one is mature than the other

He caught her and never let her go again

Mature and Immature Sides of the Signs

Every Sign has both Negative traits and Positive traits. Everyone is a blend of both the Negative and Positive sides of the Signs, but the ones that are more towards one side of the scale than the other are considered Immature or Mature. Mature Signs tend to display more of the positive traits, whereas Immature Signs tend to display more of the negative. There is no definite way of measuring which one an individual is, other than careful observation and introspection

Mature Aries

Aries individuals considered to be Mature have a positive energy that can be rather contagious. They’re a lively bunch, and never seem to run low on energy. They’re adventurous and courageous, boldly stepping forward to take on almost any challenge. They are extremely passionate, and have a wide variety of interests, which often leads them to be a Jack of all trades. These Aries tend to be very friendly and charismatic, and find it easy to make new friends.

Immature Aries

Aries individuals considered to be Immature believe that what they know and perceive is right, regardless of what anyone else has to say. This can make them rather insensitive of others’ emotions and very stubborn. They are rather impulsive in nature, and impatient to boot, leading them to act without thinking first, which can make them leave projects half-way through. These Aries are also quite confrontational, as they say and ask whatever they think to.

Mature Taurus

Taurus individuals considered to be Mature love to take care of their friends, family, and significant others and are incredibly generous people. They are very patient, and believe in being the one to get the job done correctly, rather than being the first one to complete it. Giving up is not within their nature, and these people will persistently put in the effort to achieve all of their goals. These Taurus are also usually both financially and emotionally stable, preferring to be independent and strong so they can support others.

Immature Taurus

Taurus individuals considered to be Immature find security in their material possessions, which can lead them to be rather self-indulgent. While they are patient, they can also be rather lazy, choosing to not move a muscle until they find the worthy motivation. Their stubborn streak is unmistakable – so much so, that when the logical arguments don’t suit them, they simply refuse to listen. They can sometimes be rude, and ignorant of others’ emotions.

Mature Gemini

Gemini individuals considered to be Mature are open-minded and easy-going, and enjoy each and every moment. Their enthusiasm is undying, and they’re always up for doing something new and exciting. They have a strong thirst for learning about as many subjects as they can, and pick up new information rather easily. They are versatile, and have a wide variety of interests. These Gemini’s have strong communication skills, and are very eloquent people.

Immature Gemini

Gemini individuals considered to be Immature are unfocused and inconsistent. They’re easily bored, and very restless, so their thoughts are often scattered. Their lack of focus often causes them to seem superficial, as they rarely delve deep or pay attention to details. It’s difficult for them to stay interested or engaged in one project for very long. They also tend to be rather indecisive, as they tend to have multiple opinions or thoughts on most every topic.

Mature Cancer

Cancer individuals considered to be Mature empathize easily with their friends, family, and strangers. They’re kind and loving, and want to take care of anyone in need of help. They’re very protective of their personal space, interests, possessions, relationships, and loved ones. Additionally, they incredibly intuitive, and have strong instincts. Sometimes, it’ll seem as if they can read minds. These Cancers are also very creative and imaginative, with out-of-the-box thinking.

Immature Cancer

Cancer individuals considered to be Immature are overly emotional. They are very sensitive, and tend to hold on to things that hurt them, and experience strong mood swings that can be rather unpredictable. Their moods and pessimistic perception leads them to be rather doubtful of other peoples’ intentions, and fear that everything is moments away from falling apart. This often causes them to cling unceasingly to people and things that bring them comfort or security.

Mature Leo

Leo individuals considered to be Mature are kind and big-hearted, and enjoy showering love and affection on those they hold dear. They have an endless amount of energy, and are always ready to chase after whatever they want. They are unceasingly optimistic, too, and tend to see the glass half-full, which makes it almost impossible for them to become disheartened. These Leo’s are straightforward about their thoughts, as they’re unafraid to say what they feel needs to be said.

Immature Leo

Leo individuals considered to be Immature tend to focus on only themselves. This can cause them to become harsh, and say what they think without considering whether or not anyone will be hurt. They have a large ego, but a fragile one, which is often hurt over trivial matters. These Leos can also be extremely possessive, as they cherish everything they hold as theirs. They’re givers, but not sharers.

Mature Virgo

Virgo individuals considered to be Mature are quite modest, and don’t often boast about their accomplishments or personality strengths. They are very realistic, and have a practical approach to life. They have a strong attention to details and a very analytical mind which allows them to produce a clear analysis and solution to solve even the most complicated problems. These Virgos use these skills to nurture their closest friend and family.

Immature Virgo

Virgo individuals considered to be Immature are overly obsessed with “perfection” in themselves, other people, and their life in general. This often causes them to be overly critical, harsh and fastidious, which can lead to conflicts in their personal lives. They also tend to focus on the faults or negative qualities of anything they consider to be less than perfect. Virgo’s tend to need to test the waters and be sure of an outcome before they accept change, and Immature Virgo’s tend to be very conservative and reject modern ideas.

