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falsettos pride icons pt. 1 - lesbians from next door

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I’ve been thinking about starting yet another sideblog. This one would be mostly Steve-dedicated (with stony also, and steve brotp stuff, maybe, but no solo Tony).. 

The reason: ever since starting this blog, I’ve been at first confused then saddened by the disproportion between Tony content and Steve content in the Stony fandom. I mean obviously, Tony love is gr8 and he deserves everything and more. But for me - a full-time Stony obsessive, Steve deserves everything and more also. And by that I mean good meta, arts, gifs, passionate defenses of his character and work, all those things Tony gets in the Stony fandom by the bucketloads. Big ones… Steve’s bucketloads are more like cuploads…

So anyway, my question is, if you’re a Stony shipper/obsessive/worshipper(lol), would you contribute to such a thing, a little?