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Not sure if me going from “If I’m not an honor student with perfect attendance rate my life is LITERALLY MEANINGLESS!!” to “I’m ok with only passing 2 out of 4 exams on the first try, I probably won’t drop out, but even then guess I’ll live” is a good thing. But it’s certainly something.

Lucy and Bob Crane

S4;E22 ~ February 21, 1966


Actor Bob Crane opens a new account at the bank and asks Lucy out to dinner. When his new war film needs a stuntman, Mr. Mooney volunteers Iron Man Carmichael.  Although she wants to appear demur to Crane, she takes the job. 

Regular Cast

Lucille Ball (Lucy Carmichael), Gale Gordon (Theodore J. Mooney)

Mary Jane Croft (Mary Jane Lewis) does not appear in this episode.

Guest Cast

Bob Crane (Himself) was born in 1928 in Waterbury, Connecticut.  After being a disc jockey for many years, he turned to acting at the age of 33.  He is best known as the clever Colonel Hogan in the CBS POW camp sitcom “Hogan’s Heroes” (1965-1971) which was filmed at Desilu Studios. In 1975 he starred in “The Bob Crane Show” which lasted only 13 episodes.  In 1978 Crane was brutally murdered in a Scottsdale hotel room. His murder remains a mystery to this day. Crane’s life and death were the subject of the 2002 film Auto Focus starring Greg Kinnear as Crane. This episode was Crane’s only screen credit alongside Lucille Ball. 

John Banner (Sergeant Schultz) was born in Vienna in 1910.  He achieved television immortality for his portrayal of the Luftwaffe POW camp guard Sergeant Schultz in the TV series “Hogan’s Heroes.” Ironically, Banner was a Jew and had been in a German concentration camp himself.  Like Crane, he was in all 168 episodes of the series, the only two cast members to have that distinction.  He also played the character in a sketch titled “Freddie’s Heroes” on “The Red Skelton Hour” with Crane as Hogan.  His catchphrase as Schultz was “I know nothing!” which he repeats in this episode of “The Lucy Show.”  He died in his home city Vienna in 1973.  

Oscar Beregi (Wolfgang Schmidt the Director) was a Hungarian-born actor who made a career out of playing foreign bad guys.  He is most recognized for playing Eva Gabor’s father on “Green Acres” despite being only a year older than her.  Beregi did two episodes of “Hogan’s Heroes” with Crane and Banner, in 1966 and 1970.  This is his only appearance with Lucille Ball.  

Beregi was probably cast for his resemblance to Werner Klemperer, who played Colonel Klink on “Hogan’s Heroes.”  He also wore a monocle. 

Larry Dean (Assistant Director) was a mime who specialized in playing a robot. He also did this on episodes of “Lost in Space” and “Bewitched.” He previously played the mechanical butler in Bigelow’s store window in “Lucy and the Ceramic Cat” (S3;E17). He returns to “The Lucy Show” in the next episode “Lucy and the Robot” (S4;E23).

Sid Gould (Sid, the Waiter) made more than 45 appearances on “The Lucy Show,” all as background characters. He also did 40 episodes of “Here’s Lucy.” Gould (born Sydney Greenfader) was Lucille Ball’s cousin by marriage to Gary Morton.

Dale Van Sickel (German Soldier) was a Hollywood stunt man and actor whose career began in 1933. He appeared with Lucille Ball in the films Roberta (1935) and There Goes My Man (1937). He appeared in all three of the ‘Iron Man Carmichael’ episodes of “The Lucy Show.”

Other background performers play the bank customers, the diners at the restaurant, and the German soldiers.

This is the last episode of six written by Edmund Beloin and Henry Garson. This is also the last of the three ‘Iron Man Carmichael’ episodes they penned. The previous two were “Lucy the Stunt Man” (S4;E5) and “Lucy and the Return of Iron Man” (S4;E11).  

The script was dated January 4, 1966, and was originally titled “There’s No Business Like the Iron Man Business.”  The action described in the above page varies significantly from the final edit.  