Mature Libra

Libra individuals considered to be Mature have a deep love of balance, so much so, that they are unceasingly fair. They have a strong sense of right and wrong, and never resort to dubious or manipulative means. These Libras also have strong tactful skills, which add to their charming nature. They have a very calm, friendly, and likeable air around them. They also are die-hard romantics, and love to be loved almost as much as they love to love.

Immature Libra

Libra individuals considered to be Immature tend to focus on external beauty, sometimes ignoring potential flaws beneath a beautiful exterior, and can be self-indulgent, and extravagant. They also prefer to avoid tension or conflict, so much so that they avoid situations, people, or even making decisions that they believe may lead to problems. Another factor of their indecisiveness is their detached perspective, as they sometimes have trouble caring about the choices at hand.

Mature Scorpio

Scorpio individuals considered to be Mature are ambitious and unceasingly determined. Not only do they aim for the stars, but they also never deviate from their path. No matter how difficult a situation is, they will take it head on. They are also incredibly intuitive, and seem as if they can read peoples’ minds. These Scorpio’s instincts help them take the right decisions at the right time as they pursue their dreams.

Immature Scorpio

Scorpio individuals considered to be Immature tend to be extremely possessive and jealous. They see things, and people, as theirs, and will take up arms whenever anything threatens that. They often seem controlling, as they need things to be done their way. These Scorpios are also rather sensitive, and are easily hurt by negative treatment and comments from other people. They find it hard to let such things go, and always feel the need to get even by seeking revenge.

Mature Sagittarius

Sagittarius individuals considered to be Mature have a large heart. They love to help other people reach their goals, and have a difficult time turning away anyone in need. They are unceasingly optimistic and can always see the brighter side of life. They have interests in a wide variety of topics, especially those of the philosophical variety. These Sagittarius say what they mean, and are almost always honest.

Immature Sagittarius

Sagittarius individuals considered to be Immature have a very restless nature, and need constant activity. Coupled with the overconfidence their optimism sometimes causes, leads them to jump into things without much forethought. Their restless nature also causes their interest levels to vary on many different topics, which makes it difficult to ensure they will be consistent. These Sagittarius are honest and straightforward, but can brutally blunt.

Mature Capricorn

Capricorn individuals considered to be Mature have a very logical and practical mind. They know how to see facts as they are, without letting any emotions they may have interfere. They’re innately ambitious, and tend to aim for the stars. Capricorns are naturally disciplined, and these ones use this to their advantage in achieving their goals, without being over-the-top or rash.

Immature Capricorn

Capricorn individuals considered to be Immature are prone to dwelling in their negative emotions, and often succumb to mood swings. They tend to bury their feelings rather than actually handling them. These individuals also tend to be egocentric, in that they tend to focus mostly on how events will affect them. These Capricorns also sometimes care more about preserving their public image than whether or not their actions hurt people.

Mature Aquarius

Aquarius individuals considered to be Mature are friendly, and humanitarian. They care a great deal about those around them, and often try to help make the world around them a better place. They’re intelligent, and progressive, able to think out of the box to create new ideas. They value their independence, as well as preserving the independence of their loved ones.

Immature Aquarius

Aquarius individuals considered Immature have a tendency to feel or appear removed from the world around them. They often feel that forming an emotional attachment to anyone or anything is synonymous with giving up their personal freedoms. They can be extremely stubborn, and stick to what they happen to believe at any particular moment, and if they change their mind, then it’s because of their own internal happenings rather than any external influence. These individuals, while passionate, also tend to be extremists who view the worlds in black and white, ignoring any “grey” areas that may exist.

Mature Pisces

Pisces individuals considered Mature tend to be very tuned in to their emotional responses, as well as those of others. They’re nurturing, caring, protective, compassionate, and humanistic. Typically good listeners, they tend to be easy to vent to, and have a knack for giving great advice. These individuals are very empathetic, and can often know how they would feel in a situation without ever experiencing it. These Pisces tend to have skills channeling their negative emotions into creative outlets.

Immature Pisces

Pisces individuals considered Immature tend to have bouts in which they wallow in their emotions. They’re sensitive and easily take things to heart. They are very concerned about their loved ones, but have a tendency towards self-sacrifice and martyrdom. To these individuals, love and sacrifice are inseparable. These Pisces also have a tendency towards being escapism. They often fall into habits and addictions that help them avoid their problems.

What I Read This Week


Since I’m on holiday, I got to read SO many wonderful fics this week!

how the mighty fall (in love) by braveten, Gen, 28k
Every Victor Nikiforov fan has three things in common.
1. They have unrealistic expectations for romance.
2. They mark their calendars with the dates of his newest book releases and the premieres of his latest movie adaptations.
3. They either passionately hate or love his greatest rival, a mysterious author whose pseudonym is only two letters: “KY.” Just finished yesterday!

