one love one heart one destiny

One soul two bodies. Two people who are soulmates, who keep finding each other time and time again. Neither looking for love nor believing in fate yet always finding their way back to each other. One encounter left both hearts yearning for one another, the kind of yearning that no matter where they are or how far apart they may be they’d only rest until they’d find each other.
—  Leohearts
“A Sharpe kiss condemns you”. [Crimson Peak one shot]

Summary: Long before Edith, there was Adeline.

Adeline had run away from home a long time ago, believing in love, but it never worked.
She escaped with a man who promised to be everything she had ever dreamed.She was young, naïve indeed; lonely soul, heart of gold.Now alone in Crimson Peak, a tainted destiny she will meet.

Written by: A.Wölf.



Not long after her lover left, she was found by Sir Thomas Sharpe by a twist of fate. He said he had a big house that needed maintenance; she needed a roof over her head and money while things picked up. It seemed to be a sweet deal.

Being a maid… that thought had never crossed her mind, not even once; she came from a wealthy family and the man she fell in love was in a good position too.

However, her parents didn’t accept him because she was already betrothed to someone else. So they escaped and then he turned out to be a player.

Humiliation and returning to daddy was not an option.

Sir Thomas was kind enough to offer her a job and a room. She had no choice but to accept.

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I'm going to vent

I know no one will really see this or take time to read this but I have no one to talk too so might as well vent on here. My name is Destiny, I’m from usa, Texas and I’m 22. I just had my heart broken tonight by the guy I love. He broke up with me with no reason and I gave him back the ring and everything else. I had a feeling. I can’t stop crying. I couldn’t stand being next to him knowing he’s not mine so I left his place. There is a thunderstorm like I’m in some fucking drama and I’m crying loudly in the middle of the street not caring about anything. I have no one to talk too or cry too so I’m just alone now In my room hating myself cause why? Why did he end it with me? Is it because I’m stupid? Fat? Ugly? Insecure? Dragging him down? What was his reason?! Is cause of my past? My baggage? I don’t like this I don’t like these thoughts in my head. I finally opened up and was myself to him and he just stepped all over me.

I’m sorry for this rant I’ll stop here before it becomes darker….

Castiel has always had a special spot for humans, the only angel who truly followed God’s orders and loved humans more than anything. So when he ended up falling in love with one of them, it didn’t come out as a surprise to all his brothers and sisters. In fact, Gabriel has always secretly known that one day, Castiel’s heart would choose a human over Heaven. The thing is, though, the human that Castiel fell in love with wasn’t an ordinary one. It was the Righteous Man. The one, whose destiny has been decided since the beginning of time, the one human whose fate was to either save or doom humanity, the one, who sacrificed himself and sold his soul to save his brother, the one who endured 30 years of torture in hell and managed to stay human even after 10 years of being Alistair’s student, the one who went to Purgatory and back yet remained true to his humanity, the one who took on the Mark of Cain so he could stop the Knight of Hell from killing people, not caring about what would happen to him. The human who was ready to be thrown somewhere far away, live forever on his own, to ensure that neither him nor the Mark could hurt anyone ever again. The one stubborn, loyal, fierce, honest, brave, strong and heroic yet fragile, unfortunate, self-depreciating and most sacrificing human who believed in nothing but free will and refused to accept his destiny as it was. Castiel, the angel who was assigned to save the Righteous Man from the pits of Hell, ended up falling for him, metaphorically and literally. The angel was so head over heels for him that he rebelled against the Word of Heaven and the word of his superiors, all to satisfy that one man. He learned to trust his own decisions, learned what free will was and how to use it; even if he messed up most of the time, all thanks to the one man. Castiel gave up his family, his home, his grace, his wings, his life, for the human he fell in love with. He fell from Heaven, went to Hell, Purgatory and stayed on Earth, all for that hunter. He gave up everything and was ready to go through anything, just for his human. He worked with the King of Hell to ensure his human’s safety. He stayed in Purgatory just to make sure that his hunter would get back to Earth safely. He broke his connection with Heaven and disobeyed their commands just by hearing three simple words come out of his man’s mouth. He was hunted, made human, tortured, killed and brought back, all for the Righteous Man. But that’s okay, because Castiel’s love for him was not in vain, for Dean Winchester had slowly but surely fallen in love with his Guardian Angel.