ChapteR 6:

Chapter 6:

“Wow..” Mama J mumbled..
“You believe me now granny?.. I told you she’s not happy..” Tina said whipping her cheeks..
“Baby isn’t Robyn your super woman?!.. She’s so strong don’t worry about her.. She’s a big girl..” Chris said..
“Chris what should we do?.. I mean Tina.. And Robyn.. We can’t let them like that.. I know we barely know her.. But what she did to us.. We should at least try to repay her.. We should be there for her..” Mama J said.. She meant every word.. She loved Robyn from the first time she heard her loving, caring and soft voice.. She wanted to be there for her..
“Mama.. I dunno.. She put me in my feelings too.. I don’t know what to do.. But what I know is that she helped my daughter.. And I will be there for her too..” Chris said.. He felt something in his stomach every time she spoke or smiled.. His heart was beating like crazy.. Just wanting to hug her and whip her tears, he wanted to help her… But he don’t want to scare her away.. Of course he know it’s so weird to have a crush on someone you just met.. He was scared if he told her she will freak out and will never want to know or see his again .. He wanted to be there for her no matter what.. Even if she don’t want it… She need it… More than she know…
“Thank you daddy..” Chris turned to see Tina smiling… He smiled confused and asked..
“Why you’re thanking me baby?..”
“Because.. Anna is amazing… She really really the best person I know other than you, granny and Totti.. I love her daddy. I hate all your other friends because they all hated me.. But Anna is different.. She loves me.. Hug me.. Do everything to me.. She’s my super woman and best friend.. And I wanna be like her when I grew up.. But I don’t and I hate to see her cry… Yesterday she thought I was sleeping but she fell asleep before me.. She was hugging me tight and crying.. I hugged her back.. But she kept crying until she slept… I kissed her nick because I was sleeping with my head on her chest.. I couldn’t reach her cheek so I just kissed her nick.. Daddy please promise me you and Granny will make her stop crying.. Her eyes are so beautiful.. But they are not when they are big and red.. Right?” Christina was so smart and loving and caring person for her age.. Kids in her age don’t do or speak on this things, they don’t even care.. But she didn’t have a normal childhood like the other kids.. So if she loved someone she try to stay in their life and make them stay in her life.. She love so deeply.. But her innocent still get out with evey word she say..
“Of course baby we promise you … Now you stay here with granny and I’m going to talk to her..” Chris said.. He was allowed to walk in the hospital..
“Okay daddy.. Kiss her cheek for me.. Okay?!..” Tina asked.. Chris looked at her and smiled.. Than got out of the room searching for Robyn.. He wished he could kiss her.. But he know that he can’t.. They just met..
Chris sat on the chair near the bathroom and waited for Robyn.. He was wondering what he should say to her and what he should do?.. He pulled out of his thought when she got out of the bathroom with her head down and walked to one of the chairs and sat on a chair near him.. She didn’t even notice him sitting.. She didn’t bother to even look who’s the guy, because she didn’t know  that he was allowed to get up from the bed.. He moved to the chair beside her and hugged her close, he didn’t care about anything right now but to hug her close until she feel okay and pull away, she seemed so relaxed in his hug.. She didn’t look at him or anything, just closed her eyes and really calmed down in his arms and mumbled..
“Whoever you are.. thank you for the hug.. I really need it.. Just please don’t cross the line..”
“I’m not going to cross the line Robyn.. I’m here just to hug you and make you feel better..” He said.. When she heard his voice she pulled away and looked at him with her puffy and red but dry eyes and said..
“Chris!!!.. Oh my God!!.. What you’re doing here??!.. Are you sure it’s okay to you to get up?!?.. Chris you should just rest!!..” Chris smiled and said..
“Tina was right..” Robyn looked at him confused.. She got herself together in the bathroom.. She asked him…
“Huh?? What are you talking about?!.. Oh my God ..this is wrong!.. You should just rest..” Chris didn’t say anything, he just caress her cheek with the back of his hand.. Robyn didn’t know what to do she was so shocked he was doing that, but didn’t move.. Just looking at his eyes..
“I’m talking about how an amazing woman you are.. Look at you.. With everything happen just a Afew minutes ago.. You still this strong woman.. Caring woman ..the super woman Tina told us about.. I have never seen a woman care this much for people she don’t know.. You are so special.. Thank you for eveything you did for Tina.. And I’m really sorry because my family bring bad memories to you..” he said all that still rubbing her cheek gently and looking at her eyes.. Robyn smiled before she grabbed his hand to make him stop rubbing her cheek but she didn’t let it go.. She just held it and said..
“No Chris.. Those memories you are talking about ain’t all a bad memories.. Yes there’s a bad ones.. But how can all of it be bad memories when it’s all you have to remember the person that you love?. Don’t apologize Chris.. It’s not like I need someone to bring memories to me.. I will never ever forget them.. And I really adore your daughter.. I don’t know what she told you about me… But I’m sure she at one point told y'all about me crying or something.. I just want you to know that is something normal to me… Not because she’s bringing memories or anything…. She’s the sweetest girl I have ever see.. And as weird and awkward the situation is, I feel like I know y'all from a very long time.. Chris what you heard a few minutes ago about the beach thing.. My closest friend don’t know.. My family don’t know.. I don’t know why I spoke about it and broke down But-..” Chris cut her off softly..
“I’m glad you trusted us this much and talked about it.. It shouldn’t stay in your heart.. It’s not healthy.. I should tell you this too.. I really trust you too.. What you did and still doing to my daughter I really appreciate it..  Not everyday I meet someone this amazing with a big heart like you.. So believe me.. I trust you so much..” He said smiling to her and squeezing her hand ..she smiled at him and couldn’t help herself and said..
“Thank you Chris.. You are the nicest guy I have ever seen.. Can I ask you question as your new friend??” She said.. Chris smiled and said..
“Anything for my beautiful new friend..” She looked down a little a said in a low voice..
“Can.. Can you hug me again?.. I felt so safe and.. Warm earlier..” Chris didn’t say a word he just hugged her so tight.. Her head was resting on his chest while she just closed her eyes.. He said..
“You don’t have to worry about anything beautiful.. You’re safe..” Robyn blushed and was thankful he can’t see her light red face.. She hugged him back and said..
