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Female Winchesters

Characters: Dean x Reader, Amanda (Reader’s sister), Sam

Word Count: 3,022

Warnings: just fluff here with a side of implied smut at the end for all you Dean girls

Request: Can I request one where the reader is a badass chick and she hunts with her little sister and they’re basics like the female Winchesters and a pairing of Sam, Dean or Cas? If you don’t mind. :) 

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“Amanda! Would you hurry up? The spirit is going to end up killing more people! Who cares if your hair is perfect or not.” You said, rolling your eyes. Your younger sister was a pain in the ass sometimes. You were the more chill one, being ready in .2 seconds.

“I’m coming! God, you’re worse than mom, you know that?” She said, coming out in her FED suit. She was the tallest person ever, coming up to 6’. You were barely 5’7 and even though both of your parents were short, she still managed to be a tall ass motherfucker.

“Don’t compare me to mom. It was bad enough she brought us into this life.” You said, pulling on your jacket.

“I know. But hey, we had each other. That’s all that mattered.” She said with a smile.

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Hello, can I please have Prince saying 19 to Virgil and Virgil saying 1 for the angst prompt. Some ANGSTY Princiety please! I love angst and your writing is truly amazing.

hi there, thanks so much! hope you enjoy this!

Stay Awake

19) “You’re gonna make it, just stay awake.”

1) “When it happens to you enough you just learn to pick up on it.”

Word count: 1544

Warnings: detailed description of suicide, one (1) curse word, overdose of angst

Tag list: @emo-space-trash @the-potterhead-phandom @almostimportanthologram @parkersanders @dusk-lunari @twinkly-lights (to be added or removed just send me a message!)

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This episode was disgusting! Emma choosing Hook over her parents and then a basically confirmation they are true love's to boot. A real salt in the wound for SQ. How can there be hope anymore when the show continues to fall so far?

They’re making it increasingly clear that Emma and Hook are acting completely selfish. That’s not a bad thing, unless you think it’s accidental writing, which I don’t think it is.

This whole thing is a metaphor for the socialization of women. The orphan is used a lot in fairy tales, because it symbolizes the human experience, not necessarily being without parents, but being divorced from God/Spirit/Guidance/The Force/whatever-works-for-you. Emma in season one is portrayed as the orphan who is still in her natural state. She has escaped consistent socialization because she has never been in the same place long enough to be subjected to the same kind of slow daily brainwashing-of-how-to-behave.

If you look at it that way, then you have to equal Emma meeting Snow and Charming as Emma being born. She’s experiencing a form of socialization many women go through from birth. Expected to be a Savior, a nurturer, to put others before herself. We’ve seen how that process works. She doesn’t want to disappoint her parents, her mother communicates what she wants from her through verbal and non-verbal communication. Pleasing of the parents lead to letting in a man who takes advantage of that same socialization, to be a savior. They even call it the Savior-complex.

It’s unrealistic because Emma was 28 when we met her, but this is a fairy tale, it’s not supposed to be realistic. It’s symbolic. Emma is currently in a place many women find themselves in. The final battle is one many modern women actually need to fight. It’s putting yourself in the equation. Facing your fears of losing people, your fears of not being nice. Avoiding the pitfalls of starting to see yourself as some sort of saint, because you are just so good that you have to save everyone around you.

With Regina we’ve seen a story of someone who worked her way out of conditioning. If you take Emma’s story and then put Regina’s story behind it, you have a guideline for how to work your way out of this.

Of course, Emma won’t have to go through everything Regina’s gone through, because in Emma’s case, first Snow cast a curse, then Hook cast a curse, literally making Emma a slave to the desires of her parents and her partner. For her there is a shortcut of breaking those curses, she doesn’t have to go through what Regina went through. 

While Emma has learned not to judge Regina by having a taste of her life, Regina has learned what it means to be isolated and having to step up. They can now both end up at the same place, with Emma remembering who she was at the very beginning of the story, but with the ability to attach herself to people and Regina having gone through a long process of recovery and throwing off the conditioning of her abusers.

They are, however, not going to deal with this before the final battle, so it’s going to get darker and darker and darker before the dawn…

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Mabel making Pacifica the most colorful sweater ever, and even though it hurts her eyes to look at it she still wears it.

“Oh my god!”

“Shut up,” Pacifica blushed, unable to meet her girlfriend’s eyes.

“Oh! My GOD!” Mabel was grinning ear-to-ear. “You actually wore it!”

‘It’ was an oversized, soft sweater in a bright - almost neon, 43-“"6 - hot pink with seafoam teal polka dots and glittering gold stars. 'It’ was a good way to describe the ugly thing, actually. It wasn’t the type of thing Pacifica would normally wear. And yet…

"You look so cute in it!” Mabel’s excitement was adorable, really, and that made the rich girl blush even more.

