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Happy Birthday, Kyungsoo! Thanks for being you and for being a part of EXO. Your voice brings me peace and joy everytime I listen to it; it’s therapeutic. Your cute (but on occasions, manly) features always seem to make me smile; seeing you happy makes me get back up and keep going. The thought of you helps me fall asleep at nights after long tiresome days. In short, you’re one of those key rays of sunshine that make my life a worthwhile experience. So, thank you for being born Do Kyungsoo. I’m sure that there are many people that, like me, are eternally grateful to have you on this world. Have a good one! <3 

Fitting In || EXO Lay feat. EXO-M

He’s the last one.

Well, not exactly. He’s just the last true Chinese person on EXO-M because the rest of them left.

He can’t say he’s particularly sad or happy. He’s somewhere in between. Don’t get him wrong, Lay loves his dongsaengs and hyungs, but they don’t understand him.

They don’t understand how he misses his hometown. The bustling city and the quiet forest. The smell of afternoon dimsum with complimentary tea. The taste of the crunchy skin of Peking duck in a restaurant.

They just don’t get it.

They act like it’s just a phase, but it isn’t. That’s what they said about the others.

While they are making their own solo albums and making it big time, he’s still here with the group as the only Chinese left.

Lay realizes it’s no longer EXO-M. It’s EXO-K plus one. Heck they don’t even produce Chinese versions any more.

Why is he here?

He cares too much. He can’t leave. He will be ostracized if he did.

But maybe it’s for the better.

He takes down his duffel bag and starts stuffing all his clothes and belongings with tears streaming from his eyes. They won’t care if he leaves, right? He continues to cram everything, only stopping to wipe his face. He grabs only what he needs and what’s precious to him, ranging from his favorite hoodie to the last picture of all of EXO together, and makes his way to the front door. He makes sure to leave out his resignation papers and goodbye note in a spot where they will find it and opens the door.

He can feel a soft breeze flow through the air, making him remember the times with Kris, Luhan, and Tao. They promised they will see each other again and get chashu baos and boba. They promised they will form a group of they all left. They promised they will find Lay if he doesn’t leave. He promised he will find them no matter what.

But he stops.

What will he do once he leaves? Kris is probably busy with a drama, Luhan is going to be recording music, and Tao is going on tour.

He waits. Waits for something to happen. A miracle.

Just then the door opens, but he doesn’t bother to turn around. He knows it’s Chen. Chen usually can’t sleep sometimes.

“Hyung, what are you doing here? Why do you have your bag?”

Why? Why? Why?

That’s what he would like to know.

“Hyung, you’re gonna catch a cold from sitting out here.”

Chen brings him inside, and Lay doesn’t have the heart to refuse. Chen turns on the stove with a kettle of boiling water and finds loose leaf herbal tea.

Lay’s favorite.

He microwaves a few buns from the fridge from a Korean-style Chinese restaurant from a few days ago along with some kimchi. Meanwhile, Lay tries to suppress his tears with a stoic face and guarded emotions.

Chen places the mug and plate in the table, but Lay doesn’t move an inch.

“Hyung, you have to eat,” Chen tried to convince Lay, but Lay just shakes his head. “Come on.”

Lay will not give in.

Chen sighs and picks up the chopsticks. He holds the food to Lay’s mouth, coaxing him to eat it, but Lay pushes it away.

“I’m going to my room and do not bother coming in,” Lay says in his native language and runs up the stairs and shuts his bed room door, turning the lock with a click.

He throws his bag on the floor and himself on the bed. He stares at the picture of him, Kris, Tao, and Luhan at the airport before Kris and Luhan left. Next to it is another picture of him and Tao days before he finds out Tao was leaving to make his own music. He needs to talk.

He opens his laptop and pulls up Skype and the familiar ringtone chimes through his earbuds. Three familiar faces pop up on the screen much to Lay’s delight.

It’s the first time Lay smiles. “Yi Fan-renxiong, ni hao ma. It’s been a while.”

“Yah! Why didn’t you call me?” Kris asks in an angry tone.

“Yihan renxiong, I’m too busy sometimes.”

“Yah Wu Yi Fan, don’t yell. You’re hurting my eardrums,” Luhan chides.

“Sorry not sorry,” Kris sticks out his tongue.

“You baichi! You’re annoying,” Tao remarks, earning glares front the elders.

