one last gif for the night

“Last night was amazin’.” You couldn’t help but smile as Harry pressed a kiss to the top of your head after you nuzzled your face into the crook of his neck. “Didn’t even realize yeh were tha’ flexible. Practically did the splits on my-” 

“Let’s not ruin the moment.” You muttered, reaching up to slap a hand over his mouth. 

A lot of people thought you and Harry were involved romantically, and they had a reason to! The two of you were always walking with linked arms, you always shared sweet hello and goodbye kisses (on the cheek, obviously), and, well.. It just seemed like a proper relationship. Of course, you weren’t looking for a relationship, and Harry wasn’t looking for a relationship either - So this little thing you had going on between the two of you was completely and utterly casual. Just two friends, who happened to be attracted to each other physically, getting down and dirty two or three times a week. The thing was, no one else knew of this. The rest of the boys had no idea, your own friends had no idea - You had to admit, you and Harry were really good at sneaking around. Being careful was key. 

“When are we going to get out of bed?” You asked, your finger tracing random patterns across his chest while Harry stroked your hair. “Lunch with Y/F/N is at-”

“Harry, we’re back! Brought you one o’ those green smoothies!” Your head shot up towards the door when you heard Liam, and then a couple more footsteps and voices. Uh-oh. Looks like you weren’t as careful as usual. “Are you still asleep? It’s nearly 11..” 

The next couple of seconds consisted of you and Harry freaking the fuck out. 

“What do I do?! Where do I go?!” 

“I don’ know! The washroom?” 

“I’m naked, Harry!” 


“I’m naked, Harry!”

“Well, jus-” You immediately ducked under the blankets when the door swung open, Harry positioning himself to make it look like he had just gotten up. “Mornin’.” 

“Good morning.” Liam chirped, tilting his head curiously. “Why’ve you got your clothes on the floor?” 

“I was tired last night, so I kinda just stripped and hopped into bed.” Harry shrugged, pulling the covers up a little in an attempt to hide the lump in his bed. (That was you.) 

“Here’s yer smoot’ie, ya health nut.” Niall popped into the room, setting the cup down on Harry’s bedside counter. He paused for a second, lifting his head and sniffing the air. “Kinda smells like.. Hm.. Oh! Smells like Y/N’s shampoo! T’at vanilla-coconut one.” Niall raised a brow when Harry shot him a sheepish smile and a shrug. 

“We’ll just leave you alone to get ready. We’re going out for lunch with Y/N and Y/F/N..” Liam trailed off, watching as Niall padded back to the door. 

“A’right, cool.” Harry cleared his throat, adjusting the sheets once again. 

“Oh, by t’e way-” Niall whipped around before he left, walking into the room once again and patting the top of your head through the sheets. “Good mornin’ t’ ya, Y/N.” 


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“three lights are lit but the fourth one’s out”