“Obviously,” despite her embarrassment, Pacifica smirked a little. “I can make anything look cute.”

“That’s true,” Mabel said, leaning in a little. “You are the cutest girlfriend I’ve ever had.”

“I’m the only girlfriend you’ve ever had.”

“Still the cutest girl ever!”

“Second cutest,” Pacifica kissed her cheek chastely. “You’re the cutest-”

She was cut off by a little 'click’ sound. She pulled back, blue-green eyes narrowing.

“You better not have just taken a picture of me in this thing!”

“Why not?” Mabel grinned unapologetically, opening the Instagram on her phone. “I have to show you off, don’t I?”

“Mabel don’t you dare!” The rich girl grabbed the phone before Mabel could post it anywhere.

“You’re no fun,” the other girl stuck out her tongue and blew a raspberry. Pacifica blew one back, and Mabel giggled before saying, “hey, you hungry? I think there’s some leftover pizza downstairs.”

“Yeah. Sure. Whatever.”

“Cool,” Mabel rolled off the bed. “Be right back!”

Pacifica watched her girlfriend retreat. Mabel really was too good to her. Calling her cute, feeding her deliciously unhealthy foods that her parents would never allow, working hard for hours to knit her a sweater…

…it really was nicer than she deserved. No one had ever worked for hours solely out of love for her before. No one had ever loved her enough before.

Pacifica looked down at the picture of herself on her girlfriend’s phone. God, it was an ugly sweater, wasn’t it? But… in the Valencia filter, it didn’t look half bad, did it?

Before she could talk herself out of it, she clicked 'post’.

The Sister I Always Wanted, Part II

The call ended so abruptly that Molly frowned. There was something almost final about Mycroft’s words, and the way he seemed to be talking back and forth between her and another…no, Mycroft’s words could not always be taken at face value. He had a talent for saying two things at once, thus forgoing telling a lie. After a moment, she pushed aside the cutting board and opened her contacts file, dialing the number underneath Mycroft’s. It was the only other way she had of contacting the elder Holmes, via his PA.

“I was waiting for you to figure something was wrong.” Anthea didn’t even bother to greet her. “I’ll have a car to you in five. Grab a bag, we may be overnight.”

Molly didn’t know what was waiting for her, so she grabbed minimal supplies for herself, after which she took her first-aid kit (nicknamed Sherlock’s kit, as she never knew what sort of injuries he’d come to her to fix), a change of clothes for Sherlock and a box of granola bars, just in case there wasn’t food to be had where they were going.

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APH Nordics As Parents

APH Denmark: Denmark would probably be the funnest parent ever- at least until it came to responsibility (sometimes he might forget that putting them to bed or making sure they do their homework is his job). He would play games with his kids, take them out to do things, and basically let them do what they want as long as they aren’t hurting anybody. That doesn’t mean he won’t discipline them, though, if need be. Trust me. He used to be a viking. He knows how to intimidate children into behaving properly. 

APH Finland: For some reason I can really picture Finland having a daughter. He thinks little girls are absolutely adorable, and loves to dress them up in cute clothes. As a baby, he would knit her little dresses and booties, and then squeal when she wore them. However, once she hits teen years, be prepared for big protective Daddy Finland. He’s got his gun out and ready the second he hears about any boys in her life. No one gets to break her heart ever. He will make sure that she never has to go through that.

APH Sweden: Sweden already has a bit of practice after raising Sealand, so he would probably be a very good father. He knows to put them to bed on time, he knows how to feed them, and he always makes sure they brush their teeth. When it comes to discipline, it really wouldn’t be hard for him considering his intimidating face is already enough to scare other children away. However, he tends to feel really bad about it with his own kids. Sweden also gets a kick out of embarrassing the absolute shit out of his kids. Not in a way that he puts them down, but in a “oh my god dad stop” way.

APH Iceland: Iceland is still a teenager right now, but perhaps in his older years he would be one of those parents that has his kid(s) climbing all over him. He would get so used to it by the time they were 5 that he would just ignore it and continue on with what he is doing. He would try so hard to get them to behave in early years, but he would give up eventually. Just imagine little hands tugging at his hair, or poking at his face. Now imagine his slightly exasperated poker face while he is trying to do paper work. He might as well just accept it at this point.

APH Norway: He is a quiet guy, so people may think he was distant with his children. But I think that he would dote on them the same way he dotes on Iceland. He would make sure that they had the best of everything, and make sure they knew they were loved, even if he didn’t use words to show it. He would also be very responsible with them in the way that he would have a set routine for them. Norway would also be just as protective as Finland with his kids, but more so in a “I have the ability to make you go away, so I am going to glare at you until you know that” way.

