one is a good idea and the other is the route i chose to take

I’ve been thinking about this PewDiePie situation and the right-wing response to it a bit, and I think it pretty well demonstrates the social rot at the heart of capitalist socialization.

Whenever somebody gets called out for using blatantly offensive and discriminatory language, the far right always thinks that the response is entirely performative. Everybody that is offended isn’t REALLY offended, we are just performing offense in order to play nice with “respectable” society. In other words, we are all just playing a game, and the end goal is getting ahead. Everything is a competition. Social justice is just another element in the game, and some people choose to take that route in their quest for power and social capital.

You can call this out as childish and selfish, because it is, but it also points to a much deeper problem in the way capitalism teaches us to think about morality. We are taught from a young age two conflicting narratives - that we should be kind and respectful to other people, but also that everything is a competition and you should do everything you can to be the absolute best. Those two ideas are incompatible with each other. You can’t simultaneously respect other people while viewing them as your competition in the game of life. So people normally end up predominantly recognizing one side or the other - we either decide to be especially kind and respectful to each other, or we decide to view everything as a competition.

For the people who choose the second option, morality becomes part of the game. Nothing anybody does is actually genuine - it’s all just a ruse to push other people out of the way. That’s why they can’t believe that there is anybody that actually doesn’t want to be offensive. That there are people who aren’t offensive when nobody is watching. The only reason you would ever be respectful in the first place is because other people are watching - because you’re trying to get ahead. It’s all a competition.

Some prominent parenting strategies exacerbate the problem. “You can’t do that because I say so.” If no reason is ever given, why are people doing anything? Because it’s a game. Just like school, just like work.

And the truth is, we all play that side from time to time. Everybody lies on their job application. Everybody acts way too happy to be at work. Everybody pretends to like their boss more than they do. Everybody plays nice to the horrible customers that you would otherwise strangle. Even people who choose to be genuinely kind are forced to play the game on occasion as well. And the people who chose the competitive view of the world recognize that.

So we can certainly mock and laugh at the people who can’t figure out that there are actually good people in the world who do good things out of genuine compassion. It is a laughable position. But it’s also baked into all of us from a young age in capitalist society. And that’s the real tragedy.

let’s just talk for a moment here. 

I’m gonna say itLena Luthor loves Kara Danvers. loves her. and there are soooo many reasons why. 

first, let’s just list the reasons off the bat, then I’ll explain my reasonings. 

  • donuts
  • lip bites/glances/looks
  • the thirst factor
  • food dates
  • meeting Alex
  • gala
  • flowers
  • her heroics
  • “I’ve never stood behind a man” 
  • “I’m here for you, if you still want that”
  • “I miss you”
  • “I didn’t see your name on the by line”/ “unquit”
  • “I trust you”/Catco
  • heart emoji

ok let’s get started:

first, the doughnuts.

 lena is known for eating healthy. she drinks kombucha. she gets kara to probably eat vegetables. y’know the regular. probably is on a no carb diet. we never see her eating anything bad, because she’s probably been preened all her life to be picture perfect and eat only what’s good for you. but here comes her bff, her gal pal kara danvers, traipsing in with a bag of doughnuts. this happened a couple times, actually. lena indulged in a doughnut for kara. 

the lip bites, holy fuck. I’m going to tie this in with the glances too. because holy mother of god. 

lena is always checking kara out, biting her lip (most likely surprising moans bc hot damn she’s in love with this woman) and the looks. the looks of. pure. unadulterated. love. 

I mean you cannot tell me the look on lena’s face is anything but love? come on. even a blind man could tell. 

next, lena’s thirst factor. 

girl, she is always, always, (almost) always seen with a drink when around kara! 

exhibit A: their first meeting, lena has to pause and get herself a damn glass of water

exhibit B: granted, yes they’re at a restaurant, but lena’s got an almost empty glass, bc hot damnvers kara is something. (lets take in account that kara’s glass is empty)

exhibit C: in the most recent episode 3.01, lena is yet again, shown pouring herself some water bc girl is thirsty af 

exhibit D: oh looky here, Lena’s getting a drink. I am pretty sure Kara just makes her speechless and she needs water to talk

exhibit E: y’all see where I’m going with this, right?

their brunch/lunch/dinner/kombucha dates

lena always seems to have a food date with kara. always. I mean it’s one thing to have one on occasion but they’re known to have these? and I know damn well that kara isn’t always the one to initiate them. lena is probably the one to invite her because she’s rich and offers to feed kara’s immense appetite. 

what about the first time lena was introduced to Alex properly?

this. this is the face of jealousy. she shows up unannounced at kara’s apartment (where’d she even get kara’s address?) and sees this beautiful woman in kara’s apartment and she’s jealous af, and Alex doesn’t let on anything. doesn’t, for a split second, let on that she’s kara’s sister, because I’m pretty sure she knew what Lena’s thoughts were. she knew for a flash of a second, lena was actually jealous, but ew gross, kara is her sister, and that’s when kara finally speaks up, and Lena’s face softens, and she remembers what she actually came over for… 

the gala

she invites, not only kara and supergirl to the gala, but kara’s man friend, mike of the interns, because she doesn’t care. if kara’s friends with this person, she figures she can trust this person too, who tf cares if you met them five seconds ago and could’ve easily told him “It’s an elite party, and I’m inviting kara as my plus one, sorry” but no, she extends an invitation to mike of the interns…

the flowers: plumerias

these are plumerias, for anyone who hasn’t seen them before. they come in all different colors, ranging from blues, pinks, purples, melon, peach, yellow and white. they are an exotic flower, and a bit hard to come by. they have to be imported, usually from Hawaii. they have a few different meanings, but in Chinese, they symbolize love. they mean “I love you” and “you are special” 

and kara’s office, just so happens to be overflown with flowers, most likely plumerias because she mentioned they remind her of her mother, and lena would totally import those flowers and fill her office as a thank you to saving her just because she loves kara. and you know damn well she knows what those flowers mean. she’s smart, we’ll touch on this fact later.

lena being a hero

she is.. its a fact. whether it’s supergirl or kara danvers’s hero, national city’s hero, or anyone’s hero, lena is a hero. 

lena chooses kara and being the hero and will always choose kara and being the hero. when it came to saving jack or saving supergirl, she chose kara over her ex-lover. and we can probably assume that because a) lena is young and b) lena is a luthor, jack was probably her only real relationship. she did love him, you could tell with the emotion from the kiss and even the relaxed-ness of her date with him, they were friends. and she did miss is company, though she wouldn’t date him again. yet then it comes to kara, as supergirl, and she has to choose whether to save jack or end his life to save national city’s hero. she chooses to let jack go, therefore ultimately killing him so she can save kara. she also saves kara’s man child boyfriend from the evil daxamite guard. by shooting him with an alien gun. and she and Winn made whatever that thing was under the table at the gala and it stopped those evildoers from attacking supergirl, and the kicker, my favorite, saving the whole population of national city, not once, but fucking twice.

in s2e8 lena, after finding out her mother is the ringleader of CADMUS, and kara ultimately yells at her and accuses her of knowing what her mother did, etc, still saves national city. she undermines her mother, weasels her way onto her mother’s good side, double-crosses her and makes the medusa virus inert, therefore saving national city’s population of aliens when the only friend she had hated her for the moment. she could’ve easily just given in and killed all the aliens, but she didn’t. she chose to save them because she loves kara and her pro-alien bleeding heart views, even when they sometimes disagree and fight. 

and then again in s2e22, lena, and with the help of Lillian, build a device to rid the planet of the daxamites invading earth. a device that sends out lead into the atmosphere. and she knows what it’ll do. she knows that it’s going to send Mon-el away, and you know she was lowkey happy about that, but she knows it’ll put kara through hell, yet she let’s kara make the ultimate decision to choose whether to go on with it, and kara does. supergirl tells them to use the device. and lena yet again, saves everyone, all because she loves kara and kara is her hero.

and let’s not forget the best time lena was a hero and shot Corbin, therefore saving none other than Special Agent Alex Danvers with the DEO… hot damn, she’s my hero.

lena’s never stood behind a man

*eh hem* I’ll just leave these here. two examples of lena never standing behind a man, because she’s independent and fierce, but Kara is always protecting her and she lets kara/supergirl. we know damn well lena can hold her own, she is a Luthor after all, but she lets kara take the forefront and she stands behind her with grace and poise and love and admiration. 

“I’m here for you, if you still want that”

Lena knows the hell kara is going through. she knows that kara lost her man child thing of a boyfriend she liked for five days. and kara is going through hell. and yet, she’s still cautious. I think this is one of the most significant things ever and we’re going to dissect for a second here. in the second image: kara tells lena “I’m right here” letting lena know she can talk to her and she wants her to, she’s almost willing her to. 

yet in the top image, lena adds the “if you still want that”. she is letting kara know a few things here. a) that she feels guilty over the lead being released in the atmosphere b) she doesn’t want to use kara, because she’s not a talker herself. her walls are always built up so sturdy until kara breaks them down with her super strength and c) she doesn’t want to lose kara. she’s letting her know she’s there if kara wants her because its kara’s choice. she’s not going to force kara into being her friend just because kara is the only friend she has in national city and she will be ready to help kara any way she needs when the time comes. 

“I miss you” 

this also follows with the “if you still want that” because she’s telling kara that she’s being ignored, but she’s not pushing. she knows that kara is distancing herself. but she still lets kara know in a subtle way that she’s still here, she still loves her and that she truly misses her best friend. she just misses her. she misses Kara Danvers, the girl she’s falling in love with more and more as each day passes.

“I didn’t see your name on the by line”/”unquit”

now, first off, kara does anything lena suggests. Lena suggests, she become a reporter and guess who becomes one? Kara. lena tells her in such an unprofessional manner to “unquit” her job. and according to my laptop, unquit isn’t even a word, yet it came out of poised, perfect, prestined Lena Luthor’s mouth. “unquit” 

so kara unquits, and lena sends a heart emoji

a red heart emoji. man, do I have some words about this. Lena, you little lesbian in love with your bestie, damn. lena could’ve easily replied back with a “okay” or “sounds great” or even a “see you tomorrow!” or if we’re going the emoji route: a smiley face, a thumbs up, or fuck idk, a yellow heart? because lena is very, very, very smart. and we all know she knows the meanings that colors represent. like how yellow means happiness, friendship, sunshine, and energy, yet miss luthor sent kara a red heart. red meaning love, passion, heat. you can’t tell me she doesn’t know what they meant. she could’ve replied with so many different ways, yet she chooses a red heart.

and lets not forget the last points: lena buys fricken catco–– “I trust you”

lena “I bought your job for you and I have no fucking idea how to run catco” luthor bought a multimillion dollar corporation so a sexist bottle of cheap cologne couldn’t and she has literally no idea how to run the company, yet she’s enlisting and trusting her best friend and the woman she likes to run it with her. she bought kara a company. because kara asked and she 

lena just dropped everything, and potentially could ruin her career for this woman, and she did it all out of love. 

she even admits to not even knowing how to run the place! yet, just because kara asked, she did it. kara says “jump” and lena asks “how high”. the girl will do anything for the woman she loves. 

anyway, so those are my thoughts and reasonings as to why I believe lena is in love with kara. you can agree or disagree, leave your opinions if you like, but if you’re anti-supercorp please do not leave your opinion. 

*please note: gifs and pictures are NOT mine and I will not take credit for them, I simply borrowed them from the internet. also I stg if the gifs don’t load I will cry, I don’t know if they actually will, let’s hope.

edit: none of the gifs loaded I hate everything… oh fucking well, you get my point and y’all probably know what each gif is a scene of anyway… fml

Cardiovascular Palpitations Pt. 2 (ft. Jeongguk) [M]

Originally posted by nnochu

→ fluff, smut, angst, really fuckign fluffy smut 10k
→ friends with benefits au, doctors au ft Taehyung
part 1 | part 2 | story talk

Yay! This was super cute but I’m seriously so glad its over lol I didn’t edit so its not my best work but it’s officially the longest thing I’ve ever written so I hope you like it! Let me know what you think, and I’ll be uploading a story talk and drabbles about this au soon! 

