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We all love twin Hiros. We also all love twin Tadashis. But what about both? DOUBLE THE SWEATER VESTS. DOUBLE THE HAIR FLOOFS. D O U B L E T H E G A Y .

Oh god


Number one though, poor Cass. FOUR geniuses in her house? Two were bad enough but FOUR?? 

AU time. It’s f-ing AU time. 


So basically there are four siblings. Somehow. SOMEHOW THE HAMADA FAMILY’S LUCK (or misfortune) WAS TRIPLED THAT OF THE POPULATION OF CALIFORNIA and the parents of the hamada bros gave birth to TWO SETS OF IDENTICAL TWINS. 

The twin Tadashis are indeed the law abiding, upstanding citizens (sort of) however while one of them is into Robotics the other is into literature (Takumi) and has to wear glasses (not just reading glasses) because he’s nearsighted.

The twin Hiro’s are rebellious as hell but while Hiro is tinkering with appliances around the house Hisashi is drawing on the walls. Art, not surprisingly, was his forte. 

Headcanons for this…thing: 

  • The twins used to have to share beds when they were younger (two beds each), the younger twins still do having no real problem with it. 
  • While Tadashi didn’t mind being pushed into a little space in their room Takumi DID very much mind and they all made a clear boundary straight down the middle (there was a legal document and everything)
  • Constant fights because they’re always stealing each others stuff 
  • (( Poor Aunt Cass I’m sorry ))
  • Takumi and Hisashi, surprisingly, do not get along very well unlike Tadashi and Hiro 
  • Which leads to a lot of time in the ‘get along’ t-shirt
  • Hisashi going with Hiro to watch his bro kick ass in the arena (bot fighting) 
  • Hisashi’s art style is ever changing. It’ll literally jump from realistic to cartoonish within hours depending on his mood
  • Do not poke the sleeping demon children. 
  • Or else your nose will break 
  • (”That was one time Tadashi and we said that we were sorry”)

Takumi takes their parent’s death much harder than the others do and withdraws into himself for a while. It’s Hiro that draws him out of it. 

  • Tadashi dragging the younger twins to the Bathroom (who are kicking and screaming) to wash up for dinner while Takumi just watches. 
  • Hiro and Hisashi are lil shits (Takumi swore that they’d been fox spirits in their previous lives) and their brothers nicknamed them the ‘Demon twins’
  • Hiro and Tadashi are constantly having to break up physical fights between their other brothers. 
Josh Duggar's Ashley Madison Problem--The New Yorker

Hey Andrea:

Very insightful piece. God bless Ashley Madison! It’s bad enough that Mike Huckabee, the Murdoch Media, and the Christian Collectivist Community rallied around Josh Duggar several months ago following the revelations of him being a molester of young girls while he was a teenager. What is particularly troubling is that it was probably this same twisted sense of faith that allowed or caused Mr. Duggar’s sexual compulsive disorder to continue unabated over the years. One can only imagine that if at the time of his parents’ discovery that Josh had an “unusual” sexual compulsion–instead of making their futile attempts to provide him with Christian “counseling”, and to bathe him in prayer–they had proceeded to commit him into an inpatient program, (and later monitoring by a psychologist/psychiatrist as an outpatient) where sexual addictions are actually treated at the psychological level by trained specialists, it is certainly within the realm of probability that Josh would have learned how to cope with his sexual compulsions and know how to deal with them in such a way so that he might have avoided being controlled by his sexual addictions. If so, it is probable that he would have been better able to avoid the compulsive lure of Ashley Madison and the likely services of other prostitutes.

Therefore, if blame is to be tossed in the Duggar direction, let the first stones be tossed at Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar in maintaining the hubris that can only exist through greed and ignorance–all in an effort to protect their profitable television gig. After all, with “19 kids and counting”, losing just one son to the destructive effects of a sexual compulsive disorder, (and scarring/traumatizing one’s daughters and other young girls with “playful” sexual molestation) is actually an acceptable loss ratio and a small price to pay in serving the Lord–especially when the rewards of this world are so many. To be sure, the glitter of gold certainly helps to make it easier for many good folks to avoid seeking first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness when you are otherwise receiving the love of the Lord–and young children are receiving the “love” of Josh Duggar.


*trying to determine how shitty my life is on a scale of 1-10*

me: well my parents are both abusive and try to kill each other almost every month over a petty fight that got only really bad because of resentments, it’s an especially bad situation for me because i am disabled and depend on them entirely to take care of me, schoolwork is really hard in this environment, i probably also have a mental illness or two which no one really cares about and if i told anyone i was depressed they wouldn’t do anything but tell me that i wasn’t close enough to god which will not actually do anything about my instability or suicidal urges, not to mention the fact that my christian upbringing has led me to believe that everything wrong that happens to me is my fault because of my sin which god sees fit to punish this way, also i don’t know what would happen if i told my family how queer i am and will probably have to live this way for my entire life
me: 3? maybe 4? 3.25? yea let’s just round that down to 3