The Boyfriend Experience by cryingoverspilledvodka, Explicit, 107k (WIP)
Katsuki Yuuri is an accomplished escort at 23, operating under the pseudonym Eros, in Detroit. When one of his favourite clients sets him up with none other than world-renowned figure skater Victor Nikiforov, the delicate balance between Yuuri’s personal and professional life teeters ever closer towards ruin. Y’ALL…. this fic is gold

Twenty-Five Hours by 0lizzybennet0, Mature, 14k (WIP)
In which Yuuri spends a 25 hour flight next to Victor Nikiforov, skating legend, and feels it might simultaneously be the best and worst thing that has ever happened to him. EVERYONE MUST READ THIS FIC IT IS SO GOOD

Nerve Endings by Phyona, Explicit, 54k (WIP)
When Yuuri moves in with Victor in St. Petersburg, they have to work through Yuuri’s anxiety and Victor’s secrets to find their balance. Love this fic so much!

Like a Fairytale by lucycamui, Teen, 48k (WIP)
In which Prince Victor gets swept off his feet at a royal banquet and will go to any length to find his ‘Cinderella’ Yuuri. SO CUTE

Masquerade by Ashida, Explicit, 60k (WIP)
Yuuri is part of Japan’s most notorious mafias. Victor is the head of the Russian mafia. After brief meetings throughout the span of five years, they decide to go off together and leave everything behind. I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS FIC!

On My Love by RikoJasmine, Teen, 72k (WIP)
Time travel AU where Yuuri and Victor are happy aged and married, but an accident occurs and suddenly Yuuri wakes up back in Detroit, in a time before he had even met Victor. Angst and pining ensues. Amazing fic!

dear true love by cityboys, Teen, 36k (WIP)
Victor is a writer pretending to be on a break; Yuuri is a pianist pretending to not be on a break. They meet, somehow, in the backwaters of Saga Prefecture, Japan. I adore this fic!!!

Turn it, leave it, stop, format it by ebenroot, Explicit, 19k
“If you want, I can recommend you some security programs that you can download for free and protect your computer. That way, you won’t be at risk of losing these cute photos of your dog even when you browse websites like ‘Luscious Lonely Wives’.” Victor gives one long ‘haa’. “I don’t browse those websites,” he says through his straining smile. SO CUTE AND FUNNY!

Beside the Dancing Sea by lily_winterwood, MapleTreeway, Explicit, 186k
New York Times-bestselling author Viktor Nikiforov arrives in the sleepy seaside town of Torvill Cove to cure his writer’s block. After encountering local wallflower Yuuri Katsuki at a party, he discovers that this mysterious dark-haired man has a couple secrets up his sleeve. Amazing fic!

From Russia, With Thinly Veiled Hate by diogcnes, Mature, 1.2k (WIP)
“The name’s Nikiforov, Viktor Nikiforov.”
“Jesus, Viktor. Do you have to say that to every mark we meet?” I can’t wait for more!!!

Rock, Paper, Scissors by nerdlife4eva, Mature, 3.3k
Victor and Yuuri discover the only chore they both dislike is vacuuming and decide to rock, paper, scissors (RPS) each time the chore needs to be completed. Yuuri is an ace at RPS and Chris sends them personalized charts to track their successes. Super funny!

turntables by Vitali (exocara), Teen, 4.3k
It happens approximately one week after Yuuri’s disastrous performance in Sochi.
Viktor Nikiforov @v-nikiforov
I wish I could date pretty black haired boys who dance well. LOOOVE THIS

cover story by fan_nerd, Explicit, 8.2k
Yuuri stares down at the person standing in the doorway. The stranger hisses, “Who do you think you are, anyways?” Quickly, before he can really think about it, Yuuri responds, “I’m Victor’s boyfriend.” It’s a lie, but the words feel good in his mouth, and for some reason, he doesn’t want to take them back. GREAT fic! BIG THUMBS UP!

(˃̶͈̀_˂̶͈́)੭ꠥ⁾⁾( ノ_ಠ)₍₍ (̨̡ ‾᷄♡‾᷅ )̧̢ ₎₎

Here’s to another week of great fic reading! Be sure to give the authors some love!

Study Break // Jackson Wang (M)

Originally posted by markjin

Pairing: Jackson x Reader

Genre: Fluff, Smut/Suggestive, Comedy

Summary; Jackson persuades you to take a break from studying, but he begins to regret it soon after~

This scenario is rated M for MATURE as it contains scenes of a suggestive, smutty nature ^_^

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Shit that happens in a high school choir

• Passing out sheet music becomes harder than it should be
• “There isn’t enough sheet music over here!” “THEN SHARE IT”
• Sopranos hogging the sheet music
• “Someone’s really sharp” “Well, gee I wonder who the f UCK THA T WOULD BE”
• *judgemental staring*
• Sopranos getting really confused when they don’t have melody
• Altos rolling their eyes when the sopranos overpower the WHOLE CHOIR
• Sopranos trying to fucking one-up each other
• Bass voices not being mature enough yet to reach the low notes
• Tenors straining to reach the high notes
• Standing for DAYS
• Sopranos never shutting THE FUCK UP
• Middles trying to sing their part then giving up when they’re drowned out by everyone else
• Middles crowding around each other trying to find their notes
• “Altos are a little flat” *exasperated sighing*
• “Sopranos are too sharp” “n O SHIT”
• Panicking on concert nights because you don’t know the FUCK ING LYRICS
• The choir dresses are really shit
• Apparently no one knows the meaning of “BALANCE” when it comes to sound
• How the FUCK did you even make it into the second choir?
• Losing sheet music
• “No you can’t eat in the music room”
• Everyone eats anyway
• “Smile and move around a little, you all look like walking corpses”

Given how quickly humans age, I feel like the trolls would be equal parts proud and sad to see their human teammates grow and mature into fine young adults, and then continue growing into experienced protectors and full-fledged guardians.