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Cement | P.P

Hi! this is my attempt at a soulmate AU bc i live for Soulmate AU’s okay. The concept is that everyone has a uniquely colored bar on their wrist, and only their soulmate has the matching bar, once they meet the other persons initials appear on their wrist-however you don’t magically fall in love the second you meet.

Warnings: Me not editing bc im trash?? Uh swearing? cliches? Avoiding your problems???

Word Count: 2.4k Whoopsie Daisy

I apologize if this is garbage

Every morning you went through the same basic routine.

Except for one small factor, you spent extra time covering your soulmate tattoo in either foundation or by stacking countless bracelets on your wrists.

Everyone always wondered why you chose to hide the small bar, they would never understand how much you hated the idea of soulmates, as well as how much you hated the muddy grey bar that sat on your wrist, along with the letters “P.B.P” on top of it.

The first time the letters showed up on top of the bar your only thought was ‘Who the fuck is P.B.P’ but those thoughts quickly vanished as you contemplated the most effective way to cover the mark.

You never even knew when you met your soulmate, but somehow their initials littered your wrist.

What the hell even is the point of having a soulmate? Being destined to love some random stranger for the rest of your life, some people never got to meet their soulmates and either went with whoever was second best or just decided to stay alone.

That’s what bothered you the most.

People felt as if they were bound to one person based on some ugly color on their wrist, it made no sense to let that limit their life choices, it’s stupid.

So there you were, standing in your bathroom staring down at the bar that would haunt you for the rest of your mortal life. Every morning the stupid bar made you angry, it had bad memories associated with it, actually the entire concept of soulmates had bad memories associated with them.

People say that once you lose your soulmate you feel dead on the inside, and eventually die, most don’t believe in such a “silly” or “absurd” idea, however being that you lived with your Aunt and Uncle after your parents had both simultaneously passed in the same month, only a week and a half apart, you knew the absurd myth wasn’t a myth.

It made no sense for your father to pass after your mother did, he was perfectly healthy, never having a single problem in his entire life, except for fracturing his ankle at the age of twelve, so when you found out he died, you knew all those stupid stories were true.

Not to mention that the bar that sat on your wrist caused you to be bullied as a kid, because while everyone else had a nice and bright colored bar yours looked like dirty cement that had been stepped on too many times.

So you hated the tattoo, everyday praying to whatever higher power there was that you’d never be properly introduced to whomever the initials on your wrist belonged to, that you could just live life naturally, and not revolve your life around the idea of someone being made “perfectly” for you.

You quickly put on the several different bracelets that littered your bathroom countertop making sure that the bar was no longer visible.

Then you made your way out of the small apartment in Queens and headed towards the subway station, making sure to catch your train on time, otherwise you’d have to wait an hour and a half for the next direct routed train.

The train ride was quiet as usual, except for the music that played from your right earbud, leading you to softly hum along as you sat in your seat waiting for the ride to end.

Then of course, you had to go to school. The place that made you want to smack your face against a desk every thirty minutes, not that you aren’t smart, it’s rather the opposite, sometimes you think you’re too smart for your own good, taking all AP classes-except for gym-as a sophomore sounds rough, but somehow you pass them all with ease.

Not to mention the fact that you avoided making friends because everyone seemed to either be too stupid for you, or too obnoxious. Your counselor recommended joining the decathlon team, saying it would be a great experience to make friends with people who have the same intellectual levels as you, however when you found out Eugene “Flash” Thompson was in it you quickly declined, he was idiotic enough to ruin that for you.

People were stupid, and you simply weren’t.

Even now sitting inside of an AP Physics course full of mostly seniors you worked with ease, the seemingly complex problems being like basic arithmetic to you. Most people knew that you were one of the smartest kids in the sophomore class, however none of them had the guts to talk to you, after the many incidents when you-to put in layman’s terms-told people to fuck off.

Being bullied as a kid taught you to be strong, probably stronger than you needed to be, but hell, the only way you were going to get through life was to be strong, even if it meant being a ruthless bitch at times.

“Okay today we’re doing an icebreaker of sorts, I feel like we’ve been in this class half a semester and I know nothing about any of you in this class, so rather than doing an experiment we’re going to sit in a circle and talk about ourselves…oh stop groaning, you need social skills in life…you’re going to say your name and one fact about yourself” with that announcement the classroom was filled with the sounds of chairs scraping against the tiled floors as everyone sat in a rather uneven circle.

You were sat between two guys, one being Abe, the kid that always called Flash an idiot without using the term idiot, he was also a sophomore, and the other being Jenson, some senior with a knack for half-assing experiments.

Slowly but surely everyone in the class had to stand up and say something about themselves, most of them saying what they wanted to do after high school, their family lives, or something about their soulmate, when it was your turn you shrugged refusing to stand up.

“I’m (y/n) (y/l/n), and I hate icebreakers.” some people laughed and some just stared at you, the teacher in shock that you’d say something so bluntly, Abe holding his hand to give you a high-five, which you returned to his shock.

Eventually the circle landed on Peter Parker, the kid you considered a genius, that was in love with Liz Allan, or at least he made it seem that way.

“Uh I’m Peter Parker, and well I uh want to go to school for engineering” he quickly sat down and tugged at his left sleeve, where his tattoo would presumably be, before he rolled his sleeve up slightly to look at his irritated wrist and his eyes grew wide in shock, which made you stifle a slight giggle, however the class laughing at something some senior said hid it rather well.

Once the bell rang everyone made their way to their next class-or in your case-lunch. Where you sat alone, headphones in, reading Possessing The Secret Of Joy, well you would have been reading if someone hadn’t plopped their lunch down right in front of you, what made it worse is with one tray came two.

So when you took your headphones out you weren’t pleased to see Peter Parker and Ned Leeds in front of you.

“Is there something you two need” Before you could say anything else a copy of The Crucible found it’s way onto the table as well as Michelle Jones.

“Actually there’s something that we all need, and since these two are too scared to ask, what are your initials, first middle and last to be specific” You rolled you eyes and plugged your headphones back into your ears and continued to read your book.

There was no way in hell they’d get you to play their little soulmates game. You refused.

You even rolled down your hoodie sleeves to cover up your bracelet-clad wrists for extra emphasis on the topic at hand.

When the bell rang you grabbed your stuff, rolled your eyes at the three musketeers and made your way to your AP Spanish class, aka your napping class.

Yet for some reason, you got called down to the Morita’s office, so you couldn’t take your nap.

“What the hell is this about” The moment you entered the room, there sat the three musketeers again, making you want to jump out of a third floor window.

“Okay, these three have something rather important to tell you, and they wouldn’t leave me alone until I called you down, sorry kiddo” With that he left the room and you stood there, arms crossed and pissed off.

“Your name is (Y/f/n) (y/m/n) (y/l/n) correct? Making your initials (y/i) correct?” you rolled your eyes and nodded at the persistent teenage girl. “Let me see your wrist” You laughed at her attempt to ask politely and gave her the finger.

“Why the hell does any of this shit matter? Oh wow big deal you know my name and my initials, I’m so impressed, wow you solved a giant mystery, here let me just show you my wrist now because you asked so damn nicely. Hate to break it to you all, but that’s not how the real world works”

“Jesus Peter, you got yourself a handful” You quickly looked at Ned, who now had his hand over his mouth, wide eyed and nervous.

“Wow, that’s what this is about, I could be napping right now, but no I’m standing in the principles hot ass office because Peter Parker thinks I’m his soulmate. Are you shitting me right now.”

With the amount of times you rolled your eyes, you were shocked that your eyeballs hadn’t fallen out of your head. However the look of shock on Parker’s face was enough to make you laugh at the shitty situation you were in.

You knew the truth, he had to be your soulmate, based on logic, if you were his, he was definitely yours, and you knew he wasn’t a dumb kid, hell you knew the three people in front of you weren’t dumb.

“Here’s how we end this, show us your wrist, boom if the color and initials don’t match up you guys weren’t meant to be and Peter can stop panicking, I mean a lot of people do have the same initials” Michelle sighed when you shook your head and flipped her the bird once again.

“Okay how about on three you both show us your wrists” Ned was at least trying to sound nice, rather than his friend who was very much so ‘do what i say’. Peter looked nervous, he avoided your stare, he already knew the truth, as did you, however you knew you had to be sure.

So you nodded at Ned, carefully removing the bracelets from under your hoodie sleeve and putting them in your pocket.

“3…2…1” With that the two of you rolled up your sleeves and placed your wrists out, only to hear MJ mutter an ‘i totally knew it’ while Ned was breathing like he was going to have a panic attack.

As you stared at the cement toned mark on Peter’s wrist with your initials covering it all you wanted to do was scream. You hated the idea of a soulmate, and now you knew yours.

That only doomed you even more, because the bond is created on sight, and soulmates were similar to marriages in the ‘til death do us part’ sense, however in a marriage you could get a divorce, soulmates didn’t get divorces.

“Great. Yipee. Fuck Yeah. Woo. Hope you assholes are happy. I’m leaving” with that you slammed open the principal’s door and exited the office, however instead of going to class you decided to leave the school.

Eventually you found yourself inside of Mr. Delmar’s Bodega on 21st street.

“Que Paso Curlita?” You sighed at him showing him the bar on your wrist, now having a darker look to the initials engraved into your skin. “Y why is that a problem?”

“Because I don’t want a soulmate Mr.Delmar, hell I’ve never wanted a soulmate, and now that I know him, I’m doomed to life with him” The older man sighed as he took a seat across from me and smiled.

“Listen Curlita, I’ve known you since your parents moved into that old apartment on 14th street, before you were even born, I went to highschool with your parents, it’s funny your mother had the same exact mindset, but remember you don’t have to fall in love right away, or even at all, you could just try being friends with the boy before you go and shun him, after all the universe did pair you two together for a reason” You sighed and nodded at his words.

Although you hated to admit it, he was right, you had to give Peter a chance, even if it meant just trying to be friends with the spastic genius.

“Speak of the devil, Peter, come here” You sighed turning around slightly to see Peter standing at the door, in shock at your presence in the bodega.

He slowly made his way over, and sat down across from you, Mr. Delmar leaving the two of you to sit. In all honesty you two sat there and stared at each other in silence for about ten minutes, admittedly you were taking in the details of his face, it had been the first time that you really got the chance to take a good look at Peter Parker.

“You hate me don’t you” His comment caught you off guard slightly, however you tilted your head at him and shrugged.

“No, I don’t hate anyone, I don’t have time to hate everyone, that’s too much energy to waste on other people in the first place. Although I guess you could say it was a sense of indifference before, but now I don’t exactly know what it is, but I know I’ve never hated you”

“So are you willing to at least try to be friends cause we’re kinda uh-well-soulmates and all-destined to fall in love-and that other stuff-i mean it’s cool if you don’t want to fall in love with me-I get that, I’m probably just some spaz-oh god I’m rambling”

You stuck your hand out in front of him and smiled

“Friends” when he took your hand, you knew that this would be a long ride.

You had finally taken a good enough look at the guy you were destined to live the rest of your life with, and you had to admit, even though he’s a nervous wreck, he’s cute.

My Candy Love - Episode 34 Guide


-      Negative result for LOM
/      Neutral result for LOM
+     Positive result for LOM

/ or + Means my Love’O’Meter is at 100 so the result is either neutral or positive

If an answer does not have -, /, or + beside it, it means I don’t know the result

LOM: Love’O’Meter; Low LOM is around 75 points or lower. High LOM is 75 and over.