Kids can be the worst

I just have a thing to say. Kids can be really shitty sometimes. Here are some depreciating comments thrown at me today by one of my students:

“You’re such a bad teacher” “What, so does like everyone hate you as their teacher?” “You don’t have a boyfriend?” “ugh, you are seriously the worst” “What so you’re paying for your own college? Why don’t your parents pay for it?” (well little Susan, not everyone is rich and entitled) *muttered under breath* “I hate you” and of course the typical, “you can’t tell me what to do” plus many many more…

Now while I believe this child is going through some stuff and is just throwing it at me to make herself feel better, I can kiss my self appreciation goodbye. There’s nothing like getting told straight to your face that “nobody likes you”.


pairings: hoseok-centric, hoseok/yoongi
warnings: light descriptions of gore, minor character death, general sads
length: oneshot | 5.3k
a/n: kind of a relationship/character study for this au. this is apart of my bts archangel au, and it tells the start of hoseok’s story. maybe sooner or later i’ll write the others too

Hoseok was sixteen the first time his wings tore through his body, and it wasn’t nearly as poetic or enlightening as he had imagined it would be.

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Give the Dog a Bone(r)

Levi was just looking for man’s best friend when he adopted the dog. What he got instead was man’s best wingman.

(or the AU where Levi’s dog tries to hump Eren every time it sees him)

AO3 - 1

Chapter 1

“You’re unbelievable.” Levi looks down at the Saint Bernard eyeing him anxiously. Well, eyeing his breakfast bar. Levi tells himself that it’s not even his favorite flavor (it is) as he tears off a piece and tosses it to the four-legged nuisance. It wags its tail happily as it gobbles down a quarter of Levi’s breakfast bar, immediately looking back up for seconds as soon as the treat disappears down its bottomless gullet. “No, you giant lard.” Levi might toss it one more piece, but he swears that he hates the flavor.

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Henry though...

I’ve been thinking about how Killians death probably affected Henry.

You can tell Henry really likes Killian, and wants him and Emma to be together and happy. Henry is the “truest believer” and he believes that Killian deserves his happy ending, and he believes that it is with Emma. That’s why he helped him with Operation Light Swan. That’s why he told Emma about it. 

In the story book AU, Henry not only got Killian to help find Emma, but he was more than happy to give Killian a little push toward her.

Henry never REALLY got to know Neal, but clearly Killian has stepped in as a father figure in his life. We have seen them bonding, Killian trying to connect with Henry many times and Henry seems to enjoy it. He loves his cool, brave, funny swashbuckling hopefully-soon-step-father. Didn’t he say Killian taught him how to sail the Jolly Rodger when they were in the AU? They clearly spend a lot of time together.

After Emma was drawn to the dagger in the middle of the night, Killian and Henry together found a way to help her. When they are trying to reach Merlin, Killian gives him the support and love all in one sentence. This whole season Killian and Henry worked together to help Emma.

After all of that, Henry has to watch all of it unravel, his chance at having a father figure is lying on the ground, having sacrificed himself, just like Henrys’ real father. 

And if that isn’t enough, Henry has to watch his mother crumble, bawl and completely lose herself in grief over Killian. Have you ever seen a parent cry like that? It is awful, especially considering how young Henry is, and especially because of the relationship Henry and Emma have.

Good God I feel bad for Henry. 

Meet The Parents


“Will you stop fidgeting, you’re making me nervous,” Luke chuckles, grabbing one of your hands to rest it on his thigh, “You don’t have to be nervous, they’ll love you.”

“Yeah but, what if they don’t,” You ask, biting your bottom lip, you squeeze his upper thigh, “What if they think I’m not good enough for you? Oh my God, what if they hate me? Luke, this was a bad idea, take me back home,” You ramble, squeezing his thigh harder and harder.

“Babe, you’re cutting the circulation in my leg,” He groans, lacing his fingers with yours to stop the abuse on his thigh. Bringing your intertwined hands to his lips, he gently places a peck on your fingers, squeezing them reassuringly, “All my parents want is for me to be happy, and you baby, make me very happy.”

“Are you trying to flirt with me, Hemmings,” You gasp, trying to hold in your laughter, “You already got in my pants; you can tone down the charm now.”

“Baby, I’m taking you to meet my mother,” He smirks, taking his eyes off the road to look at you, “I plan to flirt with you until we’re old and wrinkled, and can no longer walk without a cane.”

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Imagine going to the beach with the  boys.

Fandom: Supernatural.

Pairing: Dean x Reader.

Word count: 4800

Soundtrack: George Ezra - Blame it On Me

A/N: This came out SUPER fluffy my lord.


You giggled much like a five year old playing hide and seek in the closet as the near sight of blue waves crashing and mixing into the sand invaded your vision. You beamed with happiness as your Y/E/C searched the land for band members or their fans at least.
“Y/N, you seem oddly excited,” Castiel stated monotonously as he watched you bob your head to the sound of guitar and flaky fingers snapping on the radio.