“I have never been called beautiful from someone other than my family before.. Until I met Christina.. She was the first person to ever call me beautiful.. And the second one was your mother.. And now you.. What y'all are doing to me huh?! Thank you Chris ….you and Christina and Ms. Joyce.. I don’t know what it is.. But I feel like y'all are in my life for years now, like we know each other for years not hours..” Chris was smiling like stupid while she was talking, he rubbed her back, took a deep breath and said..
“You know Robyn?.. We all are feeling the same thing about you too.. Tina can’t shut up about how amazing you are.. Mama is worried about you and she want to be there for you too.. And me-..” He stopped talking ..Robyn pulled away and looked him in his eyes and asked..
“And you what?!” He just stared at her eyes for a few minutes then said ‘fuck it, I’m gonna tell her’ in his mind, and finally said..
“I don’t know.. Maybe I’m falling in love.. Because maybe that or maybe I’m about to have a heart attack, cause my heart is beating like it never did..” Robyn didn’t know what to do.. She started to blush, and look everywhere but at him.. When he was hugging her she heard his heart beats.. it was so fast.. After a minute, She looked at him.. She didn’t know where she got the nerve but she leaned forward and kissed his cheek.. A small kiss. Chris was just not believing.. He just got a kiss from his crush, then.. When Robyn pulled away again she smiled when she saw the stupid and childish smile Chris had, and said..
“I don’t want you to have a heart attack Chris.. And.. Maybe I’m feeling the same.. But I don’t know if I’m ready for anything now.. We are a new friend.. Let’s know each other.. Well.. I should convince my own heart that before telling you that..” She said the last part with a tiny voice and wasn’t looking at him anymore, but he heard her and his smile just got wider and wider, While she was thinking.. 'oh my god …you stupid bitch.. why you said that.. He will think you’re crazy now, first breaking down and now in love, what the fuck Robyn!!’… Robyn was really feeling something towards Chris.. He just smiled at her and made her forget about her pain and her life, even if it was for a few minutes, she didn’t want anything other than his hug.. He smiled at her and said..
“Seriously, You are so cute and beautiful when you blush.. Wait until Tina see you like this.. She’s gonna fall in love with you all over again.. And Robyn you don’t have to convince your heart anything.. We are friends.. For now, but it will change soon..” Chris mumbled the last part but she heard it too, and it was her turn to smile like a little kid just got candy..
“Umm, okay.. Let’s go back to your room.. Ms Joyce and Tina are waiting..” He nodded getting up too..
“Robyn can I ask you something… As a friend too..” He said while they both were walking slowly back to his room..
“What’s on you mind?! New friend..” he smiled and said..
“Can you tell Mama and Tina to go home.. They are not listening to me.. I can’t make my six years daughter sleep here in the hospital.. I mean-..” Robyn cut him off..
“I know what you mean.. And you right.. She’s a little girl she can get sick here.. I will tell them and drive them there too.. Don’t worry..”
“Thank you..” she just nodded and continue walking in till they were at his room door..
“Wait..” Chris grabbed her her arm before she knocked on the door..
“What.. Are you okay?.. Please don’t tell me the heart attack is back..” She said laughing at her playfully..
“Haha not funny.. Don’t enter the room ..just stay here and listen to what they will say when I tell them you left..” Chris said with a smirk..
“Oh my god.. You are childish..” She said laughing at him..
“Yeah I know.. And you are so cute when you laugh.. Now forget this doctor shit for a second and be childish with me.. stay here..” with that he entered the room leaving her laughing at him.. She walked closer to the door and heard them..
“Daddy.. Where’s Anna?!..” Tina asked him.. But he didn’t answer her
“Christopher what did you do?!.. Ugh.. Please don’t tell me you messed up and made her leave.. Cause I will beat you..” Mama said seriously.. She really liked/loved Robyn..
“Mama?! you gonna beat your only son?!?..” He said sounding hurt while Robyn was laughing at his silly ass..
“Daddy you promised me!!.. I love Anna.. Why she left me again… She promised me..” Tina was about to cry so Robyn opened the door and said..
“I’m sorry Tina …it was your childish father’s idea to make me stand outside and pretend I left….” Tina flew to Robyn hugging her so tight..
“Yeah good job.. Robyn.. You messed everything up..” Chris said pouting playfully..
“Your childish.. Your daughter was about to cry..” Robyn said while carrying Tina in her arms.. And walking to Mama J..
“I’m happy and proud of my son.. Because it’s the first time he do something stupid..” Mama J said hugging both Robyn..
“Well Ms. Joyce should be proud of him but not because of your reason.. Because he’s a good man..” Robyn said while placing Tina down..
“YESSSS!! Thank you Robyn.. Mama take some notes please..” they all laughed..
“Sit Anna..” Tina said..
“No baby.. We should go..”
“Huh??” Mama J said..
“Mam shouldn’t stay here with Tina.. It’s not healthy.. And look at Chris he’s doing so good.. So please let me take you home.. And I will not take no as an answer.. Come on..”
“But Robyn…”
“Come on.. I’m a friend now right?.. C'mon.. Tina have school tomorrow too.. She should rest… And you too Ms Joyce..”
“Yeah Mama.. Robyn is right..” Chris said..
“Ugh.. You two planned this!.. Ugh.. Come on lets go..” Mama J and Christina kissed Chris’s cheeks.. And Robyn hugged him and said in his ear..
“Don’t fall asleep.. New friend..” she pulled away and winked at him.. He looked at her and just nodded like a little kid… Mama J, Robyn and Tina left the hospital and got in Robyn’s car, speeding off after Mama J told her the address..
“Anna.. Can I ask you for something?.. I will be so happy if you said yes.. Please..” Tina said from the back..
“Of course cutie.. What’s on your mind?!..”
“Can.. Can we go to the beach.. Just for a minute.. I wanna try it and speak with mommy.. Like you do with your granny. Please…”
“Tina.. I..” Robyn didn’t know what to tell her..
“It’s gonna be empty right now.. Please… Anna please.. Just for a few minutes..” Tina bagged her… Robyn felt Mama J’s hand on her thigh.. She turned to face Mama J who nodded her head and said..
“If it’s okay with you.. Robyn.. I don’t wanna push on you..” Robyn just nodded and made a turn, she knew it’s not a good idea at all.. But Tina’s face told her how much she want to say something in her heat.. Maybe she will fell better believing that her mother can hear her from heaven.
Five minutes later, they were on the empty beach.. They got out and walked a little until Robyn stopped and turned to Tina and said..
