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Panic! At The Apartment

Request: Could you do another Ryan Ross imagine where you’re friends with everyone in panic! but for some reason you don’t like Ryan and everyone else eventually has enough and locks you both in a room or closet to sort it out and at first you don’t cooperate but then you start talking and spend hours bonding and you don’t even realise they unlocked the door?

A/N- An opportunity to write about Ryan Ross will never be turned down. I went with this concept, but added a little creative twist to it. I hope you enjoy! REQUESTS ARE OPEN! If you liked this, please be sure to let us know! 

“Ross, why don’t you fucking watch where you’re going?”

“Oh, I’m sorry. With such a big ego, anyone could bump into you, so am I really at fault?”

You glared at Ryan Ross. That was the third time he had accidentally bumped into you, and you were sick of it.

“Listen, I am so sick of your melodramatic-”

“Guys! Holy shit, can’t you get along for two seconds?” Brendon looked at the two of you, sighing and running a hand through his hair, “We can’t all hang out together peacefully for more than three minutes”

“Well, Bren, that’s because you decided to invite Y/N.”

You scoffed. “Excuse me? Anywhere we go there’s always a problem with the sensitive Ryan Ross. Oh no! They didn’t give the poor baby enough ketchup for his fucking French fries! Lets through a giant fit!

“They didn’t! They think a drop the size of my thumb will last for an entire basket?!”

You groaned. “Oh god, there he goes again.”

Spencer sighed from where he was sitting on the couch. “All you do is bicker, bicker, bicker.”

“Maybe we should just force them to sit in a room long enough to spew all their insults so that by the time we cut them loose, we’ll all have one less headache.” Jon chimed in, obviously joking.

You glared at him then glanced over at Brendon who had that look on his face. It meant no good.

“Don’t you think for a second that I am going to go anywhere near him by myself, Urie.”

Ryan shook his head quickly and took a step back from you. “That goes for me, too. Hell will freeze over before I go anywhere near Y/N.”

Brendon sighed and looked at the other two guys of Panic! who were obviously getting sick of the constant fighting too. Ever since you could remember, you and Ryan were always at it, finding a new way to insult the other, or the smallest thing to debate. You had no problem with Brendon or Jon or Spencer. They were nice guys, and always very welcoming. But something about Ryan rubbed you in all the wrong ways, and something about you rubbed him in even worse ways. No one could get the other to cooperate.

The simple solution was to stop inviting you to any functions, but you had grown up with the guys. Ever since they had a following of about ten people, you were the first. When something career changing happened, you were always the first to get the call. And you loved it. You just didn’t love Ryan.

“You know what? I think I’m just going to head home.” You sighed, looking at the three members you could actually get along with, smiling slightly. “It’s been a long day.”

Spencer looked over at Ryan who just shrugged, and then stood up, pulling you into a hug. “Okay, take care, have a nice drive home.”

You smiled and hugged him back, nodding. Jon hugged you soon after, followed by Brendon who squeezed you so tight that he lifted you off your feet for a few brief seconds.

“We still on for tomorrow?” He asked, his eyes bright.

You smiled softly and nodded. “Of course. I’ll be at your place, say around four?” Brendon was planning on moving out of his small apartment and into his new home that he had recently made the leap in purchasing. You were going to help him pack everything into identical rectangular cardboard boxes and keep him entertained.

He nodded and gave you a thumbs up. You smiled and put on your jacket, then headed out, being sure to give Ryan a death glare on your way out. He readily returned the favor.

“Okay guys, here’s the plan.” Brendon gathered Spencer and Jon in a circle after Ryan had left to go feed his cat. “Jon, you were onto something. I’m beyond convinced we won’t get them to cooperate unless we get them in the same room together, and they actually talk.”

Jon looked at him with a quizzical expression. “Well, how in the hell are we going to do that? They can barely stand five feet away from each other. There’s no way we’re going to fool them into a closet to play seven minutes in heaven or some shit.”

Spencer was quiet for a moment before looking at Brendon. “Not unless they don’t know they’re walking into the trap.”

“I love that look on your face. What are you implying?” Brendon sat up a little.

“Say, Ryan helps you pack and move out of your apartment too? You invite him an hour earlier, right? Tell him he can leave as soon as Y/N arrives. Then text Y/N that there’s been a change of plans. Y/N still has a key to your place right?”

Brendon nodded a small smirk on his face. “Y/N gets there while I conveniently go fetch Ry and I some drinks, so when she unlocks the door, Ryan is inside and I’m not there.”