It’s bittersweet, because on one hand they’ve come so far from the times when they could barely fend for themselves, and now they have their own stories of battles past. On the other hand… they’ve grown so quickly. Too quickly, almost. It’s less than a decade before their bodies are physically matured, and they’ve reached their full heights and grown into their forms. Still not nearly the size of most trolls, but they are bigger than they were, and stronger, especially with their continuous training.

(i wonder if Draal ever looks at Jim and feels guilt for the fact that he tried to kill him, especially when he was so young)

What’s more, they are mentally matured sooner even than most humans, forced to grow up, to adapt and change in the face of a war that wasn’t technically theirs to begin with. They’ve had to cope with grief, loss, keeping secrets from family, facing horrors few people even know exist. They manage as best they can with support from each other and the trolls, but the cracks are still there.

And of course, humans don’t live forever. They would all keep fighting for as long as they could, and barring any sort of crippling illness or injury, if they kept up an active lifestyle they’d be able to keep at it for decades. (and there has been the suggestion that repeated exposure to Heartstone Trollmarket, as well as constant proximity to artifacts imbued with magic, might grant the humans a somewhat longer life span, especially in Jim’s case) even so, they wouldn’t last much longer than a century.

One way or another, they would have to say goodbye for good. Jim’s sould probably follows the lead of the previous Trollhunters and remains with the amulet.

On a lighter note: can you imagine if Draal became the next Trollhunter after Jim finally dies.

Grumpy Ghost Old Man Jim. Draal making jokes at Jim’s ghost about how since he’s finally dead, now an actual troll is Trollhunter as it should be, and Jim is just “Excuuuse me.” The near constant banter every time Draal enters the Void.

(also, imagine if Draal did something stupid and the next time he enters the Void both Jim AND Kanjigar are there, giving him that disapproving Dad look)

about the theory of Qrow being Ruby’s dad

i honestly get so frustrated with the rwby fandom for so many reasons, so many. and while this is one of the minor ones this still drives me nuts.

Like yeah Qrow is uncharacteristically kind and caring when around BOTH Ruby and Yang, but its not like grown men can’t be affectionate to children they watch grow and mature into young adults right? no he must be related to her, theres no other possible reason.

i mean its not like shes the daughter and spitting image of one of his best friends and old teamates who is also, you know, dead. or that she was one of the many students he taught and bonded with during his time as a teacher. or that hes her surgate uncle or anything right? cant be any of that.

and i know people scream about how Ruby clearly idolizes Qrow and how they both seem to be closer than she is to her actual dad Tai yang, and you know what, maybe he very well is, considering canon it makes sense

i mean its canon, according to Yang, that after Summer died, Tai went into a dead depression, one that he was in up until recent history apparently. so much so that his two toddler daughters where able to get into a wagon and leave the house, walking for hours without his notice. it wasnt him that found the girls, it was Qrow. so i thing that its very possible that while Tai was in his depression and barely able to function it could have very well been Qrow who would stop by and take to the girls out of the house, take them to the movies, or the park, help them with their school work, and just be there for them when Tia was emotionally unable to all the time.

i mean this may also explain why Ruby seems to be a little bit closer to Qrow then Yang is. i mean based on Yangs telling of that time, Yang was old enough to remember what her dad was like, before his shut down but  Ruby wasnt. so during those impressionable years Qrow was the one there for Ruby, while Yang was old enough to have bonded wth Tai before he wasnt able to take care of them as well. Qrow became sort of a father figure in Ruby’s life, and when she started training later became her mentor. it makes sense that Ruby role model in life, in her weapon of choice and the way she dresses, would then be inspired by Qrow

but what bothers me most about the “Qrow is her bio dad” is that it takes away from this “found family” aspect that Qrow has. i mean we recently learned that after having gone to beacon he turned his back on his bio family in exchange for the new one he made for himself at beacon with his friends. and yeah like biology isnt everything. Qrow doesnt have to be her actual dad or actual blood uncle in order to love and adore her and treat her like his own family. and i feel like this theory insinuates that and it just rubs me the wrong way. i mean even in my own life i have really close “aunts” and “uncles” that i have no blood relation to that im closer with then my own actual family.