We counted all our reasons, excuses that we made

We found ourselves some treasure and threw it all away, oh

You sang in an exaggerated country style voice. Cas smiled at you as did Dean, glancing at you through the driver’s mirror before he burst out into ballad with you.

What you waiting for, now what you waiting for,

You smiled in content as the music blared, threatening to tear open Baby’s speakers.

Dean and Sam both acknowledged your excitement and exchanged toothy grins as your drove down the strip of tarmac cutting down the middle of the thick Florida vegetation. You had just finished off a case involving the search for a vampire’s nest after numerous deaths were reported the past week in this side of the state. It was now the end of the week and after five days of stress in search of blood suckers, you and the Winchester brothers decided that this would be a great way to say goodbye to the sun-friendly state of Florida before you left, or at least for now- a music festival at the beach.

You had been hunting with the Winchesters for around three years now and became part of their crew of psychologically damaged hunters which made you their family, and them yours.

You spent majority of your life alone and in darkness of the world after your parents were killed by a demon and when you stumbled upon the brothers on a salt and burn case in upstate New York, they took you in.

They made you a flannel wearing burger junkie- as if you weren’t bad enough one already- and you thanked God and all the angels that they did.
You thanked them for Dean’s classic rock obsession which led your ears to near tone-deafness, you thanked them for Sam’s prissy vegetarian ways he almost always tried to convert you to, you thanked them for the brothers’ love for flannel and leather that always left your skin feeling crisp from never being cold, you thanked them for the Impala and its classic pristine leather seats that got you around the country, heck, you thanked them for the toy soldier Sammy jammed into the cigar jack, because these little sparks of friction were what would keep the fire going.

It excited you to doing something enjoyable and non-death related with the brothers and Cas, but the monster in this story, was that at the end of all the happiness and joy, you returned to hunting-

You returned to the possibility of losing your only family every day.

Your pessimism was erased when you spotted the deep blue abyss known as the ocean, its sight flooding your mind with memories of your parents taking you to the lake.

“We’re here!” you cheered with a childish grin on your face, earning a low chuckle from Dean as he glanced at you in the rear-view mirror.

You sat giddy in the backseat of the car beside Castiel whose focus was exerted on the sites of the palm trees lined along the road almost consumed by thought as you rummaged through your duffel, making sure you had brought all your needed supplies when Dean pulled into the rocky sun heated parking area just a few meters away from the waters and brought Baby to a stop.
“Yup, we’re here,” Dean announced putting the break down and taking out the car keys
which he then pocketed.

“Finally! This ride seemed to take ages,” you smiled as you dug into the crevices of your bag, retreating a faded blue towel, sunscreen and flip flops.

“Probably because we listened to the same song about ten times on our way here,” Sam sassed, unbuckling his seat belt and un-linking himself from the leather of the Impala.

“You know you love George Ezra,” you teased as you cracked the door open and stepped out onto the concrete pavement with everybody following suit and getting out of the car.
“And I was just getting ready to hear his voice live today, “You enthusiastically smiled.
This trip was the highlight of the week for you and probably even the month now that you finally had the chance to get away from hunting for a while. You loved saving people, but you can’t get them all but that’s only if you’re out on a case after a demon or ghost. Now, the smell of sulfur and blood was being replaced by that of the ocean air and fried foods from the near-by stands.

"Get suited boys,” you grinned, pulling your hair out of its usual high ponytail and letting your Y/H/C locks fall on your shoulders, continuing to fidget with the many wristbands you wore on your wrists.

“Where from exactly?” asked Sam through narrowed eyes as he tried to keep the sun out of his hazel crystals.
The three of the boys shifted awkwardly on the side of the road, Cas seeming somewhat nervous and other worldly as he ignored you and you took out the remaining jewelry you wore.

“Find a tree, hide behind it, and get your trunks on, “You instructed with a smile.

Dean let out a scoff-like laugh, "Right, and what about you, Y/N?” he smirked as he diverted his gaze to the blanket of crystal white sand down by the waters.

“Well, I’m already set,” you smiled unbuckling your worn out leather boots and tossed them aside.

“What does that mean?” Sam asked, confusion all over his face as Cas and Dean mirrored his expression.

“I mean,-…” you spoke pulling your black tank top off and bunching it up before tossing it in the car. You were wearing the top half of your black bikini underneath all the plaid and black, and were now exposed to the beaming sun rays, allowing them to dance on your Y/S/T skin.

“I was all set when we left the motel,” you smirked at the perturbed brothers and angel staring at your almost naked upper half with beetroot tinge in their cheek bones.
“Oh, “Sam coughed, trying to divert his eyes from your form, and turned to face Cas who, much unlike the Winchester boys, acted as if it were a casual occasion. He was an angel and so you didn’t expect more than 10 seconds of pink-tinged cheeks before he returned to his usual intrigued and confused face.