“Look to all the stars Tina.. Your mother is one of them.. Go on and say whatever you wanna say, you can tell her any and everything you want…” Robyn said.. Tina sat on the sand and looked at the sky and said..
“Hey Mommy.. Why you left me alone?! Daddy told me that you love me, and I love you too mommy, I just wish I know you and you’re here.. But mommy!! You know?! I met my best friends yesterday.. She’s so nice to me Mama.. She really love me.. Not like Daddy’s old friend who loved me just when daddy is around.. She loved me before she met daddy or granny.. I know you know her.. Because her granny is your friend too and y'all are watching us, Anna told me that.. And mommy, I promise you I will always tell daddy to bring me here so I can talk to you.. I know you can’t talk to me.. But mommy, Anna is here.. And she talk to me and make me feel better.. She got me here today too..” Tina said and looked at Robyn and smiled, while Robyn and Mama J were in their feelings, at was heart breakable, that girl is something else.. Tina turned to the sky again and said..
“I love you mommy..” With that Tina got up and went to Robyn hugging her waist.. robyn hugged her too..
“Thank you Anna.. We can go now.. I talked to mommy..” Robyn smiled weakly to her, she was happy that Tina was happy, but she can’t leave here and not speak with her daughter.. Her daughter was the real reason she come here not her Grandma.. Even tho she adore her grandma.. Her daughter was the most important one…. She turned to Mama J and said..
“I.. I can’t leave here this fast.. Can you please just wait for me for a minute.. Tina can play with that ball over there.. And you can sit on that chai.. i just need a few minutes..” Mama J just nodded.. After she saw how she broke down earlier, she couldn’t tell her no.. Tina was so happy and went to play with a beach ball somebody forget on the sand.. Mama J went and sat down near Robyn.. She could hear every word Robyn said..
“God.. Thank you for everything…..” Mama J smiled a small smile.. Robyn took a deep breath and said…
“Hey Baby.. You still the most important person in my life… I miss you like crazy.. And I’m sorry I didn’t come here for two days now.. But I had a surprise guest ..And I’m sorry because I keep breaking down.. I promised you I would stop.. But it’s the hardest thing ever.. You’re on my mind all day everyday.. I’m still sleeping while hugging your clothes to my heart.. I wish I could see you or touch you baby.. I’m .. I’m ruined without you baby.. I can’t keep myself together all the time.. Everyone in the family knew today about my condition baby, they saw me crying and breaking down.. I promised you four years ago I will not let them see me cry.. But I couldn’t handle it today and broke down telling them that I never forget you and will never forget you.. And Baby.. Guess what.. I made a friendship with an amazing family ..if you were here today.. You would’ve got a new best friend like I did.. I will tell you more about them later.. But just know that I feel loved and safe with them.. And they’re so beautiful people.. But don’t worry no one is gonna take your place in my heart one.. EVER…” Robyn stopped for a few minutes, taking a few deep breaths and whipping her eyes.. Mama J thought she’s talking to some guy.. 'Maybe her ex’ She was thinking, when she was about to say something Robyn continued..
“Granny.. I don’t have much to tell you.. I miss you so much.. And I need you here.. I need your advises.. Is what I’m doing to this little girl is right.. I’m trying to make her feel close to her mother.. I know as a therapist I’m doing the right thing she should know about her mother.. But as me.. The broken Robyn ..I’m afraid she will never be able to live without talking to her mother and opening her heart to her.. Even if she’s talking to herself ..she.. I’m sure will feel better… But when I start doing this six years ago.. I thought it was just for a while until I get myself together.. But I’m still doing it.. I just don’t want her to stay hurt.. I hope I’m doing the right thing.. I miss you so much Granny.. Please keep my baby a good company.. Love you.. I hope I’m making you proud.” Robyn closed her eyes and said a little prayer.. Mama J got up and walked to her.. She put her hands on her shoulder what made Robyn turn and look at her with tears in her eyes..
“I’m done.. We.. We can go now..” Robyn said trying to whip her tears..
“God loves people like you Robyn.. And he’s going to take care of you and your loving ones.. Don’t forget that everything happen for a reason..” Mama J said.. While rubbing her arm up and down..
“Thank you mam..” Mama smiled nodding..
“Robyn… Everybody in the family and Chris’s friend call me Mama J, I don’t mind you calling me that too.. I know we still barely know each other but-..” Robyn cat her off..
“Can you hug me tight Mama..” Mama J was shocked she even accept it ..she hugged her tight and start whispering in her ear..
“Baby Robyn… I’m here for you for the rest of my lif If you allowed me ..I wanna be like a second mother to you… It’s okay.. Don’t cry, I love you Robyn.. You entered my heart the first time I spoke to you on the phone.. And believe me God is here for you too.. Whip your tears, your loving ones are in the most peaceful place ever.. You shouldn’t be sad-..” Mama J was cut off by Robyn talking through her tears.. She was sobbing…
“I want them here.. I want to be with them.. I just wanna see my baby one time.. I wanna touch my baby for one time.. I don’t wanna live anymore.. But I know God don’t love the depressed people.. But I can’t help it.. Mama.. I miss them..” Robyn was crying hard right now.. Mama J was thankful that Tina was busy playing not noticing anything.. Mama tried to conform her..
“Shhh.. Robyn.. Please don’t ever think about doing anything to yourself.. You’re not depressed Robyn.. Baby please stop crying.. Robyn please..” Mama J bagged her.. Robyn pulled away from the hug and said..
“Mama.. I.. I told Chris I would come back to the hospital to keep him a little company.. I thought we would know each other more.. But I can’t.. I need some rest.. We should go, Tina should be sleeping now!.” Robyn said whipping away her tears and drying her face.. She was used to this thing by now.. To cry hard and then dry her face like nothing happen and putting the poker face of course..
“Robyn don’t worry about him.. I will call him and tell him.. But please I’m worried about you.. Are you sure you can drive..”
“Yes Mama… Tina.. Come on cutie we’re leaving..”
“Coming..” Tina run to them and held Robyn hand tightly.. And said..
“What if that boy-…” Robyn cut her off because she knew what she was gonna say..
“He will never talk to you again.. Granny or Daddy will be there on time tomorrow.. Right Mama?!.”
Robyn asked Mama J looking at her while walking back to the car..
“Of course Tina.. I’m going to be there earlier too..”
“Okay.. So Anna when I’m gonna see you again? tomorrow?..”