I think that bughead will remain end game.It’ll not be smooth sailing for them though, as we have already seen so far.These kids can never catch a break with shit hitting the fan all the time. I think they’ll nearly always have these bigger and serious issues happening around them and their bond will be defined by how they deal with these situations, thus bringing them closer together like an unstoppable force. Even if there is turbulence and temporary breaks between them, it’ll not be because one or both of them ran off with other people. Our bughead are more mature and have more integrity than that. I can imagine Varchie having that sort of on-off romantic drama between them but never Bughead. Bughead will be tested through huge trials while fighting for bigger causes or facing their inner demons and insecurities which might sometimes lead to misunderstandings as we know that both of them carry great and uncomfortable secrets and inner darkness which will come up for purging and clearing. I don’t see them catching a break or relaxing and enjoying a bubblegum romance. It’ll be dark and gritty(because they are our ultimate badass noir detective ‘power couple’) but in the end,after the bumpy ride, they’ll have earned an bond  that was forged by fire and fierce love and trust.  Jughead’s dream will come true in the end because they both will have done their inner work individually and collectively and let go of all the baggage. So, put your seat-belts on and hang in tight for this bumpy ride.It’ll be so worth it in the end.


I Need My Shirt Back

Prompt: “ I need my shirt back. How about you take it off?”

AN: Here we go, day one!!!! WARNING this is a bit more mature than I usually write. That being said, there’s nothing graphic, or  even explicit. I think it’s more humorous than anything!

Words: 701

          It’s the knocking on the door, accompanied by a very timid voice asking, “Mr. Wayne, are you in there?” That has you shooting up right.

          Bruce on the other hand doesn’t move an inch. His arm is still vary securely wrapped around your waist, and the only reaction you get, is him trying to pull you back into his side. “Bruce,” you hiss, “We have to get up.”

          He finally succeeds and turns to bury his face in your neck, “No.” The response reminds you of a petulant child, who isn’t getting his way. Then he starts kissing your neck, when he reaches that one spot that he knows always makes you moan, you realize where this is going, and you try to stop it. Try being the key word.

          “Bruce,” your voice is very near a whimper with the attention he’s paying to that spot on your neck, and the way his hand is moving up your leg. “Do you realize where we are?”

          “Hotel,” he mutters in-between kisses.

          “No, we’re in your office.” It’s like a bucket of ice water. His hand stills and his mouth comes away from your neck it almost makes you wish you hadn’t said anything. Last night had been your first time alone in a month. Between several breakouts from Arkham, and missions for the league you two hadn’t exactly seen that much of each other.

          “Why are we in my office when we had a perfectly good hotel suite after the function last night?”

          You sigh, “The boys kept interrupting us, and home was apparently too far away. We decided on here, and we …”

          “Fell asleep.”

          He just chuckles as he sits up, and you can’t help but smile, “What’s so funny?”

          He smiles, “We’re literally billionaires, and instead of just going to another hotel we came to my office. And neither of us have a change of clothes, and if the sun is anything to go by, the entire company is already here. In fact, I’m willing to bet that I’m late for a meeting, and the second round of knocks is going to come through any minute.”

          Sure enough a moment later there’s a knock and another timid, “Mr. Wayne, Mr. Fox is on line one.”

          The two of your burst into laughter. You smile, “It’s like we’re teenagers or something.”

          Bruce nods, “When I walk into that meeting with my tux from last night on, the board is certainly going to treat me as such.” He looks at you, “Speaking of which, I need my shirt back. How about you take it off?”

          Your mouth goes wide open, “Bruce! That would leave me naked!”

          He grins, “I know.”

          “My party dress isn’t exactly an option for a walk of shame either.”

          He raises and eyebrow and asks, “And why is that?”

          Your eyes narrow, “You just want me to say it, don’t you?”

          He nods, “Yes.”

          “You tore it open last night Bruce. You completely busted the zipper.”

          He smirks, “Doesn’t mean I don’t need my shirt back.”

          This time you smirk, “I would, but I was a bit impatient last night too, and all but two buttons are missing.”

          The two of you stare at each other for a moment before Bruce reaches for the phone on his desk. He simply picks it up and says, “Lucius I won’t be in today. I’m a bit under the weather. Send the reports to my email and I’ll look them over later.” He goes quiet for a moment before saying “I’ll tell her.” He hangs the phone up and says “Lucius says hello, and that you’re a saint for putting up with me.”

          You grimace, “He knows.”

          Bruce just nods, “He erased the video footage before anyone saw.”

          You sigh, “Now what?”

          He just smiles, “We keep busy, until the day is over, and Alfred can sneak us in some clothes.”

          You raise an eyebrow, “A do nothing day?”

          He shakes his head, and gives you a wink, “Not exactly. I’ll explain in detail what we’re going to do after I send my assistant home.”

          You smile, and thank god that Bruce has the entire floor to himself.

Having lingering feelings for someone after a long period of time =/= pining. Jess is an adult and arguably one of the most mature characters on the show. I call bullshit on this idea that he’s been unable to have meaningful romances with anyone other than Rory. I think he has. He hasn’t seen her in four years and he offers this idea that Rory (whose intellect and creativity were once what challenged him to tap into his own) immediately locks onto and he sees her coming to life with it and he realizes that their old connection never went away. Because of course it’s Jess that gives her the idea that flows more easily than anything she’s ever written. That gives her purpose and excitement - and, I think, a little of her lost self-respect back. Maybe he thought that ability withered up and died with lack of use, but it never did.