Spencer grinned excitedly and nodded. Jon looked between the two of them and laughed slightly. “Well, if you guys are legitimately serious about this, I know a guy who could manipulate your lock so it only opens from the outside.”

“You’re my man, Walker. I could kiss you right now.” Brendon grinned and slapped him on the back. “‘So what are we waiting for?! Let’s do this.”

You knocked on the door once, twice, three times. And still no answer. Sighing, you fished for the key to Brendon’s apartment. “God damn it, Urie. You make me come early, and don’t even have the decency to open the door.”

Rolling your eyes fondly with the image of Brendon getting too distracted from finding a knick knack he collected years ago to come to the door, you unlocked the door, walking in and hanging your coat, then closing the door.

“Y/N? What the hell are you doing here?”                                

Your blood immediately boiled as you heard his voice. You turned, and to your unfortunate surprise, there he was, Ryan Ross sitting on the floor of the nearly empty apartment. “The question is what the hell are you doing here? And where’s Brendon?”

“I was told he needed extra help,” He shrugged, looking at his watch on his skinny wrist, “You’re not supposed to be here for another hour. Brendon went out to get us a couple of drinks.”

You frowned and looked at him. “You mean to tell me Brendon isn’t here?”

He shook his head.

“But I could have sworn he said he need- oh no…” Immediately you went to the door and tried to open it. To your dismay, it wouldn’t budge. You groaned loudly.

“What are you on about, Y/N?” Ryan furrowed his eyebrows and walked over to the door and tried to open it. When it wouldn’t budge he smirked and turned the lock. “Maybe if you had a brain you would have tried unlocking it first.” Again, he tried to open it and it didn’t budge.

“You were saying?” You glared at him, stepping back from the door. Just then Ryan’s phone began ringing. He sighed in relief and held it up. “It’s Bren.”

“Well, what are you waiting for then?! Pick it up!”

Ryan made a face then picked up the phone. “Hello? What? Why? Okay fine… give me a second.” He pulled the phone away from his ear and clicked a button on the screen.


“Brendon?!” You immediately rushed towards the phone and took it from Ryan. “What the fuck is this?”

“You’ve just been punk’d! But no seriously. We’re locking you in the apartment. Get along will you? Also maybe pack for me. That still needs to be done. Oh, and don’t try to escape. We covered all the windows and doors. Have fun! Love you!”

And with that, he hung up. You stood there in shock for a moment as Ryan snatched the phone back. “I can’t believe this. They didn’t fucking do this to me. I swear, I’m leaving those fuckers as soon as they let me out.”

You glared at him. “You fucking say that three times a week, you’re not fucking leaving.”

“Well maybe I might this time.” He shook his head and sat back down on the couch. “I mean seriously, out of all the people in the god damn world, they chose you. I can’t stand this.”

“Well, it’s a good thing you’re sitting then.” You smirked slightly, then sighed. “Fuck, I don’t want to be here.”

“You think I do?”

“Oh god, please just shut up Ross, you’re giving me headache. That voice is the most annoying thing in the world.”

“The most annoying thing in the world is you constantly stating the obvious. I have a fucking brain you know.”

“Oh yeah?” You glared at him, then sat down in front of a box and a bunch of belongings that were supposed to be neatly packed into it. “Is it the size of a pea? Because I’ve been wondering for ages.”

Ryan rolled his eyes and shook his head. “Oh put a god damn sock in it.”

You scoffed and shook your head, then started neatly stacking things into the box as the pansy just sat there and watched. After a while, he stated calmly. “There’s no way in hell you’re going to get all that in there if you do it like that.”

You looked up at him. “You’re not doing anything to help, so maybe just shut up so I can get this done and we can get out of here.”

He smirked and shrugged. “Continue, by all means.”

15 minutes later

“God damn it.” You sighed and started unpacking everything again. “Don’t even say it, Ross, or I will use a kitchen knife to cut your tongue out.”

Ryan couldn’t help but laugh and finally got off the couch and knelt down next to you. “You need to put the big stuff in first then tuck the smaller shit in the little nooks.” He took the current item in your hand and placed it in the box at an angle that didn’t take too much room.

You sat back and watched him carefully. “And when did you become the expert on packing?”

“In case you were too busy focusing on yourself, I live my life on the road. I have to be good at packing to survive.”