Action Points: 400-600 Action Points depending on how lucky you are on finding people within the episode.

Illustrations: There are 5 Illustrations in total. One Illustration with each boy. Illustration is based on outfit choice and one dialogue choice. Four episode replays are needed to get all Illustrations.

Auntie: Found during the objectives: ‘You can’t stay in the school cafeteria any longer. Go eat outside.’ She can be found in the basement. The gift is a Spaghetti Bowl.

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Mystic Messenger: V’s Route Walkthrough (Days 5-11)

V’s Common Route Bad Ends | V’s Route Chat/Calls Times | Walkthrough Masterpost

Read before you start:

  • These are the answers I chose. There’s probably more than 1 way to reach each different outcome in the story, you are free to pick different answers.  
  • This walkthrough may not be 100% accurate. Follow the choices at your own risk.
  • Missed Chats: Cost 15 hgs to unlock
    Calling V & Saeran “Ray”: Cost 10 hgs. As of now, these two don’t have calling cards, & are not included in the “all characters” calling cards from the VIP package. 
  • Heart Color Meaning: 
    • V: Mint | Unknown/Ray: Magenta | Jumin: Purple | 707: Red | Yoosung: Green | Jaehee: Yellow | Zen: Gray
  • CGS unlocked with this walkthrough:  
    • V: 35/37 | Unknown/Ray: All (6) | Jumin: All (6) | 707: All (4) | Yoosung: All (1) | Jaehee: ¾ | Zen: 5/6

**Please DO NOT copy and paste anywhere else.**

**I want to play blindly and see what endings I can achieve on my own. Please DO NOT send me spoilers**

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now guys I have absolutely no excuse as to why I’m so late with this chapter. I would like to apologize to everyone I kept waiting, I hope it will not happen again but I never know what will happen.

SCENARIO- The joker finally has his daughter but for how long.

Warnings- talk of mental abuse, physical abuse, language (of course)


You grunted as you held on to the wound that covered your left side. You were limping as you saw the exit coming closer and closer. Closer to freedom. You could hear the sound of boots behind you and dogs barking but you just ignored it and kept limping towards your only chance of seeing the outside world again. A world you haven’t seen for 6 months.

You don’t believe it’s been 6 months since you were on the ladder of that helicopter with your joke of a father.

You remembered the look on your families faces as they discovered your nature, who your real blood was. Thank god that Harley Quinn wasn’t your real mother, because that would make things so much better. (Who knew you could fit so much sarcasm in one sentence)

You only ever saw her once in a while and it never ended well for her. She was a good woman, crazy, but a good woman.
Harley never deserved to be played by the joker, he twisted her mind worse than even his was. He was crazy because he ignored everything, she was crazy because she ignored everything except love and love can make you insane, that one true, no escaping from your own mind, insane.

Your time with your father had not been much better. From the beginning all he did was try to tear you down, so you could be made to his picture.


You felt the cold water hit your face as you lied on the cold medal slab in the back of your cell in nothing but sweatpants and a dirty white tank top.

Your “room” only had the necessities. A small barred window, a calendar, a toilet, a slab of metal called a bed, and a sink. Also the floor was filled with 3 inches of water.

“Wakes wakey sugar, time for another one of daddy’s quizzes.” You heard the joker say from the other side of the bars where he stood holding a now empty bucket.

“No.” You said throwing your forearm over your eyes.

You had been locked up in this hell hole for 4 months now and you were done. The joker made sure you had a calender in your room so you knew every single day that passed by the sun that shined through the tiny barred window you had and you were sick and tired of his games. Not in the way of you wanted to die, just you were done with playing to his whims.

“See I don’t remember, ASKING YOU!” He yelled as he flipped the switch causing hundreds of volts of electricity to shoot through the water of your cell, up to you where it felt like a lightning rod was being sown through your skin.

You screamed bloody murder as you arched your back off the metal slab and could feel your head wanting to explode.
Your heard the switch click off and the joy of your fathers laughter from the other side of your cell as you curled into a ball and held your head.

You weren’t what you used to be. They didn’t feed you the right food to keep you strong and you couldn’t work out from being so weak all the time, so your muscles slowly started to deteriorate. Your strength was apart of your combat style and was starting to leave you defenseless.

“Now be a good girl and get up.” He said as he opened the door to your cell.

You rolled off the slab and landed on your knees, on the water covered floor. You struggled to pick yourself back up off the floor, which used to be a easy task, now, not so much. He rolled his eyes and snapped his fingers as two guards came in and picked you up by your arms and dragged you out of the room behind your other 23 chromosomes donor.

It was the same as everyday since you’ve been here. You were sat in a all dark room with a projector with hundreds of pictures of the batfam. Damian and you taking out the riddler, Dick hanging out with Tim in full consume on top of Wayne enterprises, Bruce with the justice league and finally Jason.

He was out with the rest of the outlaws taking out a threat you had no idea about. You felt your muscles tense as you looked at him, with his guns pulled out and his mask on, he looked amazing. You could tell exactly what face he was making under that mask, you knew what he was thinking and it hurt.

Everyday it would be new more recent pictures and you noticed that all of the batfam looked more weary than usual, especially Jason. He was more brutal than normal and sloppy.

At the end of each “session” you would be asked one question.

“Who are they to you?”

Every single time you replied with your held high and said the words that kept you going through all of the misery.

“They’re my family.”

You would then be dragged back to your cell and do the same thing the next day, but on the last day of the 6th month of you being tortured, things were different.

When you were dragged back and thrown into your cell, you instantly passed out from hitting your head on the metal bed. Thank god you landed face up or you would have drowned from the water, you desperately hated.

When you woke up hours later, you noticed someone standing at the front of your cell with the door open. It was Harley Quinn who had tears streaked down her face.

“Sugar you gotta go, I’ve got about 5 minutes before they come for both of us and this is the only way I’m helping.” She said in a worried voice that still managed to sound perky as she outstretched a hand to help you up.

You looked at her red nail polish with a eye brow raised. You didn’t understand, was it a test put together by your father or was the infamous Harley Quinn being genuinely kind.

“Why?” You croaked out as she started to shake her hand in a fast motion signaling for you to grab it.

“I’m stuck in this life, I chose it for myself, you didn’t and you don’t deserve it.” She said in a harsh whispered voice as she kept leaning back and peaking down the hall.

You looked at her once more, then grabbed her hand hoisting yourself up. As soon as you were standing next to her, a slight prick sensation was in your right arm. You looked down to see Harley pushing a clear liquid from a needle into your arm. You felt the room go brighter and your senses grow sharper.

“What the fuck did you just give me.” You said as you rise to your full height and heard your back pop from not being properly stretched out in the past few months.

“That darlin, is what we call pure adrenaline, I say you have about 15 minutes before you start to feel like death.” She said with a small giggle and looked at a nonexistent watch on her wrist.

“Well toodles” she said, then skipped down the hall, her pigtails bouncing with each step.

“Fucking crazy ass lady.” You said as you stepped out of your cell and turned down the familiar hall where you were then ambushed by a bunch of goons who managed to injure you with a dagger down the left side of your stomach, which led to where you are now.

Flashback over

You could feel the last bits of adrenaline wearing off, it burned through your system so fast it only lasted about ten minutes. You limped through the final door, managing to put all of your body weight on it and tune the handle and took in your surroundings.

You were on a cliff that over looked some unknown body of water, in the middle of the night, with the moon being the only source of major light. You looked behind you to see the bastard coming up the stairs wth his army behind him.

“Welp looks like I only have one option.” You muttered to yourself as you took a a running start and leaped off the cliff.

4 months later in midway city

You had absolutely no idea how you survived that jump. All you could remember was jumping off the cliff, then the next thing you know, you’re waking up on a beach in the middle of the day.

You sat there covered in sand for what felt like days but was only probably about 3 hours. You just needed a minute, as you tore off the ends of your sweatpants to make a makeshift bandage for your wound.

You couldn’t go back home, could you even call it that anymore, home? They would hate you, they would try to lock you away. You couldn’t be locked away again, you wouldn’t let them.

You got off that beach and walked for what felt like hours until you stopped in Midway city. You smelled like the ocean, not in a good way, you hadn’t taken a proper shower for months, you were starving and cold but that’s exactly where you made your final decision.

You would rebuild yourself here, start a new life, be a new person. Leave everyone and everything in your old life, sadly though it truly meant everyone. You’ve been here ever since.

Meanwhile in Gotham

“BATMAN, JOKER SPOTTING ON THE SOUTH STREET!” Tim shouted into the coms as he jumped from building to building.

“On it.” Almost every single person in the batfam said at once into the coms.

Jason and Dick were on their cycles at different points in the city on route to the site. Damian and Bruce drove in the batmobile while Barbara rode on top because she quote said “because I’m batgirl.”

They all arrived in a exact unison surrounding the Joker. After you were taken they all dedicated there time to keep there eyes on the look out for the joker and their spare time looking for you.

When you were first taken they searched everywhere, in uniform and out of uniform, night and day, but they couldn’t find you anywhere. There were no clues or leads so they were just running in blind. They had to slow down after 3 months when the villains of Gotham got worse, they thought the bat was done for.

Jason took your abduction the hardest, you were his rock, his anchor, his one true love and he felt like he didn’t even have the balls to tell you how he felt. He never would have cared you were that bastards daughter. You weren’t like him, you showed Jason that even people that came from demons, could turn into angels.

“Where is she, you freaking lunatic?” Jason growled through clenched teeth, as he pulled his guns on the joker who only stood in the middle of the circle of heroes, looking at the ground.

Jason fired a bullet that zipped by his ear as the rest of the family stood completely still letting Jason have his moment.

“I’m going to ask you one more time, where is she?” Jason questioned again with his modulated voice as he cocked the gun.

A low chuckle turned into a horrendous laugh as the joker raised his head and looked at Jason straight in the face.

“Oh that’s hilarious.” The joker said as he wiped tears out from under his eyes.

“What, what’s so funny?” Jason said as he lowered his guns and everyone could feel the glare he was giving the clown.

“Well here’s the situation little red riding hood, I don’t have her, she went bye bye.” He said as he did a wave and laughed some more.

“What did you do with her?” Bruce asked in his most menacing voice.

“Ohhhhh I didn’t do anything, last time I saw her she jumped off a cliff and you know the deal with those pesky heroes she probably lived but then again she could have died. I mean I would go for the latter, anyways in the end, who really cares?” He questioned in a fake voice with a large frown and a fake boohoo.

“JASON DON’T!” Dick yelled as he saw Jason put his finger on the trigger of his gun and aim at the jokers head.

“JASON IT’S NOT WHAT SHE WOULD HAVE WANTED, STOP IT!” Barbara yelled from where she and Damian both stood in rigid positions by the batmobile.

“Give me one good goddamn reason.” Jason said as he fixed a hard stare onto the clown prince of crime.

“Because she would have said no.” Bruce said as he put his famous glare on Jason.

Jason exhaled though his nose in frustration but reluctantly put his gun down and squeezed the handles of his bike instead.

After 30 minutes and the joker being placed back in Arkham all of the batfam returned to the manor to tell Alfred what happened and discuss what they have learned.

“If she’s alive, wouldn’t she have come home by now.” Alfred said looking around at the table, where they were all currently seated.

“No, not exactly.” Tim said as he took a sip of his coffee.

“Bullshit.” Jason said as he rested his jaw on his knuckles with his elbow on the table.

“Think about it, she kept this a secret from us for the entire time because she probably thought we would have hated her, especially you Jason. Now that her secret is out she is scared that if she comes home we’ll just reject her.” Bruce said standing up, avoiding Jason’s glance at him and walking around the table.

They were both thinking of the night when batman lost his Robin. How Jason prayed for Bruce to make it on time, how Bruce mourned after Jason died. Jason forgave him for that night, he would never admit to it, but he did. All because of a girl who opened his eyes.