He’s suddenly got this whole journey to look forward to with her, of helping her publish her book, and not just any book but probably the most personal and important story she will ever write. Rory taking Jess’s word that her story with her mother is something she should tell is a huge mark of trust and it holds up even under the fury of Lorelai. Even though she clung to the notion of journalism for most of the revival, she doesn’t sound truly passionate the way we’ve seen her be before until it comes to this. When she runs out and tips her enthusiasm all over Jess like a puppy, he gets the significance of that. And the audience can too. Rory in high school was all unbridled eagerness; Rory the journalist is professional, but a little dead in the eyes. Jess reawakens her spirit. He brings her back to herself.

And the look through the window, to me, was not here’s to another nine years of pining. It was oh. Shit. This still isn’t over.

baby dragon au that I’m not writing because I have a hundred other plot bunnies already:

  • it’s come to my attention that rather than 5 reds, it’s most likely there’s one of each chromatic color. this is even better tbh
  • clones of the Conclave, obv, but only Raishan’s was mature enough to function. but then when her soul was transferring, Vax did something deathy and Pike did something lifey and Percy did…something; no one’s really sure what (possibly including Percy himself) but you can be damn sure they’ll ask later because there was a considerable amount of black smoke billowing from his sleeves at the time
  • somehow it all results in five dragons who really are just fresh babies? no memories? most everyone’s ready to kill them, except Pike stands between the dragons and her friends as a cleric of Sarenrae, goddess of second chances
    • I, for one, ignore the whole “alignment/personality by nature” thing whenever possible, and so would Sarenrae. Anyone can be anything they choose to be.
  • and then Vex starts petting them
  • it all goes downhill (GETS WAY BETTER) from there

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Il Me L’a Dit, L’a Juré Pour La Vie - Part One


Marinette didn’t think inviting Chat Noir in for milk would lead to this.

The heroes were 20 years old, in university, and it was now time to trust each other better than they ever did.

Part [Here] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13]

Rating: Teen/ Mature.

Angst and fluff, and all that good stuff. 

Author’s Note: This was originally supposed to be a one shot, but it turned out to be longer than I thought, so I have to split it up. Hope you all like it! First Miraculous Ladybug fanfic. Let me know what you guys think! I know the summary sounds kinda… explicit… :P but it’s not… for now. 

Il Me L’a Dit, L’a Juré Pour La Vie - Part One

Warm Touch

Her hips swayed as she hummed around the dark kitchen, light only coming from above the stovetop. The white floor length curtains were opened and the windows displayed the twinkling lights of the city of Paris at night; the Eiffel Tower peaking over the other apartments. She bobbed the peppermint tea bag in the hot water, watching it go from clear to a dark yellow-green. She started to sing La Vie en Rose to herself. Her vibrato ringing through the room softly, as she almost whispered the high notes. Marinette was alone. Alya was staying over at her family’s place for the weekend. She had her dark hair in a messy bun, strands falling in front of her face whenever she looked down. She continued to sing to herself, and watched the steam from her mug dance in front of her eyes.

Meanwhile, Chat Noir landed skillfully on the curved iron railings to Marinette’s little balcony. He watched her dark silhouette, faintly hearing her sing. He gently laid a hand on the glass door, and hopped off the railing. Marinette stopped singing, and turned her head slightly to Chat’s direction. Busted, he thought, but he crouched down into the shadows, hoping she wouldn’t notice.  

Marinette pulled the tea bag out of the mug, placing it on the little white and pink plate, before picking up her polka dotted mug and looking over the island, to the balcony. Chat Noir’s glowing green eyes stared at her in the darkness. She smirked. If this was the first time she’d seen those illuminated eyes in the darkness, she would have been completely terrified.

Chat Noir stood back up as Marinette approached the door. She slid it opened, “Kinda cold out here, don’t you think? Wanna come in? I have milk for stray kittens.”

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I like Sonadow when it’s done right, and not forcing ‘top and bottom’ roles on them that don’t fit. They match because none of them is really ‘better’ or more dominant than the other. If either tried to push the other down, then you can be damn sure the other would punch them in the shoulder for it.

I like the dynamic that both of them outwardly keep mostly the same relationship that they did before, teasing and taunting and one-upping the other every chance they get, but Sonic knows that sometimes he needs to be grounded by Shadow’s somewhat pessimistic realism, and Shadow knows that he needs to lighten up sometimes and enjoy life.

Shadow benefits from Sonic’s attitude and experience, Sonic benefits from Shadow’s maturity and calmer outlook. They balance each other out.

