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Following this post and a lot of anon back and forth, here’s the alpha crew as a few other of the Voltron characters!


Bethyl Appreciation Week 2017:

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If you're doing the expression thing could you do teru in 1a please??? Love your art so much!!

For anon, also thank you very much! Glad you like my art! ^//^

I also…don’t know why this looks like a ton better than the rest of them?? I just. had an idea and ran with it. But anyway, sorry it’s so late, but I hope you like it! :’D

A Dreamy Diagnosis

Intro: So I wrote this little (not so little) piece for @outside-the-government‘s Winter Blues Challenge (tbh I kinda forgot about it until you sent the reminder and I freaked out because I couldn’t figure out a story, but I think I got it!)

The prompt was: “I thought that was eradicated years ago!” I kinda changed it to “That was eradicated years ago!” Because reader and Bones are in medical field so I would assume they would know if something has been eradicated or not. 

Pairing: Bones x reader

Word Count: 2578

Summary: Reader is a nurse who is presented with a pretty tricky case.  The nurse enlists Dr. McCoy’s help to figure it out, and eventually does.  Is Bones developing feelings for the reader?  Maybe?  

Also: I had my respiratory infection lecture notes open for this one so all that information is accurate, but I kinda took a few liberties in the sense that I made up that the medical equipment wouldn’t test for this disease so be gentle. 


You owed your date on Friday night to a 6 month old baby with a cough.  

“One more minute, little one.” You cooed, smiling down at the child as you ran the dermal regenerator over her wound.  

The Enterprise had received a distress signal from a nearby planet, the signal coming from a small colony that were being attacked by Klingons. The rescue was not as successful as it could have been, losing about half of the colony before you were able to stop the Klingons.  You were assigned to one of the children that had been rescued, a 6-month old that had been orphaned during the attack and had a upper arm laceration that you were quickly healing with the dermal regenerator.

She squirmed under your grasp and began to cough.  You noticed the cough as soon as she had arrived, but thought the laceration to her arm was a more pressing concern.  

“Oooo, that’s a pretty nasty cough you have there.  Let’s see if we can’t get you some antitussive medication, huh?” You babbled as you finished up with the dermal regenerator and moved to set up the medication to run through the IV that you had already inserted in her tiny arm. 

“Everything alright in here?” A deep voice sounded from the doorway and you didn’t even need to look up to tell that it was your boss and the CMO, Dr. Leonard McCoy.  

“Yep. Just finished up with the laceration, then moving on to figure out what this cough is!” You sang the last few words down at the baby, tickling her little belly with your gloved fingers as you did. 

You heard Leonard chuckle low and soft behind you, “Alright, well let me know if you need anything.”

“I will, Dr. McCoy.” You waved him off and heard his footsteps retreat as you focused your attention to the screen on the side of the biobed.  

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Draw the squad, Sigrun/Tuuri based on this post by snuffysbox. I experimented with sketching the same thing digitally and then with pencil and paper (all right part of it was rage-quitting the digital one because I couldn’t get their faces right). No surprise to anyone (except maybe to me), digital sketching is harder, tends to get weirder proportions because I’m too fond of the zoom function, and takes a lot! longer time.

No one tells you when you start brushing bees how hard it can bee to resist their cute little dancing. One minute you’re trying to convince them to hold still so you can do your job and the next minute you’re vibrating your body, hopping in beeutiful circles. It’s a hard job but someone’s gotta do it.

traffic lights

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Headcanon for MCcree raising a child :3 daughter?

~Whenever I write I picture McCree with a kid, I always think of this song.