"I believe your semi nudity is making Dean and Sam uncomfortable, Y/N” The angel rasped as you glanced at Dean’s smug looking face with a smirk, dancing at the corners of his pouty lips.
“Actually, I’m quite content with the sight,” the elder Winchester smirked.
Your heart did back flips as you stared at Dean, feeling butterflies from the way his emerald eyes looked at you. Not with lust and objectification, but admiration and appreciation. You had your past with occasional insecurity with your body and showing some skin in public, in fear of being what society defined as “fat”. You were no Victoria Secret model but neither were you what you considered fat. Yes you had a somewhat pudgy belly and not the slimmest nor thinnest face, but over time, you learnt to accept the way your body was molded. Luckily, as you grew out of your sixteenth year and soon into your twenty-fourth, the insecurity was only on occasion, and at the moment, it soon faded as you blushed under Dean’s gaze of admiration, which boosted your confidence.

“Yeah, well, keep it in your pants Winchester,” You retorted as the scarlet tinge faded into your usual Y/S/T complexion.
You sighed in admiration of the beauty of the almost empty beach before turning to face the boys.
“Okay, hurry up and go get changed,” You cheered excited to dive into the blue blankets of sea water.

“Behind a tree, if I can recall?” Cas inquired in uncertain tone as Dean handed the angel his duffel and repeated with Sam before swinging his over his shoulder.

“Yeah, yeah, sure. Just hurry, we have the beach all to ourselves today,” You smiled like a madman as you unbuttoned your vampire-blood stained jeans and packed them in the back seat of baby, leaving your form radiating from the rays of the sun, and the blushes of the three boys staring at you.
“What? Never seen a woman’s body before?"you smirked, to which Sam and Dean scoffed, ushering Castiel away with them, muttering about how they saw lots of women naked as Castiel added a "No, not really,”.
You laughed to yourself at Cas’ obliviousness as the boys walked down the rocky slope and onto the landscape of white sand.
You crossed your arms and squinted, watching them search for a wall to hide behind to change and soon their prayer was answered when they found some porter-potties nearby the venue for the music festival.

It was 1:37pm by your watch and the musicians you were willing to fight for front row for weren’t her until 7:00, leaving you and the boys with much time to have all sorts of fun.

You flicked on the faded green plastic slippers, shuffling your toes to their tip and wrapped a hippie patterned shawl you had for a while now around your waist before walking down to the beach where people crowded, waiting for the bands performing today to arrive.

Most were those your age and younger, obviously as enchanted by indie rock as you were, sitting and drinking with their friends on the far end of the beach, leaving most of the perimeter for you and the brothers along with Castiel, seeing as not that many people were as enchanted by the sea’s navy folds of water.

Five minutes flew by until you heard the sound of bickering you were too familiar with, float in the distance, only to see Sam, Dean and Cas walking over to you, as the two brothers very obviously argued amongst each other, leaving Cas following suit but silent.

You eagerly jumped onto your foot and dashed over to the boys with your white washed grin splayed on your face, with excitement.

“Ahem,” you cleared your throat loudly which brought an end to Sam and Dean’s argument as they turned their gaze to you with clearly plastic smiles until Dean’s dropped lightly.
“Why’d you cover up? I was loving the view,” he joked and Sam smacked in the shoulder, flashing a basic Sam bitch-face, until he turned to face you, smiling softly.

“You look great Y/N, don’t listen to horny Stan, here,” he gestured to his elder brother currently giving Sam a death glare to which you chuckled.

“Thanks, Sammy” you replied sincerely when Cas joined into the conversation.

“You really do Y/N,” he smiled, but soon lost focus, tuning out as he gazed at the seagulls taking sanction on a nearby rock.

“Why do they move in such massive packs?” the angel asked, eyes still glued to the birds as it dawned on you that Cas was still in his trench coat and regular attire.

“Why aren’t you changed?"You questioned, furrowing your brow slightly with confusion.

"I was uhm,- not planning on taking part in your aquatic exercises,” He spoke shyly, now turning to face the three of you as he eyed his shoes.

“Why not?” Sam chided in.

“I, uhm, am not familiar with how to part take in your activities,” Castiel mindlessly but still shyly stated, obviously embarrassed as his face turned scarlet.

“You mean you can’t swim?” Dean asked, amused by his friends’ response.

“I am an angel, we aren’t exactly aquatic creatures. But I do know the basics, I simply do not believe I can keep up with you guys,” He replied in defense, causing you to giggle.

“Cas, we can just teach you, to ‘keep up’ ” Sam spoke with a faint laugh as Dean and I grinned at the angel clad in his office dress-code.