“Hogan’s Heroes” was filmed at Desilu Studios.  Interiors were done at Desilu Culver City and exteriors at what was known as '40 Acre Lot.’ During its six year run, “Lucy Show” cast that appeared on “Hogan’s Heroes” included Doris Singleton, Parley Baer, Kathleen Freeman, Lou Krugman, Hans Conreid, and George DeNormand.

Both Lucille Ball and Bob Crane were nominated for 1966 Emmy Awards. She lost to Mary Tyler Moore (“The Dick Van Dyke Show”) and he lost to Dick Van Dyke.  “Hogan’s Heroes” was nominated for Best Comedy Series (“The Lucy Show” was not) but again lost to “The Dick Van Dyke Show.”  

Lucy has a new responsibility at the bank running a huge, loud punch-card driven computer. After the computer sprays shredded paper in Mr. Mooney’s face, Lucy is re-assigned to ‘new accounts’ and must move her things from one desk in the lobby to another.  Previously, Lucy’s desk was in Mr. Mooney’s office.  

Instead of entrance applause, Crane gets applause when Lucy recognizes him and says his name.

Although Crane was essentially playing himself on this episode, for the purposes of creating a flirtation with Lucy, Crane is single.  In reality he was married to Anne Terezian, with whom he had three children.  They divorced in 1970.  

Lucy says Crane is his favorite solider since Captain Kangaroo.  “Captain Kangaroo” was a children’s television series that aired weekday mornings on CBS from October 1955 to December 1984. Captain Kangaroo was previously mentioned in “Chris’s New Year’s Eve Party” (S1;E14) and “Lucy Teaches Ethel Merman to Sing” (S2;E18).  

Bob Crane knows the work of Iron Man Carmichael, having seen him in the movie Bad Day at Laredo. This is a direct reference to “Lucy the Stunt Man” (S4;E5) although the cowboy movie had no title during the episode.  Mr. Mooney references Lucy as Iron Man being shot out of a canon, a direct reference to the big stunt Lucy did in “Lucy and the Return of Iron Man” (S4;E11), a pirate movie that was also untitled.  

Lucy: “If a man like Bob Crane thinks I’m shy and demur, then I’m going to be just as shy and demur as Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm.”

Mr. Mooney: “Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm? You are more like The Unthinkable Molly Brown!”

Mr. Mooney is making a pun on the 1960 stage musical and the 1964 film The Unsinkable Molly Brown, about Margaret Brown who survived the sinking of the Titanic.  The Broadway production ran at the same time as Wildcat starring Lucille Ball. Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm is the title of a 1903 children’s novel by Kate Douglas Wiggin that tells the story of Rebecca Randall and her two stern aunts in a village in Maine. The hallmark of Rebecca’s character was her cheerful optimism in the face of adversity.  Mr. Mooney previously mentioned the book / character in “Lucy and the Winter Sports” (S3;E3).

Lucy lives at the Glenhall Apartments. This is the first time in 22 episodes that the complex has been named.  Crane says he owns a home on 993 Elm in Beverly Hills.  This would be about a mile from where Lucille Ball actually lived on Roxbury Drive.  

New depositors to the bank get a calendar, a piggy bank, a pen wiper, a pencil sharpener, and a little speedy electric shoe polisher!  

When Mr. Mooney asks Schmidt if he has ever heard of Iron Man Carmichael, Schmidt replies “Has Huntley ever heard of Brinkley?” Newscasters Chet Huntley (1911-1974) and David Brinkley (1920-2003) were co-hosts of the NBC evening news show “The Huntley-Brinkley Report” from 1956 to 1970.    

In return for getting Iron Man Carmichael for Crane’s new film, Mr. Mooney is given the part of General Van Plump. The movie is a World War One epic with Crane playing the lead as an American aviator.  John Banner’s cameo as Sergeant Schultz is handled by Crane saying: “Schultz! You’re in the wrong war!”

For their dinner date, Lucy wears a powder blue garden party dress, matching gloves, and wide-brimmed hat.  She resembles Little Bo Peep more than Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm. She says her perfume is called ‘Breath of Daisy Dew.’