  • He loves to hear her laugh. He’ll do just about anything to make her laugh. A funny dance, a bad joke, you name it, he’ll do it if it’ll make her smile.
  • She is not here for your gender roles. Nope, not this little girl. One minute she’s playing with dolls, the next she’s got action figures. She’s wearing dresses and the next day she’s in nikes and overalls. Try and tell her that ‘girls can’t do [insert thing here]’ or girls should do [insert thing here]’ McCree will send flowers to your funeral. 
  • McCree loves to braid her hair. They spend a lot of mornings with her sitting on the floor watching cartoons while he fights attacks that tumbleweed on her head with hairbands and bobby pins. 
  • She’s just like him. I’m talking spitting image here. Same smile, same accent, same sense of humor. She’s just as much of a trouble maker as he was and he knows it’s karma for all the mischief he caused growing up. He wouldn’t change her for anything in the world, though. Both of their heads snap up whenever someone (especially Ana) yells ‘McCree’ because honestly, it could be either of them in trouble. 
  • Did someone ask for sass? No? Well, you’re getting some anyway. This little girl has a silver tongue and McCree doesn’t know where she got it from. She’s got a clapback on stand by at any moment of the day. Do not try her. She’s been grounded more than once for talking back. “Don’t catch an attitude.” “You’re the one who threw it.”
  • They’re both bull headed and as she gets older, it gets worse. There’s shouting matches and hell will freeze over before either of them say they’re wrong. It’s lead to a lot of slammed doors and silent treatments but in the end they both love each other and let it go.
  • As she gets older and leaves the nest, McCree finds himself missing having her little feet stomping down the hall or spending lazy Sunday mornings on the couch with cereal. She comes to visit often and he’s happy he raised such a wonderful girl.

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Here's a prompt for you my bean: Arin makes an unexpected visit to Danny while he's showering and starts touching him

(Sorry this took so long)

“This is bullshit,"  Dan mutters as he gets out of the bathroom, hair soaking wet. "You only get like two seconds of hot water.  Dude, it was so cold I thought Excalibur was gonna shrivel up and die.”

Arin couldn’t help but laugh at Dan, who was cupping his junk protectively at the very thought.  They had deffently stayed in nicer hotels while touring but this one was a little last minute.  It was bad enough they were only able to book two rooms.  Ross and Brent voted on sharing a room, leaving Arin amd Dan alone in their own.  Before they seperated, Ross had to be a butt and give a knowing wink to Arin.

It was no secrete that Arin had the hots for Dan.  Well, everyone but Dan seemed to know.  The whole night, Arin couldn’t sleep, but stare at Dan as he dozed off.


Another show, another late night.  They didn’t get back to their room till around midnight.  Both of them were so sweaty and tired but knew they needed showers first.  Dan grabbed hia pajama pants and raced to the bathroom before Arin could even sit down.

The water felt great against Dan’s skin, the warmth just relaxing every muscule. Thar was until the shower got thrown open wide and scared the shit out of him.

“Arin whatthelivingfuck?!?!” Dan sgouted while trying to cover up and not fall at the same time.

“You said it your self, the water heater here sucks.  So why not share?”

“You just wanna look at my dick.”

“That is one of many reasons.”

There was no give with Arin.  When he’s set on an idea, theres no talking him out of it.  Dsn let out a long sigh and made room Arin in the already tiny shower. 

“No staring at my dick though.”

“You’re no fun."Arin pouted, which was a little too sexy at the moment.

The tension in the cramped space could be cut with a knife.  Dan was directly under the shower head, trying his hardest to wash his hair as fast as he could just to get out.  It was as if Arin wasn’t there.  Well, until a cold wet hand placed itself in the middle of Dan’s back making him yelp.

"Relax, I’m just cleaning ya.”

“Because if that I can’t relax.  Gez, can’t keep your hands off me.”

“You’re not running away.”

Even though every part of his brian was screaming to jump out of there, Dan’s body leaned into the touch.  Maybe it was because he hadn’t been with someone in a while, or good it felt to be touched.  Arin’s hands were soft and how they mapped out his back made Dan’s flutter shut.  Before he knew it, his bsck was pressed up against Arin.

“Fuck, dude.” Arin breathed out.

At this point, Dan was gone.  His head rested back on Arin’s shoulder, his hands tangling themselves in his long hair. 

“Can I touch it?"Arin whispered as his hands traveled down Dan’s stomach.

Dan turned and whispered, "Just this once.”


Happy Holidays °˖✧◝(^ヮ^)◜✧˖°

Makoto and Haru spent the whole day building a pillow fort with the twins. So they finally took a break after putting the twins to sleep!


Haru hung up mistletoe while Makoto put the twins in their beds (¬‿¬)