“She thinks we hate her because her father is the joker, even though she has done so many good things to help us and make Gotham a better place.“ Dick said leaning back in his chair as a look of pure sadness and confusion crossed over his face.

“We don’t choose our family, we make them, assemble them piece by piece, we just need to make her understand that.” Jason said as he stood up and walked over to the bat computer.

“Well how do you want to do that?” Damian asked with a bored expression, even though they could all see the worry in his eyes.

He would never in a million years admit it but he had a soft spot for you and the way you always helped him when he was in distress. It didn’t matter if it was emotional or physical, you always managed to crack away his facade and see the true kid he was. He knew what it felt like to come from a evil family background and he wished he could have been there for you, the way you were there for him, in his moments of need.

“We have to draw her out someway, get her to come to us, she knows how we operate so she would know how to stay hidden, we can’t just try and find her.” Bruce said as he stood next to Jason at the computer and gripped his hand on the back of the chair.

They looked at the picture of you they had on the screen, to keep their spirits high as to not forget you, not like they would anyways.

“Guys what if she’s not hiding though, what if she didn’t make it?” Barbara questioned everyone as she played with her fingers and looked down at the table with bags under her eyes from countless night of looking for you.

“Well with what I’m planning to do we will get an answer either way.” Bruce said as he sat down at the computer and started typing away.

“What are you gonna do?” Jason questioned as he pinched the bridge of his nose, he looked absolutely exhausted and ready to punch someone, at the same exact time.

“I’m gonna make something happen so big she can’t resist but to come out of hiding and see us.” Bruce said in a dark tone with a frown as the rest of the kids just looked at each other and nodded with somber eyes.

@Elysianno part 4 COMING SOON
Gaster created Flowey and (probably) the RESET button.

(I have planned to upload the VIDEO version of this by SEPTEMBER 15. Until then you can read it!)


Yep, you read the title correctly. In this theory I’ll show you all the proof I have to support my wild theory. Warning though, there are some big spoilers ahead!

Let’s start off with a bit of backstory theorizing. In what year does Undertale actually take place? A lot of people seem to believe that the game takes place shortly after 201X. However I invite you to view the timeline in a different light.

What if the game actually took place nearly an entire century after Chara’s fall into the underground?

In Toriel’s house during the pacifist/neutral run there is a calendar you can interact with that states as follows:

This text changes during the Genocide route, where Chara is much more active about how they interact with things.

Now judging by the events of Undertale’s routes we can tell that the events of the Undertale (Chara and Asriel’s mission) happened quite a long time ago. After Chara, six more humans fell down before Frisk. This gives us a good idea that it took quite a while for us to enter the underground.

Judging by the facts above we can safely guess that the events of the game actually occur during 210X, almost a full century after Chara fell. Crazily enough, this is supported by Papyrus. His online name is Coolskeleton95, often people use their birth year as the numbers in their online usernames. And since Papyrus only showed up recently and acts fairly young, we can guess that the date couldn’t possibly be 1995, and so it must be 2095. This is supported by the fact that Papyrus has no idea what a human looks like. Which means he must of been born AFTER all 7 of the other humans (including Chara) have fallen and died.

Now that we have an approximate date for the game itself, we can get into the real theory. Gaster creating Flowey, the ability reset/save/load, and how he is connected to every major moment of the game.

What proof led to the belief that Gaster and Flowey are related? The true lab entries, for one. Entry 1 through 8 are written in a very specific manner. The punctuation and capitalization is correct and proper. The dialogue itself more formally written. Overall the first eight entries are more professional.

During these first eight entries we learn that the monster/determination experiments have begun. Flowey was chosen as the vessel. The experiments have started full swing.

ENTRY 6: ASGORE asked everyone outside the city for monsters that had “fallen down.” Their bodies came in today. They’re still comatose… And soon, they’ll all turn into dust. But what happens if I inject “determination” into them? If their SOULS persist after they perish, then… Freedom might be closer than we all thought.

However at this same time Hapstablook/Mettaton has written his first diary entry.

Mettaton’s Diary 1- Dear Diary: Shyren’s sister “fell down” recently. It’s sad. Without her sister to speak for her… she’s become more reclusive than ever. So I reached out to her, and told her… that she, Blooky, and I should all perform together sometime. She seemed to like that idea.

We can recognise an amalgamate in specific that does resemble Shyren’s body, or at least, her sister’s

This is lemonbread

This is shyren

Alphys doesn’t come up with the idea to make Mettaton until diary entry 6.

Mettaton’s Diary 6- Dear Diary: She surprised me with something today. Sketches of a body that she wants to create for me… a form beyond my wildest fantasies. In a form like that, I could finally feel like… “myself.” After all, there’s no way I can be a star the way I am now. Sorry, Blooky. My dreams can’t wait for anyone…

And it is suspected that she made Mettaton to impress Asgore, as well as give her friend a body.

So what does that all add up to? Alphys made Mettaton to impress Asgore either before she became the royal scientist or very VERY shortly afterwards. We know that she WAS NOT the royal scientist during the initial monster/determination experiments. This means whoever was the previous royal scientist had to of started the experiments and chosen Flowey as the vessel.

And who could that be?

Doctor W.D. Gaster.

Further proof is that Gaster would know who Toriel is.

ENTRY 8: I’ve chosen a candidate. I haven’t told ASGORE yet, because I want to surprise him with it… In the center of his garden, there’s something special. The first golden flower, that grew before all the others. The flower from the outside world. It appeared just before the queen left. I wonder… What happens when something without a SOUL gains the will to live?

Alphys, does not.

So now we’ve proven that Gaster created Flowey. Alphys made of had a part in it, but Gaster chose the vessel, the vessel covered in Asriel’s dust.

This is where the theory gets a little wild.

Now, we know Gaster disappears after True Lab entry number 8. The writing style dramatically changes from entries 9 to 13.

ENTRY 1: This is it… Time to do what the king has asked me to do. I will create the power to free us all. I will unleash the power of the SOUL.

ENTRY 12: nothing is happening. i don’t know what to do. i’ll just keep injecting everything with “determination.” i want this to work.


Now in entry number 11 we can confirm that Alphys is the author.

ENTRY 11: now that mettaton’s made it big, he never talks to me anymore. … except to ask when i’m going to finish his body. but i’m afraid if i finish his body, he won’t need me anymore… then we’ll never be friends ever again. … not to mention, every time i try to work on it, i just get really sweaty…

This one shows that Mettaton has a relationship with the author of the entry. Proof that this style of writing is done by Alphys. However entry 14 and 15 are written differently than either 1-8 or 9-13. It is my belief that the author of these two entries is none other than Sans.

We know Sans and Alphys know each other from the epilogue after True Pacifist.

Alphys knows Sans well enough to predict what he’ll say. Sans reacts quickly and covers it up with a joke, but the proof is there. Sans also has given Alphys dog food, proof he knows of Endogeny, the amalgamate dog.

(calling papyrus in front of Alphys’ lab without befriending undyne yet)

Using this it is very easy to speculate that Sans wrote entry 14-15, placing him as a scientist in the true lab. We know Sans is into science, based on his owning of physics books and his own laboratory.

Now, entry 17. There are two entry 17s. Entry 17.1, which is written by Alphys. Then entry 17.2, which is undoubtedly recorded by Gaster.

“Recorded you say?” Yes. Recorded. Entry 17.2 is read to us when we find it in the game files, otherwise known as the void. What Gaster is doing in the void is impossible to tell, but there are some things that occur that make us believe he did not stop experimenting.

We’ll get back to his experiments in a moment, first we have to find out “Why didn’t Gaster die from his accident, whatever that may be?”

Because he injected himself with DETERMINATION.

Every monster filled with determination becomes a goopy blob of what it once was. The model we believe to be Gaster inside the gray door looks quite goopy.

This goopy being would of had parts of himself dripping off. Whenever the accident occured and he fell into the core he was erased from the timeline. What happened to these blobs of Gaster?

They tried to grow new Gasters. This follower of Gaster is holding a piece of him, but it is clearly a head. A second Gaster being made. Or at least trying to form itself from the head.

Further support for this comes from a strange being you only encounter once in the game.

Memoryhead. This amalgamate is unique. Its ACT options are very similar to our own. 

This comes from Memoryhead having a small amount of determination, more so than the other amalgamates. Before flowey has control, Memoryhead has it, but of course, these things can barely walk or talk, so it didn’t know how to use it’s powers, but the option was there.

Memoryhead is in the shape of a skull, now where have we seen a disembodied head before?

Now like I mentioned, the amalgamate can’t even talk properly, so it wasn’t able to exactly control the timeline, but at this point whatever cataclysmic event Gaster created by falling into the core had already occur and Flowey was prime and ready to wake up. Once “your best friend” fully understood what was going on, the memoryhead lost the little control of the timeline it had.

Now… was Gaster was injected with determination or at least had interaction with it before/during his accident?, let’s take a look at why he’s responsible for the ability to reset.

Before Gaster’s accident, no human was able to reset. None of the seven human children were able to save or load. Not even Chara, who’s soul is a determination soul, just like Frisk’s. An argument could be made that humans on the surface can’t reset either.

For some reason the RESET/SAVE/LOAD ablity is a thing that only happens in the underground and for some reason is ONLY started to happen from a certain point before all 6 children fell down and on.

And I believe that’s because of the core, the one difference between the surface and the underground. The place Gaster fell into during his accident.

The core powers all of the underground, from the Ruins to Asgore’s garden. The moment a human enters the underground post-accident, they gain the power to reset. If they have enough determination to override whoever was in control before them. This makes it so that only the underground is caught in this save/load/reset paradox.

To sum it all up, Gaster created Flowey and injected himself with determination or got caught into it in his experiment before falling into the core. This caused the underground to enter a time paradox where whoever has the most determination gains control over the timeline.

Do you agree with the theory? Or can you debunk it? I’d love to get some responses.

(Theory by me and veir)

1 -15 Dialogue Prompts and Mini Announcement

A: How long have you loved her?
B: Have I missed something? What are you going on about?
A: How long have you loved her?
B: Loved who? Your the only person I lo…
A: Cut the bullshit, I see how you look at her.

A: Look! Please just wait, I’m trying to talk to you
B: Oh trust me, you’ve got the talking down, just not the listening

A: He thinks I’m a complete weirdo now doesn’t he?
B: Who cares what he thinks anyway?
A: Me! You know how I feel about him. And now he thinks I’m fucking crazy
B: Yeah well crazy is cute. I should know

A: What is, where am I, wait what? I don’t understand!
B: Hey hey hey, calm down. Look your fine. Ssh, look your okay. You just needed time to come around, you took a hard hit.
A: Am I… Is this your bed?

A: Do you ever listen to that little voice in your head? You know … The one that tells you that acting like a complete asshole all the time might not be the best idea?
B: The same one that tells you to smile at people and not growl at little children?
A: That’s the one
B:Nah! It gave up on me by the time I was 7 and moved out.

A: Come with me! You know you can’t live without me.
B: I don’t know who you think you are, but go ride off into your imaginary sunset with somebody else. I’m not going anywhere

A: Right! I’m fully prepared! I have three planned escape routes, a long list of excuses to leave, 10 pre-prepared conversation starters and an article from wikihow on ‘How not to be an asshole"
B: *chuckles* A! Your meeting my parents, relax.
A: I don’t have a code word. I need a code word! WHY DON’T WE HAVE A CODE WORD?

A: Don’t you dare! Don’t even think about it! I’m serious B…
B: Oops *smirks and tips bucket of water over A’s head*

A: Why won’t you let me in? I don’t get it.
B: I wouldn’t expect you to understand.
A: B?
B: Let’s just say I didn’t grow up in happy clappy princess land like you did.

