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From what I’ve seen from their sequence at the end of episode 12, I’d say what Yuuri and Victor are doing is more akin to a sport known as “Ice Dancing” rather than “Pairs Skating.” They might sound similar but they’re actually almost completely different.

Pairs Skating is just as it sounds; figure skating but in pairs. As such, the focus is on spirals, high-flying jumps, throws, and simple footwork. Also similar to singles, pairs skating has two components: short and free. Both short and free have a set list of requirements but everyone generally skates a different routine from the other teams.

On the other hand, throws and jumps are not done in Ice Dancing. Similarly, Yuuri and Victor don’t perform a single throw or jump in their entire routine. Another main difference is that lifts where one person levels the other above their head are allowed in Pairs Skating but not in Ice Dancing.

Of course, in exchange for the absence of a lot of elements that you usually see in Pairs Skating, Ice Dancing has bigger restrictions like that all spins must be done in-sync and that the pair can never be more than two arm-lengths apart, something that Victor and Yuuri do very well in their routine. In fact, performance marks are generally higher the closer you stay to your partner (which increases the risk of messing up due to interference).

The footwork is also expected to be much more advanced and inspired by ballroom dancing. This is harder than it sounds as that means that you have to maintain the same momentum, line of direction, position, and acceleration as your partner all while staying about a meter away from them. As such, the score is much more dependent on precision of step sequence and staying in-synch rather than technical difficulty. In other words, Yuuri would most likely excel scarily well in it.

The best way to describe it is to see it yourself. Thankfully, I’ve been a huge fangirl of the World Record Holders for the highest free and compulsory Ice Dance programs since before even watching YOI. And they skated something similar to Yuuri’s Eros during the 2010 Olympics.

And just to emphasize how differently the two sports are, the way they’re judged is completely different from singles or pairs. Instead of only having two components (the short and the free), in Ice Dancing, they have three components (the compulsory, the original, and the free). In the compulsory program, the competition provides a fixed routine and everyone skates that same exact routine and are all scored based on how well they perform it. The relationship between the Original and Free Skates are much more familiar to what the Short and Free Skates are for pairs and singles. It was only recently that the ISU changed it into a Short and a Free by enforcing the rules of the Compulsory to some aspects of the Short.

I just wanted to put it out there that there are many types of competitive sports in skating. Plus, Ice Dancing is less taxing on older skaters so it’s common to see ice dancers stay competitive well into their thirties. I like it being a possibility for Yuuri and Victor to do past their prime as singles or pairs figure skaters. Sadly, not a lot of people know about Ice Dancing.

Good God I suddenly realized that there isn’t an outright villain in Brother Bear

Like… the villain is our own hatred of people/bears we don’t understand

He is such a poet. But that’s the way he writes in general. So I hear it and of course my heart swells up. And I also know that he writes things like that on a daily basis…What a guy. He is a real Wordsworth.
—  Emma’s reaction to Andrew saying working with her is like diving into a thrilling, twisting river

I was looking today at Killian encouraging Henry:

I also saw him a couple of weeks ago being 100% proud of him:

And a long long time ago I saw that:

And many other gestures along the show and I just have to say something here.

I’m not criticizing anyone, and I love Robin a lot, and I love David a lot, but lets face the truth, while Robin and David have sons (and daughter) of their own, which they are being 100% dads to, Killian has only Henry to show such a love.

I really think it makes him a more father figure to Henry than anyone and it what makes their bond so special and strong.

It’s just like with Emma, there is no other person for him and Henry is not only her son, but also the son of a person he loved a lot. 

So IDK, with all the family surrounding Henry through the show, I really feel like Killian is in one level above the rest (except for Emma and Regina that is).    

Mashima, have mercy

My baby is dead. But my OTP is canon. And my face is confused from smiling gleefully one second to being a sobbing mess in another. 

I’m squealing like an idiot that Mashima actually went above and beyond what I had hoped for in Chapter 499. Not only does Juvia sacrifice herself, but Gray was completely on the same wavelength as her and thought about ending his own life as well. She is so important to him that he would rather kill himself than live for his friends. He would rather kill himself than to fulfill the promise he made to Silver in destroying E.N.D. (cuz he ain’t gonna destroy anybody with a sword wedged in his torso) That puts Juvia one level above everything else Gray holds dear, and I LOVE that. And then, Juvia being Juvia saves him by performing blood transfusion magic. So now, Gray has to live with the aftermath of holding the corpse of his girl, screaming at her that he’s really serious about her this time, so she needs to wake up to hear it. Except that she doesn’t. Fuck.

But the sadist in me is fangirling anyway because Gray finally gets to mourn over Juvia and regret all that time he could’ve spent with her in the past. So far, only Juvia’s feelings for Gray have been transparent, so watching him cry and go apeshit crazy over her is a breath of fresh air! I think more than any other character, Gray needs to learn this lesson himself: you can close your heart to people due to your fear of losing them, but in the end you’ll lose them to death anyway, so it’s better to enjoy the present moment you have together when you’re both alive. 

Despite the dark turn, I know in my heart that my precious child will come back. I don’t care when, I don’t care how, but it better happen. At this point, Mashima can have a fucking unicorn from Edolas sprinkle magic rainbow dust on Juvia to revive her and I would. not. care. Just give me back my favourite blue haired princess. 

With that said, I hope all my lovely gruvia shippers won’t threaten Mashima for killing off Juvia. Please. These are just the spoilers, we don’t know what’s going to unfold in the next few chapters or until the end of Alvarez arc. Before we can all be 100% sure that Juvia will permanently remain dead, please don’t pressure him or insult him on his Twitter by saying that you’ll stop reading Fairy Tail. He already made Gruvia canon, and gave our OTP a beautiful, angsty development enough to cause heartburn. For all we know, he is planning to bring Juvia back much later in order to give us that highly anticipated kiss plus a sweaty sex scene. So please be patient and enjoy the story! :)  


finally, pictures of the inside!

the fireplace and kitchen are on the main level with stairs down to the baths and a root cellar (behind a load door), bedroom and study area are upstairs. then the laboratory is up one more level, above the bedroom

Are they comparable to you? They aren’t for me as well.. Cristiano is a great player, very complete, fantastic, scores a lot of goals; but what Leo does no one else can do. He came on the other day, and sure we had the game under control, and when he came on… Leo is, not one, but 5 levels above everyone else. After that, anyone can say whatever they want, but if we leave our teams aside, there is no comparison with anyone.
—  Jordi Alba. [15.9.2015]