“Very well, I will join you,” Cas finally agreed, earning a round of cheers from everyone.

You eyed the two brothers before you as Castiel went to change and then gave a menacing grin before grabbing their wrists and pulling them towards the waves with you.

“C'mon, let’s go!” you smiled excitedly, dragging the elder Winchester alone as Sam had detached himself from your grasp.
You let out a huff and pouted at Sam who only smirked and let out a breathy laugh at you and Dean.
“I think you guys should go test the waters first,” he stated with an expectant look which you challenged with a glare.

You tried your best to get Sam to cave under the burning plea of you Y/E/C blinkers, but were brought to a halt when a too familiar guitar tune filled the air and you slowly let go of Dean’s wrist as both brothers’ faces dropped to a look of irritation at the song choice.

The garden was blessed by the gods of me and you

We headed West just to find ourselves some truth, ohh

What you waiting for, now what you waiting for,

A smile crept up onto your face and your eyes lit up with joy as the song was blasted from the speakers in the distance of the festival, loud enough for you to hear from meters away.

“Please no,” Sam breathed.

“God, no,” Dean added with a sigh of irritation to which you howled with laughter running back to Dean and grabbing his wrist. You slipped off the shawl you wore on your waist and tossed it at Sam as Dean smiled at you before staring his green orbs at your Y/E/C ones and running into the nerve-wrenchingly cold waves washing over the two of you.

You beamed with joy and slicked your hair back and out of your face, laughing at Dean, singing the lyrics with raw passion.

When I dance alone and the song’s beaming down, blame it on me,

When I lose control and the veil’s over you blame it on me,

You smiled at his cartoon like behavior and joined in, laughter faltering your attempts to sound decent as it erupted from both yours and Dean’s throats, and even Sammy watched on with a Smile.

When I dance alone, I know I’ll go, blame it on me,ooh

When I lose control, I know I’ll go, blame it on me, oooohh

You heard Sam join in on the last paragraph from a distance as he and Cas ran into the water, like children. All of you radiating joy and love as you bellowed with laughter, the music still playing in the background.

The song’s pace slowed down and soon it was over, leaving you with an exaggerate put on your face while Sam and Dean swam away, leaving you floating in the shallow surface of the water alongside Cas.
You observed how he furrowed his brow, staring at the folds of blue gushing on him with a weak strength, and simply stood in the water, almost as if paralyzed.

You chuckled at his blank expression but yet intrigued act of stroking the water and finally broke the silence.
“So you said you know the basics, right?” You asked, walking more into the deep abyss and noticing how far Dean and Sam were.

Cas diverted his focus from the blankets of wetness coating his fingers and placed it on you as he replied monotonously, “Yes, I believe I do,”

“So, why don’t you show me what you know so far?” you offered, floating in place as Sam’s howl of laughter echoed in the air.
Your eyes scanned the area past the middle aged ladies teaching their toddlers to swim and teenagers trying their best to keep their make out session PG, but of course failing, and fell upon a grinning moose-man, wading in your direction with Dean following with eyes ablaze with fury.

Your shoulders shook with laughter, as you continued your lesson with Cas, instructing him how to relax for the waters to carry his weight and where to place his arms when he was immersed in the mass.
“So then, you place your arm right above your-….”

Your statement was cut short when you felt yourself be hauled up on someone’s shoulders and let out an embarrassing shriek, which to surprise no one seemed to notice and felt your heart sink as you were tossed back into the water from the high point of whoever was carrying yours shoulders.

“Water fight!” You cloudily heard a muffled voice declare from under the liquid blanket holding you down. The sound quality from under the water was as good as static, but the velvety tone was still prominent and soon you realized that son of a bitch, had declared his own death his childish games.

Oxygen was sparse in your lungs as you gasped for air once your head was emerged out of the water. Dean and Sam were erupting with laughter as strangers looked on at the grown men in their twenties acting like middle-schoolers and even Castiel’s pink lips twisted into a grin.
He reached his hand out in effort to save you, and with a menacing smirk, you pulled his wrist with great force sending him face first into water, seeing as you were in the shallow end and at least here he couldn’t drown.

You continued with this until Dean brought up shoulder wars.
You declined at the first offer but Dean wouldn’t take no as an answer and soon Sam scooped you up onto his broad moose shoulders.

“You asshats, put me down!” You squealed from Sam’s high shoulders worried that he might drop you as Dean was lifted onto Cas’ shoulders and the angel looked as though he held an anvil.

“Me up against you, “Dean smiled like a maniac, his chest rising and falling rapidly, as water dripped down from his spiky brown hair, and you agreed with a rapid nod.

Sam moved closer to Cas and you locked your hands with Dean’s, glaring past his overly confident smirk with a menacing one playing on your lips as you spoke, barely a whisper.