“I don’t really know Tina.. I have work tomorrow.. I didn’t do anything those past two days.. I have a few appointments.. And I’m sure my family ain’t gonna leave me alone..” Robyn sighed sitting behind the wheel.. Mama in front and Tina was putting her seat belt..
“But Anna.. Please promise me you will not forget me..” Tina said looking down..
“WHAT!! Never Tina.. Don’t ever think about that.. Listen I’m gonna write my phone number to you.. So you can call me whenever you want.. Even if it’s midnight.. I’m here for you.. I promise you this..”
“Thank you.. Anna” Tina said happily..
“You’re welcome cutie.. We should go shopping again.. I’m gonna take you to the park too.. Bake cookies.. Get our hair and nails done.. I’m your best friend Tina.. And best friend don’t forget about each other..” Robyn said..
“You see.. That’s what I’m talking about.. You’re looking to the future.. You’re far from depressed, believe me Robyn..”
“I hope s-………..”

“You can be dismissed right now Mr. Brown..” the doctor said..
“Really?.. Well I would love to go home to my family.. But I’m waiting on a friend..” Chris said smiling from ear to ear..
“Well, I can tell it’s a female friend from your smile..” The doctor said laughing..
“Well yes.. We just met today.. But I can’t stop thinking about her man.. Is that normal?..” Chris asked the doctor.. He was young doctor and a cool one..
“Oh.. Well, it’s love from the first-…” The doctor was cut off with Chris’s mobile ringing..
“Sorry doc..” Chris said answering the phone.. The doctor just nodded..
“Who is this?..” a voice asked..
“What?! who are you nigga?! that’s my mother’s phone..” Chris was starting to get worried now…
“Sir… I’m sorry to tell you this but this phone owner and a young lady with a little girl had an accident.. Don’t worry they all good and in the hospital now, just making sure everyone is good..” Chris was about to cry now..
“Man please.. Tell tell me.. They’re okay?! .. Man my mother.. Robyn..”
“Listen man, don’t be worried it was a small accident, the three of them are so good, we are on the hospital.. Come here and make sure yourself…”
“What hospital?!” The man told him and it was the same hospital Chris’s in.. He hanged up on the man’s face getting up..
“Mr. Brow.. what’s wrong..” The doctor said when Chris just got up and run to the accidents’ section..
“Mam.. Please.. Help me.. My daughter and mother just got here with a young lady.. Where are they?! Who are they doing?!..” He asked so quick and with shacking voice
“Daddy..” Chris heard Tina voice, he turned to her and run to her.. She wasn’t hurt or anything she just had a few scratches.. She seemed perfectly fine, Mama was fine too she was standing beside Christina…
“Baby, it’s alright.. Mama y'all good ..right?!..” Chris asked still shaking..
“Yes daddy.. We are fine.. But where they took Anna?!…” Tina asked.. And she sounded so worried…
“Mama!!.. Robyn!?.. What happen to Robyn?!..” Chris asked..
“Are y'all who was in the accident with the young lady..” A doctor asked behind them.. Chris turned quickly and said..
“Yes.. How-.. How is she doing?! What happened?!..”
“Even tho she seems the one who took the brunt of the hit.. She’s fine, she have a little scar on her face and it’s near her left eye.. But it’s not dengerous or anything.. She have scratches too because of the broken glass on her left arm and shoulder.. And a broken leg.. Her leg got stuck between the door and the seat.. But she’s alright and they are putting a cast to her leg right now.. But she can’t and shouldn’t walk on it.. She will need a wheelchair.. We will appreciate it if y'all took her home or called her family if y'all just friend and not family.. She seems so scared and nervous.. She still in shock and didn’t say a word..”
“Thank you doctor.. We will take her home.. But when we can see her..” Chris and Mama J and even Tina were thankful that she was okay.. At least she’s don’t have serious damage..
“Mr Brown you can see her,  Mam and this little cutie have to rest a little, go and sit down..” the doctor said..
“But I wanna see Anna too..” Tina whined..
“Baby I will get Anna and we will drive her to her house.. Don’t worry she’s a super woman..” with that Mama J and Tina went to sit down and waiting on Robyn and Chris… Chris knocked on the emergency room’s door and opened it slowly.. Robyn was locking down not giving any attention to the doctors.. She was in her own world.. She was about to die.. She was about to meet her little angel.. She was about to finally rest from all her pain.. But God didn’t want her to die.. She was thinking why.. Why.. She can’t meet her daughter?!.. Robyn was still in shock because of everything happened and didn’t talk to any doctor.. She was sitting on the bed and a nurse was finishing casting her leg.. The nurse finished, got up and nodded to Chris then left the room to the two of them…. Chris walked to her and put his hand on her shoulder rubbing it…
“Robyn..” she didn’t hear him..
“Robyn.. Are.. Are you okay?!..” she was just looking at the floor..
“Robyn…” Chris hugged her tight what made her pull out her thought..
“Chris..” she mumbled..
“I’m here.. You are fine.. We gonna get you home..” he said pulling away and looking  at her eyes.. She seemed so tired.. So hurt and so sad.. She opened her arms for another hug.. Chris hugged her again and she start crying..
“Chris.. Where’s ..Where’s Tina.. And Mama.. Where.. Are they okay.. Chris please tell me they are okay..” She was crying so hard..
“Shhh.. Shhh they are good and waiting for you so we can go..” Chris started rubbing her back again ..
“I was about to die.. I was about to see-..” Chris cut her off..
“Shhh I told you are fine.. It’s just you have a broken leg.. You can’t walk for a month.. Other than that you’re perfect..” Robyn was starting to relax.. And her tears stopped..
“I’m tired Chris.. I wanna go home.. Can you take me home… I wanna see and hug Tina too.. I’m sure she’s so scared.. And mama.. Please Chris don’t leave me alone.. Stay with me and Tina and Mama..” She said sounding so weak and breaking his heart kore..
“I’m not going anywhere Robyn.. Mama and Tina ain’t going no where too.. Robyn I-.. can I tell you something..?”
“Ye.. Yeah….” She said.. And he sat next to her, They where face to face.. And close to each other.. They were looking deep in the eye..
“Robyn what happened for the two of us these past two days.. Don’t happen to people in years.. And.. I believe in destiny..” Robyn was so nervous, she had a feeling what he was gonna say..
“What does that mean?!” She asked softly.. He held her hand tight and said..
