one long pasta

Wow, can you believe this has been going for 1 year now? I’d make a joke about time going quickly but that’s a little too on the nose

Regardless, I’m very pleased to have made it this far, and I could never have done it without help from a lot of people: my friends, and all my followers (and I love all of you)

And now I’m here, with nearly 1000 followers, one year on from the last July 2nd, and I couldn’t be more grateful. So, a small shoutout to my closest and dearest friends:

@darny-darnvito: a chum. a buddy. a pal. a cool friend to talk to. a good friend

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you’re all super cool and important to me and i love all of you

here’s to another year of Pucci?

fishdetective  asked:

papyrus is searching desperately everywhere for his orange tabby cat pasta... just as he begins to fear he's lost his pet forever, he realizes she's been balancing on his head the whole time

pasta’s been meowing incessantly the whole time but it just confused pap more

Lui’s One Pot Pasta Student Special

So, one pot pasta is all the rage these days, right? That’s because it’s easy to make, tasty as heck, and causes the minimum amount of dirty dishes. Imho, seeing as we are perpetually money-less and living on the tiniest available spaces, every student should have at least one of these recipes up their sleeves. So this is a masterpost on one pot pasta, student edition.

What is one pot pasta? If you haven’t heard of it yet, what you see is what you get: One pot pasta is pasta made in one pot, total, sauce and all. Basically it is “finish your pasta in the sauce” with the in-between step of boiling it seperately taken out. Simple. The clou is that because the pasta has been cooked in the sauce it will absorb the flavours and be extra tasty!

What do I need? One thing I have found that makes this food so awesome is that you can put basically everything in it you have available. There are some exceptions, which I have listed below; otherwise, everything is fair game.

In my experience, the basic stock of every one pot pasta session is:

- pasta of your choice (I usually use spaghetti but everything works - just make sure you keep the individual cooking times in mind!)
- water
- soup stock

You throw the pasta in your pot (make it the bigger one), add the water and the soup stock. That’s the base. Important: depending on what else you put in your pasta, and how much sauce you want, you may need more or less water/stock! One litre for one serving of pasta is usually the absolute minimum though.

- Canned tomatoes. No matter if you prefer chopped, chunky, whole, or sieved, tomatoes work. Pro tip: After you emptied the can/pack, wash it out with water and add the tomato water to the pot as well.
- Milk/Soy Milk. I usually use soy milk if I want it extra creamy. Actual cream is overrated (but you can use it if that’s your thing; they do soy cream too).
- Onions. If you like onions, chop some in there. Boiled onion is still just as tasty. Same goes for garlic.
- Vegetables. If you like it in soup, chances are you will like it in pasta. Some ideas: carrots; broccoli; spinach; cauliflower; peppers; zucchini/courgette. All the vitamins!
- Herbs and seasonings. This should go without saying, but herbs and seasonings are always good. I have found that I can basically put all the things in there and all it does is make the pasta tastier. Do not be ashamed to use dry herbs. Pro tip: If you oversalt/season, just add some more water or, even better, tomatoes if you have them. Tomatoes and other watery ingredients absorb extra salt. (Flip side: add extra salt when using tomatoes.)
- Cheese. This one comes with a disclaimer, because it hugely depends on the cheese. I have found that some cheeses like feta make super creamy one pot pasta. Others go gross and stringy. Rules of thumb: If you would put it on a bake (gouda, cheddar, etc.) do not put it in the pasta unless you like stringy cheese bits. Chop it fine. Add it late.
- Fish. I have found fish to be an excellent addition to one pot pasta because it does not taste worse for boiling. I usually use canned tuna but go wild!

(or: a lesson learned the hard way)
Mushrooms. I know. It hurts. Mushrooms are delicious, but unless you puree them first, they will only get soggy. No mushrooms. Exception: if you have a thick creamy sauce, add them last.
- Meats. Boiled meat is disgusting. It doesn’t matter if it’s chicken or ground beef or what have you. Don’t do it. Exception: fried meats added to the finished sauce (but that kind of defies the purpose of one pot pasta, doesn’t it?).
- Starch, unless you know how to use it properly. I do not know how to use it properly. I should! I have tried often enough! But I inevitably get lumps. Also: keep in mind that pasta has a lot of natural starch and will thicken your sauces anyway.

Just as an example for measurements and ingredients, the pasta I am eating right now (which is delicious) is a super creamy tuna pasta. It contains:

- 0,5l water with a cube (teaspoon) of vegetable soup stock
- 2l soy milk
- 200g spaghetti
- 200g feta cheese
- ½ onion, finely chopped
- ½ can of tuna
- various herbs and seasonings (paprika, salt, pepper, oregano, etc.)

Bring to a boil and simmer for approx. 10-12 minutes. Stir occasionally so it doesn’t burn. The end!