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(Loose) History of Classical Music

By YouTuber Jon Cozart

etoiles (chapter 3)

chapter title: Sylvia
words: 8.5k

previous chapters: 1, 2 p. 1, 2 p. 2

chapter summary: As Adrien and Marinette slowly make progress with their relationship, Alix and Kim discover that finding love can be a little bit complicated. (it’s the heartrate chapter! @miraculer/ @caprette I feel like you might enjoy, haha)

“It’s been two weeks, kid,” said Plagg, exasperated. He had been summoned to Adrien’s side for the fourth time in two days, and the young man was looking more and more disheveled each time he saw him.

“Why haven’t you asked Marinette out for a coffee yet?”

“I really don’t know, Plagg. And it’s not even like I don’t want to—I’m just…I don’t know, afraid? I’m afraid I’m going to end up telling her that she wasn’t just imagining me in her bed and I’m afraid I’m going to tell her about being Chat Noir and I just…I don’t know if I can handle it.”

If you told her you were Chat Noir, that would solve about 90% of your problems, thought Plagg, sighing internally.

“All it takes is a text, kid. You don’t even have to call her, if you’re nervous talking over the phone or asking her in person after rehearsal.”

Adrien shook his head.

There was no doubt that he felt extremely drawn to Marinette; he had always admired her work ethic, and now that he was getting to know her, he was definitely starting to fall for her, especially after spending an evening alone with her in her apartment (even though he had been a cat at the time).

At the same time, he felt a little confused about what he really felt; he still hadn’t forgotten the feeling of Ladybug’s kiss on his lips, and he really wanted to know who she was, especially since he knew she was a dancer at the POB as well.

But perhaps it would have been selfish for him to wait for her to reveal herself. After all, she had said she already liked someone, and it wasn’t like he wasn’t interested in Marinette.

He was going to do it.

He was going to ask Marinette out for a coffee.


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I was looking through the map on Pokemon GO for what PokeStops there are. They’re based on landmarks including churches and parks…and then I found THESE as PokeStops! They’re a set of graffiti art on posts in one strip of road!! And someone in Niantic/Game Freak/Nintendo thought, “Nice! Let’s make these PokeStops!”


MJ and Jinjin attempted to make candyfloss ‘flowers’, 'hearts’ and 'moustaches’.
Shenanigans ensued of course.