A: (whispering to B) I’m going to kill her. I’m going to rip her pretty little head off of her pretty little…
B: (whispering to A) Come on calm down. It’s not that bad. Calm down. Look it’s fine…C is leaving anyway
C: ( kisses D)
B: Well shit
A: (to B) hold my hoops I’m going in (takes out ear rings) LISTEN UP BITCHES!

A: Oh I’m sorry B, I forgot I wasn’t good enough for you.
B: A, that’s bullshit! How can you even think like that
A: And I’m sorry I’m never going to be the cookie cutter boyfriend for your perfect little life.
B: you know better than anyone my life is far from perfect

A: B! Open this door right now, I’m not letting you wallow in self pity any longer
B: I’m really not in the mood. Can you just leave me al…
A: B, you can either let me in or I can keep ringing your doorbell until C answers. I don’t think they’ll be too happy at being woken up at 3 in the morning.
B: A! Come on don’t you dare.
A: *rings doorbell* *rings it again*

A: I need you stop biting your lip like that
B: You what?
A: Seriously, it’s like you’re purposely trying to sabotage my attempts to forget that I’m completely in love with you.
B: Hold on, rewind a little. Did you just say you loved me?
A:Shit! Fuck! Did I just say that out loud?

A: * carrying B bridal style* I told you those shoes were a bad idea
B: You know the only reason I chose to wear the tallest pair of heels I could find, was so that you would have no choice but to carry my home
A: You sneaky little sh…
B: *interrupting A* sugar plum fairy!

A: Hey asshole, stop being a dick and come help me with this
B: Anything for the whiny little brat *kisses A’s forehead*
C: (to D) Is something seriously wrong with them or is this how regular people show affection

Little announcement everybody! I’m going to start writing imagines! It was requested from a couple of people so I’m going to start small and work my way up from there. So if you want to request an imagine the prompts are down bellow (I’ll also do any other prompt on the lists I made <3). Thank you lovelies!

He Goes by the Name H. One [part 2]

Author: b0blegum

Pairing: DJ!Chae Hyungwon x Reader

Rating: G (still…)

Genre: Romance


Part: Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - end 

Today was almost the same as yesterday and even the day before yesterday. You woke up alone, washed your face, watch some morning news and headed to the bathroom to let the warm water cleaned every inch of your bare skin. What differed was only your best friend isn’t home yet, but that didn’t bother you much because you knew, she probably stayed at her one night stand-er, which she met at the after party last night.

You heard something vibrated as you dried off your hair. It was your phone and it was a kakao phone call from your childhood friend who had to move miles away due to his father’s work.

“Changkyun?” You called his name after both of you exchanged hello for formality. “Oh my God, it is really you! I haven’t heard from you in ages!” You left your towel just anywhere and sat at the edge of your bed. “You’re in Seoul? Really? Why didn’t you tell me you’re coming?” Smile wouldn’t leave your face during the phone calls with your childhood friend. “Yes, i’m totally free… Okay… Okay, sure! I know the place, don’t worry. Oh my God, i can’t believe i finally am gonna meet you! Okay, see you, Changkyun!”

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Paulie had been staring at these numbers for the better part of the morning. She was lounging on her couch with her laptop propped up on her thighs, a half-empty and long gone cold cup of tea on her coffee table, and her eyes set on all the money in her savings account. In said savings account there was one hell of a lot of money. The money that her grandmother had left her, that Niall had suggested she used until she knew what it was she wanted to do with her life. It was sitting in the bank, untouched, and with the interest she got for it, it was basically just getting more and more by the day.

Paulie was fucking loaded and no one other than her close family and Niall knew about it.

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{ five’s company // ch. 4 }

a/n: thank you for reading! love you all! hope you have a good week + hope you’re doing okay!

french used:

mon ange - my angel

gâteau - cake 

“arrêtez. maintenant.” - “stop. now.” 

inbox || masterlist


Home! Home! Home! Home! Home! John thought, pratically bouncing in the front seat when your loft was in sight. Alex could sense his boyfriend’s excitement, chuckled, and quickly pulled up to park. He hadn’t even turned the ignition off when John had opened the door, hopped out with his bag and rushed inside.

You laughed a little from the middle seat in the back, admiring how John always seemed to be your happy little beam of sunshine. 

“He had a long day at work.” Alex said sheepishly, turning off the car and looking back at you. “But, what about you? How was your day, love?”

You swallowed, and bit your lip. Alex’s beautiful eyes were staring into yours and you felt your chest tighten and your face heat up. You didn’t really want to do this. Not now at least.

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Something Worth While (Pt. 2)

Alright y’all sorry this took forEVER to edit but here it is. I’ve got a basic idea of where I want this to go but I still don’t know how long it’s gonna be lol. I also decided to keep this on tumblr for now because for some reason I’m super self-conscious about it (I feel like I’m exposing myself IDK)

Also, thank you all for your lovely messages they really encourage me to get off my lazy ass and write this stuff

Heads Up: There is a scene that is a bit NSFW

(Pt. 1)


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Shut Up | Castiel x Trans!Male Reader (Top Surgery Only)

Warnings: Fluffy Smut

Words: 1643


(Y/N) POV:

It was late, near midnight, when Back in Black by AC/DC came on the tiny radio placed on a bedside table. Dean and I both hopped up, dancing together like goof-balls. Singing off key and playing air guitars dramatically. Sam was on the couch, bursting with laughter at the sight of us, Cas, who was sat on the opposite side of the couch was just sitting stiffly, eyes on me as I let out a laugh of my own.

When the song ended I collapsed on the couch with a huff, “We should go out. There’s no way I’m falling asleep tonight.” I said excitedly, my eyes shining like a child. Dean immediately agreed and before I knew it I was dragging Cas by his coat to the backseat of the Impala. After we arrived and slid into a comfortable, worn, red booth I rested my head on Cas’ shoulder. I glanced up to see a soft pink color dust his neck and cheeks.

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Truth or Dare- Alex Nylander

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Ok roll with me that Alex and Derek Grant are still playing with the Americans cause I think it works better. Ok? Ok! I hope this is what you had in mind anon! Enjoy guys!

Warning: truth or dare shenanigans!

Anon Request: Hey absolutely love your work! and I was wondering could you write one with Alex nylander where him and the reader are not really together but they have something going on and then they are playing truth or dare with a group of friends and one of them dares the reader to eat peanuts off Alex’s lap? Sorry if it’s confusing 😂😘


              You don’t know how you ended up in this position, but here you were.

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Til the End Draws Near-- Part V

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read part I // part II // part III // part IV


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Oliver dismounted from his bike, picking up a discarded pop can threw it against the wall. He was so angry he picked up another one, and another. The actions were repeated, each smack of the can hitting brick harder than the last one. 

Oliver swore. 

He could hear Diggle and Lyla arguing on the comms, catching bits of their heated conversation. Diggle was doing a fine job of expressing how Oliver felt–betrayed and disappointed. But unlike John, this didn’t come as a surprise. Of course Lyla would do something like this. Oliver just blamed himself that he didn’t suspect it sooner. He’d’ve stopped Felicity. 

He let himself spiral, let himself feel the anger, the worry, the desperation. They were losing time, they were no closer to Felicity, and they had no leads cause Lyla burned them all. 

Finally, he’d had enough.”Stop!” Birds on the fire escape above him flutter away from his shout.  “Both of you. This isn’t helping us save Felicity, which is our priority right now! You two can hash this out later!”

Oliver pressed his lips together. Just as he opened his mouth to issue orders, he heard his phone sound. And not a usual pop or ding. It sounded like an emergency alarm. The whoop sounded low, slid up the scale, and pierced a whistle. His phone did this twice. 

He fumbled pulling it out. but saw one large word covering his entire screen. 



“Why–” He heard a rolling chair in the background. 

“Just DO IT!” Two seconds later, after frantic typing, he heard a good sound. 

“Oh that brilliant girl.” 

Knowing Felicity, he straddled his bike, purring to life after securing his phone in a gps position. 

“Tell me where she is, Curtis!” 

“oh but this is so smart! She rerouted the signal using a bimetric process–”

“I don’t care about the semantics! GET ME HER LOCATION.” Oliver roared.

“Pennytown. I think. We’re still triangulating her position.” 

Pennytown was north of his location. Rosewood Avenue would be the fasted route. It was straight, had few stop signs, and low traffic. The only downside was the speed limit– which he broke on a daily limit. 

Pushing the bike to it’s limit, he flew down the street, weaving around cars crossing intersections, and narrowly missing a pedestrian. 

“Watch out!” The poor student yelled, shaking his fist. Oliver ignored him, barely seeing the road as it was. He had Felicity in his mind’s eye, tied to a computer, simpering in pain. She needed him, now. 

 “Turn left! I said LEFT!” Curtis yelled in his ear. “Finally narrowed down. She’s in one of three buildings on Pine and 67th. That’s all I got.”

Oliver barely acknowledge him with a grunt. He revved his bike faster. 

“Oliver,” Diggle spoke, “I have Dinah on route to your location. She’s about 2 minutes behind you, coming from the precinct.”

“Rene find anything yet? I don’t like going in blind.”  

“Not yet, Hoss. I’ll let you know.” 

The corner in question came in view. Not in the Green Arrow suit, Oliver pulled out a balaclava, rolling it down his face before tugging up the hood on his sweatshirt. 

He was going in there without any protection. No Kevlar, no leather to protect him. Just cotton. He hesitated, hearing John’s words repeating themselves. 

You’re no good to her dead!

“John,” he whispered, hating the anxious note. “Is Dinah bringing an extra vest?”

It was Dinah who answered. “I grabbed your spare suit from your office, Boss. Just in case you changed you mind. But I have an extra vest, sure.” 

Oliver parked his bike, waiting. Two minutes wouldn’t change anything. He could wait for Dinah, save Felicity and not die trying. He was no good to her dead. 

Things could change drastically in two minutes though. A little voice whispered. Felicity could bleed out in two minutes. A bomb could go off in two minutes. You could get shot standing on the street in two minutes. 

He shook off such thoughts. He didn’t deserve the suit, didn’t know why Dinah thought that was a good idea. He wanted to rush in there, arrows flying, throwing punches, but that was the monster, the rage within. The monster couldn’t help Felicity. Only he could. By being Oliver Queen, he could. 

“ What you’re feeling isn’t darkness. It’s a schism. You’re at war with two sides of yourself.” 

Felicity’s words of last year came back to him. He was fighting a war. And how do you end wars? Sign a peace treaty. Compromise. 

This is what she’d been trying to tell him all along. What he’d been failing to do the last five years. He was the monster and the man. He couldn’t take one out of the other and trying to do so, was how he created this whole situation. 

“The light and the dark.” Shado, a voice from the past. 

He couldn’t be either Oliver Queen or the Green Arrow. 

They were one and the same. Defining them by themselves had him split in two. 

I hate how you refer to yourself in third person.” Diggle this time. 

Running away to Ivy Town with Felicity he’d chosen Oliver Queen. Lying to Felicity he’d chosen the monster. Back and forth he’d chosen one over the other. But what if… what if he stopped doing that?

And chose both. 

Oliver Queen is the Green Arrow. The Green Arrow is Oliver Queen. There is no one or the other.

Such an epiphany left Oliver feeling light, hopeful. Like he could handle anything life threw at him right now. 

that crashed as soon as Dinah pulled up next to him. “Here boss,” she passed him a vest. 

No. The suit please.”

Thought you might want it.” 

Just as he reached over to take it, Rene spoke through the comms. “Found something, Oliver. But I don’t think you’ll like it. I found out who took Felicity, but it’s not who you think. “

to be continued… 


The Way Home (Part 3)

Summary: AU. Two hearts are broken after reader makes the difficult decision to leave home and pursue her dreams. When her older brother Steve asks her to come home, reader is forced to confront her past and the life she could have had with her ex, Bucky Barnes.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 2,978

Warnings: language, fluff, angst, excessive cheese(cake)

A/N: The exes finally have a chat, but does it make things better, or worse? Thanks for reading. If I missed your tag and had replied to you that you were added, please let me know. Otherwise tags and perma tags are closed until my next series.