“Well… fuck you.” You sighed and handed him another object as he smirked smugly and put it in the box. Together, you managed to finish the box in less than ten minutes.

“Well, looks like you are actually good at one thing, Ross.” You muttered quietly.

He just laughed and shook his head. “Come on, I’m good at everything.”

Two hours later

“That’s the last of Brendon’s shit. All that’s left are the couches and that ugly kitchen table.”

You looked at Ryan and laughed slightly. “So, I’m not the only one who thinks it’s horrendous?”

“Oh god no. It doesn’t even match the chairs. Sometimes I wonder what goes through that man’s head.”

You laughed and shook your head, “That makes two of us, Ross.”

Smirking, he sat back down on the couch. “And my question was, the other two were with them. How in the hell did they not stop him? That thing is an atrocity. Not even Spencer stopped him! It’s beyond me.”

“Looks like everyone but the two of us have good taste in kitchen furniture.” You pushed Ryan’s legs off the couch and sat down next to him. “Never in a million years would I subject house guests to that thing.”

He sat up a little straighter and laughed. “Hey, you’re actually kind of funny, Y/N. Who the fuck knew?”

You rolled your eyes and shifted slightly on the couch, frowning slightly at an uneven spot in the cushion. You turned slightly and lifted it up to reveal a sock with little aliens printed on them. Ryan immediately lit up and took it from you. “Holy shit! I’ve been looking for this for the past year!”

You gave him a look that suggested you weren’t very impressed, but he only laughed. “This is the other sock to my favorite pair of socks! I lost it, but I figured I’d left it in a shady hotel room somewhere in Ohio.”

You couldn’t help but laugh. “You’re seriously that excited about a fucking sock. Oh my god, Ross.”

“Well, what else is there to be excited about?! I’m sitting in Brendon’s shitty apartment with that nasty table and I’m stuck with you. Bless this sock!” His voice had taken a more playful tone, so you only smirked softly and shook your head.

Thirty minutes later

“All I’m saying is I don’t think that’s how an actual alien would look like. You think any life source out there would be smart enough to let the simple human race see what they really look like and depict them on socks? No fucking way!”

Ryan glared playfully at you and shook his head. “Well, I think you’re wrong. My socks are perfect. And if aliens don’t look like this, it’s all a lie.”

“Hey, now that we have a sock, I can actually put it in your mouth to shut you up!” You looked at him, grinning slightly. “Only take it out once you realize how right I am.”

“Watch it. I happen to know you’re ticklish. I’ve seen Jon tickle you.”

You gasped dramatically, mocking him from before. “You mean, you actually pay attention to something more than yourself?”

And with that, Ryan Ross did something you never thought would happen. He started to tickle you.

An hour later

“Do you think Brendon was smart enough to leave us food?”

“No, but Spencer probably was.” Ryan got up with a wink and headed to the kitchen. He grinned in delight and called out. “We’re in luck! Chinese takeout with our names on it!”

You laughed and walked into the kitchen standing right behind him and placing your chin on his shoulder. “Well, at least Spencer doesn’t have bad taste in food.”

Ryan grinned and shook his head slightly, glancing at you. “Oh no, this was definitely Jon’s doing. He probably feels the worst about locking us up.”

You laughed and nodded. “Good point. Put that in the microwave. I’m starving.”

When the food was finally ready, you both ate straight out of the box and continued your conversation. The last two hours and forty five minutes hadn’t been as bad as expected. Ryan was actually incredibly smart. Something you hadn’t realized since you’d never actually held a conversation with him. He could talk about anything and put it in a way you had never thought of before. His mind worked in the way that no one else’s did. Suddenly, you began to understand every song he had written. Every little comment he said. It all started to click and he didn’t seem like quite an ass anymore.

You sat back on the couch and looked at him. “So tell me, Ryan Ross. What’s your biggest fear?”

He looked at you for a moment then took a moment to think about it and nodded. “Being forgotten.” You raised an eyebrow at him.

“Yeah. I don’t know. It’s stupid really. Growing up, I had a pretty shitty father. The attention I did get wasn’t all that positive. If it weren’t for Spencer, I wouldn’t have made it out.”

You nodded slightly, recalling that Ryan and Spencer had been close for ages. “Yeah… I get that. That’s kind of me and Brendon.”

