one life ruiner to rule them all

The Struggles of Being an Older Kpop Fan

I wrote these with humour in mind, no offense is meant to be taken. I know some of these can relate to being a kpop fan in general as well!

  • Most of the groups you got into KPOP with are now disbanded or currently serving in the army at different times so a comeback is no where in sight ;;
  • Idols are getting younger in age, but you’re only growing older
  • Unsure if you’d still be a noona, or ahjumma now
  • An innate set of skills to be able to remember large groups and all their members all thanks to Super Junior back in the day testing your memory skills
  • Not understanding all the new “hip” terms/moves until they’re no longer trending
  • Watching newer styled dances and feeling pain in your joints at how impossible some of the moves appear
  • Following groups from pre-debut to contracts being up ;;
  • Being thankful your biases are multitalented and can still follow them in acting/variety gigs after leaving their idols lives behind
  • Watching Taemin from SHINee leave puberty behind and now singing and dancing like the man he is but still seeing him as a baby <3
  • Feeling maternal to groups you’ve followed for so long and being proud of their achievements
  • Not being able to bias anything under a certain age group, which slowly gets extended out as they become legal lol
  • Remembering back to when you’d not bias anything younger than you by five years because they felt like babies and now you’re accepting years up into double digits
  • Using the term “appreciate” instead of “bias” towards a member because they were born when you started high school (or worse, graduated in some cases)
  • Unable to keep up with all the debuting groups as there wasn’t nearly as many back in the day
  • Because of this, missing out on insanely good bops for sometimes months on end as you don’t have enough hours in the day to follow everyone (this is universal for all kpop stans though, right?!)
  • Accepting there is very little groups around now that you can refer to anyone as oppa or unni
  • Trying to keep your ultimate bias but due to the amount of years you’ve been a kpop fan, your bias list just keeps on growing and is harder to maintain
  • Almost like a competitive match inside your head at points when more than one of your favourites have a comeback at the same time on who to support (support them all, it’s easier lol)
  • Not to mention, idols have truly stepped up their game and you have more life ruiners now
  • Attempting to adult successfully, pay the bills, set up your life and also buy all your favourite groups/idols’ merch/go to concerts
  • Crying when your life responsibilities rule out concerts (Still butthurt I cannot see Wanna One live)
  • Wondering if you’re too old to have posters all over your walls still, as many see you as passed the fangirling age group
  • Getting shocked when you find out the most manliest looking one is the youngest in the group, or the entire group is younger than they all look (and sobbing ofc)
  • Calculating your age difference before picking your bias in a group
  • Coming up with logical excuses when they’re still too young but you just can’t give them up
  • Always blown away by the talent of all idols who are just starting out in their teens, meanwhile it’s a miracle if you manage to get through a single day without messing up something
  • Singing along to old school bops and your newer, younger friends have literally no idea what you’re singing
  • Still being able to sing along to songs from over six years or longer ago word for word
  • Liking songs from older albums by your bias than the newer stuff because it feels like they’ve lost their uniqueness to keep relevant in today’s kpop scene
  • Feeling successful at remembering things like birthdays of your favourite idols when you literally forgot about your sibling’s one last week
  • Discussing with your equally old kpop friends the good old memories and variety shows that no longer exist anymore
  • Still being mad over Rainbow being jipped for lifting their shirts back in the day, but more and more girl groups now can get away with it
  • Remembering the weekdays thanks to Mazeltov (ZE:A if people don’t know the song)
  • Knowing that there is an insane amount of talent out there, and has been out there for many years, but some fandoms take it too far and don’t accept their biases not being first
  • Having written/read fanfictions on a variety of groups that showcase your bias history well
  • Being thankful that more and more male idols want noonas over younger people and convincing yourself you’re still in the running lmfao
  • Having a catalogue in your mind of how kpop fashion has changed over the years
  • Missing the older gayo daejuns (end of year shows) for how epic they were
  • Making amazing friendships/mutuals regardless of where you live or how different your age is, if you bias the same person/group it’s like an instant connection
  • Regardless of how many years go by, how old you get, or how many amazing groups come and go, knowing that getting into Kpop changed your world, and you know you will be a fan forever <3


Where are my older kpop fans at?!

For reference, I’m 32 and have loved on kpop since 2009. My first kpop song I ever heard was Juliette by SHINee, my first bias was Onew, and I couldn’t give you an accurate list on how much my biases have grown by over the past nine years, lol.