Part 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7

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Let’s talk Voltron Theories Part 3: Relationships

art work by kerolunaticat

Okay so to start with, I want to begin by saying I’m going to break this down into sections, because Relationships means more than just romance. Right now I’m just going to focus on the romance as I can talk in a long section in a different post about rivalry and friendship, since it’s clear that the series is built on the idea of friends working as a team.

Various characters that I’m going to mention in the future character section will have notes about relationships with the main cast over there, rather than clutter things up here. I’m also going to list the chances for Fanon happening based on the character as well as the chances for the relationship to become cannon or not (this doesn’t solely mean romantic either).

Furthermore in regard to the Cannon aspect of the series I’m basing it on a few factors:

1.       This series is connected to Dream Works, and while Studio Mir and a good portion of the crew comes from Avatar and Korra this doesn’t mean that they will be as willing to go into the relationship route.

2.       The series also has to deal with rules set out by WEP and Toei animation. Toei is broadcasting this in Japan, and are more geared towards the idea of the show being a boy’s action show, Shonen aspect.

3.       As stated above the show is more of a boy’s action show/shonen style series. This means that unlike Korra I don’t see a lot on the romantic side being covered in that sense and it following the Avatar type formula where the family comes before any romance.

4.       Another aspect in regard to cannon is the series it’s going on. Pulling from both the original Go lion series from Japan, and also the main Voltron series, Voltron Force, and Voltron Vehicle to tell its story. So I’m also going to be looking into those series in regard to possible cannon relationships.

That being said, I do hope you’ll stick around.

So to start off the Main cast I figure we’ll go with the lion leads and figure out the chances for any relationships to be formed with them and the other members of the cast.


Our leader and head of the Voltron squad. Shiro is an interesting character in that he seems to be more of what Keith was in the original series rather than Sven or even Shirogane was in the original Go Lions. Shiro is the oldest of the group, thus, as fans have elected him, he’s team dad and the big brother, which puts him in an interesting post for all his relationships. Like Keith he’s cool under most pressure and is the most professional of the group, just being maybe a year or two older than the others. Given his memory loss this could be a harder thing for him in regards to forming bonds romantically seeing as he’s still focused on getting his memory back and trying to figure things out.

Shiro certainly sees the crew as his family, and indicated as much based on his actions of protecting them, even when he knows he probably can’t win. He’s also very loyal to the cause and will put himself in danger for the others and his lion, as shown by the end of the series.

Romantic pairings:

               Shiro x Keith

This pairing is a possibility, but not a probability within cannon. Keith is, more or less, playing the part of Lance’s role in the old show (hot headed and willing to take reckless risks). Their interactions are devoted to the idea of close friendships, and more on keith’s side, a family bond that probably runs deep due to the fact that Shiro seems to be the one person that Keith saw as a family given that he’s not got any.

For Shiro, Keith is more of a younger brother type, he cares for him but it hasn’t shown exactly what view he takes other than brotherly affection. If it does go the route of romance in anyway, it seems to be more likely a one sided crush via Keith than anything else. Few moments that show any romantic tension are highly limited to the first episode at most, since most of the time the series is clearly building on brotherly/team affection and friendship. We also know that Shiro went back to save Keith, showing that he cares a lot for the younger pilot and is willing to risk his life for him.

Cannon possibility: 20 % chance of happening

This pairing would come out of left field mostly because it doesn’t seem like something Shiro would want, and Keith is well not the affectionate type. He outright states it to a Arusian when they hug him, though he eventually says it’s nice.

Fanon possibility: 70 % chance of happening

This one I see as a lower possibility just due to the fact that Shiro hasn’t shown as much clear affection towards Keith and there’s not a lot there for a long term thing going on. However there are already fans of this pairing, so it’s probably got room to stand in the pairings department.

               Shiro x Lance

art work by lemonorangelime

We already know Lance is a fan boy who had trouble speaking when he met Shiro, and it’s clear that Lance will probably be the second in command should Shiro step away for a while, but it’s also clear that Lance has been very vocal about the ladies. Unlike Keith who seems emotionally invested in Shiro, Lance seems more like a good friend that has Shiro’s back.

Shiro on the other hand has shown a lot of respect for Lance, choosing to stay and protect him when the others are off getting the crystal and dealing with the Arusians. What’s interesting is that he’s very gentle with Lance, and shows a great deal of compassion for him while he’s hurt. At the same time Lance manages to pull himself up and out of a near death state to protect not only Shiro, but Allura and Keith, and Pidge. Showing that his heart is in the right place.

Cannon possibility: 20 % chance of happening

As I said with Keith, it would come out of left field a bit on Shiro’s side, less on Lances as he’s already a fan, but given how Lance acts, there’s a chance I guess. Lance did stay the longest, however this also shows a great respect for Shiro that he’s willing to stick it out the longest with him and Coran to learn about what Sendak knows, implying that Lance is certainly one that has the ability to take a bigger role later in the series.

Fanon Possibility: 40% Chance of happening

Shiro and Lance seems to be less frequent then Lance and a certain red lion pilot. This doesn’t mean that art doesn’t exist, nor does it mean that the later seasons will not produce some version of this. But it does indicate that Shiro is seen more as a brother figure at least with this pairing around, or as the overall brother type. There’s maybe a chance, but I’d say it’s a lot slimmer than a one sided Keith and Shiro.

               Shiro x Pidge

This one is a hard one to really pin point due to the situation at hand. It’s clear that Shiro knows Katie/Pidge already due to the fact that he’s probably the one that took the picture of her and Matt before the group left. We know that she confides in him first, and he’s the one she goes to be comforted when talking about Matt. He keeps her secret and it’s clear that he cares for her a heck of a lot. She’s also the only one he’s hugged in the entire series, so there’s that.

They both have the same goal in mind, getting Matt and her father away from the Galra and Shiro is willing to shield and protect her with his life depending on the situation. Furthermore Pidge went to check on him first after she managed to get down to the where they were being held captive and his reaction to her being hit was immediate. Also he chose to go with her to get her lion and seems to trust her enough to be on her own when dealing with issues on the living planet.

But the issue though with this is, is it romantic feelings or brotherly affection. Remember Shiro is dealing with the loss of Matt and his father, and Pidge is the only Holt that is left outside of her mom. Shiro feels a lot of guilt for not having Matt or Pidge’s father, and probably feels rather guilty for not protecting them in the first place. So more than anything he feels he’s going to need to keep her safe for her brother and her father, acting like a protective guard to her. Throw also in the fact that Pidge right now hasn’t shown inclinations to want to have any romance as it stands given her situation. This might change later as the series progresses, but we shall see.

Cannon possibility: 50% chance of Happening

While not the highest chance, there still is a larger one then the others due to how Shiro treats pidge, though I’m guessing it’s going to be more of a big bro/little sis friendship more than a straight up romance. It’s higher on the scale due to it being less of a one sided thing as the two know one another the same way Keith knows Shiro, but there’s clear affection coming from Shiro’s end in this case, though Pidge on the other side maybe oblivious to this.

Fanon possibility: 80% chance of happening.

This one already has a larger following due to the actions of the characters in show. We’ve seen both Pidge and Shiro show some form of affection for each other. Shiro and the hug, Pidge going to him first when she’s trying to deal with Sendak, him shielding her from the crashing Galra blast, and his insistence of taking her when she’s against leaving the ship. Pidge telling him first she’s leaving and Shiro knowing right away that it’s Katie. There are some hints dropped but not enough to really say for sure what this relationship is ultimately.

               Shiro X Hunk

art work by nwarrior777

Ah…not likely. The problem here is that there’s not enough of time between these two. Hunk has been shown with most of the cast, but alone with Shiro, it’s been a negative and he’s really the first one to leave when they’re waiting on the Sendak memory scan. He also doesn’t really know who Shiro is and that pretty much indicates that prior to the first episode of Voltron he wasn’t a fan or didn’t really study up on those ahead of him in the garrison.

Shiro also mostly sees Hunk as a friend. He trusts Hunk and Hunk did save his life with Allura, however it’s clear on their interactions that Shiro sees Hunk as a buddy and a brother more than anyone he would remotely be interested in dating.

Cannon possibility: 10 % chance of happening

This is probably the least likely pairing to at all occur in the series. Neither Hunk, nor Shiro have shown any investment in one another outside of a friendship and brothers in arms.

Fanon possibility: 10 % chance of happening

There has been no indication of anyone pairing these two at all.

               Shiro x Allura

art by ohnoitscc

So this one is interesting because of what’s going on with the reboot. As some have probably noticed Shiro has become the Keith of the series, while Keith is now the Lance (the hot head) and Lance is now the Sven (charismatic stragistist). In the original Voltron Keith was attracted to Allura and vice versa. The two were considered the biggest pairing in the series, followed closely by Lance and Allura. Sven, the character Shiro most physically resembles, on the other hand wound up married to Allura’s cousin (whom I’ll talk more about in the Future characters theories area). Sven never showed an outward interests in the Princess so this is really a strange set up here.

If Shiro is supposed to be Keith then in all likely hood he may eventually end up wanting to go out with Allura. You have a very big Space Dad and Space Mom aspect going to them and Shiro has shown concern and respect for the Princess in the episodes. He’s willing to do what he can to protect her, even saying that she needs to leave when they were about to be captured, and his guilt on failing her is very real. Allura at the same time insists on saving Shiro rather than leaving, and shows a lot of concern for him in other episodes and trusts him emphatically with the Black Lion.

Yet at the same time we see that they are both acting as part of what sort of character they are. Shiro sees Allura as the leader of the whole group, and respects her as a royal. He sees his job as paladin to protect her and keep her from falling into Zarkon’s hands. During episode ten he outright points out the danger of her going in, and is impressed with her actions which can be seen as either him growing to see her as a leader and over all friend, or romantically. Allura has the same situation for her, as when Hunk comes to save her, her first reaction is about the Black lion over Shiro, and only when she hears him in danger does she mention his name.

Cannon Possibility: 80% chance of happening

Because of the fact that Shiro is so much like the original Keith I wouldn’t be surprised if they did eventually go this route as it was something the original Go Lions and Voltron couldn’t fully explore due to the way the series was made. However you do have Lance and Keith and possible one other character to compete with so there’s that.

Fanon Possibility: 60% chance of happening

There’s not a ton of art work with them, given that there hasn’t been a lot of interaction, save the last episode, but give the idea of Space Mom and Space Dad going on, it wouldn’t be a hard bet to see Shiro and Allura becoming a rather large fanon couple.

Shiro and anyone else is really up in the air. Sendek is a possibility but not probably as he’s either likely dead or looking out for revenge. Zarkon is a no, but I can see some people doing a possessed Shiro and Haggar pairing as a possibility. There’s also the chance of Thrace if he is a good guy as well in the enemy to friend/love interest aspect. There are at least four characters that I’m sure could eventually wind up in the show and probably may become options for Shiro later on if they do show up, but that will be covered in the other theories piece.


Given everything that Keith has been through it’s no surprise that romantically he’s the least to show affection. Judging by how they’re playing him if anything he’s a bit of a Mako meets Zuko sort of character. It’s hard to tell what they’re going to play at with him by the end with the chance that he might be an alien, or even Prince Lotar. 

Romantic Pairings:

               Keith x Shiro

We’ve already covered that above so, assume that it would be more a one sided thing canonically.

               Keith x Lance, also called Klance apparently

art work by thesearchingastronaut

This one took off like a bullet with fandom. However in cannon I’m not sure if it will go very far. From what we’ve seen Keith is more the hot head and probably isn’t paying mind to anything romantically at the moment. Emotionally we know he’s got issues, as he has trouble being hugged by the Arusian. However we’ve seen him rush over to help Lance when he got hurt, the line about cradling him in his arms, and their bonding. Most of the time they are put together, so it’s clear that the team likes their dynamic.