He looked at you and smiled. “When we meet Brendon, and then went through Brent, and found Jon, everything just kind of fell into place for me. I found somewhere I belonged, somewhere I could make an impact. Somewhere someone actually gave a damn about what I had to say. And then I became Ryan Ross of Panic! At The Disco. If someone were to forget that… or me… well, I don’t know. It’s not exactly a nice thought.”

You nodded a bit, quiet for a moment, and then said, with a smile. “Well, if it’s worth anything, you’re too annoying to forget.”

He chuckled and looked at you, nodding. “I think that’s the nicest thing you’ve ever said to me.”

You couldn’t help but smile and nod. The rest of the night was spent with conversations like those. Without the distraction of the phones, that had run out of battery a while ago, and with Brendon’s fun stuff packed into not as fun boxes, all you could do was talk. But you weren’t complaining. It wasn’t necessarily a bad thing.

You found out you both liked similar stuff and were annoyed by the same stuff the guys did, and by the time Brendon decided to let you out, you didn’t even notice the door open.

“Erm… guys?” You both looked up to see Brendon standing at the door with a wide smile on his face.

You groaned playfully and finally got up. “Thank God, I was about to murder him.”

“Hey! That’s my best friend!” Spencer grinned, walking into the room.

Ryan laughed and winked at him.

“You’re welcome for the food by the way.” Jon walked in shortly after, smirking softly. “They wanted to get you shady sandwiches from that suspicious restaurant down the street.”

“Jon Walker, you are my hero.” You laughed and pulled him into a hug. Soon enough, all the boys joined you in the hug, and when you felt Ryan’s arm around your waist, you didn’t complain.

“Oh, by the way, Bren, thanks for stealing my fucking sock. It took ages to for me to find it.”

“Hey… woah, woah, woah, Ross. I found it.”

“You did not. I sat on the right side of the couch for you to find it on the left. Duh.”


“Guys, I swear if this whole stunt was for noth-”

“Y/N, mind continuing this debate over coffee tomorrow?”

You couldn’t help but laugh and nod. “I’d be honored, Ross.”

murphydog3  asked:

You are awesome! Do you have any thoughts on Percy surprising Annabeth with a puppy because he knows how much she loved the dog she had when she was little and how she loved playing with Cerberus (it's canon that Annabeth had a Doberman)

  • Percy walked up to his mom’s friend’s house. Their dog just had puppies and they were ready to go to a good home. 
  • He knocked on the door and he got let in and saw four puppies barking and wagging their tails in a pen on the kitchen floor. 
  • They were a pitbull mix and were the cutest thing that Percy has ever seen. He went into the pen and looked at the puppies that attacked him for attention. 
  • There was one pup that got his attention. It was gray and white with a cute pink nose and blue eyes. He picked the pup up and the pup instantly warmed up to him.
  • He paid for the pup, glad they paid for the pup’s shots before giving them away. It was one less headache and he didn’t mind paying more for her.
  • “You’re going to love your new mommy. She’s very loving and doesn’t know you’re coming home today.” Percy told the pup. “And it’s her birthday.”
  • Percy brought the pup home, two hours before Annabeth was suppose to come home. He helped the pup get accustomed to the new apartment. 
  • About five minutes before Annabeth came home, he put a bow on the pup and in a box, with holes in it, and put it in the bathroom.
  • Annabeth came home and Percy kissed her. 
  • “I got a gift for you.” He told her. “It’s in the bathroom.”
  • Annabeth opened the door and saw the box. She opened the box and let out a shriek. She picked up the puppy and cuddled it close.
  • “Percy this is amazing!” She told him as she pet the puppy. “You got a puppy!”
  • “I did.” He smiled. “Happy birthday.”
  • She kissed him before putting the puppy down and started to play with her.

Thanks for all the concern everyone, to clarify, no I didn’t get hurt, there was two muggers (teamed lol) and they only got my phone, nothing else, no injury. All good.

On a more positive side, maybe this is a good thing, things has been very shitty in the past week and more, and this was the cinch. Things can only go up from here! (I hope lol) Right? Right. 

On another positive note, I kinda loved having no phone (past experience)- no late work calls, and people are going to be on time (cause they cant call me to inform being late for appointments anymore for the time being)

C’est la vie! It sucks, but let’s hope for the best. 

As allies, it is our responsibility to eliminate anti-blackness in our own communities. You can take the easy way out and ‘unfriend’ or block racist people. Sure, that’ll be one less headache for you but it’ll another racist asshole for black people to deal with.

No one can ‘block’ racism in real life. If you’re going to call yourself an ally, act like one. Fight like one.

