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foxes on ellen hc

-this is set at the end of the third book 

- Kevin, Dan and Neil are the ones chosen to be interviewed
- all of the others, including Wymack and Abby, are in the audience
- as much as Wymack would much rather never let Neil open his mouth in a public place again, he’s been all over the news and he’s the fox that the world is most interested in (maybe after Kevin)
- Kevin was obviously chosen because he’s Kevin Day and Dan was chosen because she’s the captain 
-the video before they come on shows them getting thrashed in one of last year’s games, then one of the first games of this season where they are noticeably better and finally their win against the Ravens in the final, with snippets of the drama from the year in between the gameplay
- Kevin’s got his fake public smile on, Dan looks genuinely happy because this is such a great opportunity and Neil’s sort of politely smiling but he looks a little uncomfortable
- Neil had gotten a lecture off Kevin before they went on but it all went in one ear and out the other
- they all hug Ellen and then sit down on the sofa as she talks about how amazing this season has been for them
- the first question is open to any of the trio and is jokily asking how exhausted they are
- Kevin laughs and says it’s been a wild ride, to which Dan says ‘literally’ and everyone laughs (because of her surname wow im so funny)
- they talk about how proud they are of the team, how far they’ve come, thank Wymack, etc. for a couple minutes
- Neil doesn’t really say much during this although he does say that Wymack and Dan have done a lot from their team and he’s proud of everyone
- Ellen says they’re going to get a bit serious for a second and asks them about Riko’s suicide
- The question is mostly aimed at Kevin but Dan’s the one who answers
- she says suicide is devastating and anyone who is struggling should seek help but also says that they don’t exactly miss him (a lot of what Riko did to Kevin and jean and how corrupted the ravens are is public knowledge now so this isn’t really surprising)
- Ellen talks to Neil about joining the foxes for a minute before asking if there’s anyone he doesn’t get along with
- he laughs politely and shakes his head, which earns him a snort from Kevin 
- Ellen directs a question to Wymack sat in the audience who says he’s incredibly proud of the team 
- she also asks about them donating a portion of their ticket sales to charity and Dan says that it’s all thanks to Renee, who the camera pans to in the audience and has Andrew on one side and Allison on the other
- Andrew looks as bored as usual
- Ellen gives them a cheque to donate to the charity that they give some of their ticket profits to
 -Kevin comes back on later in the show to surprise a fan
- they’re a fan of both the Ravens and Foxes and have a raven tattoo on their arm
- the Foxes can’t stop laughing at Kevin’s fake enthusiasm and smiles at them talking about how much they loved him with the ravens
- but all in all the interview goes smoothly
- for once

i may do a part 2 set a few years later or with different foxes

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do you have any older dnp vids that you really like?? terrifying baby woman is one of my fave old ones from them

i love that one!!!! also the christmas cookies baking video and the blindfolded cat game haha. idk tho, generally i don’t re-watch many of their really old videos bc i find some of their humor quite off-putting lol and their comfort levels in the last couple of years are just so much better, which makes their content so much more enjoyable to me


The White House has one last request from you: they’re collecting everyone’s “Obama moment” when they felt inspired and invigorated by the President

The moving tribute doesn’t just feature celebrities, but also regular Americans talking about their favorite Obama moments from the eight years he was in office. As you already may have guessed, you’re going to need the tissues for this one.

Gifs: The White House


If I get ten “accents” I’ll record myself saying all this!

Tumblr Accent Challenge!

So I did the accent challenge last night, and decided I was going to make a new one, since the challenge I did (which you can find here,) is five years old. So here’s the one I made, have fun! 

Bonus: If you’re comfortable with it, do it as a video! 

  • What’s your name & username?
  • Where are you from?
  • What’s the time where you are?
  • Pronounce the following words: Meme, Pepe, Doge, Sudoku, Espresso, Celtic, Açaí, Dr. Seuss.
  • What’s your favourite pizza place? Favourite pizza topping?
  • What’s your favourite dessert?
  • What’s your favourite food? What food do you hate?
  • What’s your favourite TV show? Which show were you into, but then got out of?
  • What brand is your phone?
  • Do you speak a second language?
  • How do you define a group of people when you’re talking to them? Do you say ‘guys,’ or ‘dudes’ or?
  • What Harry Potter house do you most identify with? If sorted by Pottermore, did you agree with the one you got?
  • Is there something you should be doing right now but are procrastinating?
  • Now that you’ve talked about what you need to be doing, go do it! 

