one man stunting


Holy fuck, the new TMZ video they just tweeted (x) I CANNOT EVEN! To the people that feel offended or think that they were mocking Larries/people who believe in babygate: THEY WERE NOT! This video was literally brilliant and so smart! Within this video they

a) restated and confirmed that Louis STILL hasn’t taken a paternity test

b) noted that through the pictures alone there is no way of knowing if the baby is Louis’ or not

c) confirmed that it is impossible to know through pictures if the baby moved or not

d) questioned if the baby is even real or not

e) brought up Larry a zillion times when the fandom rarely does in regards to babygate cause they don’t have to have anything to do with each other

f) did not even explain who Larry are - they just expected people to know and addressed them purely as a couple and not as two individuals (!!!)

g) made everyone who haven’t been aware of babygate suddenly become interested/confused and look into it

h) redirected people’s attention to them (also with the TMZ live show) and reminded people to stay awake

i) DIDN’T GIVE A DEFINITE ENDING! Dax was about to give the answer and the video went to black (!!!!!!!!!!) leaving a VERY open ending and - again - insinuating that they know more and more is to come

j) BASICALLY let everyone know that while they may play dumb, they DEFINITELY know some dirt and are just waiting to spill it! They were all half-terrible actors and it was rather transparent if you ask me. They were playing along for the time being BUT THEY’RE ON THEIR TOES, W A I T I N G for the right moment!

The end is near, people! It’s the home stretch and they want us to know and be prepared!


this is the first video i saw of one man advanced stunting, and it brought be into the world of all star cheer, thank you for making this! (: