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If you're looking for prompts, some Stan and Dipper bonding is always great! Like maybe playing cards or Stan showing Dipper to box?

Stan taught Dipper how to play Poker, and turns out, he’s really good at it 



“I’m the Slayer. Slay-er. Chosen One. She-who-hangs-out-a-lot-in-cemeteries? You’re kidding me! Ask around. Look it up: ‘Slayer, comma the.’”

Fancasting Meme | 5 Raceswapped Characters (1/5)
Antonia Thomas as Buffy Summers


she’s like a woman fighting for more than life. she fights like fighting is her life. it’s like the air she breathes, and she knows she will win because there is no alternative.

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Not a number but a name for the reversal game - I'd LOVE to see Safra in one of these situations !! I just love his design so much (big lips and big nose, it's very good ! Also, maximum blush)

haha oh man my bird child!!! it’s been too long, thank you for thinking of him! ;v; here he is with…

short hair -> long

no makeup -> makeup (dance costume facepaint doesn’t count)

aaaand gentle -> losing his temper (he’s not exactly a “gentle” character per se but he’s also not inclined to losing his temper so I’m taking my opportunity, haha)

thank you so much this was so fun!! ;v;


“When you said you were going to Tokyo,” Haruka finally broke the silence, and Makoto was happy to find he had been wrong about the power of the human voice. “I was confused… I just thought we’d stay together after graduation. No other alternative was a possibility. Then in Australia, I realized why the thought of you leaving terrified me.” Makoto closed his eyes and pulled in closer to Haruka. “And where did all that stuff about smothering come from? You never smothered me. Sometimes, I stayed in the bath too long… because I knew you’d come and pull me out.” [x]

Why should you watch SKAM?

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The Norweigian television show SKAM has just begun their 4th (and last) season and if you haven’t watched it yet, here’s a list of why it’s one of the most genius television shows ever created (not in chronological order or whatsoever)

  • It’s a show about norwegian teenagers set in real-time (as in veeery real-time.. more about that later) Norway at Hartvig Nissen Skole (a high school)
  • Julie Andem, the creator of the series and the whole SKAM crew behind it is 50/50 gender wise 
  • JA researched A LOT before she started to write and has even written her characters around the actors themselves which makes it much more authentic
  • Every season evolves around a new person from the series (also their POV), including how they perceive the others resulting in minor changes in clothes, behaviour etc. from season to season
  • Julie Andem actually LISTENS to her fans, engage with the fandom, re-construct fan art, tries to constantly surprise fans and everything has a symbolic meaning - giving lots of opportunities for fans to discuss theories and geek the f out

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  • The show deals with a lot of different themes such as mental illness, rape culture, body shaming, eating disorders, feminism, homosexuality, religion, and the list goes on. It all centers around one thing: finding your own identity

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  • The whole setup of the series is different. You have real instagram-profiles, youtube- and facebook accounts of the fictive characters. You get snips and pieces from their fictive, private life in the form of group chats, random pictures, videos and such on the blog & if you seek out their profiles too
  • During the airing of the season you get real-time updates from the show (small clips, group chats, whatever) (ie. a clip that’s set this Wednesday on 19:51 (7:51pm) is posted at that time)
  • The whole portrayal of the characters is so authentic in general and as a member of the LGBTQ+ community it pleased me how well they [SPOILER ALERT] handled Isak and Even’s relationship in season 3 

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  • I mean.. I could go on for ages. Just watch it. 

.. Oh and this season it has MUSLIM HIJAB WEARING GIRL as their MAIN CHARACTER. I mean… What’s not to like?! 

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get to know me » anime edition
↳ [1/10] male characters » Tachibana Makoto

“I felt like I wasn’t suited for competitive swimming. The world of competition isn’t for me. So I’d been thinking I’d just go to our local college or something, since there wasn’t anything in particular I wanted to do. But then, I ended up helping Coach Sasabe at the club. At first, I only though of it as helping him out. But then, I started really having fun teaching the kids how to swim. I met Hayato, and I really wanted to do something to help him swim. Remember how you gave me advice when I was at a loss over him? When I taught Hayato how to swim backstroke, he told me, "I’m not scared of swimming anymore! I had fun!” It made me so happy. That’s why I wanted to show even more kids just how fun it is to swim! I want to join the teaching side of the swim world. And to learn how to do that, I’m going to college in Tokyo. That’s the dream I’ve found for myself.“


The most common uncommon words of SGFG // part 1
   ↪ part 2
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Series: Persona 5
Pairing: Akira/Mishima
Rating: G

Winter nights are cold, and Mishima isn’t good at dressing appropriately for the weather.

Tags: canon setting, fluff

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