“Robyn I like you ..I like you a lot.. I know it’s a little fast and you told me you’re not ready.. But I can’t keep my feelings inside.. My mother loves you.. My only daughter loves you more than she loved anyone before.. And I’m sure my sister will love you.. Robyn.. I like you so much, it’s the first tome this shit happen to me.. I couldn’t stop thinking about you since we talked on the phone.. So.. As weird and awkward as it is.. Would you like to be my girlfriend?. I promise you we will take every and anything slow..” Chris asked her with begging eyes.. He was holding her hand. She was just looking at his eyes.. She felt like she was seeing his heart, soul.. His truth.. She was more than happy.. She never had this.. Yes she don’t know him that good, but her heart didn’t care.. She like him too much, and she’s in love with his daughter, she love his mother and actually calling her Mama too.. She took a breath praying she will not push him away or make him not happy..
“In one condition?” she said softly to him.. Still looking in his eyes..
“Whatever you want baby..” He said smiling, but nervous of what she would ask..
“You have to be patient with me.. I’m not ready to tell you my past.. I’m not ready for any tape of a sexual life… And ..And you have to know that I can’t keep my ass together and I always end up breaking down.. My past and my memory is such a hard thing to tell you or anyone.. I should tell you this before we start anything.. Sometimes.. I.. I feel like shit.. I hate myself.. And I hate my life.. But when I met Christina.. I ..I started to remember how life is beautiful.. I have feeling for you Chris.. I really have and they are strong ones.. I love your daughter.. And every time I look at her she remind me of the most important person to my heart.. And I’m sorry but I can’t tell you anything about that person yet.. But I don’t wanna seems like I don’t trust you because I can’t tell you or anything.. You should know this, I trust you so much but it’s just hard.. But I really like you..” She said so calm and still looking in his eyes..
“You know.. I feel the pain in you eyes baby.. And I promise you.. I will never ever ask you any question ..I will wait until you’re ready.. I will not push on you or anything I just want to be the shoulder you will hold on when you break down ..I want to be the one whipping your tears and hug you until you feel safe again.. I want you around my daughter.. She feel ..I dunno what… but she need you in her life ..she need you more than we all can imagine-..” Robyn cut him off..
“I need her too.. And.. I.. I want you Chris… I want to be part of your and Christina’s life.. But.. I feel like I’m not good enough for you… And-..” Chris cut her off.. Shacking his head..
“Robyn don’t say that please.. Just.. Ugh.. just answer the question.. Please I will do any and everything for you to make you happy again.. And I feel like my happiness will be with you. So Robyn would you like to be my girlfriend??” Robyn gave him a smile and said..
“I would love to Chris.. Thank you for everything.. Baby..” Chris smiled at her and they both start to lean forward until their lips touched.. Robyn felt like it was her first kiss.. She didn’t kiss no one for almost seven years.. She loved it.. She forget what does loving someone and trust them mean and seems like.. Chris on the other hand was loving her kiss and lips.. He didn’t kiss a girl like Robyn before.. She kissed him with such a passion… They pulled away at the same time and Robyn smiled to him.. And said..
“So boyfriend.. you gonna carry me to the car or you wanna go and get me a wheelchair..?” He smiled kissing the back of her hand..
“Whatever you want.. It’s up to you.. I can take you to New York on my shoulders if you want..” She couldn’t stop smiling.. He was so nice and sweet..
“Such a gentleman.. But I want a wheelchair.. Even tho I hate it..” She said a little uneasy.. Chris kissed her forehead and left the room to get one.. She remembered the accident six years ago.. When she had a miscarriage.. She broke down completely.. Her legs couldn’t carry her.. So she was put in a wheelchair for like two months.. She puched those thought away to the back of her head when Chris returned to the roon pushing the wheelchair in front of him.. He smiled at her helping her to sit on it and said..
“I feel sorry for you..” Robyn was taking aback of what he said to her..
“Huh!? What… What that mean?..” She was getting sad.. She had enough people feeling sad and sorry for her.. She didn’t want her new boyfriend feel this way toward her too..
“Hey.. Hey!! Don’t be sad baby.. I was taking about how Tina is hoing to react when she see you.. Well I should tell you to prepare your self.. Cuz she will not leave your side..” He said laughing..
“Oh.. I don’t have any problem with that.. I told you.. I adore her..” she said smiling to herself.. They were about to get to the waiting room where Mama and Tina where waiting for them.. Chris opened the door and said..
“That’s good.. Cause-..” Chris couldn’t finish talking.. Tina was running to them and screaming..
“ANNA!!! ANNA I WAS SCARED.. I THOUGHT YOU WILL GO TO MOMMY AND I WILL NEVER SEE YOU AGAIN.. I LOVE YOU ANNA.. PLEASE DON’T LEAVE ME ..EVER..” Tina was about to cry she hugged Robyn while she was on the wheelchair.. While she had tears in her eyes.. What Tina said touched her.. Tina needed a mother to show her love and care.. And Robyn needed a daughter love to make her heal a little.. They both need each other more than people can understand.. Lifting Tina up to her lap.. She hugged her and said…
“Tina baby.. I will never ever leave you.. I love you so much.. Our relationship is unbreakable.. I will be there for you to the last day of my life.. I’m gonna help you with any and everything you need.. I will be there to see your wedding too.. Don’t worry about anything okay.. Your super woman is gonna be there.. Just trust me baby..” Mama J and Chris was whipping their own tears.. They were so happy Robyn felt this way about Tina.. who pulled away smiling and kissed her cheek..
“And guess what baby?!..” Robyn continued..
“What?” Tina asked with the cutest face ever.. Robyn kissed her forehead and said..
“Well, me and Daddy are together now.. So-..” Tina cut her off..
“OH MY GOD!! Really Anna?!… Oh my God!!.. So no more daddy’s friend who hate me?!! You will hug me everyday?!..” Tina was more than happy.. Robyn smiled and said..
“Yes baby ..I will hug you and I will tell you stories and bake cookies with you.. I will make you any food you love.. We are going to have so much fun.. You told me you want to meet my friends right?!..” Tina nodded smiling from ear to ear..
“Yeah baby you will meet everyone.. My family my brothers, one of them is big.. But the little one in your age, so you will have a new best friend.. And you will meet my crazy friend..”
“Yay.. I love you Anna..” Tina said clapping and hugged her again..
“I Love you too baby..”