I’m really liking the latest update!

a long post about the message of the blurryface era

all the blurryface music videos (and heathens) seem to be pretty different from the rest but all of them have the same theme, which is that connection with friends is the best way to cope, and no one is really alone.

heathens/heavydirtysoul - these two music videos parallel each other closely as i talked about in my last post. both start with tyler in a dark and unfamiliar place. he is sad and withdrawn. then, he sees josh. josh is drumming furiously and doesn’t notice tyler. 

in both music videos tyler is represented by dark motifs (rooms, clothes, etc.) while josh’s motifs are glowing and bright. heathens - he’s drumming on a glowing box, which eventually becomes the stage on which he and tyler play. heavydirtysoul - his drums spark flames with every hit; they grow larger and eventually consume tyler as well. 

both videos reach a climax in which tyler and josh interact with each other for the first time. the light (heathens) and flame (hds) grows to a blinding maximum and the two are rocking out together. josh is no longer ignoring tyler. tyler is no longer withdrawn; he is interacting with josh and for the moment his anxiety is gone. it’s a release but it’s not a painful one. he is coping. 

and then in the end everything is back to normal - no yellow suit, no light, no flames. tyler is still there alone. blurryface is as present as ever. and the implication is that he has imagined josh. this is why josh didn’t notice tyler both times. he was merely an attempt for tyler to find someone to relate to. a cathartic figment of imagination. an imagination of light that tyler hasn’t found yet. 

and what these songs mean in relation to the videos is clear. “all my friends are heathens” - there are so many people here going through the same thing as me, and while the general public considers us freaks, we are all here together and ready to stay that way. “can you save my heavydirtysoul” - implies desperately trying to find a way out of the situation. imagining salvation so fervently that it manifests as almost reality. salvation, here, is josh and the flames. 

lane boy - this one is kind of similar to heathens and heavydirtysoul in that it starts with tyler, alone and contemplating, in the dark. but this time he’s worried about what he has done to become successful, and whether it’s good enough, and whether fame will change him and limit him. all these worries are new to the band, because they’re at the beginning of their rise to fame at this point. and in the video the dark road in the woods symbolizes that they’re in the dark and they’re being careful. stay low they say. 

and then they’re playing on a stage, and everything is forgotten, and they REFUSE to stay low. if you notice in the video the moment tyler sees josh on stage, that is the moment he breaks his silence and starts to dance. to me this video represents that even though not everyone in the crowd might like what the band is doing, and even though there are critics behind that stage and out in that world, being able to play in front of thousands, together, tyler and josh, is worth it. at the end of this video is the realization that having each other means much more than success. 

stressed out - i think this video illustrates the point the most obviously, but it does a great job handling the dichotomy between wanting to grow up and not wanting to grow up. obviously tyler and josh would rather hang out with each other, with no responsibilities, and make music without having to worry about how it is going to be received. and part of the music video is the deliberate denial of reality, and the fantasy of regressing into teenagerhood. but the last part? that’s the acknowledgement that they’re not always going to be kids and life will not be easy. tyler is walking down the street, alone, and without the backpack and the tricycle. this is a sign he’s maturing. and blurryface, he’s there too. i think that entire scene is representative of coming of age.

ride/fairly local - like heathens and heavydirtysoul, i think there’s strong evidence these videos parallel each other. both take place in an isolated location and make use of very polarized (no pun intended) environments. ride - the daytime and the nighttime. fairly local - the icy house and the red hallway. 

so in ride, i think it’s really important that the verses and the bridge take place at night. this is where tyler is doing all his worrying. he doesn’t know what his place in life is and what his relationship to others is. who would you live for, who would you die for, would you ever kill? he’s overanalyzing. he’s in the dark, both literally and metaphorically, about everything. and he doesn’t know where he stands with anyone. he can’t see. he’s wearing dark glasses at night. josh is nowhere to be seen. and then the chorus is where he lets up. he acknowledges that there is a lot to worry about and a lot to analyze over, but he can still enjoy his life. even though he’s hurling through the unfamiliar course of life he can still take the time to look at the things that he loves. and the light comes on, and he can look at the beauty that’s around him, and he can see that there are people and things that mean a lot to him even though he’s questioning it all. 