As Iron Man Carmichael Lucy crashes through the ceiling hanging from her parachute strings. Lucille Ball will repeat this stunt in “Lucy, the Skydiver,” a 1970 episode of “Here’s Lucy.”  

With Lucy / Iron Man hanging in the air and Bob Crane is turning on a wheel, Mr. Mooney / General Von Plump and the German soldiers do a bit of the “Schnitzelbank,” a German call and repeat song or chant (Mr. Mooney speaks it).  It is similar in structure to the American song “Must Be Santa” by Mitch Miller. William Frawley (Fred Mertz) performed an English version of this song in the 1942 World War II propaganda musical The Yankee Doodler. A version without lyrics was played by the Swiss Band that rescued the Ricardos and the Mertzes from the avalanche in “Lucy in the Swiss Alps” (ILL S5;E21).  


Playing a German solider give Lucy the chance to be the misfit who does the opposite of the formation and what the commander says.  She first did this in “Lucy and the Military Academy” (S2;E10) and then again as one of the doormen in “Lucy Goes to a Hollywood Premiere” (S4;E20).  

Lucy hanging in air with the broom is visually reminiscent of when Lucy Ricardo played the Witch in “Little Ricky’s School Pageant” (ILL S6;E10).  

Blooper Alerts

The nautical restaurant is really Lucy’s apartment re-dressed with different walls.  This is obvious from the two steps up in the back and the green wall-to-wall carpet, identical to those found in Lucy’s flat at the Glenhall Apartments.  

“Lucy and Bob Crane” rates 4 Paper Hearts out of 5

Apparently actor!AU’s have become super popular so, I give you, the TLC actor! AU in some overblown sci-fi epic with an American and Chinese studio combining some of their best talent
Cinder: Mechanical engineer specialized in robotics who lost a good chunk of her arm and leg in a car accident when she was six. Former foster kid with an incredible knack for designing and building robots and mechanical prosthetics. She uses her personal experience with designing her own functional prosthetic limbs on-set to create some of the best and most realistic practical effects in the industry. 
Iko: Hair and makeup artist who absolutely loves figuring out industrial/futuristic looks. She’s also a close lifelong friend of Cinder’s and actually got her her first job as a mechanical engineer. Constantly changes her look and wears a lot of wigs and bright make up to work because if she can’t use her skills in real life then what’s the point? Has a massive crush on the star, and the other star, and maybe the cute blond caterer. 
Kai: A movie darling in China who started out acting in small indie movies but only recently started doing big budget films. Plays a character who halfway through the movie is badly injured and becomes a cyborg, so he interacts a lot with the cute mechanical engineer even if she gets annoyed when he tries to talk while she and the makeup artist try to work out his costume. 
Thorne: Popular American actor, best known for playing the lovable rogue. Literally just wants to be Harrison Ford. Has a huge social media following and acts like kind of an idiot, but actually pretty intelligent and trying to escape a bad contract so he finally start his own production company. A massive flirt and is only kind of kidding when he says women are his weakness. Really likes Cress and does his best to make sure she’s comfortable in all their scenes together. His favorite past time is pissing off the mechanical engineer, the weapons expert and the medic in new and creative ways. 
Cress: Relative newcomer to the international stage with severe social anxiety and an incredible singing voice. Plays the damsel in distress character in the movie and is really good at looking happy when Thorne’s character saves her. Literally the cutest person who has ever existed ever. Also smarter than anyone else on set and has an advanced degree in computer engineering no one knows about.
Winter: Indian-American actress who is really into method acting and has bipolar disorder. Has a therapy animal (Ryu) on set at all times and the director even agreed to have him written into the script so she’d be more comfortable. Is really into volunteer work and has three different charities to empower women in third world countries, protect shelter animals and support ecological protection. Actually a disney princess even though her character is a bad ass soldier. Works with Scarlet the most because she literally has no idea what she’s doing in fight scenes. 
Jacin: On-set medic who is usually patching up Cinder because she always manages to cut herself on something or Wolf because he’s accident prone (even for a stunt man). Old friends with Winter and is genuinely in love with her, will only smile if she’s in his near vicinity. They’ve actually been dating for like 2 years but no one knows. 
Scarlet: Combat and weapons expert hired to help plan out fight scenes. Wears jeans and a hoodie everywhere and looks way too soft to be a combat expert. Will literally wrestle you to the ground if you try to tell her that. Argues with the stars (especially Thorne) a lot, and basically takes it upon herself to protect Cress and Winter because they need her and have no idea how to do fight scenes. Or life in general. Likes one stunt man in particular because when they first met he was telling off another stuntman for making some sexist comment. Also he’s shirtless in half his scenes and she’s only human. Best friends with the caterer and always has the best snacks.
Wolf: Stunt man (not for Thorne or Kai, for another actor playing a villain) who is very soft-spoken with experience in krav maga. Somehow always injures himself (he managed to wander into a weapons demonstration and got shot) has somehow never missed a day of work despite having broken three bones in the course of filming the movie. Once carried Cress back to her dressing room because she was having an anxiety attack. Completely smitten with Scarlet after she offered him a granola bar and has purposely messed up a stunt so she’d have to help out on several occasions. Usually the shirtless ones because he’s not an idiot and has definitely noticed her staring (mostly because he’s trying to stare at her). 
Émilie: Caterer with a heart of gold and a serious flirty streak. Has flirted with every person on set (but mostly the technicolor makeup artist) and is intent on getting her best friend and the cute stuntman locked in a room together at least once before the end of the shoot. An awesome cook who manages to look good despite being covered in food 90% of the time. 