On Lance’s side he sees Keith as a rival and a friend. There’s a sort of Gary/Ash feel to these too. While I don’t think it’s impossible for Lance to have feelings towards Keith, it seems more likely that he’s invested in Allura or girls like Nina. So it’s hard to say what’s going on in his mind at the moment.

Cannon Possibility: 30% chance of happening

I’m not saying it’s impossible, but given the situation I’m not sure it’s a sure thing either. Neither have shown romantic inclinations for one another, and there’s more a brotherly/rivalry thing going on. I’ll say up in the air for right now.

Fanon possibility: 100% it’s all over the place. This is probably the largest pairing going on right now in the fandom for this series as is.

               Keith x Pidge

An interesting one. Keith admitted that he knew she was a girl when asked about it, so for how long has he known? There hasn’t really been a lot of interactions between them though to judge how they see one another. Keith though seems to trust Pidge, and clearly wants her to stay when she says she’s leaving, getting a bit more heated then the others.

Pidge on the other hand, doesn’t seem to be that reactive around Keith. She treats him the same as she treats lance so until we see them working together, we’re not gonna have a clue about them as a possible pairing. However, given that they made her a girl, I’m pretty sure that there’s going to be something going on there in the future, unless we get a Toph situation.

Cannon possibility: 20 % chance of happening

It’s hard to say right now given how things are going in the series and Keith having his own issues to deal with along with Pidge and her family. I would have to see the two in action to really say if there is a chance for them.

Fanon possibility: 10 % chance of happening

There is really nothing out there with them, like at all. Which is kind of interesting given the personalities of the two. Nerd girl and the brooder and all that.

               Keith x Hunk

art work by nwarrior777

Again far less likely than you would think. Hunk is a close friend but as with Shiro he doesn’t really seem to know Keith all that much. Keith doesn’t seem to hang around him much either, and it’s more when they’re working as a team that we get any sense of them doing bonding, or with food and the like.

I’m not seeing this any way you slice it unless the team surprises me in some way.

Cannon possibility: 10 % chance of happening

Not much in the way of showing off anything going on there with them honestly.

Fanon Possibility: 10% chance happening

Probably the lowest in that, like pidge, there is nothing going on with these two.

               Keith X Allura

art by alluramcart

Here again we have a situation. Keith has taken on a lot of Lance’s characteristics from the original Voltron, minus the whole being all embarrassed around the princess. He’s a hot head and Shiro has taken over all his cooler headed aspects. Yet this pairing was THE couple back when Voltron was first on the air. Keith in fact fought with another bad guy over her at points to keep her safe.

In regard to the new show, is it a possibility? Well it depends on what they plan on doing with Keith, and that’s the hardest thing to figure out right now. What we do know for sure is that Keith and Allura both show they care a lot and are willing to put themselves at great risk to find out the truth. Keith also may be Altarian and as such might be one of the few that can help bring back the race, if it’s all dead?

The two have worked together when the castle got caught, although that’s about it. Allura and Keith haven’t yet had enough time together to really judge how they view one another. Unlike with Shiro and Allura. So again we have to wonder if they’re going with previous cannon or doing a new thing with these two.

Cannon Possibility: 50% chance of it happening

Given that this was the main pairing in the original series there is a chance that Dream Works, Toei and WEP will want that pairing to remain untouched and thus probably for it to happen.

Fanon possibility: 50% chance of happening

While there is some works out there, it’s not a large as Keith and Lance, or Shiro and Allura. We’ll have to wait and see.

Keith with anyone else, there is a slight possibility of at least four, people as a possible option, but I can’t discuss that here and now. Keith as far as these four, if he is playing the role of Lance then there could be a fight later between him and Shiro or him and another character regarding Allura. Or if he is Galran then he may have to deal with another female character that could cause issues for the team as a whole.


Lance is pretty close to how he was in the first Voltron series. However there’s enough here to say that he’s closer to Sven as well in how he’s more able to be a capable leader rather then a hot head. We’ve also seen that’ he’s more the Sokka type over all, being a bit of a dork and also the one that has the most home pangs in regard to family followed by Hunk.

Romance Pairings:

               Lance X Shiro

See Shiro’s post for this in regard to the possibility

               Lance x Keith or Klance apparently

See Keith’s post in regard to this possibility

               Lance x Pidge

art by thescribblemouse

Lance not knowing she was a girl is going to probably mean the more girly she act the more likely he’s going to notice her more. Lance, for his part, trust Pidge a lot, showing so in the opening episode and clearly he wants to know more about her. His interest is more in the mysterious nature of her, but he does have his eye on her. Given his view of the ladies, it wouldn’t be that much of a surprise if later he acts weird around her when she is in girl’s clothing seeing as then he’ll have to physically see her as female. He also complimented her when he thought that she was Matt’s girlfriend, so there’s that factor.

Pidge on the other hand clearly has issues with Lance, and there’s a bit of tension there between them in some ways. When he’s gushing over Allura and being a total dork, she has the robot smack him in the face. Though it seems she does trust him with his flying skills and believes in him as a friend and captain. The two clearly have a friendly physical relationship going on in that she tends to be more direct with him then the other guys in how she treats him for being stupid.

Lance also protected her when she was in danger with Sendak, even when he was hurt badly, showing that he cares for his team mates.

Cannon possibility: 40% chance of happening.

Unless Lance suddenly starts seeing her as a girl in the same way he sees Allura I don’t see it happening outright. However it wouldn’t surprise me if it did some how come about from them being friends and her being the only one that he didn’t get flustered around.

Fanon possibility: 10 % chance of happening

Right now there is no art of these two as a couple, which shouldn’t surprise me but it slightly does. I suspect if there’s more Pidge and Lance working together in the next season we may see more with the two of them as a couple in fan art.

               Lance X Hunk

art by nwarrior777

Again a hard one to guess. Hunk follows Lance and clearly sees him as someone he looks up to. During the point where Hunk was going on about various scientific aspects, just as Pidge would, Lance says it was boring, to which Hunk agreed even if a moment or two before he seemed excited about it.

Lance, certainly sees Hunk as someone he can trust and wants to protect his friend as per the last episode of the season. The two act as the legs of Voltron showing they share a stability to the team. And Lance sees him as a genuine friend and does tease him but, unlike with Keith, he shows a lot of understanding towards Hunk, even if he does act like a total dork.

Cannon possibility: 10% chance of happening

These two show off more as friends than anything else.

Fanon possibility: 10% chance of happening

Nothing out there of these two outside of group shots.

               Lance x Nyma

The alien girl that met with Lance and took a ride with him on his Lion. While I don’t see them coming back this upcoming season, I have a feeling that she may show up in the future. Given that she seemed to actually like him somewhat there is a chance with her following up on feelings, but also she’s shown to have a darker streak in her.

Lance at first is very smitten with her, however after being tied up I don’t think that he’s going to go after her again.

Cannon possibility: 20 % chance of happening

Unless they fix Nyma up and show a different side to her I can’t see them hooking up any time soon in cannon.

Fanon possibility: 20% chance of happening

So far nothing of these two have come up seeing as she was a one off. But only time will tell.

               Lance x Allura

art by mrsgingles

Lance and Allura are an interesting proposition. Lance is shown to have feelings for her right off the bat, and this does connect to both the original Lance who had a crush on Allura but never made a move on that, and his role as a more Sven like character with a Sokka personality with all the flirting he does and you could see it as a possibility.

Lance for his part is really smitten with Allura, out right talking about how he wants to know if she talks about him when he’s not around prompting a teasing from Hunk and a smack from Pidge. He’s also the one that does the most flirting with her, which she quickly turns down in her own way.

Allura for her part seems to see Lance as a good friend and clearly has respect for him as a person. Though she seems to see him as a knight more than anyone to be romantically invested in. Still there is that possibility in the future as we don’t know where the series will lead and if her feelings for him will change. This could be a Suki and Sokka sort of set up, or more of a Sokka and Katara sort of thing by the end.

Bear in mind that outside of Keith, Lance is the one most ship Allura with from the original series as she’s been shown to have affection towards both characters, kissing and flirting with both men.

Cannon possibility: 50% chance of happening

While I don’t think it’s going to happen, there is a chance that it might due to the nature of the series and we don’t know how Lance or Allura will change in the time of season two. It also would be a nice switch for Lance to get the girl vs Keith, who got her in the original and Voltron Force.

Fanon possibility: 30% chance of happening

Right now I’ve not seen any art work of those two together save the old series. Which is rather strange given how much he’s been trying to flirt with her. I’m betting by season two we may see more of this.

As for Lance and anyone else. Well as with the others there is a chance with at least five other characters that probably will eventually come into play. The thing is that I’m not sure what role Lance will play with at least one of the characters since this female is more known to be connected to Shiro’s original character Sven’s past. However it could be an interesting twist for him to deal with if they go that way.


Hunk is, let’s face it, the Bolin of the group. Someone who is there a lot of the time for comedy, but when it comes down to it he’s the most compassionate for what’s going on followed closely by Lance. The huge difference in his character is that he was more of a hot head in the first series. Now he’s more of the cuddly type over all. 

Romantic pairings:

               Hunk x Shiro

Not gonna happen see Shiro’s post

               Hunk x Keith

Less likely to happen, see Keith’s post

               Hunk x Lance

Too good of friends to go that route, see Lance’s post

               Hunk x Pidge

art by nwarrior777

A possibility but probably not given the arrival of Shay. We’ve seen Hunk and Pidge intereact and clearly there are similar interests, but romantically they don’t seem attracted in the least to one another. For Hunk, Pidge is his buddy, willing to do whatever he can to help her out and work with her in keeping the lions up and running. They even will engage in food wars with a food machine, and work as a team, but neither really seems attracted to the other.

As for Pidge she respects Hunk but most of her time seems centered around other aspects and when they do interact it’s in amusing situations. This is not to say that Hunk wouldn’t see her as a girl, or become interested in her, but it’s clear that she hasn’t yet sparked his interest in that way.

Cannon: 30% chance of happening

While it’s more than likely not to happen, I wouldn’t put it past the creative team to give some fan fodder for this pairing. Hunk has always been Pidge’s right hand, and the two work well as a team so there’s that aspect of them. And Hunk knew she was a girl as well and can make her laugh too.

Fanon Possibility: 30% chance of happening

There’s not much there to indicate that this could be a pairing, but there’s enough art of them together to show a close relationship, friend or otherwise.

               Hunk x Allura

art by nutlas

Not happening any time soon. Hunk has shown no interest in Allura in any way, shape or form, other than as a friend or Paladin. Although it’s clear that she does talk to him, she hasn’t shown any interest in him and the same is true of Hunk about Allura. About the only time we see any moment of them working together alone is in rescuing Shiro and there’s no tension there other than two friends trying to find a way to save another friend.

Let it be known that Allura showed Hunk that there’s more to him than meets the eye and she trusted him with the situation gathering the crystal and later helping out Shay and her people. So Allura has a lot of respect for him.

Cannon possibility: 10% chance of happening

I really don’t see this as a possibility unless something drastically changes in the story.

Fanon Possibility: 10% chance of happening

Haven’t seen any art work of the two as a pairing outside of the group.

               Hunk x Shay

art by ask-whitebag

Given the situation with the episode that we’ve seen, it’s clear that Shay is smitten with Hunk and Hunk is smitten with Shay. Though we don’t get more than a few episodes it’s clear that Shay will probably come back in the next season, maybe even joining the crew at some point given her personality.

Cannon: 90% chance of happening.

It’s clear that this is something that the team kind of wants to happen given Hunk’s promise and his reaction to her.