and then we have fairly local, where the majority of the video takes place in an icy house. the whole video seems very disconnected from the rest of the world. it’s freezing and desolate, both tyler and josh seem to ignore each other, and their demeanor is cold and apathetic. they’re trying very hard to remain unemotional, closed off, unable to see the damage they do to themselves and others. but that denial of their own feelings - that’s where blurryface manifests. he’s what’s causing their isolation, he’s there in the red hallway, changing into something darker and darker as tyler and josh continue to distance themselves.

and a thing i like about fairly local is that the quiet and desolate atmosphere of the video completely contradicts the lyrics of the song. “im fairly local, ive been around, ive seen the streets, youre walking down.” “the few, the proud, and the emotional.” he’s talking about the fanbase, and josh, and jenna, and everyone he’s been able to connect with. and the sense of group mentality and empathy are completely antithetical to the cold, quiet video that they represent breaking out of that atmosphere. 

tear in my heart - this one is an oddball. all the music videos from this era have the common thread of using human connection as a symbol of coping with blurryface. most videos choose to represent that with the relationship between tyler and josh, but this video uses tyler and jenna instead. i think the content of the video is pretty straightforward, and a lot of people have dived into this theory, but the scene in which jenna beats up tyler is important. a common interpretation is that this scene actually represents jenna beating up blurryface. blurryface doesn’t give up without a fight, of course. wrestling with such a character, such a deeply rooted part of your thoughts, is going to cause some distress. there is pain involved in battling your own mind, but the pain is a sign that you are able to fight, that you’re doing it. sometimes you gotta bleed to know that you’re alive and have a soul. but it takes someone to come around and show you how. jenna and tyler’s love for each other is what gives tyler the power to challenge blurryface, but he won’t be able to do that without some pain involved. 

and now i think i understand why blurryface is the name of this strange part of everyone’s brain. the literal opposite of the word blurryface is of course clear face. as in being able to see people’s faces clearly. blurryface is the opposite of seeing people for who they truly are. blurryface is the opposite of joining people who are fighting the same battles as you and really connecting with them. the opposite of blurryface is friendship and truth, and we must always find comfort in the fact that we are not alone. there are always people out there for you. and that’s how you defeat a demon. 

Icecream Asks
  • Vanilla: Zodiac sign?
  • Chocolate: What makes you laugh?
  • Strawberry: Where do you stand in your friend group?
  • Butter Pecan: The last time you were disappointed?
  • Mint Chocolate Chip: What do you think of your Dad?
  • Cotton Candy: Guilty pleasures?
  • Maple: Favourite characters?
  • Moosetracks: Do you prefer movies, shows, or videos?
  • Black Cherry: Do you like fancy things?
  • Coffee: What's your favourite type of music?
  • Superman: What's a show you remember from childhood?
  • Rocky Road: How would you describe your fashion?
  • German Chocolate Cake: Favourite book?
  • Pistachio: Do you miss being a kid?
  • Salted Caramel: Name a type of clothing that you hate!
  • Birthday Cake: Do you miss anyone?
  • Neapolitan: What embarrasses you?
  • Astronaut: What scares you?
  • Thin Mint: Favourite snacks?
  • Strawberry Cheesecake: What's your new years resolution?
  • Red Velvet: What's something you wish you could do?
  • Bubblegum: Do you like to take selfies?
  • Oreo: What song is stuck in your head?
  • Cookie Dough: Favourite type of art?
the last text i received from each sign
  • aries: i got a video of you running and i can't stop laughing at it
  • taurus: did i leave one of my socks at your house?
  • gemini: why aren't you responding to any of my texts?
  • leo: i love you. you know you love me, too.
  • virgo: that bitch stole my pencil
  • libra: she thinks she's better than me. she needs to think again
  • scorpio: i found a rare pepe
  • capricorn: i tripped on his foot today
  • aquarius: i'm so sorry
  • pisces: but cheese is so gross... do you know what they do to make it?
Bonus Theory

So at first glance, you could interpret “Always Watching” as Jack trying to make the pax video, but Anti interrupting and taking over the show.


Recall that moment in “A Date With Markiplier” where a screaming Mark pops out of Darkiplier?

