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PLease write all the soft hannigram forEVER

Nothing says ‘soft hannigram’ like… fisting?

Stuck halfway between a laugh and a belly low groan, Will chokes. He inhales through his nose.

“More.” He says.

“I only have my thumb left.” Hannibal says. His thumb pressing against the fleshy part of Will’s inner thigh. A little reminder. A little hello. His four fingers and his knuckles rubbing and stretching the inside of Will open.

It’s not like last time. 

Will is not hesitant now. He had a solid month of obsessing over the what if of last time. What if he had said yes. What if Hannibal had pushed him regardless of what he had said. What if Will had let Hannibal crawl and shove his way inside of his body. No cut. No knife. Split him open with his bare hands.

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Tony and Peter sharing the same sentiment on why they do what they do, they both blame themselves for not doing enough, and feel the responsibility to do more and better, to protect the people and the world they love and care about
(inspired by @knightinironarmor [x])


Some more of those expressions! I’ve been on a bit of a lineless kick lately so that’s been…happening…

I think this is the last of them, guys! If anyone didn’t see their ask, then either tumblr ate it or it was a repeat of one I already did ^_^ Thanks for everyone who sent some, they were good practice!

jehnt a réagi à votre billet “for reference: other options for Bahorel in The Worst Les Mis…”

Now I think the actual worst les mis playlist would be les mis characters as songs from les mis they didn’t sing in

h-holy crap … you’re right

Valjean - I Dreamed a Dream (I had a dream my life would be / so different from this hell I’m living / so different now from what it seemed / now life has killed the dream I dreamed)

Javert - A Heart Full of Love (in my life / [he] has burst like the music of angels, the light of the sun / and my life seems to stop as if something is over / and something has scarcely begun / in my life / there’s been no one like him anywhere)

Fantine - Valjean’s Soliloquy (if there’s another way to go / I missed it twenty long years ago / my life was a war that could never be won / I am reaching, but I fall / and the night is closing in)

Cosette - Red and Black (it is time for us all to decide who we are / do we fight for the right to a night at the opera now? / have you asked of yourselves what’s the price you might pay? / is this simply a game for a rich young boy to play? / the colours of the world are changing day by day)

Marius (about his father)  - On My Own (sometimes I walk alone at night / when everybody else is sleeping / I think of him and then I’m happy / with the company I’m keeping / the city goes to bed / and I can live inside my head)

Enjolras - Stars (those who follow the path of the righteous / shall have their reward /  stars in your multitudes, scarce to be counted / filling the darkness with order and light / you are the sentinels, silent and sure / keeping watch in the night)

Grantaire - At the End of the Day (at the end of the day you’re another day older / and that’s all you can say for the life of the poor / it’s a struggle, it’s a war / and there’s nothing that anyone’s giving / one more day standing about, what is it for? / one day less to be living)

Les Thenardier - The Confrontation (you know nothing of [Thenardier] / I was born inside a jail / I was born with scum like you / I am from the gutter too)

Eponine - Castle on a Cloud (there is a castle on a cloud / I like to go there in my sleep, / aren’t any floors for me to sweep / not in my castle on a cloud)

Mlle. Gillenormand (about M. Gillenormand) - Master of the House (Master of the house? Isn’t worth my spit! / comforter, philosopher’ and lifelong shit! / cunning little brain, regular Voltaire / thinks he’s quite a lover but there’s not much there / what a cruel trick of nature landed me with such a louse / God knows how I’ve lasted living with this bastard in the house!)

Gavroche - Epilogue (for the wretched of the earth / there is a flame that never dies / even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise)


Bahorel - Look Down (I know the meaning of those 19 years / a slave of the law)

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((^^^ look where ‘coma dream’ is!))


(also, fun facts: I Jossed ‘Pyrrhic Victory’ so bad it became the NHL!Bitty you know and love.)

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holy moley, ive never even seen mention of the edge chronicles on here without specifically going to the tag (which was very small, but it's been awhile) i really appreciate you drawing fanart for it!! im ecstatic tbh; i love those books

same!! it’s a shame more people don’t seem to know about these books because they have some of my favourite ever worldbuilding - plus the illustrations have such a look to them. a real aesthetic, you know?

and because I don’t like answering things w/o stickin’ a pic somewhere, and also b/c hot dang someone else knows about the Edge Chronicles, here’s a tiny Maris!

and thank you so much!! I can make art for any obscure fandom I want (it’s a lot of power) but it’s so, so encouraging to know that someone out there is enjoying it!

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"Sometimes we got to tie him up to the bed and he'll get better when he's tied down." - a real thing huberdeau said of drouin to a reporter during WJC 2013

I hate that article. Sometimes I can’t believe that Jonathan Drouin is a real life hockey playing boy who goes around kissing boys and being tied to the bed by his roomies so he’ll behave

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WonTaek - things you said when you were crying

“This wasn’t how it was supposed to happen!” Taekwoon sobbed out, curled over and shaking. Wonsik’s heart beat wildly, staring with bafflement because he could count the number of times Taekwoon broke down on one hand—and every time left both of them more shaken than the last.