I have to mention how I went to a class of 12 year olds as a teacher assistant, and, during this, the teacher assigned a group of kids to role play a scene from a book, and there was a little blonde boy who tried keep order within the group and act maturely and take the role of the new teacher within the group. so while a lot of boys were somewhat bigger than him, they were absolutely chaotic, and so the little blonde boy yelled at one of them at some point (another boy who, I might add, reminded me a lot of jack in behavior). the blonde literally went, all serious business like, ‘GET OUT OF THIS CLASSROOM’ and the other boy remained rooted to the spot very much surprised for a second, then asked enraged ‘WHAT THE HELL DID I DO’, to which the blonde boy replied ‘YOU DON’T RESPECT THE RULES’

Tumblr has this weird sort of misconception where they believe that once you hit the age of 18, you suddenly reach this Ultimate Level of Maturity and I’m like???? Age doesn’t reflect maturity???????

I see it all the time where people go against age difference ships by saying “but the MATURITY GAP!!!!” as if one is so much more mature than the other just because they’re older and it boggles my mind because age =/= maturity

Let’s back this up by looking at some of the adult characters of Yuri!!! on Ice

  • Victor whined like a child trying to get Yuuri to sleep with him and then pouted when he didn’t
  • Yuuko acted like a teenage fangirl for the majority of the time we’ve seen her
  • Takeshi Nishigori bullied and teased Yuuri by calling him fat just like he did when they were kids when he was first introduced to us as an adult
  • Georgi obsessed over Anya (in a very creepy way) when she left him, fantasizing about being the prince who will “save” her after it was clear she’d moved on
  • Isabella (JJ’s fiancee) behaved like an annoying brat when seen walking with JJ, saying JJ’s fans are prettier and more behaved than Yurio’s and then hiding behind JJ when Yurio got angry.

Hell, even just looking at Otabek and Yurio, there isn’t that much of a difference in the way they act. They both don’t communicate well with others, they’re seen as “bad boys” but really are just giant sweethearts, and they don’t have a lot of friends (either because of aforementioned communication issues or because of their hyper focus on skating). So no, I don’t believe that any kind of relationship between Otabek and Yurio (or any kind of age difference relationship) is bad by default just because of some imaginary maturity gap. I’m not saying that there aren’t some adults who won’t manipulate people just because they’re younger than them because I am aware that happens. I’m just saying that you can’t take a single facet of a person’s relationship (like there being a 2 fuckin’ year age difference) and automatically label it as gross or abusive.

Where Are You Going With This, People?

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The Lars/Sadie relationship arc in Steven Universe has upset me for a long time. Whenever a new episode dealing with it ends in a way I’m less than happy with, I just tell myself things will start improving next time. Well, there’s been several next times, and if anything it’s gotten worse. Now, I’m not criticizing the show or the people who make it. If anything Steven Universe is one of the best modern examples of depicting healthy, loving, mature relationships, and because it’s firstly for kids I think that makes it an objective good. I’m merely questioning why when they seem to hit it out of the park in just about every other area, in this one they’re striking out. With that being said, let’s look at the Lars and Sadie episodes:

-“Joking Victim” sees Lars pawn all his work off on Sadie by faking an injury. That’s bad enough, but throughout the episode it’s highlighted that Lars generally treats her pretty badly, making her feel like she’s not important to him. We also learn he’s only affectionate when convenient to him. The episode avoids acknowledging any of this though because Lars is hurt in Sadie’s prank. Yes, that’s bad. I’m not saying Sadie is without fault. But all the blame is shifted off of Lars. 

-”Island Adventure” is another mixed bag. It’s shown that Lars is capable of being good-humored and opening up, but that’s only when he’s given literally no other option. Once again though, Lars’ continuous bad behavior is ignored by the narrative to focus on a single mistake made by Sadie, ie hiding the warp pad from Steven and Lars. But even that was at least done in an attempt to help Lars learn to enjoy life. But because of Sadie’s technical betrayal, the episode ends with both characters being back to square one in terms of character development. 

-”Horror Club” doesn’t offer much more. We learn Lars was very insecure as a child. Alright, fine. But he also let his insecurities destroy his friendship with Ronaldo, and he never makes amends for it; not even in the present. As the episode wraps up Ronaldo shows genuine concern for Sadie, and Lars simply tries to one-up him with a half-assed parroting of Ronaldo’s sentiment, at which Sadie smiles like it makes everything okay. And then Ronaldo tries to have a regular human conversation with Lars about their falling out, only for Lars to flail and belt out that he doesn’t care. Yeah. If anything this episode offers backwards progression.

-And finally there’s ”The New Lars.” The premise is that Steven accidentally inhabits Lars’ body and gets to spend a day in his shoes. We see that just about everybody in Lars’ life, from his friends to his own parents, are at the very least put off by his toxic behavior but too polite to say anything. They’re also shown to prefer Steven in Lars’ body, a fact which upsets the actual Lars. And then it almost, ALMOST seems like Lars is going to have a genuine moment of introspection and reassess what kind of person he is. But then Steven tells him Sadie prefers the real him, which isn’t even entirely accurate, and suddenly that makes everything okay in Lars’ mind. As long as Sadie will still put up with his jerky, toxic personality then there’s no need to change!  