The three continue to bicker as Lay sits back with a heavy heart and tears in his eyes. His sniffles cause the others to stop and ask,“ Are you okay Yixing?”

“Yeah, I just miss you baichis.”

“We do too.”

Lay’s attempts to wipes his tears are futile because they keep coming until he starts sobbing in front of his comrades. He misses talking to them. He misses singing with them. He misses them in general.

Just then, Xiumin and Chen pound on Lay’s door and unlock it.

“Hyungs I know you’re upset, but we’re here for you.” Chen sits next to Lay and smiles at the camera.

“Don’t worry, we always have your back through thick and thin.” Xiumin hugs his dongsaeng and sits with him on the bed likewise.

Small conversation is made as all of EXO-M comfort their member. Although they don’t understand him as well, Chen and Xiumin know what it’s like being an outcast. Among thousands of fans, probably one of two are holding their banners. They try so hard to fit in with EXO in general in order to make their fans everyday.

They understand how hard it is to live life as an unknown. But that’s why they have each other. As the last members of EXO-M they will make their fans proud of them and earn the recognition they deserve. They just have to break through some barriers first.

It’s the beginning of a revolution. Maybe it’s time for change.

And Lay just started it.

The rest of the night goes on with laughter and excited chatter ringing throughout the dorm, and Lay finally can accept life as it is because if he needs anyone, they’re just a Skype call away.

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What if S4 ran out of funds and had to sell those fanservice calendars featuring the special ops squad + Munakata? (Costumes courtesy of Enomoto, and then Awashima poses in the classiest evening gown) And the photographers just love Fushimi because of his super high fashion model poses...

That is totally Munakata’s idea. Maybe after the Slate gets destroyed and the number of Strains starts decreasing a bit it becomes increasingly hard to justify Scepter 4’s insanely lavish budget (just think how large it must be, there’s Awashima’s anko allowance, Munakata’s puzzle allowance, a ton of money gets sunk into requisitions in order to give Fushimi his steady supply of knives…). Munakata decides that they will have to make up the budget shortfall somehow and gets the force together to discuss ideas. Various suggestions are put up for vote – Enomoto suggests a maid cafe and Munakata is totally considering it because ooh chance to see Fushimi-kun in a maid costume – but in the end it’s Munakata himself who hits on the genius idea of a Scepter 4 calendar. After all, everyone in Scepter 4 seems to be alarmingly bishounen so clearly they were made for fanservice calendars. He figures out that each other alphabet boys can have a month, then a month for Awashima, Munakata and Fushimi, and the last one a group shot. Fushimi attempts to opt out of the whole project and is informed that anyone who doesn’t participate will have to deal with the budget shortfall on their own so no more knife allowance. Fushimi grudgingly agrees.

Munakata of course has many ideas for what everyone’s photo spreads should look like. He gives the sketches to Enomoto who enlists the help of some of the ladies in filing and a few members of the Fushimi fan club in order to make the costumes. Munakata’s photo spread of course involves him with a scepter and a cape and kingly crown, the background is a fine pattern of sparkles. Awashima poses with her sword and an evening gown, looking dangerous and alluring. The alphabet squad all get random weird occupations, like Hidaka gets to dress as like a gangster with a pinstriped suit and fedora, Akiyama’s a butler, Gotou is a vet and surrounded by cats, Doumyoji is a ronin, etc. The group shot is everyone painted gray and covered in purple drapery like ancient statues, Munakata is very proud of his high-concept design. Fushimi gets dressed in something tight covered in leather studs and is supposed to pose with his knives, the photographer is enchanted by his amazing high-fashion poses and how even though he’s glaring his face is magnificent. The photographer is so into taking Fushimi pictures that Munakata recognizes the goldmine in front of him and decides that they will be making two calendars – the all Scepter 4 calendar and the special limited-edition Fushimi-Only calendar. Fushimi is bribed into posing for the second calendar by the promise of more free knives. He regrets this decision when he sees all the layouts Munakata has planned for him, there’s ‘naked Fushimi covered by gauzy sheets,’ ‘shirtless Fushimi lying amongst the rose petals,’ 'Fushimi in tight pants leaning downwards, 'more naked Fushimi covered in expensive furs,’ etc. It’s a smorgasbord of Fushimi fanservice and sells out in preorders (Munakata himself buys three, Yata will never admit it but he buys three of them too).