Taekwoon’s entire body quaked and Wonsik could feel it to his core as every choke ripped deeper into his chest, clenching at his lungs.

The wails rebounded off of every wall, consuming their entire world; and Taekwoon’s hands came up to the sides of Wonsik’s thighs to fist into the thick jean fabric. The louder the sobs were, the tighter the grip became.

Wonsik’s eyes could barely focus, but they fell on the sight of the bumps of Taekwoon’s spine rising up from his thin shirt, pulling tighter the further he curled into himself. In an attempt to be soothing, he reached over and ran his hand gently up the bony ridges. Taekwoon sucked in a sharp breath that stung at Wonsik’s throat with its force.

They stayed like that; Taekwoon sobbing rising and falling uncontrollably, saying things that didn’t make sense, that he wouldn’t remember later. Wonsik knew he didn’t mean any of them, but they rang in his ear and likely would stay all the way through the night, thrumming through his ear canals.

Then, Taekwoon said something that took Wonsik by completely shock. “I wish I’d never been born!”

Wonsik’s heart shattered into a million pieces and the tears that had barely been held at bay spilled over. He choked on the first cry but pulled Taekwoon up with a force that scared the both of them.

“Don’t say that!” he all but screeched.

Taekwoon’s eyes were wide and bloodshot, not registering the bruising grip curling into his arms.

A new wave of emotion flooded his eyes and Wonsik couldn’t stand to see it anymore, so he yanked him into a crushing hug. Taekwoon’s hands came up to claw at the back of his shirt, desperate and agonized.

What had to be eternities later, they found themselves in bed, still clinging to each other. Taekwoon jerked with his heavy sniffles and Wonsik stared with stinging eyes at the wall behind him. Only their touching skin grounded him in the middle of the bed too small for both of them.

Taekwoon finally whispered, weak and hoarse, “I’m sorry . . .”

For a long moment, Wonsik wasn’t sure how to reply. He knew nothing Taekwoon said was meant, but his heart was still aching, even in its thousands of pieces.

“Just …” he mumbled, looking for the right words to say. “Just don’t leave me …”

New tears, warm and wet, streamed against his neck.

“I’m sorry. I won’t.”

And they held each other tighter.

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I was so torn between these two caps:


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Hello! I've only recently found your writing but I think it is fabulous! Could you please write how some of the men in the army would react if Corrin/Kamui (or gender less) got realllllyyy injured protecting them in battle? Preferably Xander, Leo, Takumi, Ryoma, Jakob, Niles, Kaze, etc. Pretty please and thank you!

Thank youu ;v;) And welcome! <3
I’ve never tried multiple approaches to a prompt before, *Camilla’s voice* let’s see how this goes!
… Wait, now that I think about it, that’s probably what the previous anon wanted, right? @_@ I’ll edit that now…


Even under Kamui’s command, Xander insisted on always stay at the front lines. “As crown prince, I cannot let others fulfill my duty of protecting my kingdom.” He replied every time she tried to talk him out.

That fight was no different. He was commanding the troops ordered to eliminate the enemy’s detachment before it reached the main force. Worried, Kamui rode beside him.

“This is simply a detachment, Kamui.” He said after spotting the enemy. “Our Commander should be preoccupied with the foe’s main force.”

Kamui snorted, speeding up her horse by his side. “You really don’t mean that, do you? Every fight is important if we’re to win this war.” She saw his smile, knowing she hit the mark. “You’re only trying to protect me.”

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🌟Bedtime Chant🌟

So, there’s this show called Containment, which is epic, and you should watch! In it there’s these characters, a mother and child, and they have the cutest thing they say before going to sleep.

I’ve used it with a few littles. It’s perfect for sending them off to sweet dream. It’s also a great way of ending a phone or Skype call before bed for LDRs! The CG says one line, the little replies to with the next line, and repeat!

It goes like this! (I’ve altered it a bit!)

CG: It’s time for bed. What do we say? (Just an example of an intro!)

Little: There are no monsters under the bed.

CG: There are no monsters in your head.

Little: Tomorrow brings a new day of light.

CG: Sweet Dreams, sweet Princess/Prince/Dove/Whatever, goodnight.

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what're the chances of getting a "get you a man who can do both" gif meme of him looking all dapper AF at the s7 thrones premiere in la and then that video emilia posted? cause it's hilarious in my head

😂😂😂 i’d say plenty! i couldn’t find any suitably sized images of the dapper little &^%$#* but hopefully the set won’t look too odd 😊 hope you like it! thanks for requesting!

things that are weirdly hard to find in texas: Churches with graveyards attached. Like legitimate churchyards. We don’t really have ‘em. The actual cemetery for the church is usually anywhere from a block to many miles away, it’s weird. Just fun facts.