When someone asks me what I am, or what I do, I want to grab their hand and lead them to this moment.
There are only a few people who let you take them here. They’re curious about what fabric quilts together your soul. They’ll sit in the backseat 15 miles down a dirt road. They don’t complain, even when it’s late and the sun stretches the shadows long.
They’ll surprise you, dashing from the bus and running in circles of dust devil energy, shouting “Goodbye sun! Goodbye!” Then they’ll stand with you in silence as the sun waves in return.
“It’s under the wide sky that I become me.” You tell them. And they understand. Those people are the ones. They understand that everyone is and that’s all there is to that. @mikeymawr #mawrfun

Real love takes you from personal love into the expansion of universal love. In which you become more of what you are and more of what you can become.~Anon I mus (Spiritually Anonymous)


You can save yourself a whole lot of trouble if you stop using your ego as an internal point of reference for your perceived reality. -Anon I mus


i’m really happy to be working with the one love foundation!! they are fighting against relationship violence on college campuses, and as a senior girl getting my applications sorted out, i feel better knowing that there’s organizations like this helping us. here’s a link to their other video

Inside your mental box is a thought-created, illusory identity; full of mental concepts and conditioning that you hold about yourself and the world.
Outside the box, lies the infinite space of your unconditioned heart.  –Anon I mus

For me, I think the romantic on all of us sorta likes the notion that there’s one person out there for everybody, like a soulmate or however you wanna put it. What that song is really exploring is like what if you did find that person, and you both think that you’re that person and still screw it up, then what?
—  Josh Ramsay (Talking about ”One Love”)

11:11 Universal Peace Prayer

I AM THAT I AM as Divine Source moves through me to stand and to be in UNIVERSAL PEACE.

I have come to Earth to see you—my Brothers, my Sisters, all colors, all creeds, as One Beloved Family of Humanity.

We come from One Source, One Light, standing on One Planet, as we breathe together the One Breath of Life.

I reach out my heart and hand to you, my Beloved Family of Humanity. I choose to align, to unite, to be an Instrument of Peace as we call forth our Galactic Brothers and Sisters, every Universal Being of Truth and Light.

Through One Divine Heart and Mind, with the Legions of Love and Light, and with all Beings everywhere, we call forth UNIVERSAL PEACE to prevail within us, upon the Earth, within the Heavens, within the Cosmos—Peace without end, NOW!

And so it is ❤️

By Shekina Rose Blue Ray Starseed, inspired by the Pleiadians of Peace Copyright © Language of Light vocal sound transmissions by Shekina Rose of shekinaspeaks.com http://youtu.be/EM1iyN8DWqo

There is no greater miracle than realizing that everything (All That Is) had come out of No-thingness (Source Energy).  –Anon I mus