Fanon: 90 % chance of happening

Pretty much she’s who has been shipped with Hunk since she first showed up and after their first meeting.

Anyone else with Hunk, there’s at least one other person that I can see with him, although I’m not sure how they’re going to pull her off for this show. So I’ll just talk about her when I get to the Future character post.


For Katie romance isn’t an option at the moment as her mind seems to be mostly on finding her brother and father. That may change once we get a close of her arc and see if she matures as the series goes forward. 

Romantic pairings:

               Pidge x Shiro

High possibility, see Shiro post

               Pidge x Keith

Mid possibility, see Keith’s post

               Pidge x Lance

Higher then Keith’s, see Lance’s post

               Pidge x Hunk

Lower then Keith’s, see Hunk’s post

               Pidge x Allura

art by autumn-sacura

Probably not happening due in part the fact that these two seem to be set up as Katara and Toph, in their dynamic. I could be wrong, but this is very different then how Mir showed off Asami and Korra and more along how katara treated Toph as a younger sister.

Allura shows more interest in Pidge as a girl as she wants to bond with her, and hopefully next season we will get that. As for Pidge she seems to respect Allura as the leader, but her mind is more on finding her family.

Cannon: 10% chance of happening

It’s pretty clear that they’re playing up the Katara and Toph dynamic with these two, and hopefully we’ll get to see a deeper friendship grow out of it.

Fanon: 30% chance of happening

I’ve seen a few art works between these two, though it’s been limited against Shiro or just Pidge on her own. So I’m not sure, I guess we’ll have to wait and see with season two.

Anyone else with Pidge. At this moment, no, but given at least two males and maybe one female that is could come into the show I wouldn’t be surprised if they played with the options regarding a romance for Pidge later on.

Also right now Pidge x robots seem to be a big thing.


We don’t know enough about Allura to know her type. At them moment she’s befriending the others but it’s shown that in the past shows we’ve seen her slowly become attracted to Keith and Lance. There could be a chance for her to show interest in any three of the guys, or there may be an interesting twist if she finds herself attracted to one of the baddies later on, maybe a certain prince. 

art by istehlurvz

Romantic pairings:

               Allura x Shiro

More than likely a high chance of happening, see Shiro’s post

               Allura x Keith

High chance give the series mostly pairs these two off, see Keith’s post

               Allura x Lance

Mid chance but showing how Lance is now wouldn’t surprise me, see Lance’s post

               Allura x Hunk

Not a likely pairing at all, see Hunk’s post

               Allura x Pidge

Clearly more of a friendship/sister dynamic going on, See Pidge’s post

About the only person that I can honestly see Allura dealing with in regard to romance would be two possible villains. One may turn out to be Keith the other is well known for being female eye candy on the show in the later seasons. The first male, if he does show up, will probably lead to some very interesting drama should they attempt it in this series.

As for Coran, I’m not sure who he might go for. It’s up in the air right now if we will ever see the Space Nigel Thornberry getting to have someone, but it would be nice all the same.

I’m not going to touch on the villains since we don’t know enough about them yet. So we’re going to leave it at that.

Next on the list, theories on Future characters.

In trying to come to terms with the writing for 6x15, I thought I’d try to rework some detail aspects of it. This has been turning around in my head for the past couple of days, of a way to keep the same basic premise of the last episode but just adjusting some plot points and character beats that would’ve improved it’s overall reception and retain Emma’s character progression.

More than anything I just needed to get this out of my system. If you’re tired of reading my thoughts on this, feel free to skip it. This is lengthier than I had intended, and as expected has some salt sprinkled throughout, so yeah, here goes:

Keep reading

anonymous asked:

what makes Azula your favorite?

I’m just going to this as an opportunity to go in-depth about Azula’s character, in hopes that you will understand why I like her so much for her complexity and depth…

Okay, well, I’m just first going to establish her base personality.

Azula’s personality is all about control. She’s a great villain, and an even more dangerous leader at aged 14. That’s precisely because of her establishing control in every situation she’s in. She establishes her control in almost every situation, and we only see her lose control of the situation three times.

Namely in The Chase when she was cornered by Sokka, Katara, Aang, Toph, Zuko, and Uncle Iroh. And in this situation, she chose the bitch way out. Basically, she lost control of the situation and her first impulse was to escape this situation. Basically, her bitch way out was to attack one of them directly to distract the group so she can escape.

The next time we see her lose control was in Ba Sing Se, Crossroads of Destiny. Now, this is one of my favorite episodes. She was losing control of the situation when she was against Katara and Aang. Now, had Zuko not stepped in, she would have lost. Even after Zuko stepped in, she was still losing control with Katara. Katara had the upperhand again, had Zuko not stepped in she would have lost yet again.

The last time we lost her lose contol was of course, in Sozin’s Comet. She starts losing control of herself, not the situation. This whole losing control of herself took her whole character into a whole new route. It basically gave her so much depth, and because of that it caused people to question her whole character than answer it.

She establishes control and dominance in every situation she’s in. That much is visible in almost her every scene, but the most notable one for me would be when she was in Ba Sing Se taking it down. You see that when she got the opportunity to control the whole city, she took it. Long Feng and her are very similar. They both are less on the fighting, more on the manipulation but both are actually kick ass when it comes to fighting also. Basically, Long Feng starts out as a normal kid, growing in the Middle Ring of Ba Sing Se who had to crawl his way into power, until he became the Grand Secretariat of Ba Sing Se in which he took control of the whole city. The whole city doesn’t even know about the war, and he has control over the Dai Li agents. So much can be said about Long Feng’s ability to control situations… However, Azula’s control was JUST so much more. Long Feng achieved everything in years and years whereas Azula took over the whole city in less than a week! Now, she established her control and dominance in her interactions with Long Feng at the throne room. Where she said “don’t flatter yourself, you were never even a player.”

Now, onto her friends, and how she establishes control over them. Basically, she uses fear and manipulation. Not much can be said about Mai because she doesn’t exactly suck up to Azula, and went with her just because she was bored. Now… As for Ty Lee, that’s where Azula’s manipulation and fear is really visible. She uses fear to manipulate Ty Lee into joining her, and Ty Lee is obviously scared of her and is always trying to get into her good side by always sucking up to her. Although her friendship with them was not fake, it was based on sheer manipulation.

The next thing about her control is her fire as I’ve discussed in another ask. But I’ll discuss it here briefly. Basically, she has so much control over her fire that she can control its intensity while still bending it like the normal yellow-orange fire.

Second, I’m going to compare her to Zuko. Since Zuko was first introduced, we already know much about him. We already know that all his life, he’s had to struggle and that Azula didn’t(totally not true, and ill discuss that issue later), and basically we start seeing from Zuko’s perspective because he talked about her, and basically gave us the idea of how she was a person.

“And Zuko is her brother, they basically grew up the same, right? So, then, how did two siblings grow up to be so different?” that question is what first intrigued me about Azula. I wanted to understand her as a character, as a person. Mainly in Book 2, we see her from his perspective. But we first saw her from his perspective in Siege of the North. In Zuko Alone, we saw the whole episode was about Zuko. We basically see that Azula as a child has always been kind of a bully of some sort to Zuko. She always lies, she always is mischievious. But then, we also see that Ursa didn’t treat them the same way. Ozai also didn’t treat them the same way. So, we kind of see how these two diverge from each other.

As for why I think Azula turned out that… I think it’s mainly because of Ozai and Ursa. She has severe issues with both her parents, but she only seems to acknowledge her issue with Ursa. It’s established that Ursa favored Zuko, Ozai favored Azula. And, that took a toll on both of them.

Keep in mind that as kids you look up to your parent of the same sex. So, for Azula not being accepted by her mother messed her up. The same thing happened to Zuko, it literally fucked him up. The way Ursa treated Azula messed her up so bad, and she was only able to get her father’s acceptance got her to act as the Fire Nation’s heir to the throne. Personally, I think that because of Ursa not treating her as the “fire nation princess,” descriminated her, picked favorites… Then it got instilled in Azula’s mind that “ALRIGHT I am going to BE the Fire Nation’s heir. I AM GOING TO OUTDO ZUKO”

Another cause for this would of course be her father, Ozai. Ozai was an abusive father to both of them. It’s definitely not true that because Azula was favored that she had it easier than Zuko. In fact, to some degree, she had it worse. Being Ozai’s favorite prevented her from being with her mom. It prevented her relationship with her mom so much, that’s mainly why Ursa didn’t agree with Azula all the time. It’s because of all the ideas that Ozai instilled in her head.

So, basically, it’s Ozai who’s more at fault about Azula’s traumatic childhood, although Ursa is still to blame. They both were very shitty parents, but Zuko and Azula had different versions of the same parents. However, when Ursa left, Zuko and Azula were left motherless but Zuko still had Iroh whereas Azula completely lost the good influence in her life. Even then, Ursa wasn’t even a good influence to Azula in the first place, but she could’ve done something for her. I believe that in The Search Ursa realizes that Ozai raised Azula not as a daughter but like..  A basic henchwoman who he could send out to do the things he didn’t want to do and he had complete control of because she was his daughter. Anyways, Ozai didn’t teach her the normal things at all, how to make friends, and how to react to things.

And basically, the biggest factor that caused her fall was Ty Lee and Mai’s “betrayal” which is really more like them realizing her faults more than “betrayal.” But I suppose that their friendship really was real, but as soon as Ozai really took control of Azula, that’s when their friendship changed. I guess it turned more into like Azula being more controlling and using them like soldiers where they had to be loyal to her or else. Basically, Azula treats them like tools she could use, and that’s what she learnt from her father because her father treats her the same way. But the real cause of her spiral was that she couldn’t exactly understand that there’s anything more powerful than fears. Azula has always manipulated them by playing on their fears, and it has worked so well. And since she’s never exactly been showed love, she couldn’t understand why Mai would do that so she couldn’t react properly. I mean, I said a few paragraphs ago that Ty Lee sucks up to Azula, but you can see that it’s genuine admiration, but Ty Lee at that moment kind of realizes that Azula isn’t being friend to her. So, this is such a big moment for Azula because she lost her control over both of them. Like, they’ve been her friends her whole life, and she couldn’t do anything about it. There was nothing more powerful than what they felt at that moment, and Azula couldn’t exactly understand that.

Then, there’s Zuko who’s getting more and more powerful, and he’s not backing down anymore. So I guess that’s when Azula started losing it more and more just  because one thing went out of control.

Because yes, Azula does have a great ability to contol people, but she doesn’t know how to adapt to situations when she’s lost control because she lacks the other factors needed.

The factors she lacked were shown in The Beach. (I’ve already talked about this episode but I guess i’ll give an overview of my whole viewpoint of it) Anyways, in here, it’s given so much emphasis that she does not know how to be proper friends with people, she only knows how to manipulate them, how to control them. And you can see that she TRIES so hard, but it’s totally out of her control and she doesn’t know how to adapt to it at all. And that episode was not filler at all because you get the hint that there really is more there than Azula the villain when they’re all around the campfire, talking about their own issues. But Azula accidentally blurts out her own issues.. But shrugs it off, saying “oh but i dont really care lol” but she does. And I guess this is foreshadowing her downfall, wherein her mother’s hallucination kinda of pushed her more out of control because she doesn’t know how to deal with situations out of her control, so she went bonkers over it in the finale.

tl;dr her character kinda had the most realistic downfall of any other villain, and at age 14 she was a remarkable character with so much depth and complexity. her introduction was very very intriguing and so it kinda made me so interested in her that it made me ask complicated questions like “how did her and zuko turn out so differently”, “why was she like that” and many many other questions which i chose to answer as i was watching the whole show. Analyzing and reading her was the best experience. I could go on and on about her characteristic being so intelligent and militaristic and always being the better child blah blah but that would just drag this already really really long post

Anyways, thank you, anon for giving me a reason to discuss Azula’s character because everything about her makes her my favorite!