anonymous asked:

So, if this decision was made today, and management let Zayn walk, then what's stopping the other four? The only way those tyrants would approve his departure is if he really did "lawyer up" and find some way to put the fear of God in them, no? LOL @ Simon saying the rest of 1D is looking forward to recording their next album regardless. I beg to differ. (For the record, I support the he-got-booted theory.)

I dunno, tbh. I kinda feel like a mutiny is in order. But that would get really ugly and expensive (lawyering up) real quick. And there’s the entourage to think about. A lot of people work for them that don’t have $20mil in the bank. And of course, there’s the fans. It’s complicated. 

However, there’s always the chance that this is an elaborate stunt. Remember they signed a contract that basically said all 5 or nothing. I dunno how Zayn could get around that clause and  possibly destroying 1D for the alleged $10mil he paid. This could potentially cost more than $10mil. Shit ain’t adding up. Stay tuned….


Holy fuck, the new TMZ video they just tweeted (x) I CANNOT EVEN! To the people that feel offended or think that they were mocking Larries/people who believe in babygate: THEY WERE NOT! This video was literally brilliant and so smart! Within this video they

a) restated and confirmed that Louis STILL hasn’t taken a paternity test

b) noted that through the pictures alone there is no way of knowing if the baby is Louis’ or not

c) confirmed that it is impossible to know through pictures if the baby moved or not

d) questioned if the baby is even real or not

e) brought up Larry a zillion times when the fandom rarely does in regards to babygate cause they don’t have to have anything to do with each other

f) did not even explain who Larry are - they just expected people to know and addressed them purely as a couple and not as two individuals (!!!)

g) made everyone who haven’t been aware of babygate suddenly become interested/confused and look into it

h) redirected people’s attention to them (also with the TMZ live show) and reminded people to stay awake

i) DIDN’T GIVE A DEFINITE ENDING! Dax was about to give the answer and the video went to black (!!!!!!!!!!) leaving a VERY open ending and - again - insinuating that they know more and more is to come

j) BASICALLY let everyone know that while they may play dumb, they DEFINITELY know some dirt and are just waiting to spill it! They were all half-terrible actors and it was rather transparent if you ask me. They were playing along for the time being BUT THEY’RE ON THEIR TOES, W A I T I N G for the right moment!

The end is near, people! It’s the home stretch and they want us to know and be prepared!