“Thank you Robyn.. Seriously for everything.. I’m happy and so.. So proud of you.. And of my son.. and I can’t thank you enough for what you doing to Tina.. I love you Robyn.. I’m I’m so happy you are okay.. Your leg is gonna heal in no time..”
“Mama please stop thanking me.. If y'all know-… I should be the one thanking y'all and especially Tina for giving me a chance to be in her life.. I really love y'all..” Chris smiled..
“Come on lets go.. We all are tired.. Robyn your car will need like a week or two to get fixed.. Now Tina get off Robyn baby..”
“Noo push me and Anna together..” She said with a puppy face..
“No baby.. Robyn is tired get off her..”
“It’s okay Chris.. Lets go..” Chris nodded and they walked to Chris car.. It was a Mercedes Sprinter..
“Oh wow.. Is this monster yours??.. Why you need this car anyway?!..” Robyn asked laughing at him..
“Well baby, I have other cars, but I like this one too..” He said while opening the back door.. Tina and Mama J got in the back and Chris asked..
“Robyn.. In the back or the front..”
“The back.. But how-..” Chris cur her off..
“Don’t worry about it baby.. Come here put your arms around my nick…” Robyn giggled and did what she was told.. He carried her like a little baby.. Robyn laughed and said..
“Oh.. I’m feeling like a 12 year old girl who her crush just smiled at her..” Chris laughed kissing her cheek and put her on the seat.. And said..
“Okay.. Your crush need your home address now..” Robyn give him the address and they speed off.. When they neared her house Robyn saw Melissa, Rorrey ,and Lele’s cars outside her house..
“Oh God..” She mumbled..
“Is their something wrong Robyn?!” Mama J asked..
“Well, the army is here.. I mean my family.. My mother is gonna freak out when she see me on the wheelchair.. My friend and family don’t know anything about y'all.. I didn’t have time to tell 'em..”
“Baby if you want we don’t have to stay here.. Me, Mama and Tina will be here tomorrow-..” Robyn cut him off.. And the car come to a complete stop..
“Chris you and Mama and Tina are my family too now.. Remember what you told me earlier.. What we been through these two days.. People don’t go through in years.. It’s destiny like you said Chris.. I’m not ashamed of y'all.. I want my family to meet my new family..” Chris smiled and got out and opened the door.. Tina and Mama J got out and waited for them.. Chris got the wheelchair and carried Robyn to it.. She sighed and he started to push her to the front door..
“Here we go..” She put her keys in the door but it flew open.. And here stood Rorrey with a worried and shocked face..
“Oh god.. Robyn ..what what happened to you??. Why you on a wheelchair?!.. Who are those people?!.. Why you didn’t answer your fuc-.. Phone?!.. And.. What-..” Robyn cut him off .. Everybody was on the door by now.. Mama Fenty, Melissa, Lele, Noella and even little Rajad.. They all were so shocked and Mama Fenty was about to cry..
“Breath Rorrey.. You too Mommy.. I’m fine.. Can.. Can y'all let us enter the house please.. And I will tell you what happened.” they just moved.. Chris awkwardly pushed Robyn in with Mama J and Tina walking behind them..
“Anna is this is your family?!..” Tina asked moving closed to her and just looking at everyone.. It was so awkward..
“Yes baby..” she stopped and looked between her family then said ..
“Can y'all sit down?.. And let me introduce y'all to each other..” They all nodded and sat down.. Tina sat on Robyn lap.. It was her new favorite place to sit.. Mama Fenty and the rest of Robyn’s family and friends were looking at Robyn with a confused/awkward/worried and shocked face..
“Ugh this’s so awkward.. Stop looking at me and them like that!!” Robyn said to her family..
“Well.. Don’t you think we have the right too.. Robyn .. I’m just gonna ask you a two questions.. What the fuck happened to leave you on a damn wheelchair?!.. And who are these people?!..” Rorrey asked her looking at her..
“Rorrey watch your mouth first.. Family! This’s my new boyfriend Christopher Brown-..”
“What!!” Mel and Lele said at the same time with their jaws open when she said Chris is her boyfriend.. Robyn didn’t hear them and just continued..
“.. And his mother Joyce Hawkins and this little cutie here is my best friend and the most beautiful little girl in the world.. This’s Christina Brown.. Chris’s daughter.., Chris, Mama J and Tina.. This’s my family and friends.. Mama Monica but we all call her Mama fenty.. My big little brother Rorrey, my little brother Rajad.. And my cousin Noella, the craziest two friends ever.. Melissa and Leandra..” Robyn said..
“Hello Mam..” Chris said to Robyn’s mother because she was the closest one to him.. Mama Fenty nodded awkwardly..
“Hello.. I’m sorry this’s so awkward.. Please someone tell me what happened..” Mama Fenty said…
“Well let me tell y'all the whole story..” Mama J said..
“Please..” Rorrey and Mama Fenty said at the same time..
“But it’s a long story and I’m tired..” Robyn sighing..
“Robyn can you please let the woman talk..” Mama Fenty said..
“Okay, as Robyn told y'all, my name in Joyce, your daughter made me and my son a big-… No I mean the biggest favor someone ever did to us.. Yesterday my son did an accident on his way to get his six years old daughter from school.. But he couldn’t make it to her.. She was waiting-..” Tina cut her grandma and said..
“I was.. I was so scared and alone.. There was this boy who made me cry.. I just wanted my daddy.. But Anna came to me and hugged me and told me it’s okay.. I was so scared.. She sat with me.. And brought me ice cream.. And then Anna and Granny talked on the phone.. Anna took me shopping, she brought me so many beautiful things.. And then we came here.. Bake cookies and played games.. And then we slept together.. She hugged me so tight.. And I hugged her too.. And today in the morning Anna wanted to get daddy something because he was in the hospital and we went to see him.. But Anna left-..” this time it was Chris turn to cut his little daughter.. She was telling them every detail and that wasn’t so important to them to know.. He placed his arm around Robyn.. And said..
“What y'all should know is that Robyn, my mama and my daughter did a car accident like an hour ago.. But thank God they are all good.. Robyn’s leg is just broken.. But she’s on this wheelchair cause she shouldn’t walk on it, I know y'all so confused and maybe a little lost.. But I wanted to tell y'all.. From this day on.. I will take care of Robyn.. I really really care about her and I like her so much.. I still don’t know much about her.. Especially her past and all this pain in her eyes.. But I will wait until she’s ready to tell me.. I don’t want to hear it from anyone but her.. Me and Robyn talked about it and I’m here for her.. Whenever she’s ready she will tell me.. I hope y'all accept us.. And I know it’s rude to come here just like that and stay here and y'all don’t know us.. But Robyn made that choice.. She didn’t let us go back to my house-..” Robyn cut him off after she felt Rorrey was about to say something..