Can you see why I’m worried about this? Again, I’m not criticizing or attacking the people behind Steven Universe. @rebeccasugar has has spoken a fair bit about healthy relationships and countering abuse. Look up her comic “Margo in Bed” for just one example. The @crewniverse is made up of some of the most insightful, respectful, forward-thinking people in the industry. That being said, I still have faith this is going somewhere satisfying. But that doesn’t mean I can’t still be concerned. These people beautifully demonstrated what an abusive relationship looks like in a clever way in the Malachite storyline, and we got to see Lapis trying to come to terms with it. We saw what ignorance and discrimination can look like with Peridot, and more importantly we saw Peridot learning to overcome these things and grow as an individual. 

Why can’t we see either Lars learn to be a more empathetic and considerate person, or Sadie learn that her feelings have value and that if Lars refuses to change he doesn’t deserve her? Is it because they’re humans? Are you worried we’ll be disinterested with a human story now that we have such advanced lore to entice us? Because I’m telling you right now we won’t be. Steven Universe has taught a whole generation of young adults wonderful things about life and their emotions, and hopefully it’s doing the same thing for younger viewers as well. 

Please don’t give up on the main thing that made us love the show in the first place: the human element. 


I’ve learned more about myself and my partner in a long distance relationship than I have with people I’ve dated right in my area. The thing is, It’ll test the hell out of you. It’ll test your faith in the relationship, your morality when no ones looking, your maturity during times of adversity and your love for your significant other. Of course they’ll be sleepless nights alone and long waits between visits, but that time apart helps build a foundation before you just up and live with the person. 

Once your LDR is done testing you, it begins teaching you. With nothing between ya’ll, but miles apart and a phone call away, it’s definitely going to teach you how to communicate- and once you reeeally communicate with your significant other, and learn what they like, dislike and will not tolerate, you gain a mutual respect for one another. Them expensive ass plane tickets will teach ya ass something too; quality time is much more important than quantity time. It don’t matter if its just for a weekend, you learn to put differences aside and you cherish the hell out of those days spent and when you hop your ass back on that plane, and the minute you’re no longer in arms reach of your lover anymore, it’ll teach your ass appreciation. 

I’m disappointed with TWICE, and when I say that, I mean as a JYP girl group and not the group its self. I feel like their concept/music isn’t like other JYP artists. Wonder Girls, 2PM, and Miss A for example have a more mature RnB sound/concept in their own way. Even GOT7 gives off that vibe (more so in their music than their personas, but still). I’m technically only a fan of one group from that company, but I still appreciate the music off all the other artists because I like their overall sound/style. TWICE just seems so childish compared to the other artists, it feels so out of place.

My Lady Gaga Theory

This is something that is on my mind since Lady Gaga released her new video clip, John Wayne, and I just want to write it down so I won’t forget.

So, everyone knows that all the clips she released from Joanne are connected to which other. They all start were the last one finished. But John Wayne looks quite different from Perfect Illusion and Million Reasons… The clip reminds me of old Gaga videos, with a frantic pace and lots of color. So how does this one connect with the others? I read a comment saying the Gaga realized that the first videos were not good and decided that it was time to go back to what she did before. Not only I don’t agree with this (to me, Joanne is more mature than her previous albums) I also think this is bullshit. There’s no way Gaga didn’t know what she was doing. This is not a random change of pace.

In July 2016, Gaga and Taylor Kinney ended their 5 year relationship. In September, she released Joanne’s first single, Perfect Illusion. The song talks about a heartbreak, about a relationship that wasn’t as good as the song’s character thought it was. The videoclipe shows Gaga in a sort of journey, trying to deal with her new situation and trying to understand what went wrong. She dances with strangers and runs in desert, as if she was lost.

Then, she released Million Reason (to me, the best song in the album). This song is about a person trying to rebuild a broken relationship; she begs for a reason to stay even though she knows it’s not a great relationship. The clip is very melancholic and she seems, again, very lonely. She’s trying everything she cans to bring him back, but she knows is all in vain.

John Wayne, like I said before, is frenetic. It starts with Gaga talking in a calm tone that becomes a shout. She rides horses and motorbikes; she hurts herself without noticing or caring about it; she gets a ride with a stranger and runs over a dog; she shoots a gun; she kills herself. She’s angry and she says “I crave a real wild man” because every guy she knows is “just the same”. In the end, everything is just a day dream.

So, this is my theory: Lady Gaga will release 7 video clips, each one representing a stage of grief. We already have Perfect Illusion as SHOCK, with Gaga trying to cope it the break-up; Million Reason as DENIAL, with her trying in vain to save something that is already dead; and John Wayne as ANGER, for obvious reasons.

After that, we have BARGAINING, GUILT, DEPRESSION and ACCEPTANCE. I think Dancin’ in Circles will be the next video, since it talks about masturbating to fill a void someone left in our lives. Maybe this is the way she found to keep him next to her. Or maybe Sinner’s Prayer, which also can be GUILT. I think Just Another Day could be ACCEPTANCE and Hey Girl DEPRESSION.

Ok, so this is it. My theory that doesn’t change the world. I wrote it because I didn’t saw anyone talking about this and what I read was quite stupid, so that’s it. Sorry for my English :)