Originally posted by rubies-and-oaktrees

Mark said in the charity livestream after this, that this scene wasn’t him escaping but rather Dark’s shell breaking for a bit. So what does this have to do with Anti?

With the theory that Jack’s been “dead” since Halloween, Anti’s been running the channel and pretending to be him for about 5 months now!! And with Jack trying to fight back in Detention and Darkiplier taking the spotlight on Valentine’s Day, Anti and his attention-seeking self needed a release.

And considering that Pax was the place where literally SO MANY PEOPLE came for JACK (where maybe Jack could’ve gotten enough energy from everyone to defeat Anti maybe?), the video was a perfect way for Anti to A) be his glitchy self again without blowing his cover, B) stand his ground against Darkiplier, C) divert everyone’s attention from Jack to him with the whole camera thing (while also reigniting the antisepticeye fandom), all while D) making himself stronger, and making Jack’s chances of getting saved even lower than before.

And because of this, it’s probably safe to say that Anti has enough strength to keep Jack down for about another 5-7 months

and we all know the holiday that’ll come up by then…..


Lord Croft: “I wish you could see the view from my tent, Lara. The dig looks so beautiful in the early evening - when the last embers of the sunlight are dying upon a good day’s work. Then one by one the fires are lit and the smell of roasting meat wafts across the camp. They tell me that it’s guinea pig. I declined it. Roth ate two. Maybe next time I’ll bring you out here too… How did your history test go?”

Lara: “Those were my happiest memories, dad, being out on the digs with you. Especially when you gave me my own little plot to excavate. I liked that… feeling that I was part of something important. I aced that test by the way.”

Rise of the Tomb Raider


The Oregon Coast Project

The Oregon Coast is a very special place to me. I was born on the east coast, and shortly before my brother was born my family moved to Lincoln City, where I lived until I was 4 or 5. All of my formative memories are from times on the coast, from riding my tricycle on the beach just a block from our house, to being caught in a sneaker wave and my dad sprinting into the ocean to come save me from being washed away. Every time I revisit these places I’m filled with a weird feeling of nostalgia and sadness - not because the memories I have are sad, but because this place probably won’t be around for much longer - at least not the way we’ve come to know it. 

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I think people lack perspective wrt Louis situation. Like yeah, JHO probably would have charted better if they actually used his sm and crusty is a useless sea urchin but the song still did amazing? it went platinum and he just performed in front of, what, 150000 people? And not to hashtag jinx it but while bg is still officially a thing it hasn't really been a /thing/ since september last year except for one muted 3 second video so I don't get the doom and gloom, he's doing great career wise yk

I totally get where you’re coming from and in fact, just yesterday I was saying i think in the long run, Louis might be the one who makes the most money out of everyone.  I’m pretty sure he’s made the most this past year.  

BUT at the same time, a huge part of why JHO is doing well is because of Steve and his efforts, and even more importantly, it’s because of FANS.  And what his team seems to be doing is slowly and systematically attempting to destroy that for whatever reason.  Look at how many people have already turned on him or completely washed their hands of him because it’s just too much drama. Obviously I don’t mean his hardcore fanbase, but casual fans that just read headlines and say fuck this shit i’m out.  

Then on top of that…there’s Louis himself.  Look at his face when he has to stunt.  That’s not a happy dude.  Sure it’s been a couple months since he’s had to do anything baby related, but that doesn’t mean it’s not constantly hanging over his head.  When he meets fans and they ask, making sure his family still plays along, making sure no one slips up in any way and he has to do damage control.  That weighs on a person.  

And then there’s his reputation.  For years, fans were afraid to approach him and thought he was “the mean one”.  It’s only within the past few years that this has changed and now…now he’s the guy that punched a girl in the face.  He’s got his babymama claiming he’s basically unstable.  To a guy like Louis who obviously loves and appreciates his fans SO MUCH…that’s gotta sting. That’s not going back to square one, that’s going to like square -5.  

I’m not saying that he can’t overcome any of this and it IS all doom and gloom forever and ever amen because I really do think he will be fine eventually.  But that doesn’t stop the current situation from sucking.  Sure, he’s is doing well career wise despite all of this shit, but that’s a testament to who he is as a human and how fierce this fanbase is.