"I’m gonna kick your ass, Winchester,”

Your roar of laughter mixed with the brother’s and the grinning angel’s went on as you pushed your palms against the elder hunter’s, fighting for dominance.
“Give..- up,…pie-lover” You shouted over the music breathlessly between rapid laughs which Dean returned as he continued crushing Castiel’s shoulders.

“No fair, you got the tall moose and I get the bird man, your height has way more advantage,” He argued, trying to toss you into the water as Sam pushed forward.
“Give in and accept that I’m just a better warrior,” you teased.

Sam laughed at the two of you before nodding to Cas with mischief, and at the second, let go of your thighs, letting you fall backwards into the water as Cas did the same to Dean.

Water splashed around in the sector where the four of you were gargling water from how open your jaws tore as you found Dean somewhere in the dark curtain of water before you succeeded and pulled him out, still grinning.

“I won!” He roared, and you laughed, allowing him to have his victory as you continued to rough-house. Punches flew left and right, though did not lock with anyone’s jaw, luckily. You were all boiling with energy as the music pumped through your veins and you three tried to teach Cas to do water handstands, though in vain.

Passersby gave glares and some snickered, but that didn’t bother you as you and the boys stepped out of the waves for a while, hoping to get some air, though mostly received disapproving looks from the rest of the surprisingly few people around you.
Everyone was leaving for the festival whose noise grew by the minute, leaving around twenty people on the sand painted landscape you were sitting on.

“Holy crap Y/N, no wonder you became a hunter, you’re a freakin’ titan,” Dean exclaimed ruffling your dripping Y/H/C strands, causing you to grin like a fool at his gesture.

“That is exactly why I’m a hunter, Dean. I’ve gotta show off my titan skills somehow,” you rolled your eyes, but laughed teasingly and he mirrored you, flashing his classic Winchester smile.

Sam smiled at you and Dean before he decided he wanted a snack and left along with Cas, leaving you and Dean alone, watching the waves crash and feeling the residue water on your toes, causing you to shiver slightly.

“Are you cold?” Dean asked concerned, eyes clinging to yours and you nodded in response.

“Uhm, no, I’m fine. Thanks though,” you smiled at him, resting your head on his shoulder and letting yourself enjoy the remaining intimate moments you had with him before you were back to your regular lives with holy oil, rock salt and crucifixes.

The mere thought made you shudder, knowing that moments like these- moments when you radiated happiness, were of rare occasion. You wouldn’t always be here in Deans arms, feeling the droplets of salt water fall from his golden brown hair and onto your cheeks. You wouldn’t be able to hear his heart beat sporadically right under your ear,  you wouldn’t be able to see his striking smile as often, knowing when you returned home, you returned to feeling blood drip on you instead of the waters of the ocean, you would be in dean’s arms for protection, not because he wanted to hold you as his,
you would be back to listening to Zeppelin and Metallica on Baby’s stereo -not that you minded, its only that you preferred to listen to The front bottoms playing lightly in the background drowned out by waves.

“Are you okay?” Dean asked lifting your chin so that you could stare into his glassy orbs and you let out a tired sigh.

“Not really,” You breathed, nuzzling your face into the crook of his neck and taking in his musk.

“Care to elaborate?” His voice was shushed by the waves and the music booming throughout the beach as he locked your eyes, and pressed your hand in his, mangling your fingers.
But you weren’t complaining.

“Tomorrow we go back to living in books of lore and sharpening demons knives,” you dryly laughed, but Dean could see the tears welling up in your glassy eyes.

“I mean, it’s odd you know? How the fun we had today can be snatched away from us just tomorrow, by demons, by ghosts…by anything,” You spoke, voice cracking at the end of your statement into a horse whisper.

You hated yourself for being weak like this, more so in front of Dean, and mentally scolded yourself trying to bring yourself together, but failed.
The dam broke, and much like those nights spent on the hood of the impala, you held onto Dean tight as if he were to disappear into thin air.
You shut your eyes and took in your surroundings as you begun to hum.

The garden was blessed by the gods of me and you

We headed West just to find ourselves some truth, ohh

You tiredly smiled as dean’s raspy but serenading voice tore the silence.

What you waiting for, now what you waiting for,

You glanced at him with a smile from the corner of your eye and chuckled at him, carrying on with the song and drying your eyes

We counted all our reasons, excuses that we made

We found ourselves some treasure and threw it all away, oh

You sang lightly waiting for Dean to join in at the end of each verse and he didn’t disappoint. He sang it to you softly as he run his thumb up and down your arm, just barely grazing the skin.

When I dance alone, I know I’ll go, blame it on me,ooh

When I lose control, I know I’ll go, blame it on me, ooooh

You both sang through grins as you neared the end of the song, ignoring the fact that the loud rhythm of arctic monkeys was being blared across the land.