“Yes I did.. And I don’t want them to leave here either.. Now we all are tired… Go back to your houses and get back here tomorrow morning so we can talk more and y'all can get to know each other..” They talked a little more and kinda liked each other.. Mama J and Mama Fenty liked each other the most because they understood each other and they’re almost at the same age.. and they all got back to their houses.. Leaving Robyn, Chris, Mama and Tina alone..
“Baby.. I didn’t have the chance to tell you.. But your house is so beautiful and warm..” Chris said..
“Yeah he’s right.. I really like it..” Mama J added..
“Thank you.. It was hard to get it like this..” Robyn said smiling..
“When we gonna sleep?.. I’m tired..” Tina said taking her shoes off..
“Mama the guest room upstairs is clean and you can find something to wear in the closet from mama’s things.. And Tina.. Is it okay if I gave you a new shirt so you can sleep in?! It will look like a dress on you!” Tina gasped..
“Anna!! Yes!! I will love it!!” Robyn smiled..
“Okay, you can also find it on the bed, The room is the 3th room on the right.. Mama I hope you and Tina will be comfortable.. And Chris-..” Chris cut her off by leaning to her and kissing her forehead and said..
“I can sleep wherever.. You can sleep in your room.. And I will sleep here.”
“But I want you to sleep with me-….. I mean not.. Not.. Not like.. Ugh.. Not like what it sounded.. But.. Ugh.” Robyn didn’t know how to tell him what she meant.. But he understood her..
“Aww look at you don’t know how to talk.. I understood you.. I will just hug you while sleeping..” he said smiling..She smiled feeling comfortable..
“Chris can I ask you something?!..”
“Of course babe..”
“I need a favor.. Can you take the wheelchair upstairs and then carry me to it.. I need to do something in my bedroom before you entered it.. I didn’t imagine you would be my boyfriend this fast.. Or at all.. You just put me there and go to your daughter tell her a story until I finish what I have to do.. Is that okay with you?!..”
“Of cou-..” Tina cut Chris jumping up and down..
“Yes yes Daddy is gonna tell me a story..”
“Yeah baby I will.. Now mama take Tina and go upstairs before me I need to take the chair upstairs first..” Mama nodded told Robyn good night while Tina kissed her a good night kiss and they got to the room ..Chris helped Robyn to the couch and carried the chair to her locked bedroom door.. And went back downstairs and carried Robyn in his arms and start climbing the stair ..Robyn kissed his cheek and told him..
“Now I don’t know how I’m gonna repay you.. Thank you Chris..”
“You don’t need to repay us anything.. You’re the one I should thank for giving me a chance in your life, or else I would’ve got a heart attack..” He said laughing and kissing her cheek, she laughed shacking her head too and he placed her on the wheelchair..
“I’m going to see Tina.. If you need anything just call me.. Okay babe?!..”
“Okay.. Thanks” He kissed her forehead and went to the guest room.., Robyn opened the door slowly, got inside and locked it behind her.. She moved to the bed and got the suitcase which was still on the ground and started to put her daughter clothes in it.. She finished ..hugged the bag for a second and closed her eyes and said to herself.. 'Good night baby.. Mommy loves you’.. Then she went to her closet, put the bag in a place she can lock it and keep the keys in her necklace her pajama and put it on her bed pushed the wheelchair to the door and opened it wide for the first time in years.. Just then Chris got in the room..
“Are you finished??.. Or I need to tell her another stupid story..” He asked laughing..
“Finished.. But.. Umm..” She didn’t know what to say.. How she was gonna tell him ..her 'new boyfriend’ who she just met to help her change her clothes..
“What baby?.. You know?!.. You really don’t have to be embarrassed in front of me.. Isn’t I’m your boyfriend now.. Why you so shy with me?! It’s okay..”
“Chris I know you’re my boyfriend and all of that.. But the last time I had a man near me other than my brother was like seven years ago.. I’m nervous.. So nervous.. And I’m not used for all this good treatment.. I’m.. I don’t know what I should do to you as your girlfriend..” Chris couldn’t believe what she just said.. Seven years single.. 'That nigga is the cause of her hurt ..She’s so nervous and don’t trust many people because of him.. That’s why she’s this weak woman’ Chris was thinking to himself.. He went to her and kneeled in front of her ,held her hand kissed it and looked in her eyes and said…
“Look, I’m not like the other niggas.. I’m not like your ex.. Our relationship is not like the relationships you had.. I promise you.. I’m gonna do whatever to make you happy.. I will die before I hurt you.. I’m gonna show you what does living really seems like.. You are gonna be happy and smiling all over again.. Just believe me baby.. You trusted me and didn’t ask me about my past relationships, and I did the same.. I will not ask you.. But you have to know that I will not hurt you.. We will be happy.. I can feel it..” Robyn had tears in her eyes.. She told him the truth.. Her ex wasn’t good to her.. She know he was cheating the whole time.. But she stayed with him, he was her only chance she have to get out of Barbados.. And now she was so happy to have Chris, the nicest and the most beautiful man she ever met.. She whipped her tears with her free hand and said..
“You know you don’t deserve me right?… I can’t do anything but to thank you over and over again.. Thank you Chris.. And I promise you I will tell you everything ..just please give me some time.. I.. Need you.. I need you and Tina in my life.. I.. I don’t know what I was gonna do if you ain’t here now… I was gonna cry myself to sleep.. Chris.. I..” Robyn stopped talking when she felt her tears run down her cheek ..Chris got up hugged her and said in her ear..
“Don’t cry baby.. Come on we should go to sleep with a smile on our faces.. Come on let me help you to change your clothes.. Don’t be shy or ashamed.. I know you’re not ready for anything sexually but I promise you ..I will never do something you don’t want.. Trust me Robyn..”
“I trust you Chris.. If I didn’t trust you.. You wouldn’t be here now.. Especially in my bedroom.. You know I didn’t let anyone in here for six years.. You’re so special to me Chris.. It’s so weird but it’s the truth.. I really trust you.. And I want you to trust me too.. But I know you will not trust me fully before I tell you everything.. Everything in wighting on me Chris.. I’m a therapist for people with my problems.. But I can’t heal myself.. I tried it before.. But-..” Chris cut her off and said..
