one is enough for the god of bad parenting

Some days you don’t know how you do it.
Half mother.
Half magician.
Pulling tricks out of your bag,
So your child wont have to know what it feels like to miss meals,
And a dad.
Because one is enough.
Because being a single parent is tough.
Between diapers and day care.
Most mornings you rise before the sun.
Most nights you just lay the there.
Wondering if this is the life God had planned for you.
Asking why he would send you your child before the man for you.
Part of me feels bad for you.
But you can’t survive off sympathy.
So it’s my responsibility to be the source of your energy.
Because in the process of being a parent, you created and enemy.
It’s not your fault.
Milk has become too expensive to cry over.
Sometimes one night can change everything
And your focus will become more middle school and less wedding ring.
In life.
Sometimes you have to play the cards you are dealt.
Sometimes that means being a parent by yourself.
And thats no more “right” than war or hunger.
But the truth is no matter how you tell the story,
at the end of it you’re still a mother.
So you’ve got to stand and fight.
If not for you than for this child that you gave life.
And it won’t be easy.
And it won’t be cheap.
And you’re going to loose a lot of friends.
And you’re going to loose a lot of sleep.
And the rewards will be few.
The only one who knows the sacrifices will be you.
But whatever you do.
You can’t quit.
Because some of the best moms were a result of Dads who ain’t shit.
So whenever your plate is full, and your bank account is zero,
Remember this poem, and remember that you’re my Hero. #afewgoodmentour

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