one is low quality

sallyshiptonneverblinks  asked:

I have no idea if you would know this but where is everyone getting this high quality footage for their fanvids?? I have an idea for one but I don’t want low quality stuff!!

There was a special post-TLJ Star Wars Show with the LucasFilm Storygroup and a LOT of the Reylo footage was shown there in HQ (I mean not full screen but better) - an AMAZING soul compiled it all and here it is on YouTube.

Everything else other than trailer footage is still leaked TLJ stuff =) Hope that helps.

                                      No one’s ever really gone…

It’s been a whole year since Carrie Fisher’s passing and I still can’t believe she’s not with us anymore. Seeing her in all her glory on the big screen for the last time was truly mesmerizing and heartbreaking.
I miss her so much :(


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