returns from repairs. In most cases, he appears bearing a new set of arms, of all colors and admittedly cool powers. Saitama is used to Genos cycling through arms like candy, used to being told in sometimes much-too-intricate detail what exactly the new limbs can do, used to Genos brandishing some new, useful feature, such as a potato peeler or tomato knife or garlic press with the same intense drive he applied to almost all other aspects of his life.

This time doesn’t fall into that category.

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