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Know what?

“Not this again.” Bruce lets out an annoyed groan when he all but sees the cars that are just blatantly following after him. “Do they have nothing better to do?” Bruce grumbles under his breath as he shakes his head.

You glance at Bruce before looking up from your phone to look at the rearview mirror. True to Bruce’s words, there were cars following the both of you again and you let out a sigh before placing a comforting hand on Bruce’s thigh.

Bruce glances at you very briefly before turning back to look at the road. He grabs on to the hand that you have placed on his thigh before lacing your fingers with his. “I honestly would have thought they would have gotten bored with trying to chase after us for some photos.”

You giggle, rubbing your thumb atop of his knuckles. “Well, it can’t be helped really – they probably will not stop until they get what they wanted.” You shrug your shoulders; the last time the two of you went out on a date, the paparazzi did not stop until Bruce finally have had enough and simply gave the media what they wanted by posing for a few photos.

Bruce sighs. “I’m sorry we have to spend our free day like this, Y/N.”

You shake your head. “Your company is enough, Bruce. I am enjoying this quite a lot.” You reassure him because honestly, the two of you could have just been in his bedroom, doing absolutely nothing and you would still be content with what you have.

Bruce smiles, nodding his head. “Let’s take a quick detour – I know this great, lovely place that serves the best comfort food.”

“Oh yeah?”

“At Alfred’s.”

Edward Nygma x Reader

Requested by: @glitchy-realities 

Some days, on your break from work, you liked to visit your boyfriend, Edward Nygma at the GCPD. You knew pretty much everyone that worked there, and you were very good friends with Harvey and Jim Gordon. Although, occasionally, you did have to put Harvey back in his lane when he picked on Ed, but those are stories for another time.

However, today as you walked inside, you were informed that your friends were apparently out on a really big case. You thanked her and decided to just head straight to Ed and take him his lunch.

You weave through the many desks of the GCPD, waving at a few of the employees that you knew, when a large figure suddenly blocks your path. You raise your head up to see a tall, blonde man smirking down at you. He may have been slightly handsome, had he not looked like an arrogant asshole. 

“Hey honey, you should be careful around here. I’m pretty sure it’s illegal to be that hot,” He chuckled to himself as if he had said something tremendously funny and held his hand out to you. “Name’s Eric, but you can call me the man of your dreams.”

You glanced down at his outstretched hand and grimaced, backing away, “Uh, no thanks. If you’ll excuse me, I have someone to meet.”

“Now, hold on a minute sweet thing,” Eric said, blocking your path once again. “There’s no need to rush. I’ve got everything you need right here.”

For a second, you considered kicking him in the nuts and walking away, but you decided against it. Instead, you smiled sweetly at him, “Are you a red light?’

His face twisted in confusion, “Wha-?”

“Because you need to stop.”

You pushed him out of your way, just in time to see Edward walking up towards you with a shy smile. You grinned broadly and threw your arms around him, your lips meeting his for a kiss. He blushed brightly, not used to such a random show of affection. But that isn’t to say he didn’t like it.

“Oh, he- hello, love,” Edward stuttered while taking your hand. “I was a little worried when you didn’t get here sooner.”

“Just a little hold up here,” You answered smoothly, “Nothing substantial at all.”

Edward’s eyes wandered over to the fuming new cop in the station, and everything clicked. He laughed quietly and led you by the hand to his office, ignoring the disgruntled ramblings of the rejected man behind you.

anonymous asked:

Any thoughs on neurodivergent Batfam? For now all I tought abt is Dick with ADHD, Jay with BPD and Tim with OCD. (Of course, thats besides the very obvious PTSD)

Everyone’s got PTSD like, shit, everyone is scarred mentally.

Don’t even… get me started on Bruce I’d be here all day

I can see Dick having ADHD, like that would make sense for him giving his personality and a lot of his traits (chattiness, inability to settle down)

Jason, oh boy, PTSD bigtime, for sure some bad claustrophobia, I bet the Lazarus Pit plus well dying messed up his brain more than a bit. He seems to display some traits consistent with bipolar or another mood disorder? I think it’s canon he’s had hallucinations and various psychosis before.

Tim has severe, untreated anxiety and depression, like really, really badly. He’s got other issues but like those are the big ones. I’ve seen some theories of mildly autistic Tim (like Asperger’s) and I could roll with that.

Cass has a whole list of problems mostly due to Cain’s abusive upbringing, like her brain literally is not wired the way most people’s are and thus it makes it very hard for her to talk and think normally and nearly impossible for her to read or write.

Damian’s actually pretty good? Like he went through awful shit but he’s young and healthy and his brain is already recovering. Look how far our baby has come I’m so proud. Still, mild depression is likely he’s got some autistic like qualities but that’s more upbringing than chemistry.


100 DCEU Things:

#99 - Lex has the world in his hands but he still needs an import license from Finch.

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What would you think about a anime series revolving around Batman's Rogues gallery?

Dude, that would be pretty cool!

Joker and Harley would pretty much fit right in as anime characters. You wouldn’t have to change much about them. Joker fills the role of the absolutely psychotic, flamboyant, and wacky villain while Harley could easily be the typical energetic anime girl. Possibly even a yandere if her obsession is played up to maximum levels.

Riddler’s definitely gonna be that anime villain that boasts his superiority over the protagonist by stating that he is the one who will defeat his enemy. And generally, he’ll be the power-hungry nemesis who gives 20-minute longs speeches about how much better he is than everyone while fighting.

If Arkham Knight is proof of anything, Scarecrow would be one of those villains as well.

I have a feeling that Catwoman would be kind of a tsundere if not just being a tease. I mean, considering the fact that she’s always on the criminal side even when she’s a hero is something that would factor into her relationship with Batman.

The only problem is that they’d give the sirens huge boobs when really only Ivy should have them. Harley and Catwoman doing the gymnastic stuff, big boobs would be a problem. Ivy, however, that would help the seduction angle.

In terms of character though, She’d be such a self-righteous zealot of a villain. Maybe along the lines of Light Yagami but without the extreme god-complex. And then she’s going to be spouting off the crimes of humanity and calling them worthless and comparing them to how enlightened she is. Something like that.

Mr. Freeze would be one of those honorable villains who gives the protagonist respect even though his crusade goes against the heroes.

If anyone has any extra (or most likely better) ideas for this and the other rogues, please submit them.


Teen Wolf AU - Stiles as The Amazing Spider-Man

Stiles Stilinski’s mum died when he was young, years later he finds her old books and realizes that her death wasn’t an accident like he and his father were made to believe.
While sneaking into her old lab Stiles get’s bitten by a radioactive spider. Suddenly he doesn’t need his glasses anymore and random objects just stick to his hands/whole body. 
After his dad get’s injured on duty Stiles decides that the city needs a superhero, they need him and so he becomes Spider-Man.