You didn’t care.

You snapped your fingers flakily as Dean tapped lightly on his legs, slowly pacing down the song as it neared its end.

What you waiting for, now what you waiting for,

What you waiting for now what you waiting for

Your snapping faded and soon silence filled the air as Dean’s eyes met yours and looked at you with the look from earlier on; admiration.

“It’s okay, Y/N. I mean look at how today went?
Do you think it would’ve been as special if we did it every weekend?” He cooed in your ear, drying your tears and you nodded.

“It’s the carnage that makes this so special. We live in darkness, but that’s what makes the moments of light so special, you know?”

You shook your head, nuzzling closer to him, breath tingling on his bare collar bone.

“But we can’t have those moments of light if one of us is taken in the darkness,” you spoke, regaining your voice.

“That won’t happen,” Dean spoke immediately, and sternly.

“I won’t let it,” he added,

“So, why do you say it before we go out on each hunt?"You questioned as you sat up and looked him in the eye.

"You tell me and Sammy every time, which means you believe it can happen,” You insisted as he brushed the hair out of your face and kissed your forehead.

“Because even in the depth of my belief, I have doubt, and I if I turn out to be wrong, I at least want…it,-” he choked cupping your cheek and grazing his thumb over your cheek bone.

“-To go down when you know the truth,”

His eyes seemed like glass now, brimming with tears and were glowing with love as he smiled sweetly at you, and you  returned the expression, neither of you diverting your gaze and fully ignoring all sounds- except your heart in your throat.

The proximity made your palms sweat and heart race as you stared into the orbs of your best friend, realizing;

You loved him.

You loved him all along. Much like you loved Sam and Cas, but yet differently, because you wouldn’t lay on the hood of the Impala watching the stars with Sam, and you wouldn’t spend your time holding hands on hunt with Cas, and you most definitely wouldn’t sing your guys’ song with anyone besides the elder Winchester.

It just wouldn’t feel right.

You had about ten seconds left to make a move, but after fair debate with your thoughts, time relapsed and you were still in the same position you were in ten seconds earlier.

“Well Winchester, if I we do go, tomorrow, at least we know the truth,” You smiled as you twiddled with the silver ring he was wearing on his hand intertwined with yours.

Dean nodded and you looked up in his eyes, realizing that he had no spec of neglect or rejection in his eyes. You spent the next minutes in each others’ arms when Cas and Sam returned with our tickets for the show.

“You guys have fun,” Sam smirked to which you chuckled lightly.

“Yup. This stud just couldn’t keep his hands off me,” you teased, standing up and helping the elder hunter to his feet.

“Please, you’re the one who nuzzled your face into my neck, gorgeous” Dean retaliated as you wrapped your shawl around your waist and he grasped your hand in his, fitting like a glove, and locked your fingers like in shoulder wars
He smiled at you once more and you felt dejavu all over.

He gave you the same look, he gave you when he told you he loved you every hunt, gripping your hand like you would be gone after that night, hoping, it wouldn’t be the last time your fingers fit perfectly in his.

Sam and Cas walked ahead as the angel described how much he enjoyed his “first aquatic experience” and you giggled at his childishness, when dean brought your tangled fingers up to his pouty lips and pressed a tender kiss to the back of your hand, letting it linger before whispering to you.

“We’re always going to have our moments of light…. even in the dark.”

You smiled at him, heart belting with joy, and walked away as you hummed.

The garden was blessed by the gods of me and you

We headed West just to find ourselves some truth, ohh

What you waiting for, now what you waiting for,


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Bend The Rules (16/?)

Summary: (High School AU) - Michael comes from a very strict and quite religious family, but that doesn’t stop him from having a somewhat of a normal teenage life. He still goes out, though he has an early curfew and rules to follow. He has the mouth of a sailor, but makes sure his parents never hear. He maintains good grades so his parents aren’t ever thrown off. It can be annoying, but he can handle it. But life only becomes too difficult when Gavin Free intervenes. 

Word Count: 5412

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As Ray had so desperately hoped, Winter break eventually did come. Michael’s parents still kept Michael at home while his friends hung out on the weekends. It would enrage Michael and he would take out his frustrations by playing online with whoever else was online – he didn’t care, he just wanted to beat someone at something. Because it was dumb – how his parents thought they could lock him up and keep him away from his own friends. He would still see them at school and they didn’t know, but Michael was definitely planning on hanging out with them on New Years eve.

A good thing was, Gavin had begun texting Michael more frequently. And they would text until one of them fell asleep, which was usually Michael, but only because he was so used to sleeping at an early time. Michael never was a huge texter, but he liked texting Gavin, or rather, just talking to him in general. Gavin just had his strange ways of phrasing things that would make Michael laugh.

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