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I don't wanna debate, but I would love to hear your reasons for sorting each character of Team Urameshi anyway!



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Summer’s just around the corner, and that means it’s almost time for all the ice cream you can eat!!!!!! (anD TH EY’D BETTER STOP THAT BECAUSE THEIR MOTHER J UST WASHED THOSE SH IRT S)



jhgskjhgsjkghseJHGRKSJHKDFJ I remembered 2B has a mole and it’s the CUTEST THING EVER - plus I would like to say @flowers-for-2b && @emotionsareprohibited are the BEST 2Bs I HAVE EVER MET AND I JUST - JDHGKELRJHKDJFSHGLKJE 


Also lmao I’m bad at hands and anatomy I want to die—–

Art Blog: @tsunamiarow

The ultimate ‘mask’ was hiding ‘you’ underneath after all…

My submission for the @tokyoghoulbook contest! Don’t forget to vote for your favorites starting March 4th~


3/ of Ssul+Exo: sulli cute moments with xiumin, chanyeol, yixing & baekhyun

Digital painting of Dan Howell & Phil Lester drawn in ArtRage 4.5.

My submisson for TABINOF!^^ cool and nice
i dare you to steal or repost or whatever god help you man thats not ok reblogs are better thank youu<3

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What if S4 ran out of funds and had to sell those fanservice calendars featuring the special ops squad + Munakata? (Costumes courtesy of Enomoto, and then Awashima poses in the classiest evening gown) And the photographers just love Fushimi because of his super high fashion model poses...

That is totally Munakata’s idea. Maybe after the Slate gets destroyed and the number of Strains starts decreasing a bit it becomes increasingly hard to justify Scepter 4’s insanely lavish budget (just think how large it must be, there’s Awashima’s anko allowance, Munakata’s puzzle allowance, a ton of money gets sunk into requisitions in order to give Fushimi his steady supply of knives…). Munakata decides that they will have to make up the budget shortfall somehow and gets the force together to discuss ideas. Various suggestions are put up for vote – Enomoto suggests a maid cafe and Munakata is totally considering it because ooh chance to see Fushimi-kun in a maid costume – but in the end it’s Munakata himself who hits on the genius idea of a Scepter 4 calendar. After all, everyone in Scepter 4 seems to be alarmingly bishounen so clearly they were made for fanservice calendars. He figures out that each other alphabet boys can have a month, then a month for Awashima, Munakata and Fushimi, and the last one a group shot. Fushimi attempts to opt out of the whole project and is informed that anyone who doesn’t participate will have to deal with the budget shortfall on their own so no more knife allowance. Fushimi grudgingly agrees.

Munakata of course has many ideas for what everyone’s photo spreads should look like. He gives the sketches to Enomoto who enlists the help of some of the ladies in filing and a few members of the Fushimi fan club in order to make the costumes. Munakata’s photo spread of course involves him with a scepter and a cape and kingly crown, the background is a fine pattern of sparkles. Awashima poses with her sword and an evening gown, looking dangerous and alluring. The alphabet squad all get random weird occupations, like Hidaka gets to dress as like a gangster with a pinstriped suit and fedora, Akiyama’s a butler, Gotou is a vet and surrounded by cats, Doumyoji is a ronin, etc. The group shot is everyone painted gray and covered in purple drapery like ancient statues, Munakata is very proud of his high-concept design. Fushimi gets dressed in something tight covered in leather studs and is supposed to pose with his knives, the photographer is enchanted by his amazing high-fashion poses and how even though he’s glaring his face is magnificent. The photographer is so into taking Fushimi pictures that Munakata recognizes the goldmine in front of him and decides that they will be making two calendars – the all Scepter 4 calendar and the special limited-edition Fushimi-Only calendar. Fushimi is bribed into posing for the second calendar by the promise of more free knives. He regrets this decision when he sees all the layouts Munakata has planned for him, there’s ‘naked Fushimi covered by gauzy sheets,’ ‘shirtless Fushimi lying amongst the rose petals,’ 'Fushimi in tight pants leaning downwards, 'more naked Fushimi covered in expensive furs,’ etc. It’s a smorgasbord of Fushimi fanservice and sells out in preorders (Munakata himself buys three, Yata will never admit it but he buys three of them too).


Happy Birthday, Kyungsoo! Thanks for being you and for being a part of EXO. Your voice brings me peace and joy everytime I listen to it; it’s therapeutic. Your cute (but on occasions, manly) features always seem to make me smile; seeing you happy makes me get back up and keep going. The thought of you helps me fall asleep at nights after long tiresome days. In short, you’re one of those key rays of sunshine that make my life a worthwhile experience. So, thank you for being born Do Kyungsoo. I’m sure that there are many people that, like me, are eternally grateful to have you on this world. Have a good one! <3 


spnlittlebro just hit 1000 followers - like, one round k plus one as we speak, omfg - and we want to celebrate by bringing you THREE DAYS OF HURT!SAM.

You heard right.

So, what’s happening during these awesome THREE DAYS? Glad you asked.

- First, you get to vote on your favorite three hurt!sam episodes in our lovely poll here. 

- Next, we’re going to create special edition fic rec lists for the three episodes with the most votes. and then spend the day surrounding you with all the gif sets and artwork and whatever to go with it. 

What better way to spend your holidays then to wrap yourself in a big warm blanket of hurt!Sam?

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