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prisoner!Gray/police!Juvia + arrest, kiss, promice, free, tsundere?

Gruvia (Prisoner/Police) + Arrest

    Juvia sighed as she saw who was waiting for her when she arrived at the scene, wondering how many times she had been forced to arrest this man now…and wondering if she could get away with calling with backup, especially when he turned to her with a smirk, bowing with no embarrassment about his practically nude state.

“Gray Fullbuster…I thought you promised not to do this again?” She demanded as she approached him, not worrying about reaching for her cuffs just yet, because she knew that the idiot had no intention of running away on her.

“But how else am I going to see you?” He asked plaintively, and her eyes narrowed at the tone…it was the same tone that had met her almost desperate plea for him to behave the last time she had released him, and she growled when he smirked at her. “Now if you’d just gave me your number…”

“Gray Fullbuster, you’re under arrest…again…for public nudity…again…”

Gruvia (Prisoner/Police) + Kiss

    Juvia was fuming as she guided Gray into the police station again, hearing the sniggers as her colleagues recognised her frequent flyer…and the fact that he didn’t look at all fazed to be cuffed and semi-dressed in her presence and she wanted to sink through the floor when he winked at them. Growling at him under her breath she hurried him through the sign in procedure, keen to get him locked up and out of hair as soon as possible…not that it would do much good, he had a way of slinking out of trouble that drove her up the wall, and she knew it would only be a matter of time before she had to arrest him again.

“Why do you keep doing this?” She demanded, breaking her decision to ignore him as she guided him through to the cells, idly thinking that they should put a nametag on one for him…blinking when he stopped at her question, tilting his head to look at her with a surprisingly serious expression.

“Because you’re here…” She had no time to react to that statement, eyes widening as for a brief second his lips were against hers, the taste of peppermint making her blink and then come back to her senses, pulling back with a snarl that sounded too much like a squeak for her comfort. “I might have to come more often….”

Gruvia (Prisoner/Police) + Promise

“It’s Christmas…please don’t make you arrest you again this year,” Juvia knew that wasn’t what she should be asking…she should be demanding that he actually start obeying the law, that he made sure that she didn’t have to arrest him again…but she knew better than to ask for the impossible. “Please…” She could see him considering her words, toying with the cuffs and studying her with a wicked grin…and she had a feeling that it was going to be a no, but then he gave an aggrieved sigh as his smile softened into something a little less worrying.

“Fine…I promise to behave until the new year,” he replied with all the solemnity he could muster, and Juvia let out a soft sigh of relief…she might not be able to get out of working over the festive period, but this would be one less headache…which was the exact moment his grin turned wicked once more, and she nearly choked at his next words.  “If I get another kiss.”

Gruvia (Prisoner/Police) + Free

   Juvia sighed, wondering what she had done in a past life to deserve this as she headed down to the cells once more, glaring at the order to release Gray Fullbuster that she was currently clinging to…unable to believe that the aggravating man had slunk out of trouble…again. He was waiting for her as well, leaning against the bars with a bright smile and glittering eyes.

“Good morning, did you miss me?”

“I only saw you last night!” She couldn’t stop herself from retorting, sighing when his eyes brightened at the response and she briefly wondered if banging her head on the bars would help…there was just something about him that constantly got under her skin…instead she straightened and shot him her best glare, knowing from experience that it wouldn’t have any effect on him. “Gray Fullbuster, you are free to go…under caution,” she said formally, voice tight as she unlocked his cell and ushered him out, tensing when he sauntered out with a smirk.

“What’s the caution?”

That I’m going to shoot you if I see you in here again….

Gruvia (Prisoner/Police) + Tsundere

    Juvia wanted to sink through the ground, and this time it wasn’t because of Gray Fullbuster…or rather it was, but as he wasn’t here right now she couldn’t really blame him. She had finally allowed her work colleagues to convince her to join them for a night on the town, not realising that her ‘handsome’ frequent flyer was going to be the main topic of conversation. It had started with gentle probing, but then Lucy had just come right and teased her that it was obvious she had a thing for the man…and that maybe if she gave him a chance…

“I don’t like him,” she muttered, trying to cut off that train of thought as soon as possible and realising that it sounded weak even in her own ears, and she turned away with a huff even as she felt herself colouring…she didn’t like him…she couldn’t like him…and she was determined to argue that to her grave. He’s an idiot…a criminal…and I…I might like him…. just a little…maybe…