“It’s alright Robyn.. I trust you.. And that’s what matter.” He picked her lips for a few second and it was so beautiful to Robyn.. She’s loving this.. Just like Chris..
“What you gonna wear to sleep?.. Rorrey have a few things in the closet in the guest room.. Go see if you can wear something..”
“Robyn I’m wearing a sweatpants ..I will sleep in it.. And I don’t need a shirt.. It’s hot here anyway..” He said taking off his shirt and relieve his killer abs and tattoos on his chest.. Robyn eyes followed him.. She just couldn’t not stare.. He notice it and said with a cute smile..
“Like what you see?..” She blushed and her face was turning light red.. She put her head down and said..
“Yeah actually..”
“C'mon it’s your turn.. Is this the pajama you wanna wear?” He asked pointing at it on the bed..
“Yeah.. It’s super comfortable.. And for the cast.. It’s big enough..” He nodded and helped her to sit on the bed and she took off her shirt to relieve her black comfortable bra..
“That looks comfortable right..” he said.. Staring at her body and boobs..
“Yeah.. It’s the most comfortable one.. I will sleep in it too.. Cause-..” Chris cut her off.. He know she not ready to change in front of him like that.. So he got up and turned his back to her and said..
“Baby take it off.. I’m not looking.. I know you said it’s comfortable but not for sleep.. Come on tell me when you finish..” Robyn smiled and did what he told her and said..
“I finished’s just the pants.. Can you just slid it down and take it off..” She said awkwardly.. And with a red face..
“Sure..” he did as she told him and it was the first time he see a sexy woman with goddess body in just her panties and don’t take her down.. He felt her wetnesses tho.. She was hot and so wet.. Yes she wasn’t ready.. But her body didn’t have none in seven years.. She couldn’t control her body.. She with a red face said..
“Like what you see..”
“Duhh!!” he said smiling from ear to ear.. He continue to help her to wear her pajama, then to lay on her back on the bed.. He went to the other side and said..
“You sure?..” she didn’t say anything ..she grabbed his hand and and pulled him down… He got comfortable.. And hugged her.. Her head and arm were on his chest.. She kissed his chest a small soft kiss and said..
“I didn’t imagine this was ever gonna happen to me.. I have a boyfriend.. I can’t believe it.. I can feel your heartbeats.. You know Chris?.. You can never forget the sound of the heartbeats.. I can hear yours but I’m actually hearing someone else’s.. I wish I can tell you..” she was remembering the first time she heard her daughter’s.. It was music to her ears.. Chris tightened his hold and said..
“You will be okay baby..”
“Chris.. What.. what happened to Tina’s mother?!.. She really passed away while giving birth?..” Chris sighed and said..
“Yeah baby.. She passed away while giving birth.. But she had blood problems.. She was young too.. Her body was not ready for all of that..”
“I’m sorry Chris..”
“It’s alright..”
“Is it not comfortable for you to talk about it?!.” She asked him..Cause she didn’t wanna push on him…
“No baby.. I’m over it..”
“So why you don’t talk with Tina about her.. Chris your daughter still so young to be this hurt.. She should hear and know about her mother… And-..” Chris cut her off quickly..
“I didn’t love her..”
“Chris?!..” Robyn mumbled lifting her head to look at him..
“It’s the truth.. I was 19.. She was 18.. All I wanted to do was fuck some girl.. And she was always horny.. She lied to me and told me she was on the bills.. Yes we were on relationship.. But it was just a tittle so we can do whatever without her father wanting to kill me.. Anyway.. One night.. I was so drank.. I called her.. We did what we did.. A month later she told my she was pregnant.. I.. I lost it.. I didn’t have a job.. A car.. A house at that time.. I didn’t want it.. But then again I’m not the type who fuck woman and don’t care.. I got a little house.. A well job.. And we were waiting for her to come.. I love children.. But the first time I held her.. She became my whole life.. She’s my daughter.. I felt so sorry for her cause she was without a mother.. But my family helped me a lot.. After her family didn’t want anything to tie them with Tina..”
“Oh my god..” Robyn was in total shock..
“Yeah baby.. So that’s why.. I don’t know that girl much.. How I’m gonna tell my daughter about her?!.. I just know how to fuck her..”
“I’m sorry Chris.. I ..I don’t know what to say..”
“Robyn what did Tina told you?.. About my last relationship?..”
“Chris.. All I can tell you is she wasn’t happy.. I don’t know that woman.. But Tina was crying saying she didn’t love her or take care of her if you wasn’t around.. She don’t know how to lie.. But she told me she didn’t tell you because she over heard you and Mama talking and you said something about you don’t like to be alone.. So Tina just shut her mouth and didn’t tell you.. She didn’t want you to be alone Chris.. Tina is so smart and sensitive..”
“I feel like shit.. My baby wasn’t happy..”
“Don’t say that Chris.. She’s not mad.. She don’t know how to be mad at you… You all she still have.. Yes she miss her mother and she want to know about her more.. But don’t tell her anything.. Just leave it to me Chris..”
“Robyn.. What?!.. I don’t understand..”
“You told me you trust me right?!..”
“Of course baby..”
“Chris It’s my job.. If you really didn’t love that woman.. You shouldn’t tell her anything.. You might draw a wrong picture of her in Tina’s head.. Just tell her to open up to me.. I will try my hardest to make her feel better…. She need someone she can trust ..and I think she trust me.. Chris ..Me and Tina need each other more than you or anybody can imagine..”
“Okay baby okay.. I will tell her to tell you any and everything in her heart.. Thank you baby..” Robyn nodded..
“She’s ..She’s doing ..doing something to me..” She mumbled after a few minutes in comfortable silent..
“Baby..” Chris felt something off in Robyn voice..
“Good night Chris..” Robyn said uneasy..
“Robyn you okay?!..” Chris asked looking at her.. She had a few tears in her eyes.. But she closed her eyes and nodded.. She hugged him a little tighter..
“It’s gonna be okay Robyn.. Go to sleep baby.. I’m here..” He kept rubbing her back until she fell asleep.. Chris felt her tears on his chest.. He looked around her room.. Didn’t have any pics on the walls.. It was a simple room.. And a clean one.. He looked at Robyn who was fast asleep with a wet cheeks.. He sighed closing his eyes.. Praying that everything will be good.