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like top are one of my fav bands and have been since like 2013 and now i am getting see them again but im like ugh idk if i can do it bc of the fans and like i just wanna cry bc why are they so rude and the fanbase is so nasty i try to have nothing to do with it but like i really wanna see them but so much bad vibes from younger fans i cry i cry i dont want to have to wait for like 24 hours with rude people just so a kid can turn around and be like “ew you dont have a top shirt on youre a fake fan” LIKE COME ON WHY IS MY ANXIETY SO HIGH ALL THE FUCKING TIME MAN UGHHHHHHHHHHHHH

                                       HELLO, GREETINGS,
                                  WHY DID YOU DO THAT?

first of all, hey, yes, what is happening? i made this blog on such a whim, because i’d kind of abandoned/been abandoned by my last fandom, the only one i’d been in for over 4 years.
i missed writing, interacting with/meeting new people, and i had this realisation. i had never played my daughter/mother/girlfriend clary fray and that was tragic, so this blog was born.
and i am so glad it was. not only do i adore writing this lady, in my own weird and twisted take, but it’s brought me the most wonderful people, who i now can’t imagine life without.
i am so surrounded by talent in everyone i follow and who follow me, and i’m very grateful to be around such creative people on a daily basis. on days when i struggle to find my own creativity, i am inspired by the brilliance i see around me, and i am thankful for it.

i debated making smol individual things for my favorite people, but frankly there are too many of you, and i’m easily distracted by shiny things so they would never get done, so i’m going to keep it short and sweet, and hope to god i don’t forget someone because i’ll cry about it.

                                              MY PEOPLE

            the weird ones who i annoy most frequently and they haven’t run away yet?
                      @ofdemonicmagic, @arrowfalls, @ofgoldenblood, @hisbattles

                      VERY GOOD BEANS WHO I ADORE

                       @breakablehearts, @ofhaughtiness, @warstopper, @remembcr,
                         @goldtouched, @chokingonrosewater, @centuriesendured,
                                @honorstrung, @runebrush, @lightinthedarkwood.


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guess which idiot forgot her headphones at home and now bored as hell

okay but just imagine 40′s!Darcy

living across the hall from bucky and steve, working as a nurse

imagine them meeting when darcy drops by with soup because the walls are thin, and she’s heard one of them coughing up a lung in the middle of the night, and does anyone need medicine?

imagine her knitting scarves and hats and mittens in her spare time, cuz damn it, rogers, it’s cold outside, wear the damn mittens!

imagine her bringing over food all the time, cuz good god, are you two tryin to burn the building down or somethin?

imagine her teaching bucky how to properly speak to a lady, you absolute numbskull, i have no idea how you ever picked up a girl with those lines

imagine her teaching steve to dance to glenn miller and bing crosby


bonus: imagine darcy lewis being the biggest stucky shipper ever cuz damn it, there ain’t enough love in this world, and it’s nobodies business who they love or why

pls sign here to be apart of the massive lady couple. all women are welcome. all of them. we will be one giant polyship orgy couple ( what do you call a bunch of ladies who are together and more than three ) who love and support each other but also we will rule the world.

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the fact that you actually think your fantasies are realistic is pretty funny. you need to take a physics class and learn a thing or two about how bodies work and the difference between harry and louis's bodies. babe i know you have your heteronormative bottom harry fic imagines but at least try to be realistic 😘 love your blog otherwise!

did you just tell me i need to take a physics class bc of a headcanon im… screaming

As much as I love mutual pining and using it for every ship ever, I really don’t picture it applying to young, pre-relationship Baze and Chirrut

Because I imagine it as Baze being completely lovesick, head over heels pining, “I would die if he found out how much I love him but also he keeps accidentally flirting with me and doesn’t he know it’s killing me?”

meanwhile Chirrut never feels